The Delta Crusaders

I encountered my dentist yesterday at the grocery store, or I should say, my former dentist. I’ve not seen him for a year and a half. He requires everyone to wear a mask, which I find undignified. (I also pee standing up.) We chatted and for some reason he mentioned how awful the news is these days. Then he said “You don’t watch news, do you?” “No,” I said, “never.” I did tell him I knew about the flooding on the east coast, but whatever else has him all depressed I know nothing about. I know there is some psyop going on in Afghanistan, and that California is on fire. (California has a long history of fire suppression, so that when it burns, it burns big. And, of course, I would not put it past Climate Change fanatics to set fires.) Also, I saw on separate screens in the gym (different news outlets) this morning something about a lawyer in South Carolina who was murdered – that story also has a psyop feel about it.

I have noticed that mask wearing is on the rise, maybe half of those I saw yesterday at the store. And I know that would be attributable to what they are calling the “Delta Variant.” Jon Rappoport, always a go-to for me, writes today how there is no test that can distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and Delta, and legally anyway laboratories are not allowed to report to you on Delta. (Link.) Jon has the same problem as we all do when he writes about this stuff: He has to enter the world of the surreal to get into the minds of ordinary people and government officials who believe in and who spin this nonsense. Jon knows that there is no SARS-CoV-2, so that the Delta Variant is another angel on the head of a pin.

For the rest of us, those who know that Delta was just a double-down to keep the hoax alive and the pressure up to vaccinate, it’s madness on parade. The official news sources say that people who do not vaccinate are getting sick and dying. That’s a lie. But how to counter it? How to be at a social gathering when it is known I have not and will not vaccinate? I carry with me in my wallet a copy of Kipling’s If, as I find it soothing, especially the opening lines:

If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise …

Lately I’ve been reading Charles MacKay’s 1841 book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. I’ve had the book for a long time and find it to be hard reading, slow moving and a style of language unlike the way we speak and write today. He covers so much madness, from The Mississippi Scheme to Tulipmania to Alchemy to the one I am currently enmeshed in, the First Crusade (1095-1099). If you think we are surrounded by madness now, it was much worse then. There were deliberate provocateurs like Peter the Hermit and Pope Urban II, and religious belief was much more widespread and superstitious then. (Well, maybe not on that last item.)

Prior to the Crusade, pilgrims in large numbers went to Jerusalem to visit the sites of the Bible, just as they do today. But times were a little harsher – the only way to get there was by boat or on horseback (wealthier people), or on foot (most people). The Muslims who controlled Jerusalem at that time saw an opportunity for profit, and so enforced a stiff fee for anyone to enter the city. Most could not afford it, and so were forced to camp outside and wait for some benefactor to come along and pay their way. The Pope and Peter used this crisis as the means by which they fired up the masses of Europe. Thereafter followed a massive selloff of property, including land, possessions and crops, as people followed various leaders to Jerusalem to fight.

It was a mass migration, and not well planned or supplied. People depended on the kindness of strangers for food and shelter, and that kindness did not last long before the noble Crusaders began to exert force to rape and plunder and steal. (I just now remembered the name of my grade school basketball team: The Little Flower Crusaders. We used the On Wisconsin fight song as our own, with a slight change in wording.) First the Hungarians and then Bulgarians did a rear guard action to fight back and force the mobs to move on and out of their lands.

I am just now at the point where they have arrived in Constantinople and so will stop there. Crusaders lost reduced to maybe a third of their fighting forces by that time. I don’t know the outcome. I’ve never paid much attention to the Crusades, having no idea that it was sheer provocation by leaders with a grand plan, and public madness.

How little things have changed. (Feel free to fill me in on the ending, as I don’t care if spoilers pop up in comments.)

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  1. The madness continues, as lambda version was already discovered in S.America and is sweeping through the local statistics. They caught the tiny bastard for the first time….on 8/11/2020. Japanese bozos claiming discovery said there are “…four variants of interests (VOIs), Eta (B.1.525 lineage), Iota (B.1.526 lineage), Kappa (B.1.617.1 lineage) and Lambda (C.37 lineage)”. WHO’s blessing was already done.

    Sweet lord. Our future is definitely covidian unless there’s massive civil disobedience happening.


    1. These versions and variants are all based on the premise that the first one 1) really existed, and 2) was dangerous. As comedians like to say, “If the audience buys the premise, they will buy the bit.” Those two thoughts firmly in place in most people (funny that Steve brings hypnotic tricks into it, like isolation and masking) they were free to come up with any variant they wanted, as the hook was set.

      My question is this: Are virologists and lab technicians equally as deluded as the public? Do they really think they are doing real work with meaning? To pull off a scam as big as this requires compartmentalization. They would need to be self-deluded rather than stupid and dishonest. It was perfectly obvious that Christian Drosten was a dishonest liar, but I cannot say that for the entire profession. This is what puzzles me. Mass deception on a this level, who is in on the game, who is not?


      1. That’s really crazy. So many allegedly highly educated people parroting false science. Don’t they have the intellectual capacity to understand the word isolation for what it really stands? Baffles my mind trying to answer this. But then again, they need their paycheck at the end of the day, and new grants to perserve, so compliance is bought with money and threat of being an outcast if going against the mainstream. Apparently, it works charmingly. I’d be willing to bet many of them know perfectly well about the conundrum within virology, but choose to be silent. Just…regular sellouts, spineless and frightened.

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      2. I wonder about this sort of thing a lot too. One thing I’ve considered (as pure speculation) is that you could have “Royal Society” level scientists at the top, sort of “made men”/ insiders, who come from elite families, belong to secret societies, etc, who master the techniques (also dogma/ paradigm) of the day, but also understand its use as such – its limitations, as well as its social engineering purpose. If anyone “shifts the paradigm,” it will be done from among their group.

        Meanwhile you would have the much larger group of indoctrinated scientists, from lower levels of society, who would be at various levels of “big picture” understanding. Just as in a corporation or other hierarchical body, lower level tiers need only show they can play the game – whether they’re true believers, or cynical pragmatists, they just need to conform and please their superiors.

        An excellent book somewhat related to this is “Disciplined Minds” – quick read, very insightful. It describes the filtering process for entry into grad school, “breaking” process, and so on. The author is a physics PhD who went into science journalism. Feels a bit limited hangout to me, but nevertheless a lot of the Amazon reviews from PhD’s suggest it does nail what it means to be a “professional” – how obedience and conformity are valued above almost anything else. (Although independence, critical thinking, creativity etc from within the paradigm may be valued and acceptable.)

