The Second Wave Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Coronavirus

The Second Wave.

Just typing it makes me want to vomit up my spleen. It feels so prepared. Carefully crafted. Focus-grouped. “The Second Wave”. This phrase has very suddenly been crapped into public awareness. My own mother (who as it turns out is an excellent barometer for the success of public brainwashing) is extremely concerned. Someone please lobotomize me. I’ll pay for the ice pick.

Let’s start with the logical contradictions, and go from there…

Logical contradictions. We are now getting another silly Chinese fish market story connected to “The Second Wave”. Let me ask you this: if a bunch of people at a Chinese fish market are suddenly sick, why is that surprising at all? There is already supposed to be free-floating SARS-CoV-2 virus all over the world, according to the official story. Why would some people getting sick with coronavirus mean that there is some scary second wave coming? It wouldn’t. It doesn’t make any sense at all. There are supposedly millions of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus all over the globe, but for some reason these 40 people at a Chinese fish market are the omen of the spooky “Second Wave”.

If according to the main story there is already SARS-CoV-2 circulating freely among hundreds of millions of people in the world, then why would it be a concern that there is a group of sick people at a Chinese fish market? Are they saying that this is something DIFFERENT from SARS-CoV-2? If so, they should not be calling it “The Second Wave”. It could be literally anything…influenza, ebolavirus, rhinovirus, enterovirus or anything else…but of course they immediately know exactly what it is!

Why would it be strange that a group of people were sick at a fish market, if SARS-CoV-2 is a full-blown global pandemic? Logically, this makes absolutely no freaking sense. It raised alarm bells that it never should have raised. In this situation, it seems that effect no longer flows from cause. The witnessed effect defies all logic flowing from the cause. It seems that the Chinese government knew exactly when and where to find this “Second Wave”, and they knew exactly what it would be. How remarkable!

This new fish market story only makes sense in that it mirrors the original story. This will therefore be gobbled down wholesale by all the people who gobbled up the original story wholesale. That is the only context by which the fish market story of “The Second Wave” makes any sense. It is a sloppy sequel to the original movie…and as we all know, sequels are never as good as the original.

Conversely, if this is supposed to be something NEW, then the fish market story also does not make any sense. We should not have gone decades upon decades with no new viruses jumping from animals to humans, then suddenly some new vicious coronavirus makes this jump every 6 god-damned months! It does not…make…sense…

They will beef it up with juicy new details. Bigger. Better. Stronger. The monster will now have X-Ray vision and be 12 feet tall.

Not like The First Wave ever did make sense, but the Second Wave makes especially little sense. There is no reason we should be specifically worried about SARS-CoV-2 making another jump to humans if there is already SARS-CoV-2 circulating freely among hundreds of millions of people. This is a joke of a scare story. They are not even trying to have this make sense anymore.

This will be COVID-20, or SARS-CoV-3.

I for one am just so excited for what kind of chaos they are going to create next. What is the point? Who cares anymore!?! Are they trying to lay the groundwork for Biden to enter the White House without it being completely obvious that they rigged the election? Perhaps…then they could plan for the old codger to keel over in his first term (note to self: pay attention to Biden VP selection). More of the same old garbage.

It is all plastic. All bullshit. Junk food for the public mind. The “Second Wave” is just the next reality show to air over the network that we call reality. And now, you will need a subscription that is coming in the form of a needle in your arm.

Reality itself is a network aired 24/7 by a news media wholly owned by those slim few families who are so far removed from the average Homo sapiens sapiens as to basically be an entirely different species. The Reality™ that you see on your TV bears no resemblance whatsoever to the daily events on planet earth.

This coronavirus “Second Wave” makes me want to give myself an at-home lobotomy. They are not going to quit with this. Whatever they are doing, they will be successful, because reality is what they claim it is. Those like us can only sit back, bear witness to the fraudulence of the show, and give them a big, fat “FUCK YOU” any time we get the chance.

So from me to “them”, here is what I think of your Second Wave:


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  1. You’re talking about people who have done nothing but make money. They have a simple money-making formula that works and they are not likely to change it. Contrary to what we have been told, such people are not brilliant, they are a little thick like any other criminal. They won’t change the Covid-19 formula because that’s the way they do things and if it works…


  2. I’ve been concerned about the so-called second wave from the beginning. They have scheduled it for this fall, or so I thought. For me it fails on three levels:

    One: They never isolated, filtered, and purified the supposed first virus, so that the gene sequence they pulled from the human debris lung soup mixture could be anything. They have, at this late date, never attempted to isolate, filter and purify the virus. To me, this says that they know it doesn’t exist. The pandemic is built around false testing.

    Two: Where I am at now versus January, viruses are mislabeled exosomes. The live inside us. When they find them (or any germ) in a diseased body, the commit the correlation=causation fallacy. We cannot be infected by a virus. I could blow a whole snot wad of my lung soup down your throat, and the only thing that you would experience would be revulsion. Not illness.

    Three: This is interesting: Pasteur, the pioneer of germ theory, kept two sets of records, one publicized, the other private and meant to be kept private. In the private he contradicts everything he said publicly. He is said to have admitted on his death bed that terrain theory was more likely true. That sound apocryphal, I know, but coupled with the private notes leads me to think he was a public charlatan on a mission, probably well compensated, to create public mythology which allowed for the pharmaceutical industry to grow and prosper – for every bug, there is a drug. He appears to me to have been the Al Gore of his time.

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    1. I saw articles several months ago that they had isolated and/or purified the “virus”. I think those articles do exist. Not that I believe any of it.


      1. As far as number 2, I have a hard time understanding. Ive certainly gotten sick many times from being around those who are sick Id truly like to know what exactly was going on, what made me sick?


        1. I’m more with Mark on this one. There have been way, way more times that I was in extremely close proximity to sick people and I was amazed at how I did NOT get sick. Even like a significant other (sharing spit) and not getting sick. It doesn’t make sense. I’m enough on the fence that I’m willing to believe the correlation you are making might be a wrong one. It’s very easy to think, oh I’m sick and I was around sick people before. But more often than not, this does not actually occur, so why would it only sometimes? Just saying, I’m skeptical.

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        2. take the correlation=causation fallacy from mark’s comment and apply it here. you didn’t get sick because of other people. you got sick because of the inner terrain of your body, with your terrain also under the influence of your outer environment. what is your everyday or specific toxic exposure?…is it similar to others around you? usually it is. that is why people sometimes get sick around the same time. the condition of your inner terrain (when strong) will also mean you will not get sick along with others, showing that something contagious is not part of the equation.

          colds/flu are often perceived as seasonal, indicating being shut indoors, lack of sunshine, etc, have a negative effect on strength and vitality, and your body will need to eliminate toxins and reset. and so we get sick, without the help of anyone else.


          1. I can understand the terrain part, the “immune system” being weak or not up to par on my part at the time. In my early twenties I’d get sick about once a year the kind where you get fever, maybe vomit, feel like crap until you go to one of those family med centers and get a Z-pack and after 4 or 5 days youre well. I remember getting sick from a guy at work who simply was around me for a total of no more than 30 seconds and at that job we worked alone so only he and I were around one another, he relieved me from work, I heard him sound sick as he was talking, I asked him if he was sick he said yes, I clocked out and went home, within a short time I immediately started feeling sick and thats not the first time that happened during my early twenties. Ive also gotten sick from kissing someone, again Id probably chalk all that up to myself not being healthy enough to resist any of that but its too hard not to believe there was a transmittal from one person to another.


            1. “I remember getting sick from a guy at work who simply was around me for a total of no more than 30 seconds”

              this is a perfect example of mainstream medical dogma and the narrative that has been drilled into our minds. You offer your example as proof of contagion, but of course it doesn’t prove anything beyond the fact that you were physically ready to express symptoms of your own cleansing/healing process. You tell the story as if you live in fear of contact with sick people, which indicates that powerful inner dread could push you more easily into a state of unhealth or lack of balance.

              The story of amazing little demonic particles that can jump ship when two organisms pass within a few feet of each other, then quickly burrow into our systems and “trick” our cells into allowing them to replicate, is beyond ridiculous. It is science fiction, but a story written for a purpose, one that we see playing out in front of our eyes right now. It is because of this story, pounded into our brains for the last 100+ years, and the selling of it in all media constantly, that they have been able easily to bring the whole world to its knees, obedient and fearful, because of this latest installment (invented by them) of the viral bogeyman.

              Others here have mentioned the videos of Andrew Kaufman. that’s a good place to start, he helps to shine a bright light on the deception.

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              1. Well which is it, the terrain or impossible for someone to get sick around someone else who’s sick. Seem to be contradicting, like I said I can agree with the terrain aspect of it as Ive gotten sick many times in the past. I simply cant eat undercooked food, had a friend once who grilled chicken told her this is too undercooked for me and she goes its been cooking a long time, yeah under very low heat, besides a long time for her was not a long time at all. I ate some of that chicken and got sick as a dog soon afterwards. Ive gotten sick like that from taken bites of food sometimes, nauseous after a bite or two, I can understand if Im just not tolerant. Also Mr. Kaufman(jewish name) can detect tricky medical language but cant detect an obvious phony interviewing him, go figure.


          2. I would agree that the physical inner terrain is paramount. As a wellness consultant, I have spent most of my adult life mentoring others (and doing my best to walk my talk) in how to keep their toxic loads down and how to detox. It’s my passion. With that said, I also have studied and practiced the concepts of energetic terrains and morphic fields/morphic resonance (as well as entrainment as I have briefly written about in my most recent PoM post). When I first became an energetic healer in the late 90’s, I found myself getting sick very often – mostly mimicking the illnesses that my clients were presenting. My physical immune system was in tip-top shape at the time. So why was I getting sick so often? I certainly knew I was not “catching” a virus or illness of some sort just from being with them, and in fact, my mode of healing involved no physical touch whatsoever. As I became super sensitive to energy fields, and as bizarre as this sounds, I could actually feel the vibration of illness, including viruses. Viruses may not be “alive” in the sense that living, breathing organisms are, but they have an intelligence, and they oscillate. So from my personal understanding and experience, I could sense that a virus existing WITHIN another person, could communicate (and desperately wanted to communicate) with that same virus that (already) existed WITHIN my body/terrain/field (but was inactivated/dormant). Essentially, my sense was that a virus in another person wanted to entrain with its matching vibration in me, and it was driven to excite/activate/stimulate its matching resonance. It was like a form of entrainment. I hope this makes some sense. This may all seem like pseudoscience, and studies in this regard are incredibly sparse. I recommend reading Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance material, and perhaps it will “resonate” on some level. For me, it makes a whole lot more sense, as to why illness could potentially be “contagious” (but not in alignment with “germ theory”) – yet working on a completely different level. In fact, in my opinion, it’s one of the missing links that is NOT being addressed by the “terrain theory” proponents. They, too, don’t have all the pat answers. The one example that always stands out for me is the chicken pox. Neither theory seems to have a good explanation for its seemingly contagious spread. I surmise it is “spread” most likely as a result of this “viral entrainment” or “viral resonance”. I have a Rife machine that uses a specific frequency to “smash” or inactivate the virus responsible for chicken pox – although I did not have this machine when my daughters were young and both got the chicken pox (neither is vaccinated). However, I have used the Rife machine to successfully treat shingles in both of my daughters, when nothing else worked. Like building up a healthy physical terrain, the same principles apply to constructing and maintaining a resilient energetic terrain. This has been the bulk of my work in the past 8 years. I can either shut up about this or elaborate if anyone wants…That’s just my two cents for what it’s worth. Thanks!


            1. The “terrain theory” is new to me and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. Stephers, you mention your daughters both getting chicken pox and shingles. Did they both get them at the same time?

              I got chicken pox when I was 11. My younger sister had it at the same time (as did everyone in her class at school). Is the idea that there are toxins in the environment which affect people in the same geographical proximity and what we see happen to our bodies (and feel) is the body’s reactions to fighting off these toxins?

              What is the one best book to read on this subject?


              1. LOFCAUDIO – The most encompassing book in this regard would be What Really Makes You Ill by Dawn Lester and David Parker. I think the best person to learn from online about this subject is Dr. Barre Lando (You Tube discussions). He is a pioneer in this field, and lovely and easy to listen to. My daughters were young when they both had chicken pox. Interestingly, it was “going through” my older daughter’s school – like nearly the entire school. She did not have any symptoms, but was required by the state to school at home during that time (as the school was close to being shut down if they did not send unvaccinated kids home). 3 weeks later, she finally got chicken pox, and then within 5-7 days, my younger daughter did, and it was a worse case than her sister. They each had shingles as teens – 12-18 months apart from each other. I have never had shingles, but I did have chicken pox as a child (at the same time as my younger brother). The general idea espoused by terrain theory is, as you said, the body is reacting to trying to rid itself of toxins, and that generally speaking, people who are in close proximity to one another could be exposed to the same toxins in their environment. The terrain theory also accounts for mineral and nutrient deficiencies contributing to dis-ease, as well as iatrogenic causes. Hope this helps.


      2. PieceBob, those articles that make such claims need to be examined closely. This highlights some of the work done by Dr. Andy Kaufman and David Crowe, who have studied scientific papers claiming that the virus has been isolated and purified, and further that Koch’s Postulates have been met. So far, nada. In fact, regarding the 2003 SARS virus, Kaufman called out fraud on one or two of them, and on a recent paper in which researchers claimed that more viruses were present at the end than the beginning of the experiment, Crowe did the same, noting that the RT-PCR is not capable of determining viral load, so that such a claim had to be fraudulent.

        I was given an article by a friend (a bacteriologist) who claimed that it showed that SARS-Cov-2 had been “isolated, filtered and purified.” In fact it made no such claim, only isolation, and turned out to be the very paper that Crowe called to task above.

        Scientists and and the media play loose with words, as they know the public is not exactly on top of science. They freely use the word “isolated” in a conclusive manner, as if certain experiments have proven the virus exists and can be sequenced. This too is fraudulent.

        The field of virology appears to me corrupted, perhaps even earning the label “pseudoscience.”

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      3. These are mot “articles,” Piecebob, but scientific papers. Surprisingly, you can read them as they are usually quite short. Most times they are written about and misrepresented, sometimes they misrepresent themselves. They start out with a brief synopsis of the paper, called the abstract, which is all most people read. They can easily lie in that part and get away with it.

        To repeat, there has been no isolation, filtration and purification of SARS-Cov-2, the virus that allegedly causes the disease, Covid-19. You can check it out for yourself.

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    2. this is the one part about the new world order than maddens me the most; no transparency about the facts, it’s all spin/narrative/pixie dust


  3. The second wave is necessary because the first wave is already fizzling out (whatever it is/was). Remember, what has Gates & Co. been wanting this whole time? They have wanted the WHOLE WORLD TO GET VACCINATED with whatever it is they want to inject into our bodies. With the initial wave petering out, there has to be some justification for these billions of dollars that have been thrown into fast-tracking a world-wide vaccination program.

    If it’s true that the Gates Foundation was already working with Bobby Rush last year on the TRACE Act (H.R. 6666), then this is further proof that what we are witnessing has been in the works for some time…perhaps as a nice way to wrap up the “Decade of Vaccines.”


      1. Yes, admittedly, MT, that was me. I definitely think that one of the agendas of all their engineering – be it social or genetic, or otherwise – has been to “numb and dumb” the masses. That is what I think many of their methods (ie – fluoridated water, GMOs, vaccines, geoengineering, wireless tech, etc) have already accomplished. But, as you alluded, that was so last decade or two (or last century even). So, I should clarify, or at least elaborate, where I did not in my email. In my opinion, most of the social engineering and genetic engineering that happened PRE-COVID scenario was to prime the pump for what they really want to accomplish – which is full spectrum dominance in ALL regards – including our consciousness. So, yes, their agenda is far greater than just dumb-ing and numb-ing down. As most of us acknowledge, the controllers plan 50-100 years in advance, right? Therefore, I think they have each of their steps planned out (and modify along they way, of course). I mean, just looking around me now, it seems society is not only highly programmable, but clearly highly predictable. My upcoming post addresses the issue of the new vaccines (which seem to be different than in the past), and what I think may be one of the primary agendas attached to them. I have seen only one other researcher talking about this, so I think it’s immensely important to explore and reveal.


        1. We have never had democratic governance. The ease with which they disposed of it means it has always been an illusion. I’ve long been aware of this, to a degree. I thought courts and elections and news and constant controversies were fake, But I had no idea of the power structure as it really exists, massive, centralized, in control of all media and all governments. I am happy in my life and don’t mind that I am now 70, but at times think I am lucky, as my sentence to this prison planet is shorter than for most.

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            1. Take note, “prison planet,” that the road we travel is either easy or hard, depending on your level of awareness. The more awakened you are, the harder the journey. It is not meant to be easy for smart people. My first 37 years were a breeze. God speed.


  4. Here’s something I wonder about. If we put ourselves inside the minds of the perpetrators, what would we see? If were were criminals trying to achieve our various goals of mandatory vaccination, tracking, IDs, and all the rest, what would we do?

    They have a choice at a time like this. Do they push their luck, or do they back off? As they work to transform society to their liking, they often treat us like the proverbial frogs in boiling water. How hot can they turn up the heat before people start jumping out?

    It seems to me and many of us here that the protests became the next big story specifically to prevent too much debriefing on Phase 1. They kept pushing us, but they at least changed the script because they knew the backlash was coming.

    So now they have a choice. Do they trot out a stronger “virus” for a Phase 2 this fall, or do they back off for a while and let the lockdowns become an accepted part of our normalcy bias?

    There are a few variables here. On one hand, these people have a lot of hubris and even stupidity, so they won’t necessarily do the “optimal” thing for their plans. On the other hand, these are sophisticated propagandists and they do a lot of data analysis, sentiment tracking, etc. They do receive signals telling them when it might be good to back off.

    On one hand, they seem to be pushing for max chaos now. They seem to be on a timeline, associated with goals, or the election, or debt bubbles bursting, or something. On the other hand, these are patient people (at least sometimes) working long-term agendas. Zika, Ebola, MERS, Sars, etc. All these “epidemics” came and went. Now they are cemented in the public mind as real things that happened. Partly because they were dropped. If we were currently on year 5 of a “Zika crisis,” no-one would believe it anymore. But because it lasted only one year, it’s “something that happened.”

    Anyway, it’s hard to tell. It certainly feels like a no-holds-barred year for the perpetrators, and as Faulex says, the “Second Wave” language is being bandied about everywhere. But Operation Street Protest seems to suggest that they needed to change the narrative. And they’ve made huge gains already that they might risk if they push too hard too fast.

    They’ve got more than half of upper middle class people thinking that lockdowns and masks are “science.” Do they try to keep everyone masked up all fall, or do they back off, bide their time, then unleash a much “deadlier” strain of “virus” in a few years?

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    1. Strong analysis here, and I see the angles you are looking at. My current gut feeling is that the protests were used to mask the perceived lack of momentum from the original coronavirus play, and that now that we so quickly abandoned the protest thing, they will bring coronavirus back bigger and scarier than ever.

      I am not sure that phase one was as much a failure as some might suggest. It seems to me that it was a smashing success. The only problem was fatigue. The public was fatigued on the constant 100% focus on the one crisis. They needed something else to briefly break up the monotony. That was what the protests accomplished.

      It broke up the public fatigue on coronavirus, and like you said…assured that there would be no true analysis after the initial roll out of the project. Now, they will be able to roll out this “Second Wave” and really lock everything into place. Go big with it, as if they haven’t already.

      I do think that they are going for broke. Wave 1 of coronavirus was nothing like Zika, which might have only been a practice run for a true full-fledged event like this. This feels like the big one. A truly foundational event in the artificial history that they craft around us.

      I fear we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

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      1. Both strong analyses… I would just throw in, bandying second wave about might be the point more than its arrival. Or, it would have to arrive with a twist.

        If we’re in Life, the Movie, then think like a scriptwriter. Plots must be entertaining above all, with unexpected twists and turns. The deadliest thing of all is audience boredom. If they can predict the storyline, based on overly heavy foreshadowing, they may yawn and tune out.

        There also seems to be a sub unit of writers that specializes in “real life” Onion stories. Hell, maybe it’s the same writers, and they never know if their pitches will be made “reality” or “satire.” I kind of place that “new Chinese fish story” there, in that the idiocy of it (which you write about in piece) is a bit of mockery and absurdist humor. They play all this stuff deadpan, but it appears that 90% of their staff are SNL and Onion rejects, and about 10% wanted to be Aaron Sorkin and write sappy prestige pictures that get Oscar nominations.


        1. Funny you mention The Onion. I live in a place where The Onion was always very big and it goes way back (when it was still in print and available for free). When I was in high school, I started an Onion-style newspaper insert at my Catholic HS. It became a big hit, more popular than the actual HS newspaper, and I ran into censorship very early in life trying to print some satire in a Catholic environment. Great memories of that!

          The final copy of this satire newspaper jokingly “endorsed” Bush for a third term back in 2008. I think the main pull quote was like, “Term limit? Screw it, I’m going for three!”. God, I laugh thinking back to some of that. I have a huge appreciation for The Onion.


          1. I’ve always been a big fan of satire… Maybe that cast of mind helps in recognizing the bogosity of mass media.

            Some days it can almost be enjoyed as such, if you know the stories are not real tragedies. Rather they are often designed to tweak partisan camps, so amusing on that score. Harder to laugh when you see it impacting peoples’ real lives, not just their “mind movies”.


  5. Yeah, I guess my gut feeling is the same as yours. This does feel like a big one. (Although I liked Mark’s caveat a while back that terrorizing kids about nukes in the 1950s wasn’t so different.)

    But yes, as you say, “it was a smashing success. The only problem was fatigue.” That sounds right.
    They’ve really been going for broke, it was a smashing success, the protests/riots did work to alleviate fatigue, block debriefing/analysis, and get everyone riled up about a new topic. But seeing everyone around still wearing masks (and screaming at people who don’t), it’s clear that this op was quite successful.

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  6. Something that’s been disheartening about all this is how well a propaganda event like this hijacks normal human beliefs and behavior patterns.

    1) STATUS JOCKEYING & VIRTUE SIGNALLING. There’s been non-stop status jockeying and virtue-signalling. In their eagerness to “believe in science,” look down their noses at red-staters, etc., the upper-middle-class left fell all over themselves embracing lockdowns and mask-wearing. They eagerly embraced slavish obedience for all the wrong reasons.

    2) HIERARCHIES & ‘ERRING ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION.’ The lockdown lunacy rolled down the hierarchy, getting amplified along the way. From Presidents to Governors to Mayors to School Boards to PTA moms. Every two-bit PTA mom is now pretending to lead a task force on school “reopening protocols.” And because everyone wants to prove “how seriously we take this” and “how cautious we’re being,” there’s a lot of craziness out there about what a “good” idea it would be to traumatize toddlers and elementary school kids with forced mask wearing, social distancing in class, etc. As we go down the hierarchy, things get STRICTER, because everyone wants to add their bit of caution. The “reopening” is even worse than the strict lockdowns, because more decisions are now in the hands of small-time petty bureaucrats.

    3) ETIQUETTE, RESPECTING OTHERS. A huge % of the “compliance” we see is from normal people wanting to “respect” the fears of craziest, most neurotic friends. America is full of scenes where two normal, skeptical people pass each other in the street, and both exaggeratedly jump out of the way “out of respect” for the OTHER person’s fear. Knowing that most people are basically decent and considerate, the perps have hijacked this for their propaganda.

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  7. I appreciate everything thinking this all through…


    For me, what is really going is super simple. And it was revealed in 1969… that is when Dr. Richard Day laid everything out to a group of baby doctors in a secret lunch meeting.

    Google: Dr. Richard Day predictions

    … And be AMAZED!

    Almost every “crazy” prediction has come true today.


    1. I see that there is quite a bit of information out there about this Richard Day speech and his predictions, but I don’t see how referencing this entire catalog of information has anything to do with the “Second Wave” coronavirus post. You seem to contradict the post somehow, “I appreciate…however…it’s all super simple…”. What do you mean by this?

      Please give us specifics on how you feel this set of predictions offers something other than what I speak about above. Otherwise, it’s a very strange way to comment.


      1. If you read all of Dr. Day’s predictions, he warned us about what is going on these days.

        For example, in sports… he predicted all pro sports would go away (except) for soccer. And this is exactly what is happening (e.g. NBA players are willing to forgo their salaries in lieu of “social justice”). Dr. Day predicted this WAY back in March of 1969… and this is happening EXACTLY now. I always wondered how sports would go away and BAM… we see it happening right before our eyes.

        Also, Dr. Day said this:

        “People will have to get used to the idea of change, so used to change, that they’ll be expecting change. Nothing will be permanent…”

        This is describing EXACTLY what we are going through now.

        I could go on and on. (Actually, I do at


        1. I chanced on a transcript of the Dr. Day interview years ago, and made a copy. Since then I have given a copy to anyone who seemed like they might be ripe to awaken to the truth. I must say, after 30 years trying to enlighten others, nothing has been as effective as the Dr. Day interview transcript.


  8. “Wave” is a war term! The Corona scare is a war without shooting. It’s a war substitute, wars are done to achieve multiple goals. This war is no different, but most don’t get it, because of the old tales of war reasons people still believe in. Tomorrow, the German Corona app will be released. Nobody will install it, but here comes the next attack, the second wave. Hegelian dialectic.

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  9. A second wave would mean a second lock down. I don’t think the masses are going to go along with that again, plus there’s no reason to backtrack when the agenda needs to move forward with the “solution” phase before too many people wake up. We see everyone out and about so there needs to be continued fear to keep on the masks and social distancing going and a public acceptance for forced vaccinations, cashless transactions, etc, and other control factors in the near future. Ironically if TPTB wanted to introduce something that would actually be contagious and deadly and verify their actions, now is the time to do it and it’s not happening. Even though “second wave” headlines are in the news, it’s not really having an effect, most every one, every thing and every place is getting back to like it was in Jan/Feb.


    1. The plan of what is to happen next was already written out 3 months ago… this includes wave after wave of “flairups”.

      It is the classic Hegelian Dialectic in action. And the “solution” is forced vaccine… the plan written out by MIT here in an article from March titled, “We’re not going back to normal”. Note the article date – 4 days after the date Trump declared a national emergency.

      Here’s the link:

      Here’s the big boast:

      Under this model, the researchers conclude, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force some two-thirds of the time—roughly two months on and one month off—until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months (if it works at all). They note that the results are “qualitatively similar for the US.”

      There is your predictive programming/revelation of the method.


      1. These methods seem to be constantly mutating because of the huge amount of 24/7 data flow gleaned from the social-media feedback loop and “backdoor” grabs from every cell phone and computer. All this is funneled down to those with the “joy stick” trying to move the “Overton Window.”

        I first noticed this during Reagan’s time acting as “President.” Like this time of crazy nonsense, the culture was being pushed toward of a more authoritarian norm/”reality.” If it works, it is repeated until it doesn’t. It’s still working like a charm.


  10. CO made it law that children MUST be vax’d. And if parents oppose this, they will be re-educated. Communism. UN troops will be replacing the displaced local PD’s as time is running out for MR.D. Portland & Nashville are rumored the next Seattle/CHAZ.


  11. @Markus Allen, thanks for sharing that stuff about the Richard Day predictions (from 1969 via 1988). Interesting stuff! Indeed he makes a lot of predictions that are coming true.

    One question, why are these central planners supposedly so worried about overpopulation? Especially in places like the U.S., which has plenty of open space? It seems like a weird obsession, and a discredited one based on recent population growth data. And they seem much more intent on slowing reproduction in the U.S. and Europe (which are already slow growing) and not so worried about the places where the growth really IS too high for the carrying capacity of the societies.


    1. One question, why are these central planners supposedly so worried about overpopulation? Especially in places like the U.S., which has plenty of open space?

      As I always say, why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

      Our central planners use scarcity in every way to control us. And they use scarcity as their main weapon… whether it is true or not. I live in Amish country (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania). I am looking out of my office window right now and see nothing but rolling hills… not even hundreds of people live here for tens of miles down the valley. And I am just 90 minutes away from the big city of Philadelphia.

      Back to scarcity… scarce money… scarce food… scarce health – on and on it goes.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I’ve heard of Day here and there.. The top couple links on a search just bring up some hard to navigate or cluttered sites that throw out a lot of familiar themes to anyone who’s been here awhile.

    I’m not sure he’s shockingly more prescient than anyone else of that era– didn’t the Tofflers talk about such trends (maybe without calling them planned.) Or Frances Galton Darwin, HG Wells, Huxley– many of these ideas have been openly discussed by insiders to some degree or another.

    He could easily be just repeating already open ideas, and throwing in deliberate misinformation along with it. Or maybe the “we can’t be stopped now” is meant to demoralize any resistance.

    It’s a curious artifact, but probably somehow tainted as well. I’m surprised if it ever converted normies– secret cancer cures, just on his say so? People would then turn off to all the rest of it, as it sounds kooky– which may be the point. Admit and predictively program various things, but blackwash them by association with apparent (lacking more evidence) kookery.


  13. I continue to be baffled by this enormous, all-encompassing psy-op. I can’t understand or identify with the thinking of “normal” people at all anymore.

    At the beginning of the “first wave” when the “virus” was new perhaps I could excuse some of the extreme fear because people didn’t know anything about the “disease” yet.

    But now? After how many months of this crap, and we don’t have villages and cities being wiped out from novel Coronavirus 2019, but in fact the symptoms are benign in most people and people KNOW this, but at the same time it’s like they don’t?

    At this point I don’t know how anyone could actually be more concerned about a mild, mysterious bug that’s been around at least 6 months or so than the long-term psychological effects of the “new normal.” I can’t stand seeing a sea of masked faces everywhere I go, but seeing those muzzles on kids is especially upsetting.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. It is child abuse. Absolutely. Not just the restriction of oxygen, but the lack of physical contact. This is why I find it unarguable that there is an agenda at work here. People often ask “Why?”, and rather than pointing to some current event agenda, I feel that most of the major events are designed to instill programming into a brand new generation. The constant bombardment through television is one thing, but for the programming to truly be effective there needs to be shock-type events.

          To ask “Why?” is a silly question. That is like asking why ABC continues airing new cop dramas and reality shows every season. The programming for the mass mind requires constant tuning to be effective. You couldn’t let any generation go without their own shocking event to solidify a new set of programming into place. They might just be able to break free from it if the programmers neglect to schedule the latest and greatest mind control shock programming.

          Liked by 1 person

  14. Wave is also a term used in Physics.

    A wave of a new, powerful energy is hitting planet Earth, it’s been doing that for years but will be in full strength from September-October and will settle around January 2021.
    That’s why they’re in such a hurry and so desperate for a vaccine.
    And that’s why they keep talking about a “second wave”.
    The first wave still had the masses scared and confused, but many people, awaken or not, have started to realize that all the horrible thing’s that were supposed to happen because of Covid, just didn’t and they’re not so scared about a second wave now.

    By the time the second wave of this new energy hits, they want another lockdown to prevent people from understanding what’s really happening.

    This new energy is something that happens every 11.500 years. We’re leaving the era of the Pisces and entering the era of the Aquarius, which means evolution for mankind but also great catastrophes for the planet. It’s astronomical events all human religions are based on.
    The elites base all their actions on astronomical knowledge & belief, they’re afraid of what the Maya and Aztec calendars predicted for the next few years and are acting weirder than usual.

    Last but not least, they hate overpopulation as they want to enslave mankind completely, and to be able to do so and control us strictly they have to decrease our number to just a few hundred millions. It’s much easier to catch and get rid of dissidents that way.


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