The institutionalization of brainlessness

I am “friends” with several people on Facebook who I have on perpetual “30-day snooze.” Why don’t I just unfriend them? It seems harsh. The problem with these people is that they are morons. They say stupid things, and by means I do not understand are able to put their stupid words up in boldface with a colorful backdrop. Like this:


How do they do that? It happens with every passing thought … it ends up as a placard.

Further, they cannot be reached by any means. They do not read, don’t know how to think properly, and don’t realize that every “thought” they have ever had was placed in their feeble minds by others, usually by means of visual media.

Such people are always with us, but are more visible in the age of Google and Snopes. (I would add Wikipedia to that sentence, but Wikipedia requires reading.  It is a routing tool used to ensure that people who do read are still given the wrong answers.)

The key to all of this nonsense is trust. Our education system does not impart thinking skills, but rather reliance on sources. This cannot be accidental. The last thing a group of deeply entrenched leaders would want is a thinking populace. Far better for them if inability to reason is institutionalized. What better way to do this than to build the whole of education around trusted sources?

Thus do we have test-based advancement in schools – not just the daily or weekly regurgitation in various subjects, but rather the SAT and ACT. What goes on there but rote memorization? What answer is there to give but the “right” one?

Smart kids can survive schooling, but if there is a way to route them down a path of intellectual dullness, this is it. To focus on those tests teaches them not to think and reason, which is hard work, but rather to grab a quick fact to answer a complicated problem, and move along. Google and Snopes promote mental laziness. Wikipedia assures the entrenched leadership that the brighter people will still seek and find the wrong answers, and will still be thought-controlled under the herd management regime.

I had a thought this morning, that “stupidity is its own reward.” Then I thought … I”ll bet that is not original. Others surely see the dull smugness of stupid people as they navigate through life.

So I Googled it. Lookie what I found. It is a site that takes any words you search for and puts them in bold. I did it! I memorialized a thought as a placard!

Our friend and writer Steve Kelly did something that I need to do … does it take courage? What is it that stops me? He quit Facebook, just walked away from it. I have two venues where I interact with others on the Internet, this one, and that one. This one brings people to the fore who have active minds, who confront me and others and fight among themselves in the search for answers. The other has pictures of food. 


No kidding … I grabbed that photo from “John,” one of the “friends” I have on perpetual snooze. Every time he goes into a restaurant, he takes a photo of his food. What the hell am I doing there?

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  1. Oh god, I just let out an inappropriately loud laugh for a workplace when I saw John’s uninspired BLT. Look at that flabby old piece of bacon, and I love the fact that he took two bites out of the sandwich before he remembered to commemorate it for all time on the internet.

    I have a Facebook account only because I have had it since 2006 when it was “invite only” and cool amongst us young-uns, but I never, ever, ever use it and haven’t for nearly a decade. Quite honestly, the adults ruined it. The moment your mom tries to friend you, you realize that it’s not cool anymore. My profile photo is an image of myself that I found via Google Street View wherein they blurred out my face, as is required of them. I get a kick out of this because I figure it throws the facial recognition technology for a loop. Why I hesitate to pull the trigger and actually delete it is a mystery that I have no answer for.

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  2. I never understood why self-surveillance is/was cool. Nice to catch up with old school chums, I suppose, but knowing every keystroke — both mine and my “friends'” — is captured, churned and analyzed by and for corporate pirates gives me no pleasure. Monetizing one’s personal information is just plain creepy. Brainless, too.


  3. ” … This [Internet venue] brings people to the fore who have active minds, who confront me and others and fight among themselves in the search for answers. …”

    I have been wondering of late why forums of free thought like this one are allowed on the Internet at all … and why so many of them are obviously funded projects with an agenda.

    Perhaps the purpose is simply to make the independent thinkers easier to identify and round up, should that be deemed necessary.


    1. Maarten, I’ve wondered a similar thing about the decision to let good artists with actual talent get famous. Our music, books and movies have become increasingly mind-numbing and talent-free, the better to dumb us down and propagandize us without the distraction of actual inspiration. But it seems to me that the occasional great singer, writer, filmmaker or artist lends legitimacy to all the garbage. If critics and other cultural arbiters acknowledge the greatness of a real artist, and put that artist on the same pedestal as the Jonas Brothers or whomever, it’s easier to convince us that shit isn’t shit. This may be why actual forums of free thought are allowed on the Internet. They make the fake ones–and the Internet itself–look more legit. That’s one possibility anyway.