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        1. That sums-up everything perfectly, Tim. It parallels with how Freemasonry, for example, is compartmentalized so as to create different levels of awareness and comprehension of the “ancient” mysteries. 33° Freemason Albert Pike explained this in his book Morals & Dogma (1870). NASA (which is also deeply entwined with Masonry and the Occult, btw) is also a good example of this, for it only allows those higher-ups who are directly involved in their space-related projects to know that they are hoaxes, while the worker bees and the mid-range officers of the organization are kept in the dark about it. The same analogy can apply to Christianity in the Middle Ages, where most of the congregation were kept utterly ignorant about what the “Holy” Scriptures actually said, leaving only the elite brotherhood within the church to know it’s contents and their true meanings. This same clique would then twist the Bible to fit whatever narrative they were peddling and whatever agenda they had in mind, with the masses following suit like lambs to the slaughter. Nothing has really changed in that regard.


    2. “Sweet lord. Our future is definitely covidian unless there’s massive civil disobedience happening.”

      Which will never happen as the masses are too inept to do anything, and always have. Isn’t it any wonder why every major revolution has been secretly led by the very same people they were meant to dethrone from their ivory towers, and why nothing seemed to change after those fake revolutions, and it only got worse ever since? Sure, there are people who always will dissent at every given opportunity, but such individuals are few and between the vast swaths of human existence who have neither the mind, the backbone, or the temerity for dissenting. So if you’re waiting for the masses to break their chains of oppression and overthrow their oppressors, forget about it.


      1. Well, it’s not like I’m holding my breath waiting for it. Sadly, I agree with you for the most part, especially on ineptness of the majority. But thinking like that makes me depressed too much, so I like to live each day in a big hope for change. That’s somewhat easier on my mind. Until people like us stand up and lead the way, nothing is going to change. The first requirement of an organic revolution is to recognize who is the real enemy of all people. Masses need to be led, they need a leader or a few of them. The more, the better. The second would be complete blackout of the propaganda machinery for a month or so, or even better, abduction of all comm canals to spread the revolutionary message. It’d bring their hegemony down within weeks, for good.

        For now, we’re left to practice disobedience by not giving in to their demands, not spending money beyond necessities and spreading the truth on every opportunity given, not giving in to fear. Disobeying isn’t necessarily an act of violence, at least not in the beginning. But you can bet if the Tyrants were feeling endangered, there would be physical violence involved.

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  2. Maybe the Greek alphabet is being used since colleges are their most fertile ground for embedding the psychological hook. Join the frat or sorority with the cool kids! GDIs are not welcome and will be ostracized at a minimum…

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    1. I was, and always have been, a Goddamned Independent (GDI).


      I never took part in a panty raid, that’s right. Hell, I have worked for myself for past 12 years as I kept quitting my “full time, direct” jobs.

      Cheers to all you asshole GDIs 😉

      PS, the literal contempt for independence (vs “brotherhood”) is just staggering. Why such a contemptible name for someone not interested in joining a ” fraternity” or “sorority”?? I mean, really.

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      1. Amen, Rastus! We were GDIs who beat the frats in flag football and soccer, almost getting into fights with the dimwits after they lost; it went against their programming. We had a sponsor, a lawyer, who wanted a refund for the shirts when he found out the team name was “White Punks on Dope”. Claimed it would not be good for business, but I thought it might bring him new clients, and never gave the money back.

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        1. Reminds me … my son some time ago would visit friends in a bar in Portland where they had trivia night and had to form teams. They needed suggestions for team names and there was one other good one, which I will relate if it comes back to me. I think mine won out. My sense of humor: Baby Seal Club. They ran with it, offensive and yet … nice play on words?

          My wife took an art class at University of Colorado Boulder, and her very first class the teacher brought in a wooden chair and placed it before the class. The assignment: Do not draw the chair. Draw the empty space between the legs. Brilliant! I loved it. Only a few will be inspired enough to run with that, stretch their creativity. The rest are not artists!

          Same with humor and comedy. It exists in the empty space. Jerry Seinfeld wanders into a gathering and sees David Spade sitting at a table with others, and as he passes by says “I thought you were going to start working out.” Perfect burn, nothing Spade (whom I love) could say. The joke was between the legs of the chair.

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          1. Baby Seal Club is perfect! Of course, we could never use the name White Punks on Dope today, though it was a semi-popular song by the Tubes way back when. (“TV is King” is a better song; the Latino team “Good Timers” tried to call our name racist, but those vatos did not listen to rock radio, apparently.) These days we would be expelled on the basis of self-hate crimes and be forced to revise our gender pronouns and sew rainbow flags until 2 + 2 = 5.

            Jerry, for all his faults, can be pretty damn funny, and Spade must have smoldered for hours. I once pranked a friend when he was driving up Dolores St in SF; as a car passed in the oncoming lane, I exclaimed, “Hey, that guy flipped you off!”

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          2. In music, I came to know that the length of the note, the nuance of the note, the harmonics, the bending and most importantly, the space between notes is more important than the note itself. David Gilmour is a master of this type of guitar playing. Of course, the foundation for all of those great Pink Floyd songs was laid out by Roger Waters, who is also a master of music and used this same technique on the acoustic guitar, basslines and vocal melodies. The suspense gets a chance to build and the response speaks for itself. Seems like there should be a mention of harmony, syncopation, and crescendo.


  3. I wonder if Miles Mathis will acknowledge 20th anniversary of 9/11. Would love to hear what wonder boy wizkid from rich Texas privilege has to enlighten with 20 years later. considering he’s done nothing but avoid the subject for 20 years. Wonder if he’ll tell you, in his infinite wisdom, about Boaz and Jachin. Probably not, because he’s a fraud researcher. Maybe he’ll tell you about Phoenicians whose names he cannot trace through spurious genealogies without references from Burke’s or Debrett’s. Maybe he won’t even tell you the Rockefellers built those towers through eminent domain. Maybe he won’t even tell you that the Rockefellers occupy the highest order of Freemasons in the United States. He probably won’t tell you that Saturn was in Gemini on the morning of September 11th. But that little bit of knowledge is for serious researchers. So worship your pentagrams and bow down to your phoenix, and pass the dollar with All-seeing eye. And let Miles Mathis lead you down a dark road.

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    1. I’ve written a poem to mark the 20th anniversary.

