Coronavirus Doctor Li Wenliang Did Not Exist


Readers might already know that I was on the trail of this one, and I think it is worthy of its own post. Last week, the doctor who was known as the “whistleblower” on the Chinese coronavirus was reported to have died from the virus. The red flags surrounding this death are redder than the Chinese flag is red. Something fishy absolutely happened here, and below I will explore what I believe we have witnessed: Li Wenliang did not exist (or if he did, he was a state agent and most certainly did not die of the coronavirus). More below, and a photo comparison at bottom.

To start with, there are a few quite unusual details in the man’s story. His being called a whistleblower will lead people to think that he was some kind of pioneer of the coronavirus. This is not actually true. All the man is said to have done is send out a chat message in a messaging app between doctors only to warn them about this virus of which he had recently seen a batch. This does not read to me like the kind of thing that would be seen as problematic, even in Communist China. In fact, this sounds like perfectly normal behavior among doctors. The fact that this set of messages even made him be seen as some kind of “whistleblower” is unusual on its face. Almost like the man was being set up from the very beginning to be some kind of hero. He was an ophthalmologist for goodness sake, not a virologist or even a regular family medicine or emergency doc. An ophthalmologist. Perhaps that was an inside joke that the public needs to get their eyes checked.

The heart of my case for why this man was a complete fabrication is in the reports of his death on February 6th, 2020. In the morning, he was reported to be dead by the WHO and Chinese state-run media. If legitimate, a public death report like this between a global health agency and the Chinese government would only come if the man was known to be dead. As in, he is sitting in a morgue somewhere with a signed death certificate. Instead, only hours later, the local hospital in Wuhan announced (perhaps accidentally), that Li was in critical condition. This reeks of being a case where local officials had not been given an updated script to work from. There should be no question about whether a man is alive or dead. Either he is dead, or he is not. For the local hospital (where he was supposed to have been located) to speak of Li in terms of still breathing after the WHO and government media reported his death is EXTREMELY unusual.

Following this conflicting report, the media went into a brief confusion, and Chinese state-run media went into damage control mode and began reporting that he was “fighting for his life”. Very dramatic. Within just a few short hours after this, they quit the charade and went right back to reporting him as dead. Recall, this was their report from the get-go. Major media outlets had prepared very prominent reporting of his death from the morning, and they did not change a single thing from the brief time Li was supposedly fighting for his life. Many outlets simply carried their stories identically from the morning and the evening, as though there had never been any disagreement on his death.

Story from main page of Yahoo, identical before and after the conflicting reports.

The BBC was specifically told that he had died in the morning, yet we still have this time in the midday to account for, and we will find that their accounting for it does not make any sense. Reports have now come that Li was put on ECMO in the midday, and this is why the conflicting reports came out. Only problem? ECMO does not make any sense for a death by complications of a viral illness. It is basically a heart-lung bypass machine that you run blood through, it gets oxygenated, and a person can be kept alive without their lungs breathing. The use of ECMO as an explanation pretty much only makes sense in terms of being an easy explanation for how there could have been some kind of confusion about whether a person was alive or dead. It does not actually make sense for why a person who had died of the coronavirus would be put on such a machine to artificially keep them alive.

Even more unusual, his body is said to have been cremated before his family could even see it. This is incredibly odd. This same family is now said to have been paid over $100,000 due to his death being in his role as a doctor. Very generous, and improbable, and does not fit with the story being pumped out by Western media that Li was some kind of crusading whistleblower against the Chinese government. The real truth seems to be that the Chinese have been in control of the Li story from the very beginning. They are the ones who announced his death when he apparently was not dead. They are who made him a whistleblower in the first place when his actual actions are hardly that of a whistleblower. This entire story seems to have been scripted by the Chinese government so that they would be in control of the narrative. If the public was going to need a hero to mourn, the Chinese government wanted to make sure it was a hero of their creation.

The horizontally flipped image purporting to be Li Wenliang. Note the lack of freckles above the eyebrow or moles on either cheek.