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  4. I remain on FB solely because of two FB groups that have a lot of valuable info for my profession and are great for networking. I barely pay attention to anything else there.

    Here’s a recent personal experience that has prompted me to reflect on the endless mind-fuckery of social media. It’s a little long, but I think it’s interesting and relevant to this post.

    My dad is an aging drunken recluse who lives in a different state than my sister and me and is slowly losing his mind. He was banned from posting on FB (though he still has an account and can view others’ posts) because he wrote lots of vicious things about people he disagreed with politically. In addition to being a foolish FB user, he has also become one of those foolish old people who fall for patently obvious Internet scams. A couple of years ago, he threw away his life savings (at least $50,000) and took out a $20,000 loan because he fell for a ridiculous get-rich-quick “affiliate marketing” scam.

    Recently, my sister got several FB messages from someone not on her friends list whom she didn’t know. (For the sake of privacy, I’ll use the name Josh Grogan.) The messages contained no text… they were just symbols. The first symbol is one neither of us recognize. It looks vaguely Russian or Slavic to me. It’s a letter C with dots or other sort of curlicues underneath it. The next to messages were simply thumbs-up signs, which we all know are common on FB.

    My sister checked Josh Grogan’s profile and was surprised by the top post on his page, dated less than a week earlier: “I’m not Josh Grogan! I’m ________ (my father’s name) of _______ Michigan! (The city in Michigan where my father lives.)”

    Grogan’s page has posts going back to at at least 2016. They almost seem legit, but there is a sameness about them, and the comments from friends often seem rather odd or unnatural. Though the Grogan profile lists almost 2,000 friends, only two people responded to the startling announcement that he wasn’t Josh.

    “Josh” supposedly lives in a small town close to my dad’s small town. He’s some kind of handiman. My sister initially assumed our dad hired him to do some work on his house, “Josh” left his phone there, and Dad used it to log into his FB account, send her those weird messages, and post the weird announcement on Josh’s profile page.

    That doesn’t add up. Our dad is a fool, but his foolish behavior always has a clear, self-serving motive.

    My sis finally called my dad (we rarely talk to him anymore) and asked him about it, expecting him to lie. To her surprise, he said he had decided to “try reconnecting on FB” and when he logged in, several people mistook him for Josh Grogan. So that was why he posted the announcement on the profile page. And he said he did send her messages. She was so shocked, she didn’t grill him on details, like how he was able to log in to the account of a total stranger people were “mistaking” him for. I’ve thought about calling him to try to pin him down, but I’m not curious enough to go through the aggravation of talking to him.

    I suspect he has fallen for a scam that allows a shady entity to use his identity to trick real people (Dad’s FB friends) into “friending” a fake account, thereby giving the fake account legitimacy. When they have gotten all the “friends” they think they’ll get, they will delete the I’m-not-Josh posts and hide all future activity from my dad’s FB friends’ timelines. His friends will forget about the whole thing and passively remain on the friends list and Josh will look real. My dad probably think he’s going to make money. Sigh.

    Oh by the way, my sister and I both reported the profile as fake to FB, and we immediately got a form response saying they looked at Grogan’s profile and did not see anything that “violated our community guidelines.” The I’m not Josh post is still at the top of the page.

    To me, this story illustrates how social media is a tool used to get us to participate in our own mind-fuckery. It wouldn’t surprise me if, at some point in the future, Josh Grogan becomes a major or minor character in a big media hoax story. The only people who would know for certain that Grogan was fake would be social outcasts like my dad, people with no credibility that no one will listen to.

    Would love to know if any of you have similar experiences, or other theories of what this Josh Grogan thing could be about.