      9/11: A proper gander

      They knew tall towers fall not by fuel
      But knew they’d fool us that they will
      All except who wouldn’t be fooled
      But then they fooled the unfooled too

      They had us in a trance with
      Their gift, the “smoking gun”
      An afternoon implosion
      Impeccable, superbly done

      They showcased their demolition
      No vantage points a-missin’
      But what could be the reason
      For this self-incrimination?

      Buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6
      Came down later with none transfixt so
      On the day of 9/11 why
      Make a show of Number 7?

      Away, away, away from the planes
      Through the buildings as through butter
      Computer-generated planes were they
      Though they had us all aflutter

      No passengers
      No passengers
      In those digital planes!

      … then down the slipp’ry slope we go to …

      Whistleblower Richard Grove
      Who to the World Trade early drove
      But lucky him, caught in a jam
      While colleagues perished … but his tale a sham?

      Bob McIlvaine whose brilliant son Bobby
      Tragically died in the North tower lobby
      For justice fights and fights without rest
      But do his tears pass the genuine test?

      Pasquale B., structural engineer
      Fell 22 floors but in a quarter year
      Was back at work, no wounds to show
      22 floors! D’you believe it though?

      April took her baby in the Pentagon
      But is her story yet another con?
      Told to take her baby there –
      Why not directly to the day care?

      Dancing Israelis for us to see
      But was it just a fake movie?
      The dastardly killing not done by them
      Is there, in fact, no one to condemn?

      No passengers
      No passengers
      In those digital planes!

      … then down the slipp’ry slope we go …

      No jumpers
      No crushed ones
      No injured ones
      No loved ones

      Twas all pretend the terrorist hell
      Just a fancy drill where buildings fell

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    1. Seems like it. They always plan these things well in advance. I believe Ebola was also a testrun for the COVID-19 psyop, for both hoaxes share many similarities in how they’re executed. They were conditioning people to prepare for what is happening back then.


  4. Thank you for the scribing Mark ✴️

    Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. …

    ~Charles MacKay~

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      1. Harry’s claim is well founded, though. Won’t argue over scholar level of it, but judge for yourself :

        “Am I telling you the Crusades were
        completely faked? No. I don’t think so. It looks like they were cover for something else. Above, I suggested they were cover for a Jewish infiltration of Western royal houses, but we have seen that these
        royal houses were already Jewish to start with. So although the Crusades may have been a continuation of that old project, they had to be something more. My guess is it had to do with keeping the overland
        trade routes to the Far East open, so that these families could continue to freely or cheaply import cloth, spices, furs, and I suppose opium.”

        Click to access phillip.pdf

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        1. The Crusades were obviously a cover for the expansion of Western dominance over production and trade in Asia minor, with large elements of it having been exaggerated to distort the truth. Just like the present “wars” in the Middle East were staged to accomplish the same objectives, with very little real action taking place. More importantly, both done by the same players, but in different times under new disguises. Nothing’s changed.

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        2. And notice that this was happening in a time when there was a huge presence of Muslims in Europe, starting from Spain & Portugal (where many Murrano Jews lived). Supposedly, the Islamic Moors and the Christian Europeans were warring enemies at the time. The “Christian Crusades” were “fought” with the excuse of doing God’s will on Earth. Under Bush II, he staged a series of phony wars in the Middle East, supposedly to ward off the rise of Islamic terrorism, with the exception that his excuse was “spreading democracy”. It almost feels like the past 20 years of this century was simply a rehash of the Crusades, following a fake pandemic. After the Crusades came the infamous so-called “Black Plague”. History’s repeating itself because it has the same authors.

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      2. I think you have misunderstood what I meant by “fake”, Mark. While there may have been “crusades” in the Middle East during the Medieval era (as well as today, except now they’re called something different), and there probably were a few casualties, much of what they tell you about it looks to have been either fabricated or fudged. Hence why you constantly encounter anomalies and discrepancies in mainstream chronicles about this period. Just like how things like rapes, murders, and other crimes are real, but they have been heavily inflated and distorted by the media to frighten and splinter society, as well as to create the need for higher spending and a fascist surveillance state.

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          1. Well, isn’t it what many people here do all the time? Making “presumptions” based on their reading or analysis of the “evidence” presented to them? I don’t see how I should feel ashamed about what I’m doing, unless I am missing something.


            1. Not as enthusiastically as you. I remember investigating John Denver’s death on a few occasions deciding it was real after all, as the evidence led me there. In the end it was more evidence of fakery than actuality that led me to conclude that his death was not real.

              Same thing with Jonestown, just following evidence, not really certain of anything, many possibilities, and then stumbling on a gold mine right where the Jonestown compound happened to be. I thought early on that it reminded me of a mining camp, but based on that alone I could not conclude the event was fake. It takes a lot of evidence.

              Same with Columbine, which I did in segments, knowing a whole lot more in the latter segments than the beginning, have to rewrite the entire thing. Evidence evidence evidence has to be the driver of everything.

              The only evidence we have of events 1096-1099 are the testimony of contemporaries, which MacKay heavily relied on. That makes those events as described either real or not. We cannot know. As a general rule, history is not reliable, but that by itself does not grant permission to assume everything is fake.


              1. Perhaps you’re right, Mark. But if there’s lacking concrete evidence proving the events of the late 11th century, for example, were real, then it’s safe to assume they weren’t as real as they would have you to believe, if they’re real at all. At least that’s how I would see things. But let us agree to disagree, as it seems constantly debating about the legitimacy of this particular matter will lead to a dead-end.


    1. I suggest that variants are either made up fictions, or the result of the alignment process, a product of computer mishmash. Since people are so bought into SARS-CoV-2, selling them a variant is easier than giving away candy to children. It is madness.

      I love it when “informed” people chide us that variants are inevitably weaker than the original … fraudulent science reinforced by goofballs. I remember reading that Star Trek writers would map out the essential plot and dialogue of an episode, and when it needed technical spicing up would simply leave it blank, for others to come along and insert technobabble. Something similar must be going on at WHO and CDC, inserting bullshit science at critical intervals.

      “Let’s call it the ‘Delta Variant,'”, he said, and the room erupted in applause to his creativity. “Doubleplusgood duckspeak!” they chanted in unison.

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      1. Like you, Mark, I never watch the media but one obviously catches stuff here and there. I remember walking past and seeing the headline that had something about “Delta variant,” and almost doing a double-take. I’m like, “Noooooo, is this for real?” I mean, I wasn’t worrying about whether the variant was real or not cos I didn’t believe in the base virus in the first place but the pushing out of its alleged existence. But, of course, what won’t they stop at?


        1. They’re V A R I A I N’T S

          What we’ve learned, if nothing else, is how to quibble
          and grouse about the non-existent; yet somehow react
          emotionally and defend, as if real. My variain’t actually
          has a cup, and holds more water than yours…so, there!


          1. Nice on, B1! Vary-aints…there’s a fresh new “more deadly” one from India, doncha know, called Nipah. Maybe using Greek letters was racist or too edu-makated? Supposedly Nipah killed a 12 year-old; an expert was quoted, “There’s no good treatment for it.” Yet. Give us a few weeks to whip up a test batch, though!
            Tried several of the Indian languages using translator, came up with nada. I bet Nipah means, “these fearful idiots will believe any damn thing we say.”

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      2. MT –

        I know my perspective is highly unpopular . . . but my sense of the “variants” is that they are akin to “ecotypes” (, and reflect morphological alterations (even if just exhibited in vitro to produce the “variants”) due to exposure to an environmental toxin: “Assessment of Toxicological Perturbations and Variants of Pancreatic Islet Development in the Zebrafish Model”

        It is my personal assessment (again, very unpopular) that the reporting of “variants” (having nothing to do with a virus) is a covert means of nanobiomonitoring /surveillance: (to track the effects from carbon nanomaterial contamination, which I reported in my “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle”).

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          1. Petra,

            To understand the basis of my position, it may be best to first review this most astute analysis on the cause of polio by Jim West (POM commenter and friend): (3rd edition, 2015). Therein, West essentially proves that polio was caused by pesticide poisoning (namely DDT).

            If we extrapolate Jim’s analysis to consider that any disease being attributed to a “virus” could potentially be caused by an industrial poison/toxin (even if “invisible” – such as nanomaterials or EMFs or ultrasound), then we jump forward in time to the fall of 2019 – when the graphene industry was permitted to unleash their products to the global commercial market. Until such time, graphene and its family of materials, was held up in university labs (including the major labs operated by the Dept of Energy).

            It should be noted that graphene is not one chemical on its own (as in DDT), but rather a nanomaterial that comprises a very large family of carbon nanomaterials (and can be produced in an almost infinite myriad of ways One variation of graphene (ie – graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, pristine graphene, epitaxial graphene, etc) may result in adverse cytotoxic effects in vitro or in vivo (which a virologist could potentially call a “virus”?) distinct from another variation. Hence, these effects would exhibit significant variations. There are many additional factors that could result in these variations (ie – if in vitro, the particular cell line; if in vivo, a person’s genetics). I think you get the drift.

            Further, as is noted in a book I am currently reading, titled Graphene, by Les Johnson and Joseph E. Meany (2018): “Graphene is not only a danger to proteins, though. It also poses a hazard to DNA and RNA within the cell. As graphene is only one atom thick, it is able to slide in between the stacked base pairs of nucleic acids, disrupting the helical structure of the chromosome . . . This interruption would lead to possible transcription errors, causing mutant cells to form . . . Graphene has the potential to cross the nucleus barrier, but the chances are highly dependent on the graphene-based system in question . . . Graphene and graphene oxide have different toxicities, largely due to the difference in chemical properties that allow them to cross the cell membrane at different speeds . . . Studies on graphene toxicity have shown that it can definitely cause complications within the body; however, we are still only beginning to learn the finer details about happens and why. We absolutely do not want to release this new material on the world, only to learn that it is another persistent toxin or pollutant (p. 122-123).”

            I suggest, based on my extensive review of scientific literature, that, indeed, graphene, is a persistent toxin, and is the main cause contributing to a new condition being called “COVID.” If any “virus” is being observed in a lab setting, it is simply what is being ascribed to the biomolecular corona of proteins being produced as a result of nano toxicity – and is NOT contagious, and cannot be “spread.” The cells are simply being poisoned. Additionally, if the RT-PCR is detecting anything at all, I suggest it is assaying biomarkers that are simply indicative of nano-bio cytotoxicosis (again, resulting from this industrially produced nanotoxin), as graphene is reported to cause changes in nucleic acids/RNA (see the quote above for now, but there is plenty of evidence to support this in various studies).

            If we take the Delta variant, in particular . . . It was reported that the Delta “originated” in Maharashtra, India: That same region of India (Maharashtra borders Karnataka: is renowned for its graphene nanomaterial production. Several companies based there are listed below (Log 9 Materials, Ad Nano, United Nanotech, and Saivens). Ad Nano reportedly produces graphene-enabled PPE that is distributed globally. It is my stance that graphene-laden PPE is now being donned globally by healthcare workers, and is making them sick (again, having nothing to do with the “spread” of a virus).

   (also includes a reference from 2015 to WEF/Klaus Schwab and the commercialization of graphene as key to the 4IR, and one more related article here:

            I hope this makes some sense. I can attempt to flush it out a bit more if you are interested. Until La Quinta Columna (LQC) came along, I think I was the only person purporting that carbon nanomaterials (in this case, LQC was most helpful in specifying graphene oxide) could be causing COVID (although both Celeste Solum and Dr. Carrie Madej had proposed graphene hydrogels as being present in the injections). I have not changed my perspective, and now that additional investigators have identified graphene oxide (and possibly graphene quantum dots) in various vials (and even in blood samples of the jabbed), I am still holding steady to my initial premise. Therefore, in my opinion, it would only follow that the “variants” may carry some significance – within a toxicology (or toxicokinetics model.

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            1. I could indeed internalize all of this if I had more information, that is, unique symptoms of Covid-19 (are there any?), the excess death toll due to Covid (is there any), the disappearance of influenza coinciding with the rise of Covid, and the comorbidity factor, with Italians saying (going by memory) that 98% of their Covid deaths were really just other things relabeled as that. MM also reported (I’ll have to look for that brief paper) on a CDC admission (Since suppressed) that actual “Covid-19” was a small force in causing deaths, me not believing that “actual Covis-19” exists. Remember they have eliminated autopsies, and with good reason (as far as they are concerned), that autopsies produce information. (Dr. Charles Mayo, in a radio broadcast stated that at their clinic, autopsies showed that they get only 20% diagnoses right. (McBean, The Poisoned Needle)

              Anyway, Stephers, all with good will and due respect, I remain skeptical but have a willingness to be wrong and to learn.


              1. MT,

                It’s all good. I take no offense whatsoever in terms of your very healthy skepticism.

                Just to clarify, even “AIDS dissenters/HIV deniers” who came forward years ago – and collaborated in various ways- disagreed on details. Presently, although Cowan, Fallon, and Kaufman collaborate closely, they disagree in a similar regard. Kaufman holds (like you) that there is no new condition causing COVID symptoms; whereas Cowan and Fallon posit (like me) that there is a new condition (as they discussed in their book – being caused by 5G – with which I do not specifically agree). This dissent among dissenters is completely natural and rational, and can only help to stretch the critical thinking capacities among them (or us, in this case). I hope you agree. 🙂


                1. Thanks, Stephers. Like Mark, I think covid and its alleged variants are likely completely made up, however, with regard to the tests and the vaccines … what you have to say about nanoparticles, particularly of the graphene family, I think seems spot on – thank you for all the incredibly detailed research you do on the subject. I certainly wouldn’t argue against the alleged Delta variant being caused by graphene in the test, for example, but what would be interesting to know are the symptoms, that is, the symptoms for real not what they’re reporting in the media if they are reporting them in the media. (I wouldn’t necessarily argue against the alleged Delta variant being caused by nanoparticles either but I’d need more information.)

                  They say myocarditis and arrhythmia are caused by the non-existent covid. No! They’re side-effects of the vaccine, they’re trying to say it’s covid so they can blame the condition on the non-existent covid rather than its real cause.

                  This story about a 15 year-old NZ boy who allegedly died of sudden cardiac arrest has a number of anomalies that suggest it’s a psyop and there’s the glaring Masonic sign the boy is making in the photo. What is the purpose of this story from 2020? Is it to normalise children dying from cardiac arrest because of the inevitable deaths that will occur in children from the vaccine? It simply beggars belief. A 17 year-old Sydney boy died after swimming a few weeks ago and many suspect he died of the vaccine although this has been vigorously denied by the media and at the time he wouldn’t have been eligible because the part of Sydney he was from (or at least his private school was in) wasn’t issuing vaccinations to people of his age, however, I think there’s something very suspicious about his death and think that despite his seeming ineligibility he somehow received the Pfizer vaccine (his parents proudly displayed the “Fully Vaccinated” sticker on their FB page) and that’s what caused his death. No word has been given for why he suffered cardiac arrest. A former journalist, Virginia Nicholls, was completely vilified for tweeting that a boy had died from the vaccine – she didn’t mention his name and simply tweeted it because she’d got the information from a doctor whom she trusted. She has since gone off all social media. If it was a mistake it was perfectly genuine and I don’t think it was anyway but what a way to treat her. Disgusting … not to mention the death of this poor boy.




                  1. Petra,

                    On psyops and suspicious deaths, you may find this agit prop story intriguing: “Jeffersonian Girl” (whom I have followed fairly regularly for a couple years) at did a decent job covering this psyop:

                    Relatedly, I found an old article (Feb 2018) featuring this same individual (and her two sisters):

                    I also found her dad’s (also reportedly deceased Linkedin profile: He specialized for 15+ years in “Wholesale Medical/Veterinary/Dental and Prescription Drug Warehousing and Distribution,” as well as “Retail Pharmacy Drug Distribution”, and Pfizer was listed as one of his “Interests.” Quite an interesting (in relation to the current situation, and the daughter’s reporting) background (not to mention his work in the army and his education at Embry-Riddle).


                    1. What mockery! I did actually catch sight of the photo of Megan with the thing under her nose (what the hell is it?) but didn’t bother to look further as it so obviously reeked of psyop.

                      What I want to know is how many people are willing to be in these psyops? They’re just everywhere, it’s not just all the covid BS, every day even though I never look at the news I’ll catch sight of a headline or an image that looks obviously fake.

                      How many people are willing to lie their heads off for these things?

                      Liked this exchange between commenter and Jeffersonian Girl:

                      Commenter: You made it look better with the horns, leave it natural, it sucks enough

                      Jeffersonian Girl: Wish I could say I had time to do that nonsense, but that was all her. She posted that on her Instagram, and it was very fitting for this liar.

                      I wonder where Megan is now? Where do all these people disappear to? I know all the Challenger disaster people just kept going blatantly keeping their own names or claiming the person who died was their identical twin – I mean zero shame there – and there are photos of the Sandy Hook children but other than those I never come across people saying they saw someone who allegedly died still alive. Love to know what happens to them all.


        1. Rapport reported in the link below that PCR, which allegedly can detect SARS-CoV-2, cannot distinguish between it and the Delta Variant, so that all reports of spread of this variant are propaganda, nothing more or less. There are too many, perhaps 40%, who are not vaccine “hesitant,” but rather vaccine never. This is just part of the push. Reports of unvaccinated people dying in hospitals, well, the news media – shockingly … lies. Rappoport reports …

          Stephers, you bring me science over my head, and I respect that my head is not in the game. But I also respect Occam.


          1. You are totally correct, and I respect logic as well.
            If nothing else, Event 201 is the ultimate proof covid was a, well in advance, totally preplanned, coordinated, worldwide psyop. Let’s understand this is a very, very big deal, and it takes an awfully lot of work, time and money to put such a huge show into operation on a worldwide scale.
            Logic tells me in such a scenario you would like to have everything under strict control, in order to be sure the stageplay follows exactly the planned script, from act one scene one to the end. You don’t want to rely on real germs, real toxic agents, or real anything hopefully going obediently along with your plan. What if they don’t? Do you want to risk messing up your so carefully planned hoax just because a stupid virus or toxin is not willing to spread and kill people when, where, or at the rate your script dictates?
            It seems obvious to me there’s no room for real things in this kind of operations, total fakery allow you to work with the highest degree of freedom, and that’s crucial.
            That’s why the last thing you want is real planes flying into huge buildings after you have spent years strategically placing wires and charges inside for CD.


          2. It’s just complete bluff, as always. They don’t bother reporting real news (if they ever did) because the masses are too stupid to know any better. That’s what they count on, because that allows them to get away with anything with impunity.


          3. MT,

            From the 20-minute to 38-minute timestamps, Tom Cowan offers his more detailed take on the “variants” (September 10, 2021):

            Even within his framework (which I cannot dispute), I still see a placeholder for my premise – which is based solely on a toxicological model (which holds much more water than any “virology” model, in my opinion) based on a human-induced environmental contamination.

            To attempt to demonstrate . . . Emily Monosson (who just so happens to be a colleague of the husband of Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who edited Political Ponerology and is senior editor of SOTT wrote a book called Evolution in a Toxic World: How Life Responds to Chemical Threats.

            Therein, she explains how we are faced with a “barrage of chemicals both familiar and unfamiliar to life.” Accordingly, we employ (or deploy?) a chemical defense system in response to environmental toxicants. She argues that not all chemicals are compatible with life, and that our cells will transform (even genetically speaking) in response to external bombardment.

            Monosson elaborates that diseases are “expected and true responses to novel environmental challenges and conditions there were not present fifty thousand years ago or even fifty years ago.” To reiterate, she is speaking in terms of toxicology (not virology).

            Since I am suggesting (based on the industry’s own admission) that a novel environmental challenge (graphene and its derivatives) was introduced globally in fall of 2019, and that it is causing genetic alterations (due to oxidative stress) in human beings (not to mention, goats and paw paws), it may align with what Cowan is describing. Since no “whole virus” can be identified (except for ostensibly stringing together sequences in silico), yet shorter genomic sequences have been allegedly identified, I am suggesting that these smaller strings of sequences reflect the nucleic acid modifications instituted by our innate chemical defense system.

            As Cowan pointed out, more than 100,000 variants/variations have been identified thus far. Within a “virology” model, this is nonsense. However, within a toxicology model, I think it makes total sense, as each person (or animal, or fruit!) will genetically express in relatively individualized ways in response to an external toxin. Also, what is “toxic” to one body (or group of cells or living tissue) may not be considered “toxic” (or simply less so) to another. Monosson explains that our physiological systems are unique.

            To sum up . . . Monosson opened her book with a quote by Theodosius Dobzhansky, “The best way to envisage the situation is as follows: the environment presents challenges to living species, to which the latter may respond by adaptive genetic changes.” This is precisely what I conclude (until new information comes along that changes my mind) is occurring with the “variants” being “discovered,” as each individual (or groups of individuals) exhibits an adaptive genetic alteration that can be sequenced from a collected sample (again, no need for any full-length “virus”, as it does not exist). Please note: I do not believe that graphene on its own can be sequenced, but certainly, once interfaced with living biology, the resulting (and potentially harmful, or even lethal) nano-bio interaction can be sequenced (hence, the sequenced “variants”).

            Without getting into more detail (and terms she uses such as “phenotypic plasticity”), to borrow the words of Monosson, I sense we are witnessing a global “toxic evolution in action.” Even so, there is NO logical reasoning within this situation for any so-called “vaccine.” Our bodies will either evolve to handle this toxic threat, or they won’t.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. This is a very clear, logical sequence of events that you have described And even if they are merely faking the variants in total (computer modelling), the overall picture of poisoning by graphene and other toxins, followed by the body’s response (attempts to detoxify, which may include “adaptive genetic changes”), appears to be spot on.

              Moreover, who’s to say what is a variant? If we are talking about fragments of nucleic acid being constantly present endogenously due to normal cellular breakdown, or adaptation to stress/toxicity, then “variants” are a dime a dozen, any time day or night. They are meaningless, in the context of claiming that they show that a fictional virus is mutating.

              The human body is a variant factory. Sorry virus, you’re not needed.

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  5. My view is that the crusades were the last major expression of what the RC church was set up to be – started in the early 300’s by Constantine as a militant expression of the life of Christ – this found its ultimate expression in the crusades. After the 1300’s the Catholic church started to break up and was a spent force compared to its powerful 1.000 year run .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. In Rome before the Catholic Church, each city had its own cult and temple around its own God. These cults were in turn influenced by the cults of areas conquered by Rome.

      To end these divisions within the Roman Empire and bring all these cults together, including the people who claimed to be the first followers of a man called Jesus, the Catholic Church was conceived. Catholic means universal. The Catholic Church is a universal or unitary church.

      This makes the Catholic Church a collection of a lot of cults overlaid with a veil of Biblical theme.

      The most dominant school of thought within Catholicism is Mithraism, also known as the Mithras cult. This mystery cult surrounding Mithras, born on December 25, is a watered-down form of Zoroastrianism, a dualistic religion.

      Dualism is characteristic of Gnostic thought which has several points of origin but was put on the map by Talmudic Judaism which is at the cradle of the great religions of this world and with it that of the Catholic Church.

      At its core, after removing all veils, every major religion can be called Gnostic.

      Although the Catholic Church claims to be based on the Bible, its practices and teachings at entry level are rather Old Testament.

      Since Christ’s sacrifice drew a line under Old Testament regulations and customs such as priesthood and temple (church) service and announced a new beginning, the Catholic faith denies the Messiah and His atoning sacrifice. This makes the Christian image of the Catholic Church nothing more than a farce.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I found your post a little reassuring, Mark, reminding us that craziness has always been with us and people commented on it two centuries ago (and no doubt Charles Mackay wasn’t the first, even among the ancient Romans there were probably commenters too) … it’s just wondering how long on this occasion it’s going to last.

    There’s a few videos on YouTube about mass psychosis. Glad to see this one’s up to 3.3M views.

    I think the hypnotist posted by Steve may have something there – people WANT to believe. It strikes me as strange how people find believing the government makes them feel safer – and getting the “vaccine” makes them feel safer! when to clear-sighted people, believing the government feels unsafe … not to mention the “vaccine”. I’ve never really felt unsafe in my life before but I do now – how can you not surrounded by crazies including friends and family.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Considering government safety.

      “I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Sooner or later the people in this country are going to realize: the government does not give a fuck about them. The government doesn’t care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare, or your safety. It simply doesn’t give a fuck about you. It’s interested in its own power. That’s the only thing keeping it and expanding it wherever possible.” – George Carlin

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Even the very etymology of “government” suggest what George Carlin has been calling out for a long time. “Govern” comes from the Latin “gubernare”, which means to “to direct, rule, guide, govern”, and “ment” comes from the Latin “mens”, which means “mind”. So it literally means “to guide minds” to whatever direction the director wants. It is about mind control first, before controlling every other aspect of human life.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. He’s right about the first part of the word but he’s being a little creative with the second part etymologically speaking:


          Definition of -ment
          1a: concrete result, object, or agent of a (specified) action
          b: concrete means or instrument of a (specified) action
          2a: action : process
          b: place of a (specified) action
          3: state or condition resulting from a (specified) action

          Liked by 1 person

              1. Also, I certainly agree that the government controls people’s minds and it’s doing it absolutely MASSIVELY right at the moment, couldn’t be controlling people’s minds more than it is, it’s just that the -ment on the end doesn’t come from mente meaning mind, that’s all I’m sayin’.

                I read in a comment recently (don’t think it was here) where someone said that in their very first lecture in political science the lecturer’s first words were, “the purpose of government is to keep people busy.” Doncha love it?

