Fear is the enemy of freedom

As a youngster in the 1950s and 60s, the big thing hanging over my head was the Russians and the bomb. The propaganda was relentless. The fear we felt during the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) was real in us. I remember a gal named Susan who was teachers’ pet assigned to go to all eight classrooms in our school to announce that the Russians had backed down. Our sense of relief was palpable. Creating fear in children in that manner is abusive, but the idea is to get ’em while they are young, instill the fear so that it will reside in them for their entire lives.

At age 38 I finally realized that the USSR never posed a threat, that the Cold War was not real. I felt a physical sense of relief, as if a cloud had been removed, a weight taken off my shoulders. That physical sensation was real. All the fear they instilled in me as a child vanished, and I felt a wonderful freedom I’d never before experienced.

I did this for myself, that is, I was not following some leader or guru. I was just exploring and testing my boundaries when the dam broke. It was an accumulation of questions and doubts arising, and no specific instance. But I do remember a particular moment. In the book The Fish is Red, by Warren Hinkle and William Turner, there is a a brief section (pp 129-31) where it is alleged that Havana had concocted a plan to overthrow the Arturo Frondizi Ércol government of Argentina. A Cuban career diplomat serving in Buenos Aires resigned and took with him eighty-two documents that purported to detail such a plan. The Cuban government claimed that the documents were forged by Cuban exiles working with the CIA. The US State Department announced that it had exhaustively studied the documents and that they were genuine.

That’s what turned me, changed me forever. The Cubans were telling the truth, and the State Department was lying. That is how deeply I had been indoctrinated, so much so that finding out that the State Department lied was unnerving. That led to many more revelations, going on to this day. It was a hole in the dike.

Today’s youth have to deal with propaganda very similar to the Cold War and the Bomb. It is called “Climate Change.” What must it be like to be young and to fear that the planet is going to hell, by 2030 they are told. It is not just the news media doing this – the schools are in on it too. Climate “science” as put forward by Climatistas is taught as real by the schools, maybe with the exception of Hillsdale College and a few other outposts. Unless students have very bright and awake parents, they will fall into the trap, as I did with Cold War and the Bomb. The climate propaganda campaign is, just like the Cold War, abusive of youth. It is meant to destroy hope, to depress them. It is human cruelty, child abuse and a crime against humanity.

This little tirade started with a woman, Liz Schumer, who writes for various magazines, including Good Housekeeping. Her latest article is called The Biggest thing Holding Me Back From Having Kids is Climate Change. While I have no problem with Schumer removing her genes from the pool, it is the attitude, the success of the propaganda campaign, that I find so troubling

I was listening either to Patrick Moore, a climate skeptic and former member (and founder) of Greenpeace, or Anthony Watts, the man behind Watts Up With That, the amazing climate-skeptical website. Whoever it was told the story of his daughter coming home from school, troubled and worried about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Moore has documented via satellite images that the GPGP does not exist, that it is a propaganda invention. He or Watts showed these images to his daughter, explaining how he got them and that they were accurate and true. The result: His daughter got very angry with him. She was not moved in the slightest by evidence, and stuck by her teacher. That is the power of schools, and why parents should if at all possible home school.

I can only say that what is going on these days is not that different than what went on in my youth. The object is to put children in a state of fear, as frightened people are very easy to govern and manipulate. Frightened children become frightened adults. That resulting State of Fear is the objective. It worked with me, and it is working with today’s youth.

Fear, you see, is the enemy of freedom.

16 thoughts on “Fear is the enemy of freedom

  1. Sounds like the daughter has Stockholm Syndrome or she’s unable to sort out why she’s angry with a father who exposed her to an institution that peddles lies.


  2. So how do the masses awaken to the lies they’ve been fed, likely for their whole lives — no matter their age. Does it require a humility to admit we were wrong in trusting that government was for us, that the powers that be wouldn’t lie to us, that the media is trustworthy? My mind continues to be astonished that more people don’t see the light, but I guess some will refuse to no matter what new information is presented to them that counters what they’ve been fed to this point.


  3. But you must admit that it is an effective method of mind control, which is why they constantly utilize it no matter what. Not that it is a good thing, but it is amazing how far they go with it and achieve their desired results with this powerful tool.


  4. I’m surprised you don’t mention the multiple levels of fear inflicted on the entire globe by Covid agit-prop. If you’re awake enough not to be afraid of the fictitious virus, there are many other, equally debilitating fears to choose from. Fear of the changes our psychopathic trillionaire authoritarians have made, are making and/or are planning to make to our societies, economies, bodies and brains. Fear of our own friends and relatives who are so sold on Covid nonsense that they seem likely to turn on us if and when the government keeps pressuring them to do so. Fear of 5G, 6G and beyond, and how those debilitating technologies may work in conjunction with the jab juice and other toxins and pollutants being inflicted upon us. Fear that humanity really has given itself over to vicious, relentless and cunning evil entities.