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  5. Hey… what’s wrong with taking pictures of food???… On the other hand, your friend should have waited for the first bite until after the digital daguerreotype enclosed in his shiny iPhone did its work… Personally, I prefer the Club Sandwich on sourdough. BTW, the Club Sandwich first mention (on record) was on the sp00ky date of 11/18/1889. True and verifiable fact -not personal opinion, hunch, guess or theory-. No kidding. Besides, if we go by what we have learned, I bet people in Taos, Jerusalem and Slovenia would think the CIA invented it, or whatever name the CIA had way back before 1947.
    Amusing post! Thanks MT.


    1. BTW, MArk got another shout-out in Team MM paper of today/yesterday. Which brings to mind the famous libel suit Team MM was going to bring down full force upon our Colorado neighbor. All smoke and mirrors, ain’t it? “Fair is what we see, Fairer what we have perceived, Fairest what is still in veil.”


  6. I like Wikipedia, but even I understand it isn’t all that.
    Snopes be damned!
    Google has its usefulness – even as evil as it is.
    As for facebook, I walked (completely) away from “it” over three years ago.


    1. Weisbecker isn’t worth anyone’s time, even if I’ll grant that he notices an interesting thing or two in that letter. He also has numerous misses. Weisbecker is the kind of guy who is absolutely certain that he is right about everything, allows no real dissent, and doesn’t really have anything interesting to say anyway. Not highly recommended, even if that letter is the rare exception where he’s borderline interesting. His site is a place our readers would be smart to not poke around too seriously at. He’ll lead you down blind alleys. Not necessarily saying he’s an agent, just an excessively stubborn guy far past his prime. He’s a Mandela believer, for example,to give you an idea of whether his mind is still sharp. Zzzzz….

      Readers should stay here.

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    2. And I am pretty sure that I am on record about what I think of the megalomaniac of Taos, although perhaps I should clarify that for readers at some point.

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    1. As I said, it’s probably the one halfway decent thing he’s written in the last five years. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that my doubts about our friend in Taos are 100% attributable to that letter.

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    2. I suppose with as with any site, you have to take the good and leave the bad. We can agree that that particular letter is an instance of the good for him.

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      1. While we on the outside looking in can only speculate, I think it is a fair guess to say that JFK was intended as TBMC, or trauma-based mind control. They built up his image to the point that he was of near- Adonis stature, and then slaughtered him in public. The effect is to destroy hope (as with MLK and the blacks). In the end, we can never have anything good. We can only have mediocrity. The good they die young.

        Then followed Bobby, and it was understood that he could not succeed Jack, as he would be expected to investigate the death. So they built him up as a glamorous and idealistic antiwar liberal, which is he was not, and then again killed hope.

        JFK Jr. was more practical as I view it – the man wanted out of the public spotlight. He was not a Kennedy, though we know he was Jackie’s son. His every movement was under the public microscope. I assume he went off to live in Greece somewhere. He looks (to me – Tyrone disagrees) like an Onassis.

        Where do they go? Do we have to know? Somewhere safe, where recognition would not be a problem, as with Marilyn Monroe on an Hawaiian island. Sharon Tate became Patty Tate and remained in public, and Nicole Simpson became Denise. Sure it would be hard for JFK and RFK, as being compound-bound in Hyannis Port would suck. But they surely had places to go where they could walk around freely. They were, after all, billionaires.

        Weisbecker makes a big mistake: Since we can show one thing to be true (JFK death was fake) that we must also know the minds of the planners. If we must always know the why along with the what, we can only ever know very little.

        PS: A secondary, or lesser part of the JFK murder was to advance the moon hoax. JFK surely knew in 1961 when he pledged to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade that 1) he would be a fallen hero by that time, and 2) we weren’t going anywhere.


    1. It’s not a freebie on Prime Video, not sure about Netflix. Idiocracy…great movie though. Deeper than it gets credit for. It’s about the most average guy in the army getting cryogenically frozen for 500 years and waking up to find that he is now the smartest man alive because the stupidest among us are who thrived and procreated. All kinds of great humor, and very much fitting with your topic here. The YouTube clips of the best scenes would give you the idea.