The final point in this case involves the imagery surrounding Li. There are virtually zero photographs of him, and the ones that do exist are dubious. They show two different men. The first photograph has been flipped horizontally for some reason. The second set of photographs show a man in the exact same room (not horizontally flipped) and with a mask over his face. This same second man is shown sweating and bedridden at the hospital. Freckle and mole positions show these to not be the same two men. Even more suspicious is the way the sweating, bedridden man was forced to hold up an ID card, as though there is some need to prove he is himself?

The question of WHY this man’s story was faked, whether through his being a complete fabrication or just an agent of the state, is alluded to above. For the Chinese Communist government, what better way could there be for them to be able to impose martial law without looking like they are imposing martial law than such a public health crisis? This is also an excellent way to keep the Hong Kong protests down, as people will not be comfortable to congregate in public (shout out to Maarten’s wife on that one). Li Wenliang seems to have been created for the very purpose of being the public hero of this crisis, and it is a manufactured crisis at that.

The virus has been shown to be more deadly to Chinese/Asian populations than to other populations, which implies a manufactured nature. This would fit with the logic of a manufactured crisis and explain why the virus itself is so weak. The Chinese did not want to truly kill some of their best and brightest (or damage relations with countries outside their borders), so the virus that was let loose was a weak one catered to their population. This doctor, specifically, a fit and healthy man, is exactly the person who should not die of such a virus. But that logic implies a situation that makes sense, when in reality this situation does not. His being young and fit and dying was to further feed the notion that this boogeyman could strike and kill anyone. It is a manufactured crisis, and every manufactured crisis needs a manufactured hero.

Below are the remaining known photos of Li (at highest resolutions that I could find) and I encourage readers to try to squint and zoom to see the freckles I refer to.

Note the freckle above his photo-left eyebrow. Compare with the main unmasked photo of Wenliang above. No such freckles.

Edit: I also forgot to mention another great detail…Li actually did an interview with the New York Times when he was stricken with the virus! You can’t make this stuff up. It was in print only, and the doctor seemed quite unconcerned with his condition.

Another photo horizontally flipped. Note the mole/freckle on both sides of his cheeks. Forehead freckle on the wrong side (flipped photo). Compare again with the unmasked photo above.
Freckle visible here on his photo-right chin, and note the left eyebrow freckle as well.

55 thoughts on “Coronavirus Doctor Li Wenliang Did Not Exist

  1. So perverse. Looking at the pic of him holding up his ID, I thought it would be even more perverse if the photo in the ID “proving” who he is is of a different man than the one holding it. If I were a creative on this project, I’d think that was hilarious. To me, they don’t look much alike, but the different angle and the oxygen mask and the sad “oh noes! I’m dying!” eyes might account for that.

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    1. My thoughts exactly! I imagine them telling him to go stand in a hot shower for an hour and then come out looking very scared. Here, hold this ID card. There you go. I agree, I definitely see a distinctive difference between the ID card and the man and there might even be a third. There is also a picture floating around Twitter purporting to be him with his family that is 100% not Li.

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    1. The post is now updated with all available imagery at the highest resolution and my corresponding descriptions to match the positions of the freckles.

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  2. Regarding the photo being flipped horizontally, I would suggest that perhaps it’s the difference between taking the picture with the front camera on his phone versus the back camera.

    I have pictures of my family posted at work and one day I noticed that one of the pictures was flipped horizontally. A person parts his hair based on what hand is dominant – and everyone’s hair was parted on the wrong side. After looking at all the pictures and trying to figure out how it could possibly have gotten flipped, I finally decided that the flipped picture was a selfie of the group of us.

    Maybe you all knew that already and I am just late to the party… but just wanted to throw that out there as a possibility.

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  3. One other thought that I had on this situation is that the Chinese Communist Party may have approached a random guy who actually does have the virus to play the part of Li Wenliang. Whether the guy in the bed photos actually died or not (and I highly doubt he did), or even actually had the virus…it seems that the best explanation is that the entire story is a complete fabrication by the government to create a manufactured hero.

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  4. Yes it seems this corona virus scare is just hyped up more than it should be? The city of Wuhan soon becoming a hydrogen city soon. That’s not good for the oil people.

    And what happened to all those unoccupied cities that were constructed. Well they are still underpopulated as you can google and check them out. Perfect for promoting a virus like pandemic deserted city scenario. The man in the photos doesn’t look sick .


