They’re Back!

I’m glad to see Information Clearing House back online. There’s always something there worth reading.

Let me share the following article from one of my Montana friends and environmental colleagues. Today’s topic is Zionist power and “anti-Semitism.” I hope you enjoy Paul’s writing as much as I do.

And what good timing. It’s election time in Israel. In Israel, like in the U.S., elections are for show. Power is never defeated by the state-registered citizen/voter. Silly game.

Information Clearing House “suspended.”

Who’s Next?

I have no way of knowing what caused this suspension, or who may be responsible. Suffice it to say that all alternative media is being systematically culled. I suppose this is part and parcel of the culling of the human population of “useless eaters” (goyim) that have outlived, or outnumbered, their usefulness to the oligarch-“gods” who ultimately make most of these life-and-death decisions.

The real reason for taxation

A fellow named John in the post below linked us to a blog, Mike Norman Economics, that linked to a Bloomberg piece on “MMT,” or Modern Monetary Theory. Economics has never been my thing, but I did at one time follow Australian economist Steve Keen, who wrote the book Debunking Economics, which I enjoyed. I loved seeing the dreary science torn apart, as even without expertise I noticed that economists are usually wrong about all things, all the time. As JFK is said to have said, when his economic advisers screwed up he had to take the fall while they merely moved on to new advice. Since presidents are just actors, that is BS, but still a nice quote.

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How to detect the difference between shit and apple butter.

We are all engulfed in the great sea of propaganda. Some of us are able to spot bullshit long before we step in it, others wear it with pride. I ran across an article recently that gets into the gears of the reality-processing game. For many POM readers this remedial exercise seems redundant. Others, including newcomers to our little site, may learn a thing or two that is useful. So, if you’ve mastered propaganda 101, please let everyone catch up, using reason, fact-based investigation, and the gut instincts God gave everyone (before it was neutralized).


  1. 1.information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”synonyms:information, promotion, advertising, advertisement, publicity, advocacy; More
  2. 2.a committee of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for foreign missions, founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV.

“The tactics deployed to exploit technical vulnerabilities in reality-processing are the same tactics that are deployed in all major propaganda offensives. So once you recognise them, you will be equipped to spot a serious propaganda campaign, such as Russiagate, a mile away.”

Trust no one, and if you’re confused, the last one to trust is an authority (talking head) figure placed in your face and at your feet by any and all corporate media.

Facebook “thoughts”

My mother was a very wise person, although I have to say I rarely recall her reading a book. She had a saying that people of my era will recognize. The two dominant means of spreading propaganda in my youth and well into adulthood were Time and Life Magazines. As my mother said, probably repeating her own mother’s words, “Time is for people who can’t think, Life is for people who can’t read.”

I have two major means of interacting with other people: This blog, and Facebook. Our friend and writer Steve Kelly recently quit Facebook, and I admire that. I cannot make myself do it. I am connected to my cousins, a few real friends, and some former classmates. I don’t want to lose ties with them.

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This wackadoo planet

We have just concluded a two-week trip to Baja, California, watching whales and kayaking. It’s different and beautiful down there except for the litter all about, the run down buildings and impoverished population.

Our guides were educated men and women – this is common. One is a marine biologist. What the hell is he doing helping privileged Americans and Canadians push kayaks cross the Sea of Cortez? It is a but choice he made. Why? Because all the other choices were worse. That makes me sad. He wants to apply his learning but cannot break through. So he lives in Lareto and in winter makes his living erecting tents and paddling his kayak at a far slower rate than he is capable of …

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