      At one point, society’s crops fail because at some point in the future a Gatorade-type company (Brawndo) buys the water utility. They replace the water with Brawndo everywhere except in toilets. The people are so dumbed down that all they can do is repeat the marketing line, “…but Brawndo’s got what plants crave!!”. Then when the guy from the past insists that plants need water, the idiots are grossed out by this…”Water? You mean like from the toilet?”. It is sadly becoming reality far quicker than 500 years. One scene that reminds me of present day is where a kid makes the hilarious logical argument “I’ve never seen no plants growing from the toilet”…which greatly impresses his fellow idiots. Sadly, we are already far along on the path to Idiocracy.

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      1. Appears to be Cinemax for rent, but that requires a Cinemax subscription. Sounds like fun. I will keep my eye out. Honestly, I think much of the Obama presidency empowered stupid people. Was that its purpose?


        1. I feel like I am in the minority in that I feel like the US presidency is such a puppet position that it does not really wield much true power. Or at least, a president who tried to actually wield power of the office would be squashed like a bug. There are so many things still around that still empower stupidity. Obama is long gone. In many respects, I feel like the swings from left to right in terms of which political party is in control are largely meaningless and to make people not feel like their chosen klan is out of power for too long.

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          1. Fauxlex, I completely agree about the hollow puppet position of the president. He is the figure around which certain groups of idiots come together in various combinations to celebrate the victory of the current White House reality-show-star’s brand of idiocy. The glee Trump supporters take in the laughable belief that he’s “shaking things up” and “draining the swamp” is no more or less foolish than the smug willful ignorance of people who praised Obama’s transparent acquiescence to corporate and globalist paymasters as “progressive.” The real people in power use the President’s persona to sell whatever their going to do anyway. Their role is pretty much exactly the same as that of the actress who plays Flo in the Progressive commercials, the only real difference being that we’re not supposed to know they’re acting.

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          2. From the kennedy library…

            “ In the fall of 1927, Kennedy began in earnest his efforts to advance his position in Hollywood by approaching David Sarnoff, head of Radio Corporation of America. As the developer of Photophone, a sound system for the new “talkies,” RCA needed to forge a connection with Hollywood to sell its product. At the same time Kennedy knew that he needed to compete in the new market of sound films and to do so he would have to have access to a technology that was not proprietary, which was the case with Warner Brothers’ Vitaphone, the most successful sound process to date. The corporate alliance between FBO and RCA was cemented with the purchase by FBO of the Keith-Albee-Orpheum theater chain, which would provide the venues for Photophone process pictures. In the meantime, Kennedy’s success with FBO had been noticed, and he was invited in to perform the same kind of corporate turnaround, first for Pathé-DeMille, a production company that already had an uneasy affiliation with KAO, though Kennedy’s role was independent, and then with First National. As a condition of his work, Kennedy demanded absolute power in the companies, and in fact wound up in control of Pathé, but the requirement did not sit well with the board of First National, which ultimately dispensed with his services. Still, for a brief period of time in 1928, Joseph P. Kennedy was the de facto head of four different companies.

            The degree of vertical integration represented by the FBO-KAO combination suggested to observers an imminent merger, especially because of the connection KAO already had with the production company Pathé-DeMille. The deal that eventually developed involved the purchase by RCA of a major stake-holding in KAO to complement the majority holding it already had in FBO. Pathé for the moment remained outside of the compact, and Kennedy continued to run that company. What emerged in late 1928 was the holding company Radio-Keith-Orpheum, which became a subsidiary of RCA. The prime movers in the merger, Kennedy and Sarnoff and their investors, profited handsomely although there were complaints from smaller and less well-connected shareholders.”

            …of course it’s showbusiness. Herman mankiewicz was the screenwriter for citizen kane which was released by rko. His son, Frank, would announce joe’s son’s death to the world of course. He was Bobby’s press secretary. Story also goes bobby was hanging with john frankenheimer, the director of the Manchurian candidate, the day of his psilly assasination. Google monster the booth family. They were the Baldwin family of their day. We’re told Sarnoff got famous by being the only radio operator on duty during the titanic and the first administrator of nasa was a movie studio executive named, t keith glennan. All the nuke footage you’ve ever seen came from a movie studio in Hollywood. Google monster Lookout mountain. It ain’t too hard to see thru the ridiculous narrative.