  5. Nothing is real, ‘cept mirage Piece of Mindful.

    Not even In$ide Job 9/11, 3K+ victims – don’t exist, never happened – DOH!


  6. Good and interesting read. Perception is strong and sight is weak. Question: How did you come up with the following sentence in your article: “This doctor, specifically, a fit and healthy man…”. A MM’ed individual sees the World as it should work, not as it works. Assumes things as to what they should be not as to what they are.


    1. Any 34 year old man with a medical degree and regular employment as a doctor (the story we are given) should be in the prime of his fitness for life. But I do see your point. I was not particularly worried about wondering whether he may have had some kind of pre-existing condition to exacerbate problems to his health when my greater point is basically that the man did not exist or was an agent of the state differing from the man in the photos. Whether or not he was in the prime of his fitness for life does not seem particularly relevant to the case presented overall.


      1. Death from the “COVID-19” of a young and healthy person of this age is very unlikely. This story is 100% fabricated.


  7. Street wise or book smart. Their books in academia are sponsored, written, published by the elite. Elite schools i.e. Ivy League & their ‘degrees’ (masonic have 1-33) are another form of control. Control of information they allow to be known. Same w/this God forsaken television programming. Looking ahead the lock down in China a very real deal or more theater?


  8. Isn’t the Chinese government in total control of the internet there? So everything is being staged for MSM as a distraction to allow them to round up dissidents in a purge. While the factories are shut down for holiday. With the lockdowns in place in many cities. Then replacing them w/more countryside folk lured into the cities to fill the vacancies.


    1. Well yeah, I mean, imagine how easy it is to fake a story as I pointed out when you have total control over all forms of media? Really, really easy. I don’t know what is next in the script, but I do know of the shenanigans that were pointed out above.


  9. Its one big Truman Show. Its not the monopoly money, they print it. Its not power, they have it. They own all the lands & water mineral rights already stolen (like everything else) so what is left to take? They make movie & sports programing ’cause they are bored? They feed on something more than material gains. Energies & emotions from humans.


  10. Just another scam to frighten the peasants and line the pockets of the few.
    Remember when George W Bush stated that Avian Flu would threaten the lives of two million Americans/ The statement was based on nothing more than wild speculation but was seen as the justification for the massive purchase of twenty million bottles of Tamiflu at $100 each. A total cost of $2 billion. Taxpayers’ hard earned cash . Donald Rumsfeld a leading member of Bush’s administration went on , as a huge share holder in Gilead ( the original developer of Tamiflu ) to make a very tidy sum from that little transaction.
    There is absolutely no proof to date that pathogenic viruses actually exist. There is no electron micrograph of a pure and fully characterised virus in existence. The attempt to prove the existence of viruses has failed miserably and poorly devised processes such as antibody testing is just bad science as is most modern viral science.
    It’s fear , not flu that is the enemy here.


    1. I quite enjoyed your comment. The topic of “virus as carrier for illness” is probably worth its own separate discussion. Must admit that I have more research to do in this area. What is believed to be the mechanism for a thing like influenza (which is clearly a very real something) if not a virus? And I ask this earnestly as someone who wishes to know more of the theories in this area, and as someone who is currently getting over the flu!


      1. You could start by reading ” Virus Mania” a fully researched and documented book written by Torsten Engelbrecht et al but there is lots of genuine research out there testifying to the non existence of PATHOGENIC viruses.
        Bacteria can and do cause humans problems as does living in unnatural conditions for humans and animals but the fraudulent science in the discovery of the pathogenic virus is a HUGE profitable business for the pharmaceutical companies and those affiliated to the Medical Industry. ( And it IS an industry now) . The myth of the virus killing vaccination is just that. A myth. An extremely lucrative one (for some )
        Don’t take my word for it. The evidence is there. It just needs a bit of time and dedication to uncover it.


      2. I have no idea what the flu is; haven’t had it for years. I reckon the flu has been around longer than the supposed discovery of viruses though.

        I’m of the opinion that viruses are narrative devices. It’s not too difficult to see thru the hustle. Start with chamberland filters(and what they can and cannot filter). This will lead you to electron microscopy and the visualization of viruses(and how powerful electron microscopes were or were not in the 1930s).

