Coronavirus Scare Tactics

This is not a full post, but rather just a reminder to readers to not be suckered in by the fear tactics in the media surrounding the Chinese Coronavirus. All available data suggests a fatality rate below 1%. You should be much more afraid of the regular old flu! They should call it Coronavirus because to get over it, you should kick back and enjoy a Corona or two…


Is Obamacare dead? Hurray! Long live Obamacare!

One of the most unsavory remnants of the Obama era is known as the “private mandate,” a requirement that every citizen purchase health care insurance from a private corporation, or face a severe penalty. This requirement led to a new bureaucracy that tracked every American to make sure we had insurance. It was suffocating and onerous – the health insurance industry (“Americas Health Insurance Providers,” or AHIP for short) bullying us into buying their crappy products, using Obama as a sock puppet.

The Affordable Care Act, ACA, or “Obamacare” (as if) was challenged in court on this basis, and was spared by a 2012 ruling that said that the penalty is a tax, and Congress has the power to tax. I do not know if this was an unintended consequence, or if the people around Trump are really that clever, but in late 2017 as part of a broad tax bill, Congress eliminated the penalty. The Fifth Circuit recently held that 2017 act constitutional, and here is the catch: The “attributes that saved the [ACA] statute because it could be read as a tax no longer exist.” The writing on the wall says Obamacare is dead! Long live Obamacare!

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The sugary drink dispenser

Heartland Daily Podcast: Debating Medicare for All (Chris Talgo and Pamela Gronemeyer, MD)

The above is a one-hour debate on health care alternatives, including Medicare for all. To be clear, I support MFA, and understand that Bernie Sanders, controlled opposition, is put in place to prevent it from ever coming to be.

As always, I don’t expect that you will take time from your schedule, busy or otherwise, to listen to something just because I did. So I am going to summarize this hour-log podcast.

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5G: Pushback Begins

We — head to toe — are electro-magnetic systems. The proliferation of cell towers, especially near preschools, and other schools, is causing controversy and economic loss when parents find out how close their kids are to radiation risk.

5G roll out will require a lot more cell towers, which will adversely impact more and more residential neighborhoods and businesses.

In California there are battles shaping up over 5G technology. Public health concerns were exempted in the 1996 Telecommunications (Consolidation) Act, but that’s not stopping businesses and parents from expressing concern, and in some cases moving kids out of existing schools to avoid what they perceive as unacceptable risk.

Firefighters don’t want towers on their fire stations.

Government “standards” for human exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields have been developed in consultation with numerous other federal agencies. Does anyone believe the government to protect public health and safety? Lots more to come.


This post has to do with health insurance, specifically that offered to America’s senior citizens, and so will be of limited interest to younger people. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to understand the concepts behind private health insurance. It can and does work in other places, notably Switzerland. It does not work here.

Here’s why: In Switzerland, everyone must carry health insurance offered by private companies. Unlike here ( before Obamacare), insurers are not allowed to turn anyone away. Further, Switzerland mandates basic care offered by insurers. Swiss citizens are free to buy better care than basic, such as private rooms and better meals, but decent and affordable care is available to all.

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Mass sterilization: What’s in your vaccine?


When your government says it’s forcing you to do something for your “health,” run for your lives.  Government health care is, like everything else our corporate masters engage in, not for designed to benefit you (commoners/goyim).  Like all corporations, profit is the #1 objective.  Governments devote huge financial resources to condition the slave population into believing that health benefits aren’t just another “chemical, biological or nuclear weapon” being used to cull the population globally.  Vaccines are a primary delivery system for all kinds of nasty stuff designed to keep you coming to the people in the white lab coats for a very expensive, lifetime of “care.” 

In Kenya recently, a nationwide tetanus vaccine being administered to young women has been identified as the vehicle for a mass sterilization campaign.

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The black advantage

This is a risky post in that I open myself up for accusations of racism, so let me start by saying that I do not care what your skin color is. I can find many reasons to dislike you, but that won’t be one of them.

I have had many friends and acquaintances over time who called themselves liberals and/or Democrats. I was one myself for a brief period. They were given this man, Barack Obama, who by two separate lines is descended from Edward I, King of England (d. 1307) and William I the Lion, King of Scotland (d. 1214).  The former lineage includes James Madison, the latter, as I recall, John McCain.

That is pretty standard for our presidents, all but one (Van Buren) descended from British royalty. This is just an aside, but indicates to me that the American Revolution was a farce. The Brits (at least the aristocracy) have among them some cagey and smart people. When they sense a rebellion in the works, they don’t always use direct confrontation to put it down. Instead they retreat into the tapestry of time and are the shadow behind the leaders of the new government. I saw this done by Americans in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez. Josh did some nice work on Mahatma Gandhi, same strategy apparent. The MM group found Americans playing the same game with Fidel Castro. I sense a similar stink around Nelson Mandela.

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Actors in blackface

Hidden FiguresI am more than a trifle curious about a movie I have heard about but not seen, called Hidden Figures. The plot is easily seen to be contrived by the movie’s closing. There we learn that mathematician Katherine Johnson did some of the calculations that got astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and back.  Since neither man left this planet to set foot in that one, no calculating (of the mathematical variety) was needed. Therefore, shall we just set the movie aside?

I would do so but there is another facet to it of interest … a delicate subject which needs cautious introduction, that of the dignity of African-Americans, allowing them to partake in the rich hoaxes visited upon us along with the wealthy landed gentry who own us and our world. Why not deal them into the game too?

This post is accompanied by a delicate fuse and a bomb that can easily go off in your face. Treat it with caution. Comment at your own risk.

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The Great Tylenol Scare and Coverup (1955- 2019)

Liver and Onions

By annspinwall and Steve Kelly

The (Extra Strength) Tylenol murders of September,1982 remains one of the great unsolved crimes in U.S. history.  The story we are supposed to believe is that 7 random individuals died after purchasing and consuming Tylenol deliberately dosed with cyanide.  Store shelves were not safe.  Panic in the marketplace led to a massive, nationwide (31 million bottles of capsules) recall by Tylenol manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson.  New, federal legislation initiated mandatory “anti-tampering” packaging, which magically gained J&J even greater market share in a few short weeks after the incident.  Excellent crisis management, or premeditated PR stunt? Was J&J in on it? We’ll never know for sure.

Here’s what we do know.  Tylenol has long been promoted as a “safe” alternative to aspirin and/or ibuprofen and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).  Johnson & Johnson says so on the tv, and in magazines piled high at MDs’ offices throughout the world, so it must be true. 

Propaganda!   It works. 

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Bees die, we die

Honeybee populations have been dying off at an alarming rate for over a decade now. As researchers look for answers, it is becoming more likely that whatever “effective strategy” emerges to save bees, may in turn save man (man and woman) from extinction too. 

Over 30% of the national bee population has disappeared and nearly a third of all bee colonies in the U.S. have perished in less than a decade.  At the current annual rate of decline, the estimated financial loss is somewhere North of 30 billion dollars a year. I have seen no figures yet for the 2018 Farm Bill, but in 2014 the USDA responded with a paltry $3 million “investment” in farmer aid, which won’t scratch the surface of the breadth and seriousness of this largely man-caused pandemic. Continue reading “Bees die, we die”