            Ambassador jean didn’t have the chops of the rest of the family though. She gave the game away as she hit her mark at the ambassador hotel…


            Jack’s big sis, kick, married into the cavendish(think cavendish lab’s electrons, neutrons, dna etc. and Hank’s g) clan. She would die in a plane crash like a good narrative device should. They even made a movie about jack narrowly escaping being eaten by angry negroes. Story goes michael rockefeller wasn’t so lucky of course as he was last seen floating towards shore on two empty oil cans in hungry angry negroe territory.


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          3. If there’s one photo that sums up the presidency it’s lbj’s swearing in on air force one with Jackie standing to his sinister side and creepy little jack valenti in the corner peering over flowers overseeing the event. Who had more power; the future president of the USA or the future president of the MPAA?

            Dealey plaza is literally a psi symbol bytheway.

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          4. It would be a headless mannequin to which the photo experts would superimpose her head. The dark-collared coat she wore that day would be a perfect receptacle for a head.

            Remember, there was no need for a swearing in, as LBJ automatically assumed office. To assemble all these people, bring in a judge, and place Jackie in that awkward setting for something not required by law made no sense. It was done for sake of continuity, so that the transition to LBJ from JFK would be seamless. But on that day at that hour in that place? Ridiculous.


          5. Any thoughts on jack valenti’s presence? Makes sense to me when I consider jack’s old man started rko and jackie and her step brother’s(gore vidal) ties to the Auchincloss clan.

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  7. Schlepping for the masters. They are the original gate keepers, allowing only what they want you to learn, if you can afford the extortionist tuition’s. Jump through their hoops. Kill your conscious & sell what is left of your soul for platinum ‘master card’. Kill the truth every night w/cheap liquor and or pharmakeia while surfing their menus of sideshows & sporting events w/that thousand yard stare.


  8. It’s easy to think of others as brainless sheeple… I have yet to meet the first person who really thinks for himself and is able to untangle the strings of blindly copied knowledge.

    Want to give it a try? Here, an example:

    Some years ago I dived into the world of the GPS and communication satellites, I wanted to know somewhat better how it all works. It took me 3 or 4 months to get it: it doesn’t work, it can’t work. For many reasons. Like the inversed square law when it comes to communication. And the impossibility of orbits: a constant horizontal velocity cannot equate the accelaration of gravity.

    Conclusion: artificial man made satellites do not exist and the moon is not what we think.

    Anybody around with some clear and intelligent thoughts on the topic?

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    1. I once noted that our moon would have fit like a glove as being originally one of Jupiter’s Galilean moons. It both visually LOOKS like them, and has their same low density signature. It’s just an observation, but it could be an important one. Our moon is a fascinating topic for discussion, as like you I feel it is not adequately explained.

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      1. @fauxlex
        An answer to your request below concerning a publication in dutch or french….

        Some years ago, I’ve tried to figure out how the GPS is supposed to work. I started to collect information on the Internet (Grammar…) and then tried to figure out what I had learned using basic logical thinking (Logic…). The result was bewildering at first, followed by a long and loud sardonic laugh. Some months after having written my adventure on paper (Rethoric…) (published here : ), when I learned about the trivium an quadrivium, I realized that I had exactly done things according to the trivium : Grammar, Logic, Rethoric ……

        A Google translation of the link above yields in a not to bad result.

        There is a second document, I’ll give you its location if you consider that the Google translation of the link above is workable….

        After having read the two documents you should have a look at my program, SATORB.EXE. I made it after having written the two documents mentionned above, to get things clear in my head. It was such a mess, I couldn’t get my brain around what I had figured out. The program is really the cherry on the cake….

        Should my little pieces of prose attract some attention of interested readers, I will translate both documents… It’s a lot of work and until today my ideas have not really attracted a big crowd so I had already decided not to bother anymore…


        1. Do not know why some posts go to moderation. There is nothing in this comment to trigger that. Join the John Le Bon club, interesting comments that end up in moderation for no good reason. Just be patient with us when that happens.


    2. Blantant inconsistencies like a constant velocity overcoming a squared acceleration are no match for magicians like newton.

      The most ridiculous inverse square law violation has to be the voyager probes. Story goes they are over 13 billion miles away transmitting a radio signal all the way back to mother erf with 22 fecking watts from a radioisotope(hot rock) generator. There’s not much left to say except that man is the gullible ape.