        This will lead of course to the mechanism for evolution, Dna. Bacteriophages are the favorite narrative device of the eugenicist. Hershey and chase used bacteriophages, isotopes, and and a feckin kitchen blender to prove the existence of dna.

        This will lead to the cathode ray tube because that’s basically what electron microscopes and accelerators are. Isotopes are manufactured not so differently than magnets are of course.

        Bytheway, I’m not saying genetic fingerprinting ain’t a thing. Google monster isozymes.

        Unfortunately or fortunately, all the above may have you question the existence of genes. Afterall, it was gregor(y) bateson’s old man that taught us to say genetics and it was Darwin’s cousin, francis galton, that taught us to say eugenics.

        And I see that you’ve been looking into the darwin clan. My favorite was charles galton darwin(Geoffrey keynes brother in law). He’ll bring you back to voltage and electrodes(the manhattan project) and eugenics. He ran the the eugenics society across the pond. Geoffrey’s brother was Newton’s biggest fan; he called newton the last of the magicians of course. I’m sure you’ve heard of him…

        “Newton was not the first of the age of reason. He was the last of the magicians, the last of the Babylonians and Sumerians, the last great mind that looked out on the visible and intellectual world with the same eyes as those who began to build our intellectual inheritance rather less than 10,000 years ago.”
        -John Maynard Keynes


          1. Specifically the phrase “those who began to build our intellectual inheritance rather less than 10,000 years ago”. Numerous implications there.


        1. In 1692, Newton had a nervous breakdown and never regained his former consistency of mind.

          Alchemy is a hidden meditation technique taught in Energy Enhancement to remove Energy Blockages, to contact the Chakras above the Head, the energies of God, but idiots like Newton used chemicals like mercury which they heated and inhaled – driving them mad.

          Pepys and Locke thought that he had become deranged. Newton emerged from his breakdown slightly “gaga.” As Keynes stresses, Newton had the Venetian disease, “was wholly aloof from women,” although he had some close young male friends. He once angrily accused John Locke of trying to embroil him with women.

          In the past decades, the lid of the box has been partially and grudgingly opened by the Anglophile scholars who are the keepers of the Newton myth. What can we see inside the box?” That was from a link pertaining to Newton and slew of other ‘enlightened ones’ that were much more than science & economic men. 1st clue was Babylon. Magus. Venetian Oligarchs. Thanks SMJ, that search of Newton was a treasure trove. Back on topic, this thing in China will be the culling the Georgia Stones forecasted.


        2. What a great speech this would have been…

          Why do I call him a magician? Because he looked on the whole universe and all that is in it as a riddle, as a secret which could be read by applying pure thought to certain evidence, certain mystic clues which God had laid about the world to allow a sort of philosopher’s treasure hunt to the esoteric brotherhood. He believed that these clues were to be found partly in the evidence of the heavens and in the constitution of elements (and that is what gives the false suggestion of his being an experimental natural philosopher), but also partly in certain papers and traditions handed down by the brethren in an unbroken chain back to the original cryptic revelation in Babylonia. He regarded the universe as a cryptogram set by the Almighty – just as he himself wrapt the discovery of the calculus in a cryptogram when he communicated with Leibniz. By pure thought, by concentration of mind, the riddle, he believed, would be revealed to the initiate.
          He did read the riddle of the heavens. And he believed that by the same powers of his introspective imagination he would read the riddle of the Godhead, the riddle of past and future events divinely fore-ordained, the riddle of the elements and their constitution from an original undifferentiated first matter, the riddle of health and of immortality. All would be revealed to him if only he could persevere to the end, uninterrupted, by himself, no one coming into the room, reading, copying, testing-all by himself, no interruption for God’s sake, no disclosure, no discordant breakings in or criticism, with fear and shrinking as he assailed these half-ordained, half-forbidden things, creeping back into the bosom of the Godhead as into his mother’s womb. ‘Voyaging through strange seas of thought alone’, not as Charles Lamb ‘a fellow who believed nothing unless it was as clear as the three sides of a triangle’.

