Kamala Harris Replaced with Clone Ahead of VP Announcement?


To remind readers, here at Piece of Mindful we have actively questioned whether major public figures are genetically engineered beings. Imagine my surprise after witnessing Kamala Harris, the clear betting favorite to become the Democrat VP nominee, suddenly get replaced with a lookalike ahead of her possible announcement as VP candidate. Isn’t that just fascinating?!? This may just be the start of a whole new and fascinating line of inquiry.

There is not yet enough information to do an in-depth analysis here, but the roots of this one are growing. There is the timing…very suspicious being immediately ahead of Biden’s VP announcement. Then there is Biden…a shell of his former self, aged 77, and seemingly unlikely to make it through two full terms. Could we be seeing a deliberate set of actions whereby the coronavirus functions to undermine Trump, then old-man Biden swoops in for 3/4ths of his first term before keeling over in place of controlled clone Kamala Harris?

These are just questions. I am sure they sound crazy to the average CNN-watching moron. But the sad reality is that these questions are not as wild as they seem.

The recent change in the appearance of Kamala Harris does not seem like it could have an innocent explanation, from my view. Perhaps she is exactly what all modern US Presidents have been…CIA/US Military-controlled assets. Human beings created in a D.U.M.B. for the dumb masses. It seems that the original Kamala Harris, whose career reeks of CIA-asset support, has now been retired. In her place, I predict there will be a new and more-adequately programmed model. This all-but ensures that she will be the VP pick.

Do not forget…this is scary stuff. It is amazing to me that the public forgives these things without question. Oh, okay…Kamala Harris appears to be a completely different person. Must be the Botox that shifted her teeth around then! Please, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

This shot includes the teeth, which are different.
Keep in mind, these changed occurred over a matter of days.

I have added the video below. They suggest plastic surgery. I do not. These are not the same two women. Plastic surgery will not change your voice. These two women are completely distinguishable by their voices and mannerisms, not to mention the subtle variations in their appearance.

31 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Replaced with Clone Ahead of VP Announcement?

      1. “This” mask is the one offered to the general public – I’d be willing to bet that there are masks of much higher quality available to people that have the money/desire for such things.

        Darkman lives!

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  1. There’s facial comparison software free to download, a few seem to work better than the paint shop pro method. Those photos aren’t very good ones of her, but I don’t think many people are familiar with Kamala’s looks or politics. If Biden wins then dies, having her as a President of the USA would probably be a very sad experience for many.


    1. I’m quite familiar with the available options of facial recognition software. Bad photos? The two from 7/16 and 7/18 are from identical networks and the lighting should be consistent. This has nothing to do with her politics and whether or not it’s a good photo. The discrepancy was immediately recognized by multitudes of viewers. Quite simply, it did not appear to be the same woman…and humans are remarkably intuitively accurate at that sort of thing.

      Facial recognition won’t be much use if we are genuinely talking about clones with slight variations. Not to mention the teeth don’t even look right. Truly, I do not care which shill politician holds the Presidency and which party they’re in. With that said, when the front-runner for VP for the party leading in all the polls (where the main candidate is 77) seems to suddenly be a completely different person right ahead of their VP spot being verified, that’s a stunning development.

      This is going completely over the heads of 99.99% of the public because they’re unwilling to consider the implications, which are mind-boggling here. It falls far outside of their cognitive dissonance zone of what they are willing to consider as a real possibility. What concerns me the most is that the small details seem to fit. If a switch were to take place, this would be the exact moment to have done it…right before the VP nod becomes official. That is what makes this especially suspect. This occurred at exactly the moment where such a switch would most logically occur, if it was indeed a switch.

      I’m not sure exactly what has happened here, but I do not believe that plastic surgery has anything to do with it. This only leaves highly nefarious possibilities. It really should be a huge story, especially in conspiracy-type circles, but I have not seen much. The implications here are absolutely wild. I am very excited to see how this develops from here.


      1. It’s just the two photos you have posted do not really make a good comparison as one dated 6/18 is quite blurry, and we know the dates can be changed and not accurate. I’ll be looking at more Kamala photos and videos in the near future to see if I notice anything odd from my past views. I know it doesn’t matter who the actor or actress is that hold public office, as they have to toe the party agendas, and that exists even at our local community level. Yet we should note the statements the shill politicians have made in the past as they dictate what those agendas may be. I agree what we consider cloning or replacing people may be happening and not only in the celeb world but even regular people in your local towns. When I compare photos I consider weight loss and stress or health issues that these people may be going thru that would radically change appearance within short time frames. Even Obama at the John Lewis funeral looked quite different than I remember seeing him last. I’ve been looking at many celebs and I think I found a few that haven’t been mentioned on POM. After hearing convo within certain circles in my town, I think Tammy Duckworth from IL could be chosen as Biden’s running mate, however if Kamala has been replaced, then the powers that be obviously wouldn’t have gone thru all that trouble to not put her in that position.