      Bytheway, joe kennedy sold his rko interest to Floyd odlum. Odlum owned atlas corp. which ran paramount(the first nasa administrator, t. Kieth Glennan, was a paramount movie executive) and rko. Atlas also gave us those famous satellite launching atlas balloon rockets. Check tsiolkovsky and russian cosmism. He was the rocket equation guy and the metal dirigibles guy. Go figure. Well, Odlum eventually sold his interest in rko Howard Hughes. Hughes ran Hughes aircraft of course. Hughes would give us the first communication satellites in clarke orbit.

      Anywhoo, this official army documentary should disabuse any sentient being of a belief in satellites…

      …explorer one was ‘murica’s answer to sputnick of course.

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    3. Many people are awake and not as brainless as you assume. Most are being over worked, low ambition, preventing the expressing one’s true thoughts because of any drama or just being conversational courteous with regards to the issues that are discussed on this blog. Seems like you have some answers of what we know as The Moon. Don’t hold back go ahead and discuss your intelligent thoughts.

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  9. Thinking, or overthinking, cannot deliver inner peace. It’s not “out there.” Obsession with form denies us discovery of inner peace. All form is impermanent, however hard that is to accept.

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    1. That may be true but nowadays I need the thinking of my brain to set me free of layers and layers of high school and university BS.
      Life is a miracle and it is miraculous, but it seems like I needed a thinking and overthinking brain to realize that.

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  10. Of course, there will be thinking, as there must. I am simply attempting to also value the space between thoughts, where expectations and wants cease to dominate. There is inner peace there (in those spaces).

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  11. The vast majority of people alive today are dumb as rocks. They possess / display no little to no capacity for independent or critical thought. It is not clear if they even have internal mono/dialogues in their own minds. Their days consist of an autopilot-like repetition of habits and customs.

    Their preferences are dictated by social conformity. They do not seek out ideas or evidence which contradicts existing opinions and beliefs. Apart from clothes, shoes and haircuts, they are not altogether different from the monkeys we see in zoos.

    This applies to people involved in ‘alternative’ / ‘truth’ circles every bit as much as it applies to the broader population. We are truly surrounded by rank-and-file idiots.

    I was much more idealistic and naive when I first got into the ‘truth’ scene circa 2013/14. The weight of evidence forced me to reconsider my preconceived notions about so-called ‘human beings’.

    These days I consider most of them to be marshmallow-tier morons. Anybody who gets emotional while reading my comment is likely to be yet another another case study.

    I know of lots of people find themselves despairing about this person or that person in their life who makes the same mistakes over and over, or who fails to see when they are being deceived (by business partners, lovers, children, neighbors, etc). If only these well-meaning worriers knew that the person they despair for is a moron with no hope for ever improving their ability to think. Perhaps the they would worry less. Why worry about something which cannot and will not change? It is madness.


    1. JLB, I really don’t want to get into it with you again–you have your opinions, I have mine, it’s fine. But it does seem to me that TPTB must have pretty much the exact same attitude toward humanity that you have. They would have to, really, in order to do what they do.

      In my experience, when I engage with people purely at the level of Mind… yeah, there isn’t a whole lot of critical thinking going on. But past cultures since the dawn of mankind have accessed the deeper wisdom of the body and spirit through breathwork, yoga, and countless other practices. We live in a world where we are conditioned from birth to cut ourselves off from that power, which goes beyond the analytical processes of the computer-like mind. The mind, the brain, really is like a computer. Its function is to sort and analyze and impose structure and a past-based intellectualized understanding of the stimulii it receives. Ideally, the mind works with input from the deeper wisdom of the body and spirit in order to perform these functions. When it’s largely cut off from that power… well, we see the results of that in humanity today.

