A spoonful of reality may NOT help the (nano)medicine go down

“The strength of The Invisible Heart lies within its cast of characters . . . the faces of real people are what makes the Heart so potent.” 

~ Trent Wilkie, The Trent Wilkie

Author dedication (added August 7, 2021): In a tragic twist of fate, I found out this evening from POM commenter, OregonMatt, that his dear wife of ten years passed away today. I hope that the POM community can think of her, and of Matt, in this very trying time for him. I can go into more detail (as per Matt’s permission) in comments for those who feel compelled to know more. For now, please know the harsh reality is that transmission from those injected to non-injected is more than conjecture. Matt, we are thinking of you, and you are not alone. May your wife be at peace.

{Author admission (please read before proceeding): It has been brought to my attention by an astute commenter that some of the footage I have highlighted herein may be comprised of street theater. I urge readers to make the determination on their own, and to consider any implications if this is the case. I encourage readers to leave their opinions (if compelled) in the comments section. The last thing I would want to do is relay what I feel to be crucial information (on the topics of nanotechnology, the bio-digital panopticon, and social impact finance), and have it be confounded by speculation (on my part) that may have been based on false reporting (whether intentional or not) by videographers whom I do not know personally. No one is immune to being fooled (including this author), and this is a critical lesson in discernment. The irony is not lost on me, considering this essay is titled “A spoonful of reality . . .”; it is entirely possible that the embedded videos may be depicting a scripted reality. That said, it is clear that Philadelphia is a city saturated with poverty, and whatever may be going on in Kensington (perhaps some type of twisted experiment or even a LARP?) should not necessarily be extrapolated to the overall situation. Additionally, it seems that 153news.net is back in operation; thus, negating my note directly below.}

[Important note before reading: The video I had intended to link (https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=1991BGOD1RHR) is no longer active, as unfortunately, it seems the server at 153news is down at the time of this writing. Instead, I have temporarily linked fairly recent footage of Kensington Avenue (see linked video below, as WordPress will not allow me to embed it). In my opinion, this footage does not depict as poignantly the situation there, but if you begin watching at the 9-minute timestamp, it may give you a glimpse into the dismay I am attempting to convey herein.] 

Addendum (added August 5, 2021, shortly after posting): I was able to locate the original video I had intended to link. Thus, when reading my essay, please adjust accordingly, and take a glance at some of the comments below the video. Following is one comment that stood out, in particular, given the topic of this essay: “These people are defying gravity, physics and biology.” Others observed and noted the same. It seems this You Tuber, “kimgary,” has been posting footage of Kensington repeatedly for the past eight months.

Not much these days leaves me stunned and speechless. However, watching this video (see note above) of Kensington (in Philadelphia) felt so dark and raw to me. It certainly does not portray the sweet side of life, and while it may not be daunting to some, this footage is very personal to me. 

My all-time favorite pizza joint is in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, though, my memory of Kensington is of my dear grandfather (“Poppy”), who was brutally beaten many years ago with a baseball bat by two troubled individuals who were attempting to steal his car. He was left on the ground with both knees bashed and unable to walk.

Viewing this intimate peak (albeit a bit long, redundant, and probably distressing for many), into Kensington’s current reality has not improved my outlook. It seems it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia. So, yes, it’s personal. It’s also personal because I have family members who are addicted to legalized opioids (not street drugs), which has only led them deeper into pain.

When I watch this footage, what is glaring to me — aside from the dullness, litter, and waste, and the tragedy of strident dehumanization and devolution of society — is how flat and non-upright these barely living bodies are. Most are hunched over and leaning on nearby objects (more apparent in the original video I had intended to feature). It seems their bodies are physically and energetically incapable of supporting them. This looks a lot to me, not only like brain damage (likely from consistent abuse of street drugs), but also severe vagus nerve deterioration.

Did you know that graphene-based bioelectronics can be used to selectively modulate the vagus nerve? Can readers perceive how this advanced technology could be weaponized in certain circumstances – even potentially used for experimentation on specific populations? Clearly, the technological prowess is available, as revealed by Merck and Innervia Bioelectronics. I referenced Innervia’s parent company, INBRAIN Neurolectronics, in my June 12, 2021 post, “Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama.” Hypothetically, if illicit drugs were doped with graphene oxide, can you imagine the (dual-use) potential for such an application? (See here on the use of graphene oxide for the detection of cocaine, and here on the use of carbon nanomaterials to detect Fentanyl.)

Is it also possible that these individuals could be adversely influenced by the presence of external stimuli — perhaps LED illumination (See Endnote 1)? I learned recently from Alison McDowell (of wrenchinthegears.com) that LEDs are installed all along Kensington Avenue. Not only has Alison seen them, she provided this 2012 Department of Energy document, detailing the lighting installation project, with Kensington Avenue as a pilot initiative. Alison referenced this LED project in her most recent discussion, “Graphene World Order, The Bio-Surveillance State & The Better Story,” with Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats (THC). 

Alison also sent me an article from April 2018, “How Philly’s New Street Lights Could Actually Be Harmful: High-intensity LED lights may pose health risks to humans and animals.” Notably, the author, Joe Trinacria, wrote, “The issue, however, is the environmental and public health questions raised by a 2016 study conducted by the American Medical Association on the impact of LED lights. The AMA’s report found that LEDs emit a large enough amount of ‘blue light’ to potentially pose harm to humans, animals, birds, and insects. According to the AMA, excessive blue light disrupts the inner biological clock that prepares organisms for the fluctuations of their day.”

Trinacria continued, “‘Large cities have been converting to LEDs for energy saving reasons, which is a really good idea,’ Helena van Vliet, president of BioPhilly, says. ‘But we’ve discovered that a lot of the 4000 Kelvin [base unit of thermodynamic temperature] LEDs are uncomfortable for humans.’ . . . Presently, all of Philly’s LED lights are 4000K, which was the AMA’s recommendation at the time that the transition was first launched.”

Relatedly, I warned in comments on my recent post, “Meet the Graphene Industry’s Superhero, Mr. G: Friend or Foe?,” that when engineered carbon nanotechnology (2D material, such as graphene) is introduced into living biology, it can function as a catalyst (when coupled with lighting) to split molecules into its various elements — namely splitting water into its constituents of hydrogen and oxygen

If graphene is introduced into the human body, is it possible that the water that sustains us could literally be dried up? Could 2D carbonaceous nanomaterials break our links to the chain of Life? Given that any physical material can be “thinned” down (until it has a thickness of only a few atoms) to create a 2D material, can you imagine how the cells, tissues, organs, and fluids (or perhaps RNA) comprising our bodies could potentially be harvested to produce carbon-based nanomaterials (See Endnote 2)? 

Furthermore (while seemingly far-fetched, and admittedly speculative), I have cautioned that if living beings are broken into single elements — rather than inherent molecules intended to keep our living cells, organs, tissues, and skeleton intact — our bodily frames may not only wilt (due to lack of water), but could degrade into a flat existence. Hence, beings (and possibly all of nature) who inhabit this planet — if imbued with engineered and digitized 2D nanoparticles (all being done purportedly for good and passed off as “nanomedicine”) — could ultimately take up little to no space. Eventually, the only pollution we would emit would exist as “digital exhaust” (a term aptly referenced here by Alison McDowell). It certainly seems this may be what the controllers desire, as they disastrously roll out Trojan horse 4IR technologies (including blockchain) ostensibly to save the planet from human destruction, yet possibly reducing all “life” to exist digitally on a ledger

Moving forward, when I conjure the intersecting predicaments of manufactured and managed poverty, homelessness, and the pervasiveness of illicit drugs, I will see the tortured souls standing (barely), sitting, leaning, and laying on the streets of Kensington staring back at me. Is this what bio-nano-digital colonization really looks like? The emerging bio-digital panopticon (advancing at warp speed) — informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals — may not only be a betrayal of the lives of the human beings on the streets of Kensington, it is potentially an assault on all of natural life. 