    1. Not sure high def would have helped much. It was clearly not the same woman. This was immediately spotted by the public. I recommend watching the video that I added to the bottom. The voices are just…not identical. Mannerisms as well.

      A less-wild explanation would be that the media networks already know she is going to be VP in the next administration (these things are all predetermined), and they are trying to audition some of their best Kamala lookalikes because all major political leaders have lookalikes.

      It could be that this particular lookalike failed her audition for being too easily distinguished, and we will never hear from her again. But if I were a betting man, the fact that the major media networks are already trying to use Kamala lookalikes means that you should bet every cent on Kamala being the VP pick. If anybody places that bet, I will gladly take my cut!

      The question of WHERE the lookalikes come from is entirely separate, and could still involve cloning. Either way, this was definitely not Kamala Harris. Many explanations on the table for sure, but it was simply not her.


  2. Why does it have to be a clone? Why not just simply a digital entity, created in software? Pixels on a screen would be far simpler and more logical than a clone, wouldn’t it?


    1. It doesn’t have to be a clone. This is why I said it’s too early for anything in-depth and we need to see how it develops from here.


    2. As for the digital creation concept, this is not a logical fit because they are actually capable of MUCH BETTER and more accurate if this were just a Deepfake of Kamala.

      This was truly a lookalike, and there are big implications there. It strongly suggests that she is already known to be the VP pick, and it even strongly implies that the Dems will win the 2020 Presidential Election. All kinds of bets you could place based on the implications of this! Someone call my bookie!!


  3. Great topic, Fauxlex!

    I know no one else here will care for my POV. I think a talented makeup artist can make just about anyone look like just about anyone else. Go watch the movies Tropic Thunder or White Chicks if you doubt it. Or check out this.

    Who knows? Maybe Mark isn’t on vacation after all, but is auditioning for a role as a KH doppelgänger!


    1. Funny you mention, when looking closely at the lookalike in this case, I noticed that the Cupid’s bow on her upper lip looks especially artificial to me.

      Definitely I think cloning is not a requirement for explaining what occurred here, but I still think that we would all be flabbergasted if we knew what scientists and military engineers were capable of.

      With that said, I agree it is more probable that this is just garden variety lookalike with some plastic surgery and makeup. We will have to wait and see whether new images of Kamala Harris go back to her looking like herself. And I also reiterate that I think this is a strong signal that she will be the VP candidate and that the Democrats will be successful in the elections.


  4. Love this topic. Over on Twitter GreyTonka pointed out the differences in Joe Biden. The earlobes are totally different on the new and the OG Biden. Clones,replicants, and such were talked about by Dr Peter Beder in the 70s. We need to dig deeper on this. Count me in on the Clone Patrol Club.
    The recent Girls Up speech by HRC looked to me to be the original HRC. The switching of HRC and her clones was quite clear to me during the 2016 campaign. I don’t think the Dems are going to win but I do think we are in for some super insane antics in the next few months.
    Per Usual Fauxlex, you are hitting it out of the park. Keep on Keeping on.

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    1. That Twitter page led me down one hell of a fun rabbit hole. Thanks for the tip, and glad to hear you are game for clone patrol!

      Reality is more twisted than anyone would dare to dream. Always enjoy hearing from you, CT.


    2. Finally found the Biden thing on GreyTonka Twitter page. My God, it never ceases to amaze me how completely upside down the world really is.

      Now I really can’t wait to see more recent photos of Kamala Harris. It just might be a totally artificial ticket!


  5. Why not link to the original video of the recent interview? The clips of it in the “comparison” video linked in the article have been altered to make her look and sound more different. This is much ado about nothing. You have been trolled.


    1. Once again, the original video is below. I am not afraid of it. I still see two Kamalas. The video was only added because it compares two recent interviews of her, and the fact that it cuts clips together doesn’t bother me. I’m not even sure there are any serious speed issues.

      Bottom line, my eye still sees two Kamalas, and that specific video was never the heart of the argument.


      1. In the first part of the comparison video where she says Lewis was a “living saint” encouraging “ambition in women” it seemed slowed down to me at first. But that part’s not in the “original” clip here so I won’t press the issue. I’ll just say the comparison video just has degraded and out-of-sync audio that makes her look whacked. Looking at the original I’m even more convinced it’s the same “Kamala Harris” we’ve seen in earlier interviews. Just watched a few other videos of her from months earlier and they all look, sound, and act like the same person to me.