      That may sound terribly “woo-woo,” but many studies have shown that, for example, incorporating yoga into everyday classroom activities tremendously improves students’ work and behavior in school. Other empirical scientific evidence shows the profound impact these practices can have on hardened criminals who seemed forever stuck in their patterns of crime. We know how to bring out the best in humanity, but TPTB do not want that. They want to rig the game. So we have the schools, and the “food”, and now the wireless radiation, not to mention the flouride and countless other toxins designed to weaken the power of the brains already weakened by their disconnect from body and soul. To condemn the majority of humanity for its stupidity with the contempt you constantly express is to blame the victim and side with the criminals. Nothing wrong with that–again, it’s all just opinion–but fuck, man, it seems like that would lead to an even lonelier existence than most of us “truthers” lead. Your sympathies lie with the powerful few who will never have you in their club–people who lump you into the exact same category of hopeless stupidity that you describe having for the rest of humanity.

      I know, I know, you’ll say you’re above judgment and above the notion that you are “better” or “worse” than stupid people, blah blah blah, all the stuff you said before. But the indifference you show toward the plight of all those people who have been systematically cut off from at least some of the powers of insight and awareness that a few of us inexplicably still have strikes me as inherently judgmental, willfully ignorant and delusional.

      Take the last word if you want it. It’s all just subjective opinion and not worth arguing about.


          1. No, John it’s the WWF circa 1987. Macho Man Randy Savage’s signature finisher The Flying Elbow Drop from a top the ropes. Oh yeah!


          2. You were played. 0-3. The social/culture of America was carried out by the media moguls. They also scripted the text books from K-the highest BS colleges in the land. Freemason? That would rule if true.


      1. I really don’t want to get into it with you again

        Yeah, I can tell.

        it does seem to me that TPTB must have pretty much the exact same attitude toward humanity that you have.

        Yep, they figured it out before me. In fairness, they appear to have had a lot more time to see things for what they are, I only got here in ’87. To their credit, they leave heaps of clues so that individuals like myself can get hip to the ruse:

        As for yoga, I’m all for it. We’re on the same page on that topic, yoga is good stuff.

        To condemn the majority of humanity for its stupidity with the contempt you constantly express is to blame the victim and side with the criminals.

        Who is ‘condemning’ anybody? That is merely your projection. I have stated repeatedly and clearly, I am not a ‘better’ person or being than the common lemming simply because I can see cardboard and sticky tape where they see magical space vehicle.

        The common lemming may be stupid, he may be boorish, but he is what he is, as I am what I am. Why do you struggle to grasp this basic concept?

        Your sympathies lie with the powerful few who will never have you in their club

        My sympathies, if they lay anywhere, lay with those who are trying to lift themselves up, and thus lift up those around them, too. Are you trying to lift yourself up? If so, then you know what the lemmings around you will do: try to claw you back down into their miserable bucket.

        It was only when I started reaching a modest level of success with my own work, and seeing how I was being treated by so many people in the ‘truth’ / ‘alternative’ sphere, that it all began to make sense to me: these are not good people; these are, in most cases, trash-people. Crabs in a bucket.

        They want to sit around and complain and feel like victims, and don’t you dare try to improve your own lot in life, or else. You can see it in the comment section of every post or video made about JLB. The haters, they HATE, do you understand?

        But you love these people, you care about these people, because you’re a good little boy, right? You have ‘compassion’ for those who want to see you fail, right? You will turn the other cheek when these cretins strike you, right? Because you have fallen for memes the likes of which you can scarcely comprehend.

        Succeed at something in life, and you’ll soon change your tune, friend, when you see the trash-people come out to smite you for daring to improve your own lot in life.

        Just wait until they tell you that you owe them, now that your hard work has begun bearing fruit. Then we’ll see.


        1. OK, I lied, I’m responding to you again. I won’t argue with your opinions, though. I’ll just address some of the assumptions you’ve made about me and make a personal, completely subjective, nonargumentative observation.

          I find it interesting that you assume I haven’t succeeded at anything in life, and that I have no idea how vicious and hateful people can be. Even though we’ve established I’m significantly older than you are, you assume I haven’t had people treat me as badly as you have, and that’s why I don’t have as accurate a picture of the world as you do. As usual, you’ve strayed far from my point in order to address a figment of your imagination. It’s the same thing you did over and over the last time we interacted. It’s funny, mate–in your own way, you’re as predictable and repetitive as all those lemmings you constantly remind us you’re so much smarter than.