Speaking of Philadelphia and the esoteric meaning of its Greek root, Phi (representing the Golden Mean), isn’t it interesting that philanthrocapitalism is alive and well in Philadelphia, of all places? After observing Kensington Avenue, does it look like the individuals in Philly are alive and well as a result? For a much deeper, obscure dive into Phi and brain waves – including its role in biofields – please explore here and here (explaining how graphene oxide may be related – See Endnote 3). Could we be observing individuals with severely damaged biofields?


While it may seem that what is observed in the video (linked above) reflects only what we have seen in dystopian films (that depict such atrocity); I remind readers this is very real, and [this] should serve as a clarion call to halt synthetic nanotech contamination (under the superficial guise of nanomedicine and sustainability), as well as social impact finance initiatives (under the auspices of techno-centric philanthrocapitalists), before we all fall flat on our beautiful, sweet, and loving faces. 

Addendum #2 (August 5, 2021): I have one more addition that came by way of a good friend after reading this, who is familiar with a man named Mal Lewis (AKA Mal Lew) who helps the individuals on Kensington Avenue with in-kind donations (i.e., clothing, wound care, hygiene supplies, water, food, etc.). If any readers feel inclined (of course, no pressure), here is an address to send donations (non-monetary): AML Films P.O. Box 39076, Philadelphia, PA 19136. Please watch this video (produced by Mal Lew), highlighting the heartfelt, generous work that he fulfills on the streets of Kensington (with support from his viewers). Mal is also a very talented photographer, and you can admire his photos of real, raw people and Nature in all its inherent glory on his Facebook page here. The outreach that he enacts reminds me of the strength and potency of the Heart. (Please see Author admission at the top, and note that I should have noticed the devil horns hand sign, the potentially symbolic tattoos, and the possibly significant name of the paint in the video below.)


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In summary, GO has its own history that can be traced back to 1859, independently of its relationship with graphene, which has attracted considerable attention since 2010 when Geim and Novoselov won a Nobel Prize for discovering graphene from graphite. In this review, we provided a historical perspective of its structure and preparation. So far, the GO materials have contained a significant amount of oxygen and, possibly, significant numbers of defects. CVD repairing of GO and rGO sheets have produced enhanced results and finding routes for complete restoration of the sp2 carbon network is of current interest. For the last decade (2007 to 2016), the annual global emission of CO2 was estimated to be 9.4 billion metric tons,204 which is more than 12 times greater than the world’s inferred resources exceeding 800 million tons of recoverable graphite.205 If GO could be produced on a large scale from various precursors, including organic wastes or environmental carbon dioxide, the supply of GO might be enormously increased. More importantly, rational synthetic modifications could potentially provide novel procedures or even novel graphene-based materials for future practical applications, and at the same time, this would have a positive impact on the climate change for example. The progress of commercial applications of graphene is still at its beginning. At this moment, it is critical to highlight the most appropriate method for the preparation of graphene oxide to ensure its quality and supply. We hope that this review, multidisciplinary in nature, will be valuable and beneficial to find new ways to make GO and related materials on a global scale.

3) This video promotes healing products; however, (despite being a previous customer of this company), I am not necessarily endorsing any product. I simply sense that the information presented on biofields is relevant and appropriate (in the context of graphene-family nanomaterials) for further consideration.

Inspired by Alison McDowell


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166 thoughts on “A spoonful of reality may NOT help the (nano)medicine go down

  1. I roamed the streets of Philly as a teen. It’s personal for me too. It was dangerous then and looks like things have gotten worse, but in slow-motion. Alcohol was the drug of choice in the 1960s, which quickly switched, as we mostly fell for the LSD/meth/weed (CIA/MK Ultra) program British and Calif. rock was pushing.

    “LSD was just one of the mind-altering drugs that were used in the program to see if and how they could be weaponized to control human behavior. Many of the unwitting subjects of these experiments were subjected to what amounts to psychological torture.” https://www.npr.org/2020/11/20/937009453/the-cias-secret-quest-for-mind-control-torture-lsd-and-a-poisoner-in-chief (Note: I do not trust this source, however, much of it has been corroborated elsewhere).

    Boiling the frog techniques have produced what we are seeing in 2021. Nothing has changed with human experimentation and control freaks toying with human subjects. Except for the strength of the chemicals — now, mostly synthetic — being ingested and injected. Back in the day the really bad shit happened behind closed doors in the mental institutions. Reagan released huge numbers onto the streets, where the “therapies” are now conducted with arguably even less scrutiny and compassion as demonstrated by the brick and mortar human labs of the 1950s and 60s. It’s all out where all can see, but can they? It’s generally still a “blame-the-victim” game where the bad guys are getting rich and getting away with murder. 900 million guns in the US and nobody knows what a proper target looks like. Surely it’s not one’s own family, friends or neighbors. As Ted Turner used to say: “chop at the top.”

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    1. Thank you, Steve, for your personal sentiments and compassionate response. Both you and I have perceived the heinous gaslighting that permeates the system. This is a manufactured crisis; and yes, I feel that what is being ingested and injected (by way of illicit and legal drugs) is laced with more potent synthetic nanotech.


      1. I watched several of those videos. Could there possibly be street theater people mixed in with the people who have real problems? It would help justify a million plus dollar budget, to keep the war on drugs on going and the taxpayers agreeing to pay higher taxes every year. In my area clinics give out methadone, and the food pantries are well stocked, however it’s all paid for by the taxpayers and huge government grants. It also includes salaries for the administrators of all the help organizations. Candidates can use this as a way to get votes and after elected the problems never go away. There are huge financial incentives for keeping the problem going. Not to mention the money the dealers are making.

        I know people that are heroin addicts and they never hunch over like that. Prostitution is a career for the women. I’m sure the person that made these videos can go back at night and see women lined up to get their fix cash. Also curious as to how all those businesses like the Rainbow store and the restaurants stay open with no customers. Maybe they received forgivable PPP loans and Covid relief grants. The leases and rent in that area is still way to high for a low to zero volume of customers.


        1. Greg,

          It’s interesting that you bring this up. When I first watched the original video I had intended to link (at 153news.net), my immediate reaction was that I was watching street theater. That is typically my default response. At further glance, however, I began to see bodies moving and positioned in ways that were nearly incapable of performing with directed intention (as in acting). I did not rule out that there could be some individuals trained to do so (like circus performers with these capabilities).

          So, I took more time and watched the video in very slow motion – observing more intently. I was surprised, myself, that I began to intuit that these people were indeed exhibiting a real phenomenon, in which their bodies were slumped and not even falling, but almost buoyant in some regard – almost defying physics. That is precisely why I dug in to explore if there could be an explanation outside of simply drug use. I concur with you – from my previous observations of addicts, I have not seen hunching like that, except for my family member who is a long-term opioid user. He stands and walks at a 90-degree angle. He is unable to stand up straight.

          With all that said, I would not rule out the possibility that there could be some street theater “performers” in the midst. I will observe once more, and analyze some additional footage (since there is months of footage available from “kimgary” at his/her You Tube channel. I saw that this individual even uploaded new footage today.

          I can’t speak to your other thoughts (at least without speaking first to individuals who are more familiar with that space), as it would be pure speculation on my part. It seems very likely that COVID grants were distributed to the local shops in Kensington. I can inquire more, as Alison has direct contacts there.

          Thanks, Greg, for your insights. If you find any particular segments of any of the videos in which you think you detect some “acting,” please indicate time stamps, and I will definitely take a look and see what I perceive. Again, I could have glossed over it.


          1. Greg,

            Again, only if interested . . . from around the 2:45 to 2:58 time stamps, if you notice to the right of the screen standing by the street sign, the woman in the black sweatshirt with dark sunglasses seems very out of place. Just from intuition, it seems she may not only be “observing” the landscape, but possibly even signaling with body language (i.e., hand-to-face gestures) – maybe even to the videographer driving in the car. Further, the guy in the white shirt in the foreground, changes his facial and bodily demeanor a little too abruptly at around the 2:48 time stamp (as if walking off the “scene”; he walked on to the “scene” earlier coming from the steps to the right of the screen, as the car is pulling up to the “scene”). I could probably use a little more guidance here from a trained actor (hint hint: ScottRC), but that is my initial take here. Maybe others can chime in with their perspective. My guess, at this point, is not only may there be some street actors, it seems there may be Intel agents dispersed “in the field.” I can only venture to speculate that this area is a huge experiment. Gosh knows precisely what they are really doing in the “Badlands” (one name for the area in the Kensington neighborhood).


            1. Greg,

              I am glad (despite the fact that it muddies up this post) you inspired me to go back and watch some more footage. So, it looks like 153news has been restored, and I went back and watched the original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bly-sEorAuM (which does not seem to match up with what I thought was the original video). In any case, I am now convinced that most (if not all) of the individuals are indeed street performers. It is almost undeniable when I now look back. I think my initial instincts were accurate, and something led me astray. There are a number of potential “tells” – for example, the overwhelming number of people wearing socks with slides, and multiple men wearing their pants under their butts. It would be one thing if there were a few, but there are many (in many different videos I have now seen). I also see additional women wearing work-out gear and seeming quite fit (these are the ones totally slumped over with their hands on the ground). There is plenty more, but it is very late on my end, and I need to consider how to reconfigure this essay. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Greg.


              1. Hi Stephers, I noticed in that video the woman at 1:02 also appears down the street at 4:36 somewhat sober. Maybe the video person drove the street twice and edited it together not sure why he would do that. In the other videos it’s usually different people and they all have what appears to be clean clothes, shoes and cigarettes. Also like another POM commentor I did the 2019 street map view and very few people on the streets, didn’t notice as much trash.

                Federal Grants give a financial incentives for the township to make the area look as desperate as possible. And local colleges in the area conspire and do sponsor events for students to be homeless for a weekend. There are real homeless people in my town but they are given a place to stay and the food pantries luckily are always well stocked. If they were kicked out of the shelters they usually break a window or commit petty crimes so they can stay at the county jail for a shower plus free hots and cots.

                Same with the shooting reports. There is always gunfire every week and many are always stating in the news for strict gun control and a larger police presence. That usually follows with social media posts of how the community has had enough with many photos of kids hugging each other and stating for a safer city. You can see the agenda right away. The gunfire could even be and probably is an amplified recording playing thru a speaker and get the same result. If someone is reported to have been shot, there isn’t a way for the average person to verify it with their own eyes. They have to rely on what’s on the television and the police website that reports all crimes in the area.

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        2. Greg,

          So (if you are interested), I may have spotted a street performer here – watch until the 1:25 time stamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YfYfyCr9yM. The woman looks (and dresses) quite fit (her arms are quite muscular, and her body is not degenerate like the others), and then she gets up fairly perfectly, fixes her shorts (too aware if someone was high/loopy), and gives a little smirk. She is “circus-like” with the hairstyle. It is very curious. I will keep watching, and look for more in this particular footage, and additional videos. She is the first I have spotted. Until today, I was not aware of all the multiple videos available from various videographers.


          1. I got duped too. Thank you Stepher for adjusting your perspective and Greg for your keen eye.


  2. Steve,

    I am taking a look at this document now. Lots to keep me busy, for sure. This report is new to me, and I am passing on to Alison for her review as well. Thank you for dropping this in the comments thread.

    At quick glance, p. 48 jumps out at me:

    “As the U.S. population ages and life spans extend, research on diagnosing and treat- ing cognitive degeneration accelerates. Enabled by nanoscale science and technology, several therapies are developed. Initially, these include pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and brain stimulation. Subsequently, as the genetic contributions to cognitive degeneration and the underlying biological mechanisms and pathways are increasingly elucidated, somatic and germline genetic therapies—e.g., modifying or introducing genes that encode for increases in brain-tissue growth, neural connectivity, neuro- chemicals or neurotransmitters—become possible. The Food and Drug Administration reviews several of these drugs, devices and therapies, finds them to be safe and effective and approves them for therapeutic purposes. However, because the new therapies also have an impact on underlying biological mechanisms associated with learning, mem- ory and problem solving, many of them also have cognitive enhancement potentials. Although not developed, intended or approved for non-therapeutic purposes, they are prescribed and used off-label. Early adopters are seen as enjoying not only increased in- trinsic goods associated with cognitive capacities (e.g., knowledge and understanding) but also as being advantaged with respect to many competitive and positional goods (e.g., employment and admissions to educational institutions). A competitive surge in the use of non-therapeutic cognitive enhancement technologies (including genetic in-terventions) ensues among those with access to them and resources to pay for them. The effects of this widespread, but differential adoption of cognitive enhancement tech-nologies are multidimensional. On the biological dimension, evolved (or given) human biology—i.e., human nature—is being altered. On the capacity dimension, those who are enhanced have abilities others lack. On the social justice dimension, pre-existing economic and educational inequalities are exacerbated. On the social outlook dimen-sion, no longer is everyone considered roughly equal in terms of cognitive capability. On the self-conception dimension, human biology is seen as involving constraints to be overcome rather than as enabling human goods. On the perspectival dimension, those who are cognitively enhanced experience the world differently.”


  3. With all the focus on mental health issues being bantered about at the Olympic Games and pro tennis lately, I’ve been on the lookout for links to nano-psyche applications. I found this: “Abnormal levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are linked to a variety of mental health disorders, including depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MIT researchers have now devised a way to remotely control the release of these hormones from the adrenal gland, using magnetic nanoparticles.” https://news.mit.edu/2020/remote-control-hormone-release-nanoparticles-0410

    If true, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to reverse-engineering a remote control “trigger” to steer the right personality to do another’s (distasteful/immoral/criminal) bidding. Or, how far a stretch is it to consider the possibility of induced mental illness for equally nefarious objectives. Nano will forever present itself as a double-edged sword. Imagine the power potential over another (unsuspecting) mark, or enemy. The temptation seems too great to expect voluntary restraint to be anything but a sick joke.

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  4. So – in a twist of irony – it seems the “spoonful of reality” may be that the “reality” depicted in the videos is scripted. My initial instinct hinted as such.
    This film company (AML Films) operated by “Mal Lewis” has a logo that looks masonic/occult, and the other logo (on his channel), “We Out There”, denotes angel wings, which I see tattooed on the guy in the video above with the “Masters” paints, as well as other individuals “interviewed” by Mal on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyWpRDBBb84ogtALVskwciw. If readers have time to watch (and are curious), do you think any of these “stories” are authentic?


  5. In another twist of irony . . .

    Readers may recall that my initial writing here at POM focused on AI and Sentient World Simulation (https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/04/26/__trashed-3/), and my current series on bio-digital convergence began with highlighting Singapore (https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/12/19/part-1-a-star-is-born-ascent-of-the-techno-spore-and-the-descent-of-man/). I have planned to return to Singapore in my upcoming and final installment.

    So I find it highly curious that the man whose video I posted herein – by the name of Mal Lewis – featured his film/videography (“art”) work on a site called artfolio.io https://artfolio.io/about-us/ – which operates out of Singapore. Here is the film exhibit by Mal Lewis: https://artfolio.io/a-broken-down-photographer-vanessa/. This is what their website says: “The artworks will be put up for sale online and our clients can also buy these art pieces using cryptocurrency/digital tokens . . . As one of the pioneers in ArtTech in Singapore, Artfolio.io wants to encourage new and established artists to secure their art pieces for product authentication and auction through our blockchain process.”

    Please review the Advisory Board members of artfolio.io: https://artfolio.io/advisory-board/. One member stood out to me: Prof. Dr. Chan KC

    “Prof . Dr. Chan KC is the Yvon Pfeifer Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies at Cambridge Corporate University, Switzerland . Formerly, he was appointed Associate Professor and Academic Director of a design-based international college in China.

    Prof. Chan is an Adjunct Business Faculty member for several universities around the world. And his interests are in the area of Emerging Technologies such as Cryptocurrency, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs for Art) and Zero-code Artificial Intelligence Development.

    In year 2000, Prof. Chan was named as the main contact of Multiple Intelligence in Singapore by Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner.

    In the year 2003, he was accorded the title of Advisory Board Member (MBCPI) by Cambridge Philosophy Institute, a research think-tank based in Europe.

    Due to his contribution to education, Prof. Chan was awarded “Outstanding Foreign Expert” by the Education Department, Foreign Affairs Office and Foreign Experts Bureau of Jilin Province, the Peoples’ Republic of China in the year 2008.
    Prof. Dr Chan KC graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor (Merit) degree in Economics and Southeast Asian Studies (minoring in Southeast Asian Arts). He obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in Education at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. In addition, he did his MBA at Heriot-Watt University and read his Doctorate of Business Administration at California Coast University, USA.”


  6. I lived in Boulder a long time, observing lots of homeless and runaways who would spend time on the expensive Pearl St mall. It was a good place for street theatre and panhandling, also memorialized as a fictional hangout for Mork, of the “Mork & Mindy” tv show. The home shown as theirs in the footage was a few blocks away.

    I ran across a book regarding a nearby Sufi school that mentioned that students there were assigned to play the roles of homeless on that very same mall, as part of their training.

    I also quite possibly encountered an incarnation of Lord Shiva who may have been conducting his own ongoing street theatre with some of the local Buddhists. Eventually I was forced to realize that I could not always identify the origins of the various players, with the real homeless and runaways mixed in with intel agents, covert law enforcement, Sufi trainees, or actual paid actors.


    1. Still, the Philadelphia scenes of street camping with trash strewn everywhere, along with people showing symptoms of multiple toxicities looks mostly quite real. Those are not all theatrical “extras” out there.


  7. Hi Stephers,

    Congrats on the major praise and shout-outs from Alison McDowell during her recent THC appearance.

    I want to say thanks for posting that video of the zombie-looking folks in Philadelphia. I hadn’t seen footage like that before. It is truly, to me at least, like something out of a video game, it doesn’t seem ‘real’, even though I know it might well be. Perhaps one day I might get the chance to visit a city like Philadelphia and see for myself.

    I don’t know anything about nano-anything and as you can probably imagine, I’m skeptical about the existence of anything I can’t ever see with my own eyes, especially when purported to have some magical or unusual power. So far as I am aware, anything ‘nano’ fits that bill to a tee.

    That’s not to suggest that I’m disagreeing with yourself, Alison McDowell, or anybody else who is taking the potential threat of nanotech seriously. I’ll be paying attention to these kinds of posts and podcasts and so forth as time goes on.

    This for me is one of the big questions, one I don’t expect an answer to: if there is something sinister planned with this ‘nano’ technology, or the graphene stuff, when might we expect to see the results, the deaths or disfigurements or what have you?

    Again, I don’t expect an answer. It is almost a rhetorical question. If in one year, or two years, etc, we see no direct / compelling evidence of nefarious or sinister outcomes involved in these quaxxines (and so forth), will it be a case of ‘just wait a little longer’? This would be difficult to try to answer, especially if one has already been waiting some time for the ‘zombie apocalypse’…

    Thanks again.


    1. Hey JLB,

      First of all, I hope you do get an opportunity one day to come to Philly, and that I could be one of your initial “greeters.” Would love to show you around . . .

      In terms of your rhetorical-ish questioning, I will attempt to give my response . . . In my informed opinion (from reviewing a plentiful amount of primary sources), and from observing 100s of people I know who have gotten jabbed, I do not perceive mass death/die-off in the immediate future, nor in a few years from now. That said, I may already be observing some “disfigurements,” if you will, such that those I know who have been jabbed for several months do seem to be walking a bit more hunched over – although very subtle in most cases. Their posture does seem to have been modified ever so slightly. Also, a few people I know, despite being sure on their feet (prior to the jab) have had severe falls, one resulting in a broken foot, and another with a lacerated head/concussion. Again, this may not have been a likely occurrence prior to the injection. My insights are only anecdotal, of course.

      To add some more context – over the last couple decades, the controllers have been quite successful (as you may agree) in managing to get people (especially young people) to become disconnected with their physical bodies (possibly leading to gender fluidity, mental illness, drug abuse, body piercing, body tattooing, etc.). Further, the controllers have also managed to get people to become disengaged, and frankly, conflicted with Nature and the physical environment. Even the use of the phrase “climate change” is occulted and promotes a non-tangible means of describing alterations in the environment. A more direct and honest way to describe any potentially adverse alterations in our environment would be communicated in terms of industrial pollution and pathogens/toxins created directly by corporate/Intel interests. But that authentic conversation was squashed long ago.

      So, to relate this back to the injections being “sinister” . . . the “better story” that Alison and I are conveying (contrary to the alt media/contrived “white hats”) is that these injections (while causing collateral damage with some deaths, but mostly acute and chronic non-lethal illness) are intended mainly to tether physical bodies to the emerging Metaverse (see my Part 7 on The Spatial Web: https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/04/05/part-7-the-endgame-one-web-to-rule-them-all/). Even The Economist wrote about the Metaverse in May 2021: http://web.archive.org/web/20210731131157if_/https://www.economist.com/the-economist-explains/2021/05/11/what-is-the-metaverse. Think of a living Internet that comprises the Internet of Bodies, the Internet of Bio-Nano Things, the Internet of Thoughts, and the Internet of Light (which I highlighted in Endnote 1 herein).

      If you recall, in December 2019 (“pre-COVID”), when I first introduced myself to you privately, I had explained that my primary interest was the intersection of technocracy (involving AI, supercomputers, and nanotech) and staged/scripted events. Then COVID “hit” and I could see it all playing out on a global scale. Fast forward to this “scenario” in Kensington, and once again, I am now seeing this phenomenon exhibited when taking a deeper look.

      I won’t get into the nano stuff, for now, as we may not yet be on the same page with that (but you are welcome to dig into all the references throughout my posts in my current series on bio-digital convergence); however, on zombies, and gaming, and sinister objectives, the video footage in Kensington may have a direct relation. In this regard, based on a long discussion I had with Alison today, it seems one very likely objective of embedding street actors into a background of authentic and harsh reality would be to create a synthetic overlay to imprint a modified and desired narrative. In this case . . . to imprint a zombie-like energetic effect, and to script people to be “flat” and “bent” and literally picking flat pieces of paper (and in some cases, food/crumbs) off the ground (ostensibly in a random manner). Significantly, it portrays humans with no “backbone”, but rather, amoeba-like (sort of like what you and I have seen with most of society since this massive psyop). Esoterically speaking, the goal would be to energetically imprint the physical space, as well as the mass consciousness, in addition to the AI (as, according to Alison, who frequently goes to Kensington, the place is not only loaded with LEDs, but with cameras – all feeding into the AI).

      Of related note, the man laying on his side in the photo above (the cover photo of the second video) is intended to further imprint with occult memes/language/symbols. In the photo, not only is he laying down and not upright, he is displaying the occult hand signal and painting with “Masters” brand paints; and in the video, he shows how he can mix purple with the red and blue paints, and if he mixes all four of his colored paints, he gets grey. This is classic imprinting and entrainment (and mockery). This would be a prime example of the “Masters” speaking through him to us – the profane/uninitiated – to mock and further convey that they are very much in charge of designing and maintaining this matrix, and (theoretically) always will be. These actors serve mainly to mock, but they also serve to program the consciousness of the viewers (including the AI, which is accessing and aggregating all of this as metadata, in order to eventually make decisions – AKA machine learning).

      I think the reason I was pulled in to believe it was all real (despite my initial perception that I was seeing a “movie” with scripted vignettes) was because I have emotional imprints/memories to that physical space in particular. Had it been another city, I think I may not have been led astray. This is how entrainment operates, and anyone (including myself) can be lured in through the limbic system/amygdala (thereby negating frontal lobe control).

      To summarize, it is possible that some of the street-goers/inhabiters on Kensington Avenue may be the real deal (as tragic as that is); but from pouring through lots more footage last night depicting the past 8 months, it seems that many of the individuals may be there (and getting a lot of You Tube attention, including from a filmmaker with masonic/occult logos) to entrain (as in dark magic conjuring) viewers to a zombie/flat existence – disconnected from their bodies AND the physical earth. This harkens back to the “flat earth” psyop (also with Freemason origins), which further imprints this flat/2D consciousness (overlaying the 3D). Graphene (being a 2D nanomaterial) – which can be harvested from physical bulk material (including animals, through thermal treatment: https://bioresources.cnr.ncsu.edu/resources/a-review-on-bio-based-graphene-derived-from-biomass-wastes/) – further conjures this 2D phenomenon. I should add that the RT-PCR apparatus that has been used (but being discontinued for COVID) for the past 18 months, operates using thermal cycling. Do you find that interesting?


      1. JLB –

        To follow-up briefly . . . Here is Endnote 1 from Part 7, which may demonstrate a bit better the intersection of AI/bio-digital convergence and staged events (that I have attempted to convey):

        1) Gelernter’s book, Mirror Worlds, is beyond the scope of this essay; however, regular writers and commenters here at POM may be familiar with this name. You may find it curious that four years after writing his Mirror Worlds book, Gelernter wrote Drawing Life: Surviving the Unabomber, describing his experience as a bombing victim. Please see here for a Mathisian perspective. If further intrigued, and wondering why I perceive Gelernter and his family members (including his brother and father) pertinent to this discussion on digital biology, genetics, augmented reality, and militarized AI, I encourage you to read this 2015 National Review article by David Gelernter’s son, Josh Gelernter.

        After re-reading this Endnote myself, I can’t help but notice the connection of “Drawing Life” and “Mirror Worlds” and how the “artist” who is drawing (with the “Masters” paints), in the video I linked of Kensington, could be conjuring a mirror world (if I recall, he takes out two canvases and places them side-by-side, as in mirroring).


      2. On storytelling and emotions (helps explain how and why I was “tricked” when viewing the Kensington footage) . . .

        Mal Lew (who currently films the people on the streets of Kensington and tells their “stories”): https://www.perlu.com/profiles/catherine_w_lemu.
        “I’m a well Seasoned videographer and photographer. My style is a mixture of emotions. My work have [sic] made people cry from Happinesses [sic]. I love telling stories and taking nothing and turning it into something. Since a little boy I [sic] was fascinated by art.”

        “The magical science of storytelling” David JP Phillips, TEDxStockholm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nj-hdQMa3uA
        2:54 time stamp ~ “How is it possible for you to be so easily tricked by something so simple as a story? Because you are tricked. Well, it all comes down to one core thing. And that is emotional investment. The more emotionally invested you are in anything in your life, the less critical and the less objectively observant you become.”

        Here is more context on David JP Phillips and his concept of the “Angels and Devils cocktail,” as well as his “Masters” class: https://www.davidjpphillips.com/keynotes/angels-and-devils/. Phillips is a master of magical storytelling, which he explains in full scientific detail, down to the neurotransmitters. Interestingly, these same concepts are “played out” and reflected precisely in the photo/video that I linked above, in which the artist character displays the devils hand sign, has an angel tattoo, and is laying beside the “Masters” paints. Mere coincidence, or magical conjuring?

        After watching the Mal Lew-produced footage (embedded in the essay above), and the TEDx talk by Phillips, do you think Lew has induced (or attempted to induce) oxytocin in the viewer, through strategically bonding, exhibiting generosity, and building trust and empathy (start at the 9:18 time stamp of the TEDx talk for further context)?


    1. Free cookout, free music…and you people of Philly ought to be ashamed ….get the people (who damn well know better and are fully capable) to get their ass out there and clean that filth up!!

      Some people are seriously fsked and need some real help!


  8. It occurred to me that this Kensington neighborhood was bristling with young student age people many of whom seemed conspicuously sporty and fit. It makes a lot of sense to assume they are student actors. Actually, I saw a similar display many years ago in a park in Berlin and was fooled by it, but friends I was with pointed out to me that these people were in all likelihood students practicing live acting.

    LEDs are, in my opinion, completely harmless. Cheap ones may have incomplete spectral coverage and thus make people feel uncomfortable because of their pale, greenish, unaesthetic light.


    1. Michael –

      I concur (after watching a lot more footage) that there could also be students live-acting/LARPing in Kensington. However, do you think there could be a darker purpose for this than simply getting some acting experience? Could they be recruited (knowingly or unknowingly) to depict a current situation that may not be accurate? If there were students working on acting projects, then don’t you think that should be revealed by videographers (particularly Mal Lewis who seems to spend a lot of time on-the-ground there, immersed in the milieu)?


  9. I don’t know about all the people in this video, but I can attest first hand that certain parts of Philly ought to be Nuked…if only Nukes exist.

    That bad?? Oh yes!!!

    And basically it (sorry state) is a reflection of community…or lack thereof.


  10. Clearly, Kensington (in Philly) seems to be a focus of this roaming videographer as well: https://www.youtube.com/c/UrbanVisuals/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid. However, there is similar footage of various cities.

    One video, in particular (posted July 20, 2021), “Chicago Zombie Up Close”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4O4JRLUoN4 resembles closely the “leaning and bending” phenomenon observed in Kensington. Notice, like the other “videographers”, this You Tuber began shooting footage around 8-9 months ago, and does not stay in one place for too long (continually moving, as if moving through threads of mini-vignettes along the street).

    So, any more verdicts from readers – is this authentic, staged, or a combination of both? What do you think is the intention of depicting human beings in this way (whether real or fabricated)? Is this simply “zombie” imprinting/entraining/programming, or is it something beyond that?


  11. Just took a quick streetview trip around Kensington, Allegheny and McPherson sq, the timestamp says nov 2019.
    Far from a nice and clean place, but nothing, and I mean nothing compared to what we see today. What went so massively wrong there in less than two years? Do we have any reasonable explanation?
    Smell some project here.

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    1. Maybe it is part of a project. And just like the “capturing of the moment” at Woodstock, with dirty people fornicating in the mud strung out on Gubmt-supplied LSD…all captured on film…

      Maybe this video series is capturing their “success”.

      We live in a sick world, I guess one has to think along their lines.


  12. What is not a (neo-liberal economics) project on the face of this earth today?

    There is a political agenda and narrative that these street conditions are caused by “wacko liberal” policies, implemented by “far left” politicians, read “Democrats.” “Bi-partisan” neo-liberal austerity produces poverty in cities, whether it’s Philly, Detroit, San Francisco, Athens, Paris or London.

    Unlike the federal government and federal reserve banks, cities cannot print money, or purchase their own treasury bonds to keep the ship afloat. Unpayable debt results in degradation, depletion, denigration and eventually, collapse. If the federal government won’t step in to save (revitalize) cities, the same way they save failing (unprofitable) transnational corporations, buildings turn to rubble, and people who don’t/can’t relocate wither and die. In my travels abroad I’ve witnessed the rubble up close and personal, and pondered our demise. The very best example is the formerly great city of Ani in western Turkey. “Between 961 and 1045, it was the capital of the Bagratid Armenian kingdom that covered much of present-day Armenia and eastern Turkey. The iconic city was Called the “City of 1001 Churches and 40 gates”, 50 churches, 33 cave churches and 20 chapels have been found so far.” “At its height, Ani was one of the world’s largest cities,[15] with a population of well over 100,000 alongside Dvin.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ani

    Collapse is the project we are currently experiencing. Nothing new, except to the local occupants who lack a sense of history and live overdosed on cultural mythology, drugs and cognitive dissonance.

    “…some believe zombies are people revived by a voodoo practitioner known as a bokor.”

    “Bokors have a tradition of using herbs, shells, fish, animal parts, bones and other objects to create concoctions including “zombie powders,” which contain tetrodotoxin, a deadly neurotoxin found in pufferfish and some other marine species.”

    “Used carefully at sub-lethal doses, the tetrodotoxin combination may cause zombie-like symptoms such as difficulty walking, mental confusion and respiratory problems.” https://www.history.com/topics/folklore/history-of-zombies

    Could tetrodotoxin mixed with opioids, meth and other narcotic drugs be the new zombie cocktail DARPA has been looking for? Far fetched? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PvqVfRJIYM


      1. Thanks for the posts and information..
        All top notch as usual.

        But, my BS meter goes off when I hear of anyone on their “fourth bout of cancer”.

        That’s a question I have regarding linked video…no reflection on core material.

        Just seems outlandish is all.


        1. I want togoto Turkey again.

          I slipped out this time a year ago for 6 weeks…really really great.

          I wanted to see Hagia Sophia…was so damn incredible.

          I had Adana Kebobs 3-4x per week…I loved them 🙂


    1. On drugs and zombie cocktails (and staged events and Kensington) . . .

      Watch this 7+ minute video from November 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juOIxxhXMH4.

      Note the demeanor and interaction of the young women purportedly attending to a woman who overdosed from Fentanyl.

      If you watch from the beginning to observe the participants (looks like a nursing students training drill to me) and the others hovering around the “victim’s” body (watch the body closely), notice around the 6:06 time stamp, a guy (looks like a doctor in plain clothes to me) walks up with some type of syringe/needle (or something of the sort) in his hand, and his other hand is in his pocket. He arrives on the “scene” with no acknowledgment, except a guy with a white bag walks into the foreground to block our detailed view. Then the doctor-looking guy walks back from where he came still holding something in his left hand (6:40 time stamp), with his right hand in his pocket. Subsequently, the victim is awake and moving.

      Then read here on Sodium thiopental (Pentothal), which can be used in nurse training procedures to rapidly induce anesthesia and hypnosis for “brief procedures.” It’s temporary action depresses respiration and inhibits all neuronal action (essentially inducing paralysis and a quasi-comatose state): https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/thiopental. It can be rapidly reversed with Orexin A: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25179085/ (which may have been administered by the guy in the mustard-color pants, based on the timing and rapid response). Also see here for some more context: https://www.pnas.org/content/105/4/1309.

      Or maybe this whole scenario was real? Any thoughts?

      In any case, perhaps Kensington has been an area for testing/training/film-acting even prior to COVID coming on the scene (this was filmed in November 2019)? After all, it is in the same neighborhood where Rocky was filmed: https://totalrocky.com/filming-location-guide/rockys-apartment.html, as well as Twelve Monkeys: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt000114746/locations. So, it seems Kensington Avenue is ripe and ready for street performers.


      1. It’s ripe and ready for a good douche! I want to take a week and pressure wash the urine and feces down the drain!!!

        I’d probably get into trouble w EPA and “clean water act”!! Lol

        I have a commercial grade gasoline pressure washer…tells you about my character. I hate filth, absolutely!!


  13. And Matt, from Quantum of Conscious, if you get vaporized in the Nuking of Philly, i’m sorry…but it’s all for the best!


  14. “The Graphene Flagship Technology and Innovation Roadmap:
    Biomedical Applications” https://graphene-flagship.eu/media/8d89609e22f78e7/biomedical-tir.pdf.

    “Biomedical applications”

    p. 495 (see Table 73): “Most frequent main-groups of Transnational Patents in the area of the use of Graphene in Biomedicine sorted by Frequency. [137]
    (the numbers represent frequency, listed in order)
    Investigating or analysing materials by specific methods
    Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes or micro-organisms
    Investigating or analysing materials by the use of optical means, i.e. using infra-red, visible or ultra-violet light
    Medicinal preparations characterised by the non-active ingredients used,
    e.g. carriers, inert additives

    p. 499: “All in all, the procedure for obtaining marketing authorisation for medical devices differs from the respective procedures for medicinal products. The key steps are the following:
    1. Status of the product. It must be decided whether the product is a medical device and falls under the scope of the medical device regulation, and whether specific provisions apply (e.g. for in vitro diagnostics). Although the regulation provides definitions and guidance for clarifying the status (principal intended action by chemical or physical means; intended use specifically for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes), it may be necessary to consult the responsible regulatory authority or experts, especially if the product is a combination of medical devices and medicinal products.
    2. Classification. The medical device has to be classified according to type (e.g. in vitro di- agnostics; active implantable medical device; general medical device) and risk potential.”

    p. 520: “Deep brain stimulation and neural interfaces appear interesting from a technological perspective. The growth in the wearables sector as well as the trend to human enhancement create windows of opportunity for developments such as brain-computer-interfaces, retina implants, and similar. At the same time, further development of closed- loop-technologies improving operational conditions are to be expected.”

    p. 523: “Recent studies have demonstrated that graphene based electrodes could offer a dramatically improved performance in neural stimulation as well as in neural recording.”


    1. “If this song isn’t played at my funeral I’m not going.”
      Best comment on youtube.


  15. On nano-neuroengineering (July 6, 2021): “Nanoparticles create heat from light to manipulate electrical activity in neurons” https://engineering.wustl.edu/news/2021/Nanoparticles-create-heat-from-light-to-manipulate-electrical-activity-in-neurons.html

    “Nanomaterials have been used in a variety of emerging applications, such as in targeted pharmaceuticals or to bolster other materials and products such as sensors and energy harvesting and storage devices. A team in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis is using nanoparticles as heaters to manipulate the electrical activity of neurons in the brain and of cardiomyocytes in the heart.”

    “The findings, published July 3, 2021, in Advanced Materials, have the potential to be translated to other types of excitable cells and serve as a valuable tool in nano-neuroengineering.”

    “‘We showed we can inhibit the activity of these neurons and stop their firing, not just on and off, but in a graded manner,’ said Singamaneni, the Lilyan & E. Lisle Hughes Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science. ‘By controlling the light intensity, we can control the electrical activity of the neurons. Once we stopped the light, we can completely bring them back again without any damage.’”

    “In addition to their ability to efficiently convert light into heat, the PDA nanoparticles are highly biocompatible and biodegradable. The nanoparticles eventually degrade, making them a convenient tool for use in in vitro and in vivo experiments in the future.”

    “Raman, professor of biomedical engineering, compares the process to adding cream to a cup of coffee.”

    “‘When you pour cream into hot coffee, it dissolves becomes creamed coffee through the process of diffusion.’ he explained. ‘It is similar to process that controls which ions flow in and out of the neurons. Diffusion depends on temperature, so if you have a good handle on the heat, you control the rate of diffusion close to the neurons. This would in turn impact the electrical activity of the cell. This study demonstrates the concept that the photothermal effect, converting light into heat, near the vicinity of nanoparticles tagged neurons can be used as a way to control specific neurons remotely.’”

    “‘The excitability of a cell or tissue, whether it be cardiomyocytes or muscle cells, depends to a certain extent on diffusion,’ Raman said. ‘While cardiomyocytes have a different set of rules, the principle that controls the sensitivity to temperature can be expected to be similar.’”

    “Now, the team is looking at how different types of neurons respond to the stimulation process. They will be targeting particular neurons by selectively binding the nanoparticles to provide more selective control.”


  16. The fact that a bunch of psychopaths rule is only ONE part of the equation. The true but “culturally and politically forbidden” reality is more encompassing. Read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The  Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true problem, no real constructive change is possible.


  17. I watched a big chunk of the kimgary video, and a little of the AML Films one. From my perspective, they seem unconnected in any meaningful sense to your work on the Covid scam.

    I’m not sure why kimgary would intersperse actors with real people in these street scenes, and I’m not sure why I should care if he/she/they did. If you present any situation or scene with human beings walking around, sitting around, driving around, lying around, but don’t provide a context or a story (and these videos don’t), the viewer automatically starts supplying his or her own story. We could make up a story around the idea that the bent-over, zombie-like people are real drug addicts and that this video documents the real, dehumanizing effects of global capitalism. We could make up another story around the idea that this video is fake and is intended to entrain us into manifesting the reality it presents. But since I have no idea who the makers of these videos are, I have no reason to care one way or another.

    I mean, I’ve wondered and speculated about the Tom Hanks deepfake on SNL, and about the weird digitally-added microphone in the Joe Biden video. Every time I turn on my PC, I’m suspicious of the colorful and evocative photos-from-around-the-world that Microsoft forces me to look at before I log in to my computer. These, to me, are among the many pieces of evidence that powerful media and technology forces are trying to control my perception of reality. So maybe kimgary is too, or maybe not. Does it matter?

    This response may sound arrogant or disparaging, but I hope you know it’s not, Stephers. I’m really asking, and am genuinely open to the possibility (likelihood?) that I’m missing something here.


  18. For what it’s worth, one thing about the kimgary video DID strike me as rather odd. The camera is apparently inside a moving vehicle traveling through the streets, yet the picture never jerks. In one long tracking shot after another, the camera remains perfectly steady. How did they do that? Does this area of Kensington–strewn with garbage and sinking into decay–not have a single pothole?

    It’s weird, but again, I’m not sure why or if it’s relevant to anything we talk about here.


    1. ScottRC –

      I appreciate your insights, and I do want to respond and attempt to connect the dots. I have some thoughts on that. However, for now, please see my dedication that I just added at the top of the post. I found out tonight that OregonMatt’s wife passed away today, and I am extremely emotional and processing it. I feel his pain, and I, myself, have been sick for the past two weeks – most likely from transmission effects from injected people. So I am not on my game, and it is very late here. Both Matt and his wife, Erika, were also sick for the past couple weeks; unfortunately, her body was unable to recover from it. Matt is still unwell. It is devastating, and I hardly have the words to express my sympathy. The reality of all of this is hitting very close to home tonight.


      1. With all due respect Stephers, you need to chill out. Haven’t you heard of nocebo effect? The one opposite to a placebo, which explains why susceptible people can and will fall ill after being mentally stuck in the thought process of getting ill. So I’d recommend you to stop internalizing these kind of thoughts as they can actually put you into a state of illness. Remember, healthy mind is the best immunization against this crazy world.

        While at it, I feel the need to say this about the nano world – you are entrenched in it, along with the rest of this physical universe – since photons are way below the treahold of nano size, with charge recycling process being the foundation of anything physical, you need to look no further for the answer about the nano particles. Humans didn’t invent nano sized particles, Nature did. These nano sized particles are fundamental to any life and any anorganic mass – no photons, means there are no atoms and chemical elements, which means nothing would be possible to exist without them. Your fear of nano sized particles is baseless in terms of their presence and malevolence.

        Also, to be able to manipulate them, you’d need a proper understanding of the underlying physics, explaining the mechanisms of their movement in a proper way. Until now, only Miles Mathis has been able to address this kind of physics and he’s been completely ignored by the mainstream science.

        So no, there’s absolutely no way PTB could have developed any kind of nano technology capable of being controlled by them in any way – in order to do that, they need to first get a grasp on the fundamental laws of physics. Until they do, you’re safe of any nano robots invasion. I also don’t take your primary sources seriously, as ALL of them ignore charge and charge recycling process. In other words, they’re clueless about the true nature of this world, so you can simply ignore their gibberish, as I usually do.

        Just…chill out and get your focus on something positive. That should be enough for you to start feeling better again.


        1. MiniMe (and Godfly) –

          I have heard about the nocebo effect (as I have previously addressed it in a POM essay). I ask that you be more compassionate in your overtures towards me, and simply consider exploring more the possibilities and applications of nanotechnology. Please know it is not my intention to persuade anyone here, nor instill fear, let alone antagonism from readers. I am simply presenting what I have come to perceive from an intention of situational awareness, and from noticing what I observe in real-time, as this militarized global operation proceeds at warp speed.

          The advances in materials science – including Moiré engineering with superlattice structures and playing with 2D structures as if they are toy LEGOs – will continue regardless of whether you believe it is occurring or not. I am simply taking an interest in it. You can take it or leave it. I suggest that if you think that MM is the only one who understands real physics, or that physical matter can not be manipulated utilizing nanoscale 2D materials, then you may not have explored enough. That said, if you have any interest in exploring advanced technologies incorporating nanoscale carbon (or any other element for that matter – pun intended) into 3D materials, following are a few places to begin:

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVxTOrPbOaE (addresses charge, orbital pair-breaking, and itinerant electron magnetism)
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEHpvWk6g6U (application of graphene as a Moiré material)

          Click to access future_of_life_sciences.pdf

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnqZlQg9Ass (this company only reveals their “public” partners)
          https://vimeo.com/50628433 (DARPA presentation from 9 years ago; forward to the 7 minute timestamp – see demonstration of MCMA – Materials with Controlled Microstructural Architectures, to get a small sense of what is capable when infusing engineered 2D materials/lattices into 3D structures for programmable manipulation)

          Click to access S2589-5974(21)00035-6.pdf

          “Dispersion Engineering in Twisted Bilayer (tBL) Metasurfaces”
          “Recent developments in condensed matter physics have revealed many intriguing phenomena and applications in tBL 2D materials, including unconventional superconductivity at a flat band in magic- angle tBL graphene [15,16] and moiré excitons in tBL TMDCs [17–22]. The physics behind these exotic responses is the interlayer coupling of the wavefunction of electrons, leading to on-demand bandstructure modifications associated with the emerging area of molding the bandstructure and flow of electrons via the twist, so-called ‘twistronics’ [23]. The control of the interlayer coupling can also be introduced in tBL metasurfaces, offering a unique platform to study twist-induced photonic dispersion engineering and developing the new frontier of ‘opto-twistronics’.”

          I also recommend reading Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, And The Infinite Weirdness Of Programmable Atoms (which I have previously referenced in a POM contribution): https://www.amazon.com/Hacking-Matter-Levitating-Weirdness-Programmable-ebook/dp/B009K449SG/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1614198901&sr=8-1.

          Then watch here a recent demo of magnetic pharmaceuticals (see first video): https://www.orwell.city/2021/08/magnetic-meds.html.

          While humans did not invent nanoparticles (for, as you asserted, they exist inherently in Nature – which I have previously addressed) – and there is certainly nothing to fear about them – materials scientists are, indeed, synthesizing/engineering (based on biomimicry principles) nanoparticles to gain control over physical matter. They are in the business of biohacking. What do you really think is going on at CERN and various particle/linear accelerator facilities strategically scattered around the world and in universities?

          My exploration of this situation is not fear-driven (as you have implied); and much of my time is spent in Nature and doing fun-loving and positive things. In some uncanny way, though, it certainly does seem that both you and Godfly have some undetermined anger towards me, and I have trouble understanding where that truly derives from. It does feel to me that it comes with a twinge of malevolence, but I could be reading too much into it.


          1. Stephers,

            You are most gracious to interpret the comments by Godfly and Mini-MM as misplaced “undetermined anger.”

            Godfly and Mini-MM,
            It seems to me that both of you have expressed, individually, and now in tandem, a pattern of malevolence, specifically aimed squarely at Stephers and her research findings. It appears, to me at least, based on the little I actually know about either of you or your anonymous characters, as highly subjective, paternalistic claptrap. Since this (digital/internet/blog) medium is a piss-poor substitute for face-to-face human communication, I can only hope my expressing these impressions have some positive effect — like raising the level of conversation, consciousness and even, dare I ask, conducting a smidgen of self-reflecting before showing one’s teeth.

            If you two need to constantly compare yourselves to others to confirm your superior intelligence (or whatever status/fitness level/category you are obsessing), may I repeat (quote) myself: “Life is not a competition.”

            As one of my college friends used to say: “Dig yourselves.”

            If I am totally missing the point of your concern, compassion and particular form of thoughtful (constructive) criticism, please accept my apology and give me a little more context next time, so I can move off of this “dime.”


            1. Yes, you’re missing the point. But it doesn’t matter, I like to be properly challenged.

              Funny you’ve mentioned the word “claptrap”. I just happened to read some comments at CTTF and found Miles’ comment on PoM’s own blog’s description incorporating the word claptrap. Here’s his comment:

              “I found today that fauxlex is still running projects against me. Why would this guy choose the moniker “false word”. Didn’t he think that might be a little obvious? He came out of the Tokarski swamp, which sent me back there. Here is what I found there, on the About our Writers page:

              Mark Tokarski is the real name of a real person. He spent his first 59 years in Montana, and now lives in the foothills of Denver. He worked for many years as a CPA, but his real love was history and current events, politics and reading about everything possible. In the last two years, 2016 forward, spurred by a post by Miles Mathis on the Sharon Tate “massacre,” Mark found the world opened wide before his eyes. One thing led to another to another, and you av he what you see before you, Peace of Mindful, conspiratorial claptrap to the initiated, and pure research to those who see more and deeper.

              What? He doesn’t realize the name of his own site is Piece of Mindful, not Peace of Mindful, and hasn’t caught that mistake in years? And this clause also makes no sense: “conspiratorial claptrap to the initiated”. Or, it does make sense, but its meaning is “if you are an insider, you realize this is garbage”. Why would he tell us that to our faces? No doubt he will say he meant “uninitiated”, but again, he hasn’t caught that glaring error in all the years that paragraph has been up?

              By the way, PretzelMug, I caught you commenting over there, so your gig is up. Same for Wanda, undercutting my JFKgay research. Byebye.”

              Any thoughts on this?


              1. MiniMe
                Your Mathis quote gets straight to the heart of why I mistrust him (and you.)

                He doesn’t realize the name of his own site is Piece of Mindful, not Peace of Mindful, and hasn’t caught that mistake in years?

                Come on. It’s tedious to point this out, but wouldn’t a poet like Mathis understand that “piece of my mind”–as in, “I’m going to give you a piece of my mind,”–is as well-know a term as “peace of mind,” and that good titles often evoke more than one meaning or association? No, if you follow Miles, this can only be interpreted as a “mistake.”

                And this clause also makes no sense: “conspiratorial claptrap to the initiated”.

                Doesn’t it, Miles? I mean, I know self-deprecation isn’t your strong suit, but you do understand that others use it sometimes, don’t you?

                Or, it does make sense, but its meaning is “if you are an insider, you realize this is garbage”. Why would he tell us that to our faces? No doubt he will say he meant “uninitiated”, but again, he hasn’t caught that glaring error in all the years that paragraph has been up?

                This is strawman nonsense. “Claptrap” is obvious self-deprecation, and as a long-time reader of Mark’s blog, I have no doubt that he did not mean “uninitiated.” In Miles’s own blog posts, he often plays the weird game of pretending he’s addressing the uninitiated in papers that are indisputably aimed at people already steeped in, and on board, with conspiracism–i.e., the initiated. Mark acknowledges on a regular basis that most of his readership is initiated. So what is Miles talking about?

                He makes the same ridiculous leaps and arrogant, wrong-headed, asinine pronouncements on a regular basis in his conspiracy papers. I’m not knowledgeable enough about physics to challenge his writings on the subject, but if his work in that area is as sloppy and obtuse as it often is in his conspiracy papers, you’ll forgive me for not discounting all of Stephers’ extensive research on the basis of his (or your) word.

                By the way, PretzelMug, I caught you commenting over there, so your gig is up. Same for Wanda, undercutting my JFKgay research. Byebye.

                Jesus Christ, MiniMe, why did you copy and paste that part? Are you proud to be advocating for someone who behaves like a megalomaniacal cult leader? I mean, seriously, wow.


          2. MiniMe,

            Here is a history of nanoscience that may help to provide more context: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/257623175_The_Ennobling_Unity_of_Science_and_Technology_Materials_Sciences_and_Engineering_the_Department_of_Energy_and_the_Nanotechnology_Enigma. It may also offer hints as to why this domain of science has remained obscure and enigmatic; hence, leading to conundrums and debate related to it.

            If you do not yet grasp that the (build back better) road to the 4IR (and eventually a post-human world) is literally paved by nano, then so be it. As I have said, the materials scientists will move forward with or without public knowledge or consent. If you see in the book outline here, one of the chapters in Nano : the emerging science of nanotechnology: remaking the world-molecule by molecule by Ed Regis (whom I have previously referenced) is titled, “Good luck stopping it”: http://link.bu.edu/portal/Nano–the-emerging-science-of-nanotechnology-/HWiOMkM2SRw/.

            This may not be about “stopping it”, but, regardless, it may behoove us to attempt to grasp what these futurists have planned for society: https://physicsworld.com/a/the-future-of-nanotechnology/. Through biomimetic nanotechnology, they aim to reassemble and restructure living organisms (including humans). It’s not a secret, and if you listen to the presentation I linked in the comment above by Jay Schnitzer (who previously headed DARPA, and is now at MITRE), you may get a glimpse into how these individuals conceive of their sci-fi ideas/plans, and turn them into reality.


            1. OK, I’ll further disect your statements to your and Steve’s pleasure.

              “…playing with 2D structures as if they are toy LEGOs…”

              There is no 2D structure. On a nano scale, all objects still have all 3 known dimensions, just like in a larger scaled world. Any other claim makes you look like you have no clue about the real physical world and its underlying philosophy.

              You further say: “I suggest that if you think that MM is the only one who understands real physics, or that physical matter can not be manipulated utilizing nanoscale 2D materials, then you may not have explored enough.”

              This is gibberish. Look at my above sentence for clarification. Also, there is NO other author of charge theory, aka Mathisian physics. Period. If there was, I’d know about him. Your suggestion is simply a bad one.

              “…materials scientists are, indeed, synthesizing/engineering (based on biomimicry principles) nanoparticles to gain control over physical matter. They are in the business of biohacking. What do you really think is going on at CERN and various particle/linear accelerator facilities strategically scattered around the world and in universities?”

              They cannot mimic that which they don’t understand. Anything charge-related is beyond their knowledge as they purposefully ignore it. For goodness sake, they can’t even explain what magnetism is without relying on mystical messenger photons. Just hilarious and utterly phoeny.

              What’s going on at CERN or LIGO? Grand scaled money heist with no serious results being shown to the public in all these years. They claim they’ve found the God’s particle, that’ll suffice to give you enough of a hint what they’re about. Fake science based on fudged physics will lead you…nowhere.

              “In some uncanny way, though, it certainly does seem that both you and Godfly have some undetermined anger towards me, and I have trouble understanding where that truly derