State of Fear governance: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Over this past week I’ve been reading the Wikipedia entry regarding the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. I tried to do so with as open a mind as possible, not prejudging, not presuming to know the event was fake.

Since I lived through it and most readers did not, I will go through the events and timeline. Remember, this is official history. More about what really happened later.

  • October 15, 1962: A U-2 Surveillance plane reveals SS-4 nuclear missiles in Cuba.
  • Oct 16: JFK convenes Executive Committee (ExCom) to discuss option’s.
  • Oct 18: JFK warns Soviet Foreign Minister Andrie Gromyko that the US will not tolerate the missiles.
  • Oct 21: JFK decides on a naval blockade of Cuba.
  • Oct 22: JFK on TV announces presence of missiles and blockade.
  • Oct 23: U-2 surveillance reveals that Soviet missiles are ready for launch.
  • Oct 24: Soviet ships approach the blockade line, and stop. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara says they are shadowed by Soviet submarines.
  • US Ambassador Adlai Stevenson confronts Soviets at the UN, but they refuse to answer.
  • Oct 26: Nikita Khrushchev offers, in letter to JFK, to remove missiles in exchange for a US guarantee not to invade Cuba.  US agrees that missiles in Turkey are on the table. Castro urges Khrushchev to strike first with nukes if US invades Cuba. 
  • Oct 27: U2 spy plane accidentally flies into Russia. U2 shot down in Cuba, pilot killed.
  • Oct 28: Crisis ends. Khrushchev announces missiles will be removed.

Most Americans were in a state of fear during this time, especially us school kids. I was twelve years old during this event. As I remember, we were kept abreast during school time by use of messengers sent to the class rooms to bring us up to speed on the unfolding events. I distinctly remember Susan Hennessy, a teacher’s pet, peddling these announcements. When it ended, on a Sunday, we could breathe again. The crisis had lasted thirteen days. That’s a long time to keep kids in fear. (Susan would, in a little over a year, be the one to announce to our class that Kennedy had been shot.)

The background for this event is as important as the event itself. The Bay of Pigs invasion took place on April 17, 1961. As Miles Mathis pointed out in his paper on Fidel Castro,

Each year Cuba spends on total military about 1/10th what we spend on Guantanamo Bay alone. The total military budget of the US is about 10,000 times that of Cuba—and that doesn’t even include Intelligence and black ops, which may double that number.

You may wish to re-think the Bay of Pigs story with that in mind. If Cuba was able to repel an invading force in 1961, why isn’t it able to drive this US base off the island? We are told Cuba has wanted the base to close since 1959, but we just ignore them. You may also want to ask yourself what all these soldiers at Guantanamo were doing while the invading force was allegedly being repelled in1961. We are told the US invaders included only 1,400 paramilitaries. We are told that training of these troops was in Florida, Alabama and Puerto Rico. Really? Why not train them at the US base on the island of Cuba? Why not use the thousands of US soldiers already camped on the island? It is beyond belief, really.

Go read the Bay of Pigs Invasion page at Wikipedia. The US Naval Base on the island is not mentioned once. This is all you need to understand that the entire event was a hoax.

The Mathis paper is focused on Fidel Castro, and he concludes that the man was an American agent (and gay and Jewish?). I see the Bay of Pigs as a staged revolution, the purpose of which was to convince the Cuban people that Castro was the real deal. That is why it was designed to fail.

Nonetheless, the Bay of Pigs plays a huge role in the Cuban Missile Crisis. A number of factors were at play, but a leading one was that Castro was supposedly worried about another American invasion. The Soviets decided on the missile gambit hoping for any or all of three positive outcomes, removal of American missiles aimed at the USSR from Turkey and Italy, and repatriation of West Berlin, deep in Soviet territory, as a Soviet-run city, and a guarantee from the US not to ever invade Cuba again.

If the Bay of Pigs invasion was a hoax, as I suspect it was, the Soviets would have known, Castro would have known, and the Pentagon would have known. This leads me to suspect that, given that everyone knew everything, that the entire Cuban Missile Crisis was a hoax. By “hoax” I mean no showdown, no Soviet vessels turning around, no blockade, no missiles. It was all a TV show.

The Wikipedia narrative is well written and easy to follow. One paragraph on page 15 under the heading “US alert level raised” jumped out at me. It is as follows:

[US Air Force General] David A. Burchinal recalled that, by contrast:

the Russians were so thoroughly stood down, and we knew it. They didn’t make any move. They did not increase their alert; they did not increase any flights, or their air defense posture. They didn’t do a thing, they froze in place. We were never further from nuclear war than at the time of Cuba, never further.

This makes me wonder if we in the United States were seeing a one-sided propaganda operation, done with some Soviet cooperation, but mostly just an American event shown to Americans on TV in order to frighten us.

Air photo of missiles

The photo above was supposedly taken by a U2 flyover, and was shown to President Kennedy on October 16. What are we to make of it? It is only what they say it is, as I can make nothing of it, nor do I imagine that Kennedy could (more about him later). He must have said, if he said anything at all, “If you say so.” The photo, we are told, was analyzed by the CIA’s National Photographic interpretation Center (NPIC). It has “just trust us on this” written all over it.

Missile aimed at USSRIn fact, and this was my strongest impression on completion of reading, everything written in this Wikipedia entry is trust-based. Take a look, for example, at the photo on the left. It is said to be one of a hundred missiles in Italy or Turkey aimed at Moscow. It could be anything, and it could be anywhere. It could be an empty tin can in Bakersfield, California. Others here have commented that “guided” missiles that lack wings are not guidable.

Missiles on shipThe photo above is said to be “A US Navy P-2H Neptune of VP-18 flying over a Soviet cargo ship with crated Il-28s on deck during the Cuban Crisis.” The Soviets were said to be sneaking the missiles into Cuba. (As I read it, the Il-28 is an aircraft that delivers smaller air-to-surface missiles, but this technology is not my skill.)  What I see here, in spite of the words to the contrary above,  are cranes plainly evident, some tubular objects and perhaps some crates.I imagine that missiles carrying a nuclear payload several hundred miles to be much larger than this, but again, not my skill.

Marking on shipI see no markings on the vessel either, so I cannot even be certain it is Soviet. The plane in the foreground is Navy, that much is certain. The photo must have been taken from another aircraft, part of the wing visible. There is some writing on the very front of the ship, shown to the left here. I enlarged that as much as possible on my monitor here, and cannot make it out. It could indeed be Cyrillic, but it is hard to say. In other words, I see no easy evidence that this is a Soviet vessel carrying a nuclear payload.

The Wikipedia article is like this throughout. Photos used to enhance the narrative are all of the “just trust us” variety.

There were four major players in this event, at least as seen on American TV. They were Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. If I were to suggest to the average American then or now that Khrushchev was but a sock puppet controlled by more powerful people behind him, there would be no problem. Americans have no problem believing that governments of other countries are fake. If I were to suggest that the same applied to the Kennedy’s and McNamara, it would be a no-sale. Americans are inculcated from birth with the legitimacy of our system of government, and the reality of elections and their results.

Below is a collage of photos taken from the Wikipedia article on the crisis:

I always ask myself with photos where the photographer was standing, and how he got there. In this case, he is given access to meetings held at a very high level. The photos are posed. The players are told how to look. Notice in the bottom photo how General LeMay and the pilots are slumped forward, in submissive posture. Kennedy is sitting erect, a man in charge. This too is posed, everyone set up for the photo and told how to behave.

The idea is to foster the illusion that the people we elect are in charge. We just witnessed a major reveal of power in the coronavirus hoax. Almost every government on the planet (except Tanzania) took a knee and stepped aside to let medical officials take over. They shut down the world economy, locked people down and  put many in quarantine, and issued goofy regulations regarding face masks and distancing. This told me something I knew, but not to this extent – that democratic governance is, everywhere, an illusion.

So too was it an illusion in 1962. The Kennedy’s were no more in charge then than Tweeter Trump is now. They were and are actors.

So what was the real purpose of the Cuban Missile Crisis? I don’t know, of course, but can make a reasonable guess. Television was still in its infancy,  perhaps experimental stage. The crisis was what current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the coronavirus hoax, a “live exercise.” Everyone in government was ordered to treat all events as real. As one moved down the chain of command, there would be less knowledge that it was a hoax. As one moved up, there would be more. General Curtis LeMay would know, as would Robert McNamera, and the shadowy figures behind them that hold real power. The Kennedy brothers would know, and were told to act as if they were in charge.

It was an experiment to see how much of our “reality” could be controlled by TV screens. There were no missiles, no confrontations at sea, no Soviet vessels either penetrating or turning back at a blockade that did not exist. Was it possible to put the majority of the American public in a state of fear, and hold them there? For how long? (They stopped after two weeks, so I don’t know how long they could have carried on.)

Keep in mind that other aspects of propaganda would be introduced later to make Americans feel like they are participants in live events. These are things like yellow ribbons, Support the Troops buttons and bumper stickers, and the current regime of face masks and distancing. Americans have now been kept in state of fear for nearly three months. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Hoaxes are never revealed, that is, we never get to a point where “now it can be told.” I first heard about this ‘revelation’ from Noam Chomsky, who repeated it as gospel.

Arguably, the most dangerous moment in the crisis was not recognised until the Cuban Missile Crisis Havana conference, in October 2002. Attended by many of the veterans of the crisis, they all learned that on October 27, 1962, USS Beale had tracked and dropped signalling depth charges (the size of hand grenades) on B-59, a Soviet Project 641 (NATO designation Foxtrot) submarine. Unknown to the US, it was armed with a 15-kiloton nuclear torpedo.[155] Running out of air, the Soviet submarine was surrounded by American warships and desperately needed to surface. An argument broke out among three officers aboard B-59, including submarine captain Valentin Savitsky, political officer Ivan Semonovich Maslennikov, and Deputy brigade commander Captain 2nd rank (US Navy Commander rank equivalent) Vasily Arkhipov. An exhausted Savitsky became furious and ordered that the nuclear torpedo on board be made combat ready. Accounts differ about whether Arkhipov convinced Savitsky not to make the attack or whether Savitsky himself finally concluded that the only reasonable choice left open to him was to come to the surface.[156]:303, 317 During the conference, McNamara stated that nuclear war had come much closer than people had thought. Thomas Blanton, director of the National Security Archive, said, “A guy called Vasili Arkhipov saved the world.”

That was 2002, forty years after, and they were still doing a hard sell. But at times they slip up. I grew up in Billings, Montana, and occasionally my family would take us to Belt, a small town near Great Falls, to visit relatives. On those trips the missile silos were always pointed out to me. I remember seeing things like this, not far off the highway.

Missile Silo

In the 1990s we were told that the missiles were secretly removed from the silos, and the press was allowed in to photograph some of them along with the technology around them. What they found was primitive, Minuteman missiles said to be guided by floppy disks, the very large kind that could hold perhaps a dozen printed pages of text. No way was the supposed missile going to be guided anywhere by that technology.

It was a hoax. Of course it was. The Soviets knew as much, perhaps ran a similar scam on their own people. The purpose of the Minuteman missiles was to convince Americans that the threat of nuclear war was real. It was all about state of fear.

It’s always about state of fear. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a fear exercise, as is the coronavirus hoax. It seems to be the only way they know how to govern.

33 thoughts on “State of Fear governance: The Cuban Missile Crisis

  1. i was 9 years old, born in 1952. i still remember the fear quite clearly, as one of my older brothers described the possibilities of being attacked. my little mind developed pictures of russian or cuban fighter jets roaring through the sky any time soon, and of being bombed. i don’t think i had a grasp of missiles yet. i remember wondering how my father would protect us.

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  2. If all of this was and is a hoax, what is there solution? Is there one? Is it possible for humans to live without shadow governments, tyrannical rulers and hoaxes? What do we do with the knowledge of said hoax?


    1. Identifying WHO is running these puppet shows & eliminating them to free the non-royal lineage’s is a start. Castro was a Jesuit trained catholic boy. Stalin? Same. JFK? Catholic. The whole AshkeNAZI leadership of Germany was devote catholics. Fear emits the most negative energy. And these elites feed upon it like psychopathic vampires. Who bows to the popes ring? Everyone thats anyone plainly seen in the press. THAT is fear not respect.



        Is everyone prepared for the “great reset?” The planners always have a plan, and it’s not focused on the narrative we’re currently obsessing. It’s not about scientists, race, the police, or masks.

        It’s always the .01% making moves behind a cleverly devised smoke screen. Can the proles overcome the smoke and mirrors and break the mold this time around? We’ll see.


  3. Only yesterday I used the argument that the Cuba Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs fiasco were fake events to a member of my family whilst discussing the whole coronahoax. Her husband thinks the same as I, even before showing him the Miles’ Castro pdf, though explaining the coronahoax got me tonguetied and anything technical is beyond her ken. Is there any chance of a few bulletpoints that spell hoax in easy to understand terms for laymen/women?

    My sister mentioned that a neighbour reckoned her mother died in a care home of a broken heart, because of the hoax she was isolated (like the other residents) , not receiving any visits from her family.


    1. It is easiest for me to think in terms if the test – that is the hoax. The supposed illness is cold and flu, nothing new. The test, by design, is set to trigger a positive response in a percentage of times of use. If tested, you could be positive or negative, and it would have nothing to do with a virus or disease. The test IS the disease.

      If you go to the CDC website, ignoring everything except one key element, scroll down and find total deaths we are experiencing this year compared to years past, you’ll see that as of this moment we are at 103% of average for the last three years, that is, well within the range of probability, and not experiencing an epidemic any different than the one we experience every year anyway, cold and flu season. I would suggest that we are slightly above normal due to doctors and hospitals intubating patients and putting them on respirators unnecessarily. That is a mild form of euthanasia. They are murdering old people. Many would die anyway, but this year they are adding deaths due to fear of a virus they think is airborne. Doctors and nurses are not smarter than average people, but don’t tell them! Due to their education, quite the opposite.

      Between you and me, CDC figures are bullshit. As a retired CPA, I am pretty good at remembering numbers. I carry in my head a running total of the number of deaths from “Covid 19,” updated just today. It is zero. Yesterday it was zero. There is no new virus, no new disease. It is just the old ones dressed in new banners and hyped by news reports, all false. In our total information control world, it is near impossible to overcome the deluge of false data and scary shit they hand out to dazed citizens who cannot think properly anyway.

      There are many, many ways to discuss these matters in an organized and reasonable manner with your friends, family and colleagues. None work.


      1. As a sidebar, this is the exact same strategy Animal and Plant Health Service- USDA (APHIS) — “the test is the disease” — has used for decades to slaughter Yellowstone National Park.

        The serum test used to detect brucellosis in wild buffalo only shows the presence of antibodies (not infection) and is wildly inaccurate. APHIS absolutely refuses to verify the test’s accuracy by isolating and culturing the brucellosis bacterium from that huge annual pool of bison captured, quarantined, and sent to slaughter.

        Methods used by both the CDC and APHIS to leverage control over state agencies and governors, and in turn the general human population’s perception and consent, are eerily similar. Sadly, the culling of bison and humans will continue apace.

        The media reinforces APHIS’s control. Perception is reality as no reasonable discussion is permitted in the arena of public opinion. And like we are experiencing with “Covid 19” none will work anyway in the current state of mental “lockdown.”


      2. Wish I had the link, but an article I saw described how this euthanasia is also from extreme neglect and isolation, not just intubation. The workers provide only the absolute minimum of “care”, and elderly with dementia just lie in bed and waste away in a couple weeks, horrific in the details though.

        They say 40% of covid deaths are in nursing homes, so something like 40,000 elderly have just been euthanized? And this is not a news story, as such…

        Not only that, but “euthanized” in a very cruel way. Left isolated from family, w only minimum of “care” from masked workers, wasting away in bed sores etc. I read a horrific personal account but can’t find the article.


        1. I think I read that 40% of ALL deaths we experience are in nursing homes, so that the “Covid-19” would be higher than that. Is euthanasia of the old part of the strategy? Bill Gates would surely approve.

          The most troubling aspect of Gates is his presumption that he should be left among the living when this is all done, he a substandard work of human reproduction who merely slid down a privileged birth canal.


          1. I’m beginning to wonder about Gates’s role in all this… how it will play out.

            Even the most gullible and credulous Covid believers I know see Gates as a villain. Yes, MSM portrays him as a savior, but Youtube has not censored videos packed with damning information about him. It seems belief in the virus is far more important than belief in Gates. I am baffled that his media handlers continue to maintain his Instagram account, when every post is met with thousands of comments that make him out to be the spawn of Satan.

            If this were a novel or a movie, at this point in the story, I would suspect the Bill Gates character was a red herring. Am wondering what others here think.


      3. When you say, “I carry in my head a running total of the number of deaths from “Covid 19,” updated just today. It is zero. Yesterday it was zero.” What do you mean? Seems like they are totaling by each week. Agreed its all nonsense though. These people are just virus hunters, either they hunt for places where a number of people have gotten sick at workplaces with horrible working conditions and/or they simply create their own reasons for why a mysterious agent is infesting the world.


        1. There is no “mysterious agent.” In my opinion, they invented the SARS-Cov-2 virus as part of the pre-planned pandemic, and are using the machine used to test for it, RT-PCR, to search for a gene sequence that cannot be positively tied to a virus. Ergo, if we cannot show a virus exists, then all they have done is piggyback a fake virus on our normal cold and flu season. All the rest, economic disaster, lockdown, quarantines, the end of professional sports, masks, distancing … all planned years in advance. Covid-19 was just the means used for rollout of the plan.


          1. My thing remains that even if SARS-CoV-2 proves to be a real RNA chain virus, there is ESPECIALLY no solid correlation shown between a specific illness and the presence of this virus. They might as well claim the boogeyman did it. Unless they can find a specific illness and reliably be able to test for and find SARS-CoV-2 as the culprit, then we are just playing games here.

            There are hundreds of trillions of viruses in each human. How scientists could ever feel like they have knowledge pinning a specific illness on a specific virus seems like a joke to me. How could they possibly know it was specifically SARS-CoV-2 out of trillions of viruses? They couldn’t. There would be billions of viruses that they are not even considering because they haven’t defined a name for it yet. So you can’t possibly say it must be SARS-CoV-2.

            This is why one of the critical aspects of Koch’s postulates, as I recall, involves infecting someone with the purified agent and that person getting sick with the same disease. THAT is not what is being shown here. We are randomly testing and occasionally finding SARS-CoV-2 primer/probe sequences via RT-PCR, but there is no correlation being shown between a specific sickness and that specific chain of code. That is where the “hocus-pocus” falls. Making you believe that somehow we KNOW that random chain of RNA code is causing some exact illness. That’s gibberish. A joke. People should be able to see how comical of a concept it is, but they can’t. It is several layers deep in the science, and there is a whole establishment out there trying to defend what they think they know. Nobody is actually thinking critically about it.

            This source estimates 380 trillion viruses. Ask yourself again how you think they know SARS-CoV-2 is the root cause of a specific new illness here.

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          2. I agree that COVID-19 was the pretext for the rollout of the plan. The World Economic Forum calls it “The Great Reset”:

            “’The Great Reset’ will be the theme of a unique twin summit to be convened by the World Economic Forum in January 2021. In-person and virtual dialogues will address the need for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future, and a new social contract centred on human dignity, social justice and where societal progress does not fall behind economic development.”

            This was the WEF’s launch session on June 3, 2020. It opens with Klaus Martin Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the WEF, who happens to look and sound like he belongs in a James Bond film.

            If you’d rather not sit through the entire session here are some of my notes:

            “Greener, smarter, fairer world”

            New social contract

            Emphasis on using private sector capital, technologies and innovation

            Mastercard brought in 50 million customers by 2020 and wants to increase to 1 billion customers for what they call “financial inclusion.”
            This is primarily in developing nations and, in my opinion, the result of “financial inclusion” is creating more debt and debt slaves.

            Transition to a “sustainable” economy. “Sustainability” mentioned over and over and over again.

            British Petroleum (BP) announced February 2020 that they’ll be a net zero [emissions] company by 2050 or sooner.
            – The world’s carbon budget is finite and running out.
            – Recovery stimulus packages should have “green” conditions attached.
            – Energy prices should reflect real costs. Abolish subsidies for fossil fuel companies.
            – Support de-carbonization in developing economies.

            The World Economic Forum is looking to China as a model:

            “…the choices we’re facing as we look at this Great Reset. And I think probably no country embodies those choices as well as China, where we’re really looking at the Chinese economy as possibly providing the world with an engine forward, out of this pandemic. But also looking at how it uses the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and the new greener technologies to help power that transition.” – Adrian Monck, Managing Director, Head of Public And Social Engagement and Moderator 58:42

            China’s Green Finance Committee
            – Recovery has to be greener than ever before in China’s history.
            – Ensure stimulus packages are greener than ever before.
            – Fiscal stimulus has been 8% of China’s GDP.
            – Ensure precious money raised for future generations is spent on green technology/infrastructure and low carbon options.
            – Consumer stimulus packages must be green. Consumers may be able to view a list, produced by the government, which names companies and products that are green (e.g. energy efficient refrigerators, LED light bulbs, electric cars, etc.)
            – Employment recovery needs to be greener. Ask migrant workers, who are furloughed now, to plant trees for money.
            – Issue green bonds to encourage private sector investments.

            Accelerated adoption of digital technologies
            – Expect data and tech to be the infrastructure for society and the Great Reset.
            – “Broadband is the electricity of the twenty-first century.”
            – Ensure Artificial Intelligence is deployed responsibly.
            – Empower consumers with labeling on products that indicate how much carbon went into producing those products.

            Change our economies dramatically in the next 10, 20, 30 years to mitigate the dangers of climate change.

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            1. Those who cannot afford to purchase green bonds will be given green stamps instead…
              Thanks for the synopsis. I still wonder whether this is all just window dressing / potemkin village camouflage for what is really in store.


              1. I think organizations like the World Economic Forum believe that their goals are truly for the good of mankind and the earth. Like any organization, as a condition of membership one must drink the Kool-Aid; and the members in this launch session come across as true believers – with the exceptions of founder Klauss Schwab and “HRH the Prince of Wales.” The WEF have little reason to hide their agenda. Many members come from the private sector and thus do not represent the public nor need to worry about being elected or re-elected. The same applies to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their agenda(s), as another example. Transparency is also beneficial to these organizations because they can collect data on public opinion.
                Participants also referenced the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – another publicly disclosed agenda.


  4. it’s getting more weird every day. I recently saw an interview with a company claiming that they can measure the covid rate through sewage analysis. Another firm claims officially they can disinfect the virus using some UV (ultra violet) devices. As for covid they told us, if children are born with misshaped toes, its corona, if you have ingrown nails, its corona, if your eyes are wet with tears, its corona, if you can’t taste your food properly, it’s corona, etc. People swallow it of course, yet still, I think, there is more behind this. Just think how the definition of a virus changed through the years. First it was some very small bacteria, then it was a part of the cell, then it was some broken DNA. Now it can be just washed away using some disinfectant? Or some UV light, like in the pool filters? It probably is the way they change the pathogen theory to something more realistic. They always do everything in a way we cannot see before it is done. It is what Stefan Lanka said: if it is supposed to work, nobody can lose his face. They just replace the lies with another lies until it does not bother anymore. And people love their masks. We have to adapt and wait. It’s an ongoing project.

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    1. In the US the masks are sort of split on a partisan divide. Liberals love their masks as it’s a token of tribal identification as good science-believing, community minded, anti-trumpism.

      Strangely, Trump sort of went along w the hoax.. Yet both sides still project onto him how they think he feels about it? They both know that secretly he hates science and experts, lol.


      1. I think all of partisan politics is projection. Liberals drove me batty with their moral superiority in voting for a black man for president. They were clueless as to the man or any policies he supposedly put in place. Even Obamacare – these same people would bitterly oppose it had it been advanced in the George W Bush administration.


      1. ‘On October 10, his hands were cut off as a proof that Che was dead. ‘ wiki
        ‘The day after his execution on 10 October 1967, Guevara’s corpse was displayed to the news media in the laundry house of the Vallegrande hospital.’ Note visible right hand. –

        Che son of Ernesto Guevara Lynch, peerage name….


  5. My grandfather, a Cuban exile, who had to leave Cuba because his family was “at-risk” because they were part of Cuba’s “FBI” under Batista, allied with other Cubans in Miami and participated in missions to “take back Cuba from Castro”. He met with top government officials and was highly involved in this ordeal. He confirms that the whole thing was a hoax, the “missiles” pointed at US were fake and that it was all a “psy-op”.

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  6. Marie-Antoinette was “executed” also on October 16th, a few weeks short of Halloween. Of course the French Revolution itself was a massive elaborate hoax, and so Marie-Antoinette’s life and death.


  7. While doing deeper research into Fidel Castro’s roots, I noticed that his noble family’s coat-of-arms strikingly resembles that of the Medici family crest. The Medicis, of course, were a prominent crypto-Jewish noble banking dynasty that reshaped Europe’s socio-economic landscape with their pioneering of the Renaissance and their widespread introduction of usury. They also produced several popes and two French queens, so they had France and the Vatican under their control as well.

    Castro coat-of-arms:

    Medici coat-of-arms:

    Although mainstream history claims that the Medici bloodline died off by the early 1740s, they still have living descendents today. It’s claimed that there are now 40,000+ people in Europe who share lineage with the infamous Medicis, almost all of which are the noble and royal families of the “Old World”, such as the Castros.

    Another interesting fact: the name “Medici” comes from the Latin “medicus”, which means “physician” in English. It’s where we get “medicine” and “medical” from. As we all know, the pharmaceutical industry is a huge for-profit racketeering scheme for the ruling families in the same way that banking is. Pharmaceutical is Greek for witchcraft or magic spells, and shady families like the Medicis use the media as a magic tool to “charm” (that is to beguile, to deceive) the masses for their selfish ends. Pharmaceuticals are known to have health-altering side-affects which are more harmful than good.


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