  6. Same person. There are MANY tell-tale identical facial features….jaw shape, neck veins, eyelid folds, eyebrows, ear shape, etc. The big differences are 1) recent doses of botox and fillers; and 2) weird lighting that leaves her eyes in shadows in the “newer” video. If she had a key light shining into her eyes, the “new one” would look even more like the “old one” in the comparison. The voice seems different in terms of pitch, but ALSO contains a number of tell-tale identical voice signatures. This is the same person.

    While we know you’re not “scared” of the original video, it’s still true that the comparison video felt the need to significantly degrade the video and audio quality of the “new” Kamala to make her seem more “different.” Why did an intrepid sleuth consider that necessary? Did they “discover” some differences, or try to create some?

    While doubles are sometimes needed for safety or for more activity than one person can handle, they are NOT required to control politicians. Kamala is already fully bought and paid for. Can she criticize AIPAC? No. Can she criticize Dr. Fauci? No. Are compromising videotapes of her widely alleged to exist? Yes.


    1. Check out Barb’s comments suggesting a real human actor with a Kamala “mask” overlaid in 3D. I had dismissed Deepfake previously because this wouldn’t be true Deepfake…more like augmented reality technology. I’m not sure why you are so certain that it’s her. To me, this interview was likely a test run with a Kamala impersonator (hence the obvious, naked attempts to sound like Kamala). The face was done with a real-time augmented reality mask. Similar to how they did the Tom Hanks SNL appearance (apologies for dismissing this in the chain above). I think they are probably just working some of the kinks out of their Kamala augmented reality mask while they still can. Hence why it was spotted. Not sure why they tried to use it in real-time so early here before it was ready. Still is an incredibly strong signal that she’s the VP pick. And I do not agree that it is really her.

      Maybe 100% artificial Deepfake requires too much prep time still, so for basic interviews they just have a bunch of SNL reject comedians who can do a passable Kamala and they overlay a Kamala face on their face. That’d explain it. I spent some time among aspiring actors in LA during college, and trust me there are probably dozens who can effortlessly modify their voice to a spot-on impersonation if needed (and would kill for the work).


  7. I don’t want to repeat “allegedly” over and over again. So, all the information below is my report on what is alleged by a youtuber who goes by the name Greg Bradford.
    I have been looking at the work of Greg Bradford on his youtube channel for the past year or so. He is supposedly an “insider/whistleblower” former actor type guy who reports re single actors portraying multiple roles of fictional characters and getting paid for all of the roles with impunity. One person rakes it in for many roles played.

    I saw this vid of Kamala Harris posted here and Bradford’s work exposing this sort of thing immediately came to mind. It looks EXACTLY like the CGI masking he exposes. I am far from an expert on photos, videos, cameras, and how it is done. I am hoping that someone here who is much better educated in these subjects will take the time to look at a video or two of Bradford’s and report back. I don’t care for some of Bradford’s music and sound effects but am able to set these aside and concentrate on the core message. Sometimes I slow the video speed and mute the sound.

    He reports that there are families such as Jerry Lewis’s, for example, who portray a long line of actors, musicians, and politicians, etc. I had to say no. no, no, no way did Warren Beatty portray “Richard Nixon” for example!

    But the more I watched the more I could grok how this is done even though I do not understand all the technicalities. I always wondered why we were forced into HD pixelization and my thought back then was that it is so that “they” can modify images quickly and show us what they want us to see or cover quickly for any “mistakes”. I connect this also to the weird-outs such as with Al Roker, Judge Judy and others. These are not real people; they are fictional characters played by elite family cabal actors-RICO mobsters- who rake in all the cash and create our world events and “entertainment” (fear porn) at our financial, physical, psychological, and spiritual expense.

    It appears that some (or many) of our “celebrities” are fictional characters. Phony politicians who do not exist in reality run the governments according to cabal scripts. All of these characters would have doubles for live appearances IMO. A combination of doubles, camera work, CGI masking, real actors, surgery, makeup, moulage, costumes, wigs, etc.; a huge bag of tricks, -all work together to create these fictional pixilated or otherwise disguised entities. Even dummies/mannequins are used which we saw bigtime with “Hillary” and many psyops like the Boston Marathon.

    They have a huge kitchen sink full of black magic to throw at us including such tactics, perhaps, as retiring “Janis Joplin” and creating “Amy Goodman”…..or did one CGI masked actor portray both “Joplin” and “Goodman” and rake in all the dough? “Janis” is still generating a lot of dough for the cabal.

    For example, Warren Beatty would have been much younger than Nixon but not too young to play him with proper magic or cgi applied. I first came to POM because of the work done in this area of multiples. It is extremely important work. It is a key element to understanding this house of cards we call our world.