          Now for my totally nonjudgmental, nonargumentative personal observation. I work as a care provider for retarded people. (I’d get fired for calling them that publicly, of course. But as our friend Steve pointed out in a post a while back, “retarded” is a perfectly accurate and objectively correct term.) It is fair and not at all mean-spirited to state the fact that I am a lot smarter than the retarded people with whom I work. However, this fact isn’t something I really think about or articulate to myself because, well–it’s obvious–it’s self-evident–why would I need to think or talk about it? My friends and coworkers would think I was crazy if I repeatedly brought up how much more intelligent I was than my retarded clients. If I constantly made sure they were aware of the completely objective and nonjudgmental fact that my retarded clients are stupid, and I am not, and the fact that they are so, so, so much more stupid than I, in my state of intelligence, can possibly comprehend isn’t their fault–I’m not judging them–just because I know I’m “smarter” doesn’t mean I think I’m better–why would you think I thought that?–it is what it is, they are who they are, I am who I am, I feel absolutely no sense of superiority to them whatsoever, how many times do I have to tell you that? Do you understand what I’m saying? Okay. Good. Conversation closed. But man-oh-man. They sure are stupid. They don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. They don’t have the most basic reasoning or comprehension skills, they probably don’t even have inner monologues…

          So yeah, you get the point. I don’t think or talk about it because I’m not insane. Now, before you accuse me of projecting something onto you, let me state that I realize you are talking about different people in a completely different context than my example. It’s a wildly imperfect analogy. I only bring it up because…well, a few of my retarded clients have slightly higher IQ’s than their retarded roommates. The slightly-less-retarded guys think and talk a lot about how much smarter they are than the more-retarded guys. And as I was reading your comment–not trying to be mean, not calling you retarded, just passing on an amusing thought–it occurred to me that, if any of our elite rulers ever bother reading the comments section of this blog, your posts about how much smarter you are than most of humanity would probably sound a lot to them–not to me, mind you, but to them— like my slightly-less-retarded-clients’ repetitive assertions of superior intelligence sound to me. It’s totally different though, of course, I know that. The thought just cracked me up a little, so I thought I’d pass it on. No offense intended. Continue to be objective and smart, JLB, and more power to you.


          1. Lots of words in there, Scott, and they all basically amount to ‘I don’t like you JLB so I’m going to say nasty things about you and pretend to do so intellectually’.

            Stop it.

            I don’t know who you are, what you do with your life, or what you have achieved during your time on this earth. If I ever claimed otherwise, show me where, and I’ll retract it with apologies. All I can go by is the words you type on this blog. So far as I am aware, you have no youtube channel, no website, no nothing for me (or anybody else) to draw any conclusions as to your nature or abilities or accomplishments.

            If I am incorrect, please link me to your work, and I’ll happily inspect it, in good faith.

            My work is out there for people to see. Hundreds of youtube videos, many featuring myself on screen, sharing my honest thoughts about the world and this thing we call ‘life’. There is an inherent asymmetry of information whenever I deal with my detractors and haters in places like this blog.

            There are snipers everywhere wanting to take a shot at guys like me who put ourselves out there. Why is that? If you won’t answer me here, at least answer in your own mind:

            Explain to yourself why guys like me are constantly being sniped at by faceless people in the crowd (for doing no more than sharing our honest opinions). And explain to yourself why you have allowed yourself to become one of those snipers.

            Liked by 2 people

  12. Why bother indeed. When 5G is ramped up & the mandatory vax kick in it will be Zombie Apocalypse vs UN Storm Troopers nation wide.


    1. So the new fear mongering end of the world theme is 5G Zombie Apocalypse, so you all better stock up on water bottles, can goods and guns again you dum suckers? I think they are going to wind down the Corona virus thang here soon, looking at how they are slowly doing that, probably another big fake shooting hoax or terror attack, to repaint the news headlines for a month or two. Was also hoping for some huge Corona beer discounts, but only went down a $1 so far at the stores in my area.


      1. One of the many, many fronts they are using as a means to an end. Are they rounding up dissidents under ruse of a false virus? Or placing them in slave labor camps & harvesting good tissues for the $ Elites as well. Factor the nanobot bug. Is there right now a locust swarm in the Mid East & East Africa? The elite do like to push that needle, wether a tainted vax or black tar heroin from Afghanistan via the Special Forces escorts.


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