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            1. I’m not disputing that mente means mind but you can see in the word government that the -ment morpheme is simply a way of turning it into a noun in the same way we see other words ending in -ment such as embankment, admonishment, establishment, etc.

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          1. Thanks for mentioning this article. I gladly appreciate it.

            There’s also some good news mentioned in it as well:

            “Meanwhile, CDC is sued for massive fraud. Seven US top universities, including Stanford, Cornell, and a couple of the labs at the University of California, tested 1500 samples of people, who had “positive” Covid-19 tests.

            In none of the university lab tests was a single SARS-CoV-2 virus discovered. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with previous findings of other scientists.

            Dr. Derek Knauss, one of the testing team, said:

            “When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive Covid-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO Covid in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of Covid. We did not use the … PCR test.””



            1. Of course, we all know why they found no real traces of COVID-19 in any of the samples they tested: because it doesn’t exist. Hence why certain mainstream outlets like FOX news and Sky News Australia are pushing the “Wuhan Lab Leak” theory to keep people in the Corona-matrix.

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          2. Meanwhile, some people made a huge killing off of this scam, thanks to the taxpayer-funded bailout schemes imposed by the corporate state (PPP, stimulus packages, etc.) and thanks to the destruction of independent competition via lockdowns, which opened the gates for the monopolization of industry & trade by the same robber barons.


            1. Of course, such things have been going on well before COVID. They never waste an opportunity to exploit a crisis to satisfy their wanton selfishness. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why they manufacture crisis-after-crisis to begin with.


  7. Interesting analysis from a financial perspective – this guy sees Covid as a con, but as “necessary” to elites, to maintain (and transform) a collapsing financial system. Goes a bit over my head in places, but good to see other angles explored. He discusses automation, and the problem (under previous economic order) of what to do with all us “useless consumers”:

    “…The mainstream narrative should therefore be reversed: the stock market did not collapse (in March 2020) because lockdowns had to be imposed; rather, lockdowns had to be imposed because financial markets were collapsing. With lockdowns came the suspension of business transactions, which drained the demand for credit and stopped the contagion. In other words, restructuring the financial architecture through extraordinary monetary policy was contingent on the economy’s engine being turned off. Had the enormous mass of liquidity pumped into the financial sector reached transactions on the ground, a monetary tsunami with catastrophic consequences would have been unleashed…”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suspect the same thing happened during the Spanish Flu pandemic. That was probably a cover for the economic reset of 1910s America (in the same decade, the Federal Reserve was established, which centralized U.S. banking into fewer hands. I bet that was no coincidence, either.) Following the pandemic, there was the “Roaring Twenties”, before being swept away by the “Great Depression” of the Thirties. I predict a similar outcome will take place once the lockdowns come to an end and COVID-19 fades away from the collective consciousness. But only time will tell.


      1. The big picture is apparently even larger and points to a fact that capitalism is a plagued system, which is continuously failing in regular periods. Thus all the invented/PR events, which serve as a disguise for reset (to be read as bailing out banks) and also as a catalyst for societal changes as per our master’s vision of future. Wash-rinse-repeat.

        Does it ever end?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not depressing to the extreme as you believe.

            Looking at the last big event, called French revolution (FR) – it was scripted, infested and co-opted with same old phoenies, an undisputable fact. But, I’m somehow convinced, that the sequence of events and their consequences of FR, were a response to the masses request for social justice in terms of nobility vs people. If you had a king puppet and people were uprising or demanding justice, they eventually went after him as it is obvious that a king is head of the Kingdom.

            Seeing that masses have finally realized their servitude to self-imposed rulers, Phoenies devised a plan – let’s give them what they want, while everything will remain the same. Except the fact, that this plan included invention of parliament, where people could “vote” their representatives, who we’re actually Phoenies under disguise, people of their trust. This period appears at roughly the same time of steam engine invention, which propelled the 1st IR. To my eyes, this was all carefully planned and later turned into New World Order. We could argue this NWO is what is now called “The great reset” or “Build back better” campaign.

            The only thing I can’t figure out is the new technology driving their desired change. What is it, specifically?

            Also, there’s a small window or opportunity for us to step in/ stop their actions. I think they’re opening up their flank when in the process of forcing transformation to happen. It’s obvious because of all visible ruptures in the narrative and discrepancies between propaganda and the reality actually happening.

            So I can’t join you in depressing long term view. I see hope, however small it really is. Just…disobey. Show others, mostly scared individuals, you’re brave enough to doubt, to say no and to lead the way from more enslavement. Keep your chin up and don’t give in to phoeny demands. If there’s enough of us, guving the right example, we may get that small window of opportunity to disrupt the hegemony.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. “Maybe, just maybe, it’s not depressing to the extreme as you believe.”

              Yes, I am aware that there is some resistance to all of this, so it’s not a completely lost cause. There’s a growing minority of people who are disgruntled with what’s going on and aren’t tolerating it. However, it’s far from where we want to be.

              In my neck of the woods, enforcement of mask mandates are lax, even though some establishments still require them and some people still mask-up, but it’s not as bad as in other places.

              “If you had a king puppet and people were uprising or demanding justice, they eventually went after him as it is obvious that a king is head of the Kingdom.”

              Yes, but that’s the whole point of having a public head of state – to drive people’s attention from the real culprits. The Bourbon monarchy served as a punching bag for when things got wrong in the kingdom, meanwhile the financiers were pulling the purse-strings and creating a scenario they could exploit in the long-run. Order out of chaos, if you will.

              As for the part of the people uprising due to the perceived socio-economic injustices they suffered under the Ancien Regime, while there was certainly plenty of protest about it in places where it was most felt – Paris, Versailles, and neighboring towns and cities – outside those places, there wasn’t much revolutionary fervor for change. In fact, many amongst the lower classes were against the revolution and were very royalist. Hence why you had things such as the Vendee wars (if history is to be believed).

              “Seeing that masses have finally realized their servitude to self-imposed rulers, Phoenies devised a plan – let’s give them what they want, while everything will remain the same. Except the fact, that this plan included invention of parliament, where people could “vote” their representatives ….”

              Before the revolution, they already had “parlements” (French for parliaments) and representatives for all the social classes in France, including the Third Estate. Of course, the old parlements weren’t really so much representative bodies-politic as they were high courts of the aristocracy, and the delegates of the Three Estates (clergy, nobility, commons) haven’t met together to discuss policy and pass legislation since 1614.

              Seeing that they were cumbersome to their plans, they simply replaced them with the National Assembly in 1789 – which was really a political body consisting of members of the former three social orders, but this time under the bankers themselves rather than the monarch – which frequently met and deliberated on policy.