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          1. Here’s Newton’s translation of the emerald tablet…

            Tis true without error, certain & most true.
            That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing
            And as all things have been & arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.
            The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse.
            The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.
            Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.
            Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry.
            It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it descends to the earth & receives the force of things superior & inferior.
            By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world
            & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.
            Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing.
            So was the world created.
            From this are & do come admirable adaptations whereof the means (or process) is here in this. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world
            That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.


            I prefer jorge ben’s version…

            …though I must say it seems quite psilly to me seeing as I don’t believe in gravity or atoms. Newton convinced the world that the lights in the sky are controlled by the same spooky action at a distance that causes an apple to fall. That’s real magic right there. There’s a reason rutherford had hermes the thrice great as a charge on the dexter side of his escutcheon field. He teamed up with bohr(bohr came to ‘murica with the inventor of the neutron, Chadwick, to work on the manhattan project. I hope nobody around here still believes in nukes)to give us the atomic model of electrons in orbit about the nucleus(replacing gravity with electrostatic forces). The idea of orbits is still around in chemistry with pauling’s model of valence structure; Pauling was a big wig in the dna hustle of course. Dna has it’s own as above so below with the microsatellite nonsense. And of course Lucretius taught that there is space within and without. That’s how we got the idea of atoms in our heads. It appears to me that there is a class of hustlers that like to feck with our heads.

            Newton’s gravity came out of the work of kepler. If you like newton you’ll love kepler. He was the first psience fiction writer afterall…


            …keps was at rudolf’s(you’ll prolly recognize is coat of arms)alchemical court in bohemia of course…

            “A strology and alchemy were regarded as mainstream scientific fields in Renaissance Prague, and Rudolf was a firm devotee of both. His lifelong quest was to find the Philosopher’s Stone and Rudolf spared no expense in bringing Europe’s best alchemists to court, such as Edward Kelley and John Dee. Rudolf even performed his own experiments in a private alchemy laboratory.[3] When Rudolf was a prince, Nostradamus prepared a horoscope which was dedicated to him as ‘Prince and King’. In the 1590s Sendivogius was active at Rudolph’s court.[18]
            Rudolf gave Prague a mystical reputation that persists in part to this day, with Alchemists’ Alley on the grounds of Prague Castle a popular visiting place and tourist attraction.
            Rudolf is also the ruler in many of the legends of the Golem of Prague, either because of, or simply adding to, his occult reputation.”


            Alchemy is not about turning lead to gold it’s about about controlling minds just as any magic is at the end of the day.


        3. I am still just in complete awe of this speech that Keynes wrote and never made about Newton. I have read from start to finish several times and I encourage everyone to do the same. Not only do I feel a strong connection with “Newton, The Man” in his personality, but there are DEEP insights and secrets buried in this text.

          For in vulgar modern terms Newton was profoundly neurotic of a not unfamiliar type, but – I should say from the records – a most extreme example. His deepest instincts were occult, esoteric, semantic-with profound shrinking from the world, a paralyzing fear of exposing his thoughts, his beliefs, his discoveries in all nakedness to the inspection and criticism of the world. ‘Of the most fearful, cautious and suspicious temper that I ever knew’, said Whiston, his successor in the Lucasian Chair. The too well-known conflicts and ignoble quarrels with Hooke, Flamsteed, Leibniz are only too clear an evidence of this. Like all his type he was wholly aloof from women. He parted with and published nothing except under the extreme pressure of friends. Until the second phase of his life, he was a wrapt, consecrated solitary, pursuing his studies by intense introspection with a mental endurance perhaps never equalled.

          I believe that the clue to his mind is to be found in his unusual powers of continuous concentrated introspection. A case can be made out, as it also can with Descartes, for regarding him as an accomplished experimentalist. Nothing can be more charming than the tales of his mechanical contrivances when he was a boy. There are his telescopes and his optical experiments, These were essential accomplishments, part of his unequalled all-round technique, but not, I am sure, his peculiar gift, especially amongst his contemporaries. His peculiar gift was the power of holding continuously in his mind a purely mental problem until he had seen straight through it. I fancy his pre-eminence is due to his muscles of intuition being the strongest and most enduring with which a man has ever been gifted. Anyone who has ever attempted pure scientific or philosophical thought knows how one can hold a problem momentarily in one’s mind and apply all one’s powers of concentration to piercing through it, and how it will dissolve and escape and you find that what you are surveying is a blank. I believe that Newton could hold a problem in his mind for hours and days and weeks until it surrendered to him its secret. Then being a supreme mathematical technician he could dress it up, how you will, for purposes of exposition, but it was his intuition which was pre-eminently extraordinary – ‘so happy in his conjectures’, said De Morgan, ‘as to seem to know more than he could possibly have any means of proving’. The proofs, for what they are worth, were, as I have said, dressed up afterwards – they were not the instrument of discovery.

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  11. This time its lock downs, at-least in China. Here the CDC (private, not g’mint….like the Fed Re$erve) will enforce new laws just on hype. 5G is also very much a player in its effects upon the humans. Mimic the flu symptoms? Quarantine & be charged $ for it? Forced vax by the fear factor generating how much $$? Side effects are free, but what they hey we all die sometime.


  12. One funny thing to do is a google image search for “novel coronavirus 2019”

    “Scientists” and “authorities” are putting out wildly contradictory images for what this pesky little virus looks like. They’re mostly spheres, but some have 10 protruberances, others 200.

    People might say, oh, some of those images are of other coronaviruses. But serious entities ARE showing pictures of what they claim is THIS one and they don’t match each other.

    They all look like computer renderings…cartoonish drawings, NOT “electron microscope images.” Anyway, take a look. It makes it even harder to take any of this seriously.


  13. Great guy to read on this stuff is jon rappoport. He really helps tee up some basic logic that is ignored by most people. Read 4 or 5 of his blog posts on this, and a few BASIC questions slap you in the face (in a good way). Highly recommended. As with so much hoax debunking content, you don’t have to accept that his theories are RIGHT, you just have to consider the questions he’s asking and you realize that the official story is just some assertions without sufficient proof.


  14. Final point: it’s amazing how easy it is for the hoaxers to rope in intelligent people.

    Most “skeptics” look at the data coming out from known liars in government and news media and say, “hey these numbers look made up…the growth rate is too perfect, it’s from a formula.” Then they assume, “China must be UNDERSTATING the death rate.” And they are proud of themselves for “applying skepticism” to “the numbers.”

    Basic logic dictates that if you know your source of numbers are known liars, you shouldn’t use those numbers to form ANY conclusions. But most people can’t do it. They say, “China reporting deadly pandemic….that sounds believable so I believe. ONLY 100o deaths from this new virus? THAT can’t be right.”

    It seems incredibly silly to me.

    But, most people can’t accept: 1) Virus theory of disease could be wrong; 2) Most news may be fake; 3) Video evidence easy to fake; 4) Authorities quite happy to lie

    Accepting any of those four pathways to open-mindedness seems “too out there.” Seeing a few announcements, a few numbers, and a few videos of people in surgical masks convinces them, “This is absolutely real.”

    Funnily enough, the stock market is at all time highs on the supposed shut down of the worlds largest economy. Easier to fool media consumers than people actually betting on things, I guess. Shows that the establishment has so little respect for us at this point that they see no need to back up “Chinese economy collapse” with any actual investment losses.

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  15. In “CHINA” the surname or Family Name is always first so “Li” is the Family name, i.e. the 13th Illuminati Family. Not too long ago, it was “Hu Jintao” as PRESIDENT of CHINA. Once again, the Family Name is “Hu”. Now in Arabic the sord spelled “sein” means “son” and the archaic meaning of “son” is “initiate”. Now to unders-tan’d what it means to be an “initiate” go back to the movie SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and “imagine” what the 3 bull queers known as “The Sisters” were trying 2 doo 2 “ANDY DUFRESNE”. Now back when all the drama was scenturd a-round Sadam Hussein, it is worth noting that the STAGE NAME: HUSSEIN translates to Hu’s son. Now for those of yoo still smart enough to still be reading this/shit that i writ hear, HU JINTAO became PRESIDENT of CHINA on MAY, 15 2003 and the INVASION of IRAQ was on May 19 ,2003. Wit me sow far? Now the SPOUSE of HU JINTAO is “Liu Yongqing” and “Liu” is a combination of “Li” and “Lu” which means that she is from “2 iLLUMINATI FAMILIES” as the “Lu” Family is the basis for characters such as MARTIN LUTHER and endless numbers of FRENCH KINGS named LOUIS and CITIES such as LOUISVILLE (HOME OF THE HOMERUN bat “LOUISVILLE SLUGGER” for MLB) and ST. LOUIS CARDINALS (witch seems to connect to the VATICAN via CARDINALS) as it has nothing whatsoever to do with the cute little “red birds” at my feeder in the mornings. Then our old hero TO-MASS JEFFER-SON sent LOUIS and CLARK on a TOP SECRET MISSION, a voyage that began at ST. LOUIS. Then the JEFFE is a variant of “Jefe” witches ESPANOL (SPANISH) meaning “CHIEF” witches why they sing “Hail to the Chief” (El Jefe). Thomas JEFFERSON is famous fore a “great many” (muchos grande’) quotes. One of those quotes is: “Before you can begin to understand the Law in English, you much first learn both French and Latin”. Now in France, they also liked to play word games as the phrase “Les Char” translates to “The King” and “the English variant of that wordage is “CHARLES” witch means the true meaning of CHARLES is “THE KING” so PRINCE CHARLES makes no sense at all. Now again, a CEO is LEGALLY the KING of a CORPORATION and very often that PERSON will also be the CHAIRMAN of the BOARD and as you may have already surmised, the word CHAIRMAN has CHAIR as a variant of CHAR so CHAIRMAN means KINGMAN. Now LEGALLY, every CORPORATION is a SHIP OF LOST SOULS AT SEA. The wordage CORPORATION is a variant from the Latin CORPUS (meaning DEAD) and ORATION meaning “TO SPEAK”. To get onto that SHIP one must BOARD. BOARD as a NOUN is a long flat hard piece of wood, while BOARD as a VERB is “to board a ship”. You HOLY SEE/SEA you must WALK ON THE BOARD TO BOARD THE SHIP. Another word for BOARD is PLANK witches why you must WALK THE PLANK to get off the SHIP AT SEA. Now surrounding the DECK of the SHIP is the BAR RAIL or HAND RAIL sometimes called a TAFFRAIL. Ever wonder what it means to PASS THE BAR EXAM to become an ATTORNEY? Now if you knew what should be known, you would know that the words PASS and TAFFRAIL are synonymous with ANUS and if you look at the word TAFFRAIL you can clearly see the word TAIL otherwise known as A Piece of ASS, i.e. PASS. Butt then again, if you want to truly comprehend the meaning of KNOW, simply go back to the old story of SODOM and GOMORRAH but you must read multiple versions of GENESIS 19:5 as some versions have changed out the word KNOW. Now here are a multitude of translations of the ancient wordage of GENESIS CHAPTER 19 VERSE 5.

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    New Living Translation
    They shouted to Lot, “Where are the men who came to spend the night with you? Bring them out to us so we can have sex with them!”

    English Standard Version
    And they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.”

    Berean Study Bible
    They called out to Lot, saying, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Send them out to us so we can have relations with them!”

    New American Standard Bible
    and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.”

    New King James Version
    And they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally.”

    King James Bible
    And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

    Christian Standard Bible
    They called out to Lot and said, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Send them out to us so we can have sex with them!”

    Contemporary English Version
    and started shouting, “Where are your visitors? Send them out, so we can have sex with them!”

    Good News Translation
    They called out to Lot and asked, “Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight? Bring them out to us!” The men of Sodom wanted to have sex with them.

    Holman Christian Standard Bible
    They called out to Lot and said, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Send them out to us so we can have sex with them!”

    International Standard Version
    They called out to Lot and asked, “Where are the men who came to visit you tonight? Bring them out to us so we can have sex with them!”

    NET Bible
    They shouted to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so we can have sex with them!”

    New Heart English Bible
    They called to Lot, and said to him, “Where are the men who came in to you this night? Bring them out to us, that we may have sex with them.”

    GOD’S WORD® Translation
    They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to [stay with] you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”

    JPS Tanakh 1917
    And they called unto Lot, and said unto him: ‘Where are the men that came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.’

    New American Standard 1977
    and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.”

    Jubilee Bible 2000
    and they called unto Lot and said unto him, Where are the men who came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us that we may know them.

    King James 2000 Bible
    And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men who came in to you this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

    American King James Version
    And they called to Lot, and said to him, Where are the men which came in to you this night? bring them out to us, that we may know them.

    American Standard Version
    and they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men that came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

    Brenton Septuagint Translation
    And they called out Lot, and said to him, Where are the men that went in to thee this night? bring them out to us that we may be with them.

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    And they called Lot, and said to him: Where are the men that came in to thee at night? bring them out hither that we may know them:

    Darby Bible Translation
    And they called to Lot, and said to him, Where are the men that have come in to thee to-night? bring them out to us that we may know them.

    English Revised Version
    and they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

    Webster’s Bible Translation
    And they called to Lot, and said to him, Where are the men who came in to thee this night? bring them out to us, that we may know them.

    World English Bible
    They called to Lot, and said to him, “Where are the men who came in to you this night? Bring them out to us, that we may have sex with them.”

    Young’s Literal Translation
    and they call unto Lot and say to him, ‘Where are the men who have come in unto thee to-night? bring them out unto us, and we know them.’

    Now if you have made it this far KNOW that CHINA is synonymous with LIN as a variant of “Li” and that the CURRENCY of CHINA is the YUAN witch was the NAME of the MONGOL DYNASTY that ruled from 1271 – 1368. CHINA was ruled form 1368 – 1644 by the MING DYNASTY. Although the primary capital of Beijing fell in 1644 to a rebellion led by Li Zicheng (who established the Shun dynasty, soon replaced by the Manchu-led Qing dynasty).

    Going a bit further back in history we find this: The Qin dynasty was brief in duration (221-206 BCE) but very important in Chinese history. It followed the Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BCE) and it ended when Liu Bang became the king of Han in 206 BCE (the formal beginning of the Han dynasty).

    Now you may have noticed that the “Li/Liu” Family was a player in both of the rebellions that overthrew the existing dynasty. Now what used to be spelled “CHIN DYNASTY” is now apparently spelled the “QIN DYNASTY” and for me, it is hard to look at the words DYNASTY and WALL (i.e. THE GREAT WALL) and not see that those two words had been INCORPORATED into the name WALT DISNEY.

    Well kids, this/shit has got-ten inCh-in-a deep butt t’hen egg’hen is usually does w’hen bucking the trend. REAMEMBER it’s 2020, the year of HINDSIGHT!


  16. The whole thing is a hoax! Since at least 20 years we are submitted to those stupid sheep/cow/bird and pig flu caused by all kinds of HxNy virus. They’re said to be tracked down through PCR tests of which Kary Mullis, the inventor himself, says that they cannot possibly be used for such an application. BTW, no common doctor could by any means trace virus in his office!!

    Hint: have a look at the German New Medicine of Ryke Geert Hamer (My most fabulous discovery of the last 50 years.) And you’ll learn that not only the Corona virus is BS, but also that germs simply don’t cause diseases.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I thought the same thing. I was actually going to add Dr. Li in my book, “Q ANON: The Reluctant Warrior” (Part 11) As I did his chart (supposedly 10/12/1986, Beizhen, China), I did not notice any astrological warning signs of chronic illness. As you and everyone now knows, co-morbidity and advanced age, are the main factors for determining fatality of the COVID 19.
    So, I’m glad I found your blog.
    BTW, I linked to this blog in my book.
    Possibly he is real and now living under an different name with his wife and children. He had another child on the way I heard?


  18. I’m not sure if there’s a rule here about commenting on old posts, but I would like to show my findings if I may

    I didn’t realize the following on my own, but I think I discovered something that was not reported on before:
    (I read Chinese, so you will have to trust me on the the interpretation; or you could use a translation tool if you like to check for yourself)

    the state media reported about the outbreak on Dec 31 2019; Li Wenliang was supposedly reprimanded for ‘spreading rumors’ AFTER Dec 31 – the timeline does not make sense.
    Why reprimand someone for “blowing the whistle” when the state media itself reported on it already?

    the logical explanation here is that the Li Wenliang story was produced to provide the illusion that CCP did not want people to know about the “new disease” – in order to exaggerate its severity. All the lockdowns, forced testing, and not allowing international inspection; all of it may well be reverse psychology.


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