    My sister and brother-in-law have bought in to Covid from the outset, but the absurdities have finally gotten to be too much for them. The other night, when we were talking about something else on the phone, my sis told me her husband had recently mused: “What must it like to be Scott and know you were right about this Covid stuff all along?” I just laughed and said it sucks. I think fear of Covid would be preferable to fear of an entire world mentally, physically, economically and spiritually dominated by a small cabal of lunatics who have lied to us about Covid and so much more.

    I recently watched the first season of Showtime’s extremely entertaining series Yellowjackets. It has a great ensemble cast that includes Christina Ricci as a scary yet oddly lovable sociopathic nurse named Misty Quigley. Misty doesn’t really understand normal human relationships, but enjoys manipulating people into doing things they don’t want to do–like have sex with her, engage in conversation with her, or submit themselves to her medical care while she poisons them to keep them dependent on her. Most of the time, she tries to fool people with a show of almost child-like swéetness. But if someone sees through her and confronts her on her bullshit, she drops the friendly act without regret and shows just how nasty she can be.

    I think the Davos crowd is a lot like Misty. In the unlikely event that everyone in the world wakes up to their bullshit, I don’t think they’ll have any qualms about dropping their pretended concerns about public health and continue to commit their crimes against us. They are ruthless, relentless. And their reality is so much more frightening to me than their lies have ever been.


    1. Well, at least your sister talks to you.

      In that sense, you are blessed with a modicum of normality.


      Why do I say that??

      Omicron “sub-variant’

      One points out the entire BS nature of this hoax, and “Doctors” won’t even speak to you. Or me. Holiday phone calls…wtf is that??

      I’d rather live in truth…than be full of company in manner of lies.

      The world we inhabit is utterly sick.


  5. “The object is to put children in a state of fear, as frightened people are very easy to govern and manipulate.”

    So true. Immanuel Kant, ~200 years ago:

    „Daß der bei weitem größte Teil der Menschen (darunter das ganze schöne Geschlecht) den Schritt zur Mündigkeit außer dem, daß er beschwerlich ist, auch für sehr gefährlich halte: dafür sorgen schon jene Vormünder, die die Oberaufsicht über sie gütigst auf sich genommen haben.“

    I wanted to translate this 18th century text but found much to my surprise that there does not seem to be a proper word for Mündigkeit in English. Majority, maturity, but that’s not really it. Empowerment is closer. “Mund” means “mouth” and “mündig” means that you can speak for yourself, implying that you can think for yourself, that you can decide for yourself.

    What he assesses in the quote is that the superiors/educators/controllers (Vormünder, fore-mouth in the sense explained above), who have in the most benevolent way taken up the task of supervising people (irony possibly lost in translation), see to it that by far the largest part of them (including the fair sex in its entirety) do not only think that taking the step to Mündigkeit is a lot of effort, but also very dangerous.

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    1. And religion, as well. In fact, many older schools used to be ran (and are still run) by religious cults such as the Catholic church and Protestant denominations. We all know how the Abrahamic religions especially love using fear to control their congregations. In Christianity, for example, they make people fear of an imaginary evil place called Hell that is full of pain, suffering, and terror and is surrounded by burning fire and brimstone. If they don’t do what “God” says or if they don’t accept “Jesus Christ” into their hearts, they’re at risk of being banished to such a terribly awful place. In Islam, “Allah” is not forgiving to those who go against his M.O. either and will use violence and death upon the “infidels” to avenge himself, or at least enable others to do that for him.


  6. I haven’t been following PoM for a while, but oh my, this article just resonates with me in so many ways.

    Only very recently did I started looking into the Cold War, and subsequently the nuclear bombs; and I came to the same conclusion that they are hoaxes. I never lived through it, so it was more of a revelation to me than shock; the climate hoax would be what I would have to endure.

    I think all these psy ops are more than just for controlling the population, a large part of it is for the money, and a long-scale plan for the centralization of the commons – referred to as “sustainable planning”. International bankers profit from wars, and now that most countries(democracies) are averse to wars, they have moved on to pitting humanity against itself.

    Canada and Germany have already coerced businesses to adopt “green policies” under the threat of withholding “COVID” financial assistance, to hasten the energy shortage situation; while a global food shortage is fomenting in the background due to the lack of fertilizers.

    Still, I’m not entirely pessimistic about the whole situation, since the climate hoax will have to come to an end when the temperature cools in the coming 10 years – which is the case predicted by the solar cycle. The only question is whether people will wake up fast enough before the harm done become irreversible

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