              Of course, it didn’t really serve the people, as it was set-up to advance the interests of the capitalists, but it did give the veneer of “representative democracy” to the masses, which somewhat pacified them – just like in the United States, where the the French got their inspiration from for their fake revolution.


            2. “The only thing I can’t figure out is the new technology driving their desired change. What is it, specifically?”

              I believe they introduce new technologies into the equation so as to make things run much more smoothly for them and to increase productivity, therefore more profits. Technology also makes controlling people so much more convenient. One example is how technological advancements improve mass surveillance systems. It also makes control of information easier, as well. There’s less manual input needed to achieve desired results with AI.


      2. Keep in mind that there was also a massive world “war” going on when the “Influenza Pandemic” first appeared in 1918. The “Spanish Flu” served as a convenient distraction from the massive changes at home and abroad thanks to WWI. The same way the “Coronavirus” serves as a perfect cover for the massive incremental changes currently underway in today’s world.

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  8. I feel that so much of 9/11 research is misdirection and wrong. I have spent the last ten years researching the Freemasons. It just amazes me how truly ignorant the American public has been since our founding as a nation about the Freemasons. Miles Mathis has conveniently labeled them “Phoenicians”. LOL. What a fucking joke! He’s built quite a reputation among researchers as the ultimate iconoclast, tearing down historical figures with an unsubstantiated litany of fake deaths and spurious genealogical research. But for all you researchers looking for truth in a sea of lies and misdirection, I wish I could show you the way. But I cannot. All I can offer is a deep search of history, one which will ultimately lead you to a profound examination of Freemasonry. You will come to understand that those two towers on the southern end of Manhattan were not just office buildings and symbols of American capitalism and democracy–they were, in fact, ancient monuments built in honor of an ancient order, an order which has for 20,000 years worshiped Boaz and Jachin. They were built on land in possession of the earliest Dutch settlers in the 16th century, and owned by the earliest American settlers this country has ever known: the Rockefellers. That family has owned that land for 500 years. If you wanted to build a building on your land and blow it to smithereens–be it all but three acres in the country–you would be well within your rights as a landowner. In fact, land owners demolish buildings on their properties all the time. I was just recently looking at a home to buy. The owner bought a tiny shack, demolished it, and built a brand-new 4-story house atop its foundation. What amazes me about 9/11 is that whole complex was utterly demolished in one fell swoop, but the adjacent properties are still there and doing fine–most notably the Woolworth building, which was built before the Depression. The Southern tip of Manhattan has been owned by the Rockefellers since 1601. They own all that land. So destroying the entire WTC complex was as simple as building a toolshed in their backyard. If you think the Rockefellers and the Freemasonic order gave a shit about death and destruction on that day, think again. Look back to the Crusades if you want an answer to that question, or the Hundred Years War for that matter. So why September 11th, 2001, you ask. Well, it’s very simple. Saturn entered the eleventh degree of Gemini at precisely 8:58 am on that morning. But you will need to do the research of why that is relevant. And hopefully that research leads you whither it led me: the Rockefellers and the Ancient Accepted Rite. Boaz and Jachin fell into the ashes of the Phoenix that morning, and the Phoenix rose again…..


    1. You have refuted yourself within a single paragraph. Are you aware of the impression you’re making with it and how it completely destroys your attempt of getting across the message?

      Just in case you haven’t noticed, the subject of Mark’s piece is miles from your own babbling. I’d consider it as an attemp of thread hijacking, but fortunately for you I’m not calling the shots around here.


    2. If you had read Mathis’ essay The 9/11 Passengers from last year, you’ll know his take on that psyop. There, he shows us the usual connections the “victims” had to the Families behind the hoax (for example, one of the flight attendants descended from crypto-Jewish Italian nobility), as well as pointing out the obvious fact that this was a Hollywood production, cosponsored by the Washington “Deep State”. It’s a very interesting read.


    3. I do agree, however, that there’s a lot of Masonic symbology surrounding the 9/11 hoax, the Twin Towers being the most obvious example (representing the dual pillars of Freemasonry, which holds the sun and the moon on their pedestals – representing light/good and dark/evil).

      Another example is the Pentagon, which is really just the “Satanic” pentagram sans the triangular points.

      And, of course, the date 09/11/2001 is itself significant. The numbers nine and eleven represent completion and duality. 2001 was chosen as the year of this attack as it was considered the true beginning of the new millennium by The Powers That Be. It’s also a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, where they showcase a black monolith that looks strikingly similar to the Hilton Hotel in NYC (owned by the same family that gave us Paris Hilton) that was next door to the WTC Towers before their demolition. Not a coincidence, either.


    4. Mathis recently published another article on the 9/11 psyop, this time starring the prominent McIlvaines of the East India Company. They’re also related to the Rodmans, who I’ve shown connects to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary was NY senator at the time of the fake terrorist attacks in NYC in September 2001. She would later vote for the “War on Terror” in the Middle East. Birds of a feather flock together.

      Click to access mcilvaine.pdf


  9. Black Monolith:

    The Millennium Hilton (NYC):

    And, of course, there’s a conspiratorial twist behind the meaning of “monolith”. JFK spoke of a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” in his contrived speech about secret societies in 1961, two years before his fake assassination (which was much like 9/11 in many ways), implying that there’s a massive plot to undermine “American democracy”, although we know better since such a thing has never existed in America. The film 2001: A Space Odyssey was released at the end of the 1960s. Not a chance any of it happened by coincidence. Clearly these are indicators of forethought behind the creation of these memes.

    Monolith also refers to something large or massive. The Twin Towers were the largest and tallest superstructures in New York, with the NYC skyscraper a close second, until 9/11. The references to “monolith” and “2001” in a late Sixties movie about space travel, conveniently released around the time of massive societal support and pressure for the launch of the aerospace industry, to me indicates that they subconsciously telling their audience what was to come in the future. Also, construction of the WTC “monoliths” was underway at the same time. You have to be a fool to not see the obvious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For those who may be confused with the term “NYC skyscraper”, I’m referring to the Empire State Building, which used to be the tallest skyscraper in the city until the construction of the Twin Towers and the One World Trade Center.

      There was also a “mass shooting” at the Empire State Building in 1997, four years before the events of September 11th, 2001. It was reportedly done by a Palestinian teacher (blackwashing Palestinians? Perhaps revenge character assassination by Israel?), who was 69 (sign of cancer) years of age. A foreshadow to 9/11?

      Liked by 1 person

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