    Was the Kamala Harris thing a “mistake’ by the PTB? Maybe not. Since lots of people noticed it, maybe it was a test of public alertness. They will tweak “her” until they get it right and learn a lot about us along the way. So many are asleep to the coocoohoax I am actually amazed that people noticed “Kamala”! Perhaps this is a “revelation of the method” as I see is happening on many levels these days. They have to tell us what they are doing due to some idea of honor- even among thieves. They are letting us know now, big time, by being so utterly ridiculous and so over the top that if a critical mass doesn’t see it…they will take it as consent to do whatever they please.

    We’ve recently had another phony Prince Charles trotted out (the original also being a phony- they’re all phonies). (Google phony prince Charles). Many Brits called it out just like for Kamala. Hmm, Kamala, Camilla? Will the royals emerge looking different but we won’t notice since it will have been so long since we have seen them? Context is another very important item in their bag-o-trix. If it’s wearing a crown, it must be the queen. That’s how discerning most of the public are. I’m now all but certain that the royals are just another mob family of phony characters with the real actors behind them being unknown. “Diana” was a phony creation who never lived and therefore could not die. They are corporations, strawmen, not living beings but are just like Betty Crocker, Aunt Jemima, and Colonel Sanders. Those royals sure do rake in the cash, though! Magazine and tabloid sales alone……..

    My nominees for best fictional characters in leading roles for our current extravaganza, “Some Flew Over the Coocoohoax Nest”, are “Fauci”, the “Gateses”, “Trump”, “Newsom”, “Pelossi”, “Biden”, and “Cuomo”! We, the people of the phony world, are the mask-wearing Extras in this unprecedented production featuring a cast of billions. If they tell us to put on goggles, hazmat suits, booties, and ear plugs, and to stand on one foot and hop up and down- will we do it?? Yes, indeed, many of us will! Count on it.

    And the award winner is?? Certainly not us Extras but, as always;
    The Fictions: they are immune from prosecution and all other communications. They are untouchable. They are not real.

    I’m just an Extra, playing my roll.



    1. This would at least explain why I was noticing the sort of slip-ups that you would only see from a real human actor. When people above were proposing deepfake I thought they meant truly 100% artificial deepfake. If we are talking about real actors with superimposed faces, then I am totally on board and I think that really makes sense for what we could have seen out of Kamala in that interview.

      They have really ramped up the facial augmentation technology to where any smartphone user can make themselves look like a bunny rabbit or a cowboy or whatever they want. You have to imagine the military capabilities of this technology are breathtaking. Fair point and fair argument. I like it and it makes sense.

      I still think I should bet my life savings on Kamala becoming the VP pick. I don’t see why the media would be utilizing such technology on Kamala unless it were known that she was the VP pick. She is at even odds right now, I could double my money! Just my luck I would lose it all.


  8. There is only one link posted in my reply above so I guess 2 links cannot be posted at once. Here is a very short video, less than 2 minutes, showing CGI masking.

    As for “Kamala” becoming VP; perhaps “she” (assuming she’s a fictional character for the purpose of this discussion) and whatever “she” would “do” as VP would be scripted and acted by one of the elite family actors for electronic media or a family actor (who is made to resemble the image of the fictional “Kamala” for live appearances… all scripted by the families and think tanks. In other words she’s a totally fictional entity- very hard to grok, I know.

    “Kamala” has certainly been groomed. I’ve seen “her” coming on strong over several years. “Guv Newsom” too. Can anybody grow up to be VP? In this theory- NO-It’s just another lie they tell. They have to control everything- no loose cannons allowed. So they’ve been inventing her, writing a backstory and fleshing her out so to speak just exactly like fiction writers develop characters. “She” can’t just pop up fully formed. We wouldn’t buy it. Remember what a hard time they had making Obama believable.

    So “fictional she” very well could become the “VP”, but what’s the point? All votes essentially go for the agenda of the elite puppeteer families who write the story of our world.

    Why vote at all? Would we vote for Betty Crocker? Betting on “Kamala” (or any politician) might be the best option. You could actually win some money which is the best you’ll ever get out of “her”. “She” won’t be working at restoring our Constitutional or Civil Rights any time soon, that’s for sure!

    So there is no flesh and blood human VP in this scenario except as a prop, a cut out, a paper doll. To explain… “Betty Crocker” with all her attributes, might “win” the VP spot -if that’s what’s scripted- but she’s not going to so much as bake a cake because she doesn’t exist! “She, the fictional character” is only a front for the living elite or AI anonymous puppeteers behind the fictional world. They write all the policies and laws and psyops.

    (The natural world is another story and they are very busy destroying it while we watch the fake partisan politics.)

    Punch and Judy comes to mind.


  9. Hmm, sorry, that video above is not the video I thought I posted. I will not try to embed it again.

    The short vid is:


    and can be found by going to Greg Bradford on youtube and looking through the list of vids.


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