Sage of Quay (Mike Williams) responds

I wrote a post below critical of Mr. Williams, and he critiqued it. Since I have had my say, I will not respond to anything written here, but comments are welcome from all.


Mike  Williams said:

It’s not my intent to debate whether Billy exists or not. We can let our respective readers and listeners decide for themselves based on what resonates with them.

Normally, I don’t address these types of issues but your post came across as sincere to me and I figured I would reach out so any future posts (if any) reflect my research and positions accurately.

There are several statements regarding my work that require clarification which I explain below.

Have a great day.

Part 1

Post comment: Later I will show that Mike on the left is the guy Mike Williams calls “Billy Shears.”

MW: I’m assuming you are referring the image located the top left of your collage. I never said that was an image of “Billy Shears”. What I have said is that is a doctored image representing a hybrid of biological Paul and Billy. In other words, it is a blended image. I have stated many times the controllers’ goal was to create a composite image of “McCartney” for public consumption via doubles, lookalikes and image doctoring.

Post comment: So, there you have it, Mike Williams, evidence (note I do not use the word “proof”) that Paul McCartney did not die, and is in fact probably still alive. The whole of the Paul is Dead psyop, obviously in planning well before his alleged date of death, is utter nonsense.

MW: With all due respect, I will (as you probably figured) agree to disagree regarding your evidence. I do subscribe to biological Paul passing in 1966 (on September 11, 1966, because of the occult significance of the date and the cultic elite’s propensity for ritual). However, when I have been asked if it’s possible that Paul did not die and was simply replaced (a show I did with Ed Opperman comes to mind) I explained anything is possible. So, Paul living on after 1966 is possible, but, based on my research, not probable.

Part 3

Post comment: Mike Williams is now free to release secrets that have been guarded for all that time. Did he get permission? Was he tasked to do it by insiders? I do not know, of course, but the point is that the Beatles are now being disrobed in public, and it is not a pretty thing to watch.

MW: My getting into the Beatles research was the result of reading the first edition of the Memoirs of Billy Shears back in 2016. Before that, I was well aware of the conspiracy but chalked it up as either a marketing ploy to sell more records or as a clever game between the Beatles and their fans. Having been an avid Beatles fan myself most of my life, I decided to research the claims made in the book. One thing led to another and here I am still digging into the conspiracy and the part it plays in the controller’s overall agenda. I was not “tasked” nor did I receive “permission” by anyone to do anything. I don’t work with Uharriet and I don’t work for Billy. I work for myself (with the help of a small group of colleagues/friends). However, I do recommend reading Memoirs. I have found that the majority of those trying to discredit the book have never read it. It’s interesting to me that people who have not (or won’t) read the book feel compelled to have an opinion on the it (and I have no idea whether you have read Memoirs or not, it’s just an observation I have made over the years).

Post comment: After all, as Williams has revealed, he did not write the songs, and so it follows that the lyrics are not his… Mike Williams thinks that Billy Shears is an expert musician and songwriter.

MW: I never said Billy did not write songs. Billy did write songs but I have also postulated he had the help of ghostwriters to fill out the content needed to release an album both when he was a Beatle and through his solo career (this is common practice within the music business). Billy is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer (Lennon makes the multi-instrumentalist statement in the 1980 Playboy interview). This is evident in his ability to play piano/keyboards, bass, guitar and drums (he is also a wind instrument player). Along with his pop/rock compositions he has also released a number of classical albums which he composed, scored and/or arranged.

Post comment: Williams is actively promoting Shears and Paul is Dead. Both are, even over fifty years later, active psyops. I left a comment on one of Williams’ videos linking to my Sir Faul piece undermining both psyops. As fast as it appeared, the comment was gone. That has to be the active hand of Williams. Does he know what is up?

MW: I actively present my research as you do yours. Memoirs was a starting point for me, and the book contains a wealth of truthful information as long as a person is intrepid enough to decode the book’s layers. And because of this, I do recommend that people who are interested in the conspiracy read the book (especially the later editions with the footnotes). Regarding comments, I am very straight forward with my policy regarding comments which leave self-promoting links. I don’t allow them. My platforms are not advertising billboards. Anyone wishing to promote their own theories can do so by establishing their own presence instead of trying to attach to my work in an effort to drive traffic to their platforms. I have no obligation (or desire) to be a clearing house for every PID theory on the internet. My channel is dedicated to my research. Anyone looking for alternate viewpoints can learn about those theories by doing what we all do; searching the internet.

Post comment: Williams claims that after Rubber Soul, Billy Shears stepped in so that everything after that was genuine Beatles material. Since we now know that Shears does not exist, we can dismiss that claim. Nothing changed after Rubber Soul.

MW: Obviously, I disagree that Billy doesn’t exist. That being said, I never said after Rubber Soul Billy Shears stepped in. I also never said everything after that was genuine Beatles material. I have speculated that Billy was likely involved in the operation going back to the very early 1960s (perhaps even before 1962). And, during the Billy era (1967 through 1970), the Beatles were still utilizing outside songwriters and studio players to create the music (although beginning with Pepper, I have put forth the argument that both John and George contributed more to the songwriting and played on more of the recorded tracks).

Post comment: Quay has done good work in exposing the Beatles as not being the songwriters behind the Beatles catalogue, but loses it when he says that Billy Shears authored their later work. He supposedly believes Paul died. Quay supports both misdirection efforts. That makes him misdirection. That he has been exposed to other ideas, and shuts them down … makes him, in my mind, a limited hangout. As with all such agents, take what is good, leave the rest behind.

MW: Is it possible your own bias is resulting in accusing someone else’s work of being misdirection? I can say the same thing about others (like yourself) who put forth different perspectives. I have looked into and discussed other PID angles (“theories”) and explained to my audience why I do not subscribe to them (including the “twin” hypothesis, the McCartney never existed premise, the Unwin/Halliday meme, Paul dying from heart disease, etc.) It is not where my research has taken me. Other researchers with different perspectives can draw their own conclusions. Last, I am not an “agent” (as I explained above – I run solo and do my own thing). I find these terms (like “shill”) to be a catch all whenever someone doesn’t agree with a particular viewpoint.

Post comment: Williams has good insight into the real purpose of the Beatles, Stones, British invasion, etc. It was to introduce massive change, to separate kids from parents, to attack religion, and introduce use of drugs into mainstream society. I don’t think Quay mentioned the latter.

MW: I have discussed (many times) the introduction of the drug culture as part of the psyop’s agenda (it’s what the psychedelic era was about). In fact, I presented the drug culture aspect in the very first show I did back in 2016 (with Sofia Smallstorm) within the contest of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival (Summer of Love) and the distribution of LSD at the event (Billy helped to coordinate the event with John Philips and others in concert with the CIA).

17 thoughts on “Sage of Quay (Mike Williams) responds

  1. I think you two have more in common than you think.
    Either way, the end result is the Beatles were an operation used to change culture, and it worked well.
    Perhaps you two could do an audio together.

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  2. I’m not interested in the Beatles, or the musicians, beyond the social engineering aspect, so I will not comment on that.

    But I would like to offer my opinion on 2 other things, please. First, I love when I go to other sites and find other (relevant) voices there offering their own sites, whether they are countering or supporting. That is how I found this site after all, from reading Miles Mathis. It’s not at all easy to find such voices through an Internet search! I am rarely able to find sites through even the most direct queries and regularly have to re-sub to some of the channels I like b/c I get booted off by bots, or whatever is happening there.

    I also don’t mind hearing who thinks who else is an agent or a shill. This is just virtual modern gossip and I think it is quite healthy. We should be questioning everyone who presents themselves as an authority on any subject and some other bystander is going to have different angles than I do and I like to explore them. The reason official authoritarians try to control the speech of the plebes is so they don’t gossip, which just makes me suspicious why they are so concerned about that. If someone in an audience calls another a shill, that is only going to land for those who already suspected such a thing, and even then, we all listen to some of those we ‘know’ are shills, don’t we?

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  3. I’ve watched most of Mike Williams’ videos on the Beatles and I don’t think he’s a shill. Of course, he does not know everything (nobody does) and I do believe Uharriet is part of the system and is using Mike in a way; whether he knows it or not, I cannot say. I’ve always felt free to appreciate his evidence and make up my own mind, as I do with your site and Miles Mathis.
    The fact that you all have differing views is good because it shows that you are thinkers and not blind followers.

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  4. “We should be questioning everyone who presents themselves as an authority on any subject”

    Absolutely, although within a place of employment that can get someone fired. lol

    I see a possible collaboration here, Mike isnt’ a lone wolf? I do need to read Memoirs for the full presentation.
    I do not buy into the ritual aspect, as Miles said usually the satanic vibe is a distraction from intellegence agencies.

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    1. “Absolutely, although within a place of employment that can get someone fired. lol”
      That’s how one becomes unemployable. Both a blessing and a curse. 😁

      The satanic vibe is a distraction from the intelligence agencies . . . Or, the intelligence agencies are a distraction from the satanic vibe . . . Or, they are two wings of the same bird??

      Have you looked into the religion of Satanism?


      1. I’ve dabbled and realized it isn’t something very wealthy people would waste their time on.But its a money maker for popular culturr outlets.


  5. A colleague of Mike Williams made a surprising observation recently about the current Macca. It appears Mr. McCartney has a prosthetic right eye.
    MW’s colleague has a prosthetic eye herself, which is why she was able to
    spot the tell-tale signs. I encourage you all to watch the presentation and come to your own conclusions.

    The PID subject has interested me for close to a decade now. I was lucky enough to read the Wired Italia article by the two forensic scientists before it was scrubbed from the net. That article proved to me definitively that two different men have presented themselves as Paul McCartney in The Beatles. My conclusions go no further than that. I don’t have any idea if they are both alive, or if there is a whole gang of them.

    This is a fascinating topic to me because so many people can’t even entertain the fact that such a deception is possible. We are ruled by our unexamined assumptions.


      1. All you need do is look over the above video to see the second Paul, twin brother of the one we today call Macca. He’s not dead, and was merely retired. He’s too cute, a crooner and head bobber, not a rock star.

        That’s why, overtime, Mike stepped in, but in the intervening years he had to learn to perform left handed. The guy above is the one who performed Yesterday on Ed Sullivan. In the early days after quitting live performing, they had to hide Mike behind a piano, which he also could not play. To this day he is a chord banger, not at all a gifted pianist.

        What Mike could do was perform live on stage, the only reason the Beatles were allowed to continue. He’s a good singer and performer even as I suspect his instruments are/were ghosted.

        So enough of this Paul if Dead drama. It is a psyop , misdirection. Even with only one good eye, it is so easy to see through it all. It was all done to conceal a set of twins, both good singers, not much more. Macca might have written a song or two, the less memorable ones on his solo albums, his “best” work, a man full of himself but possessing not much real talent other than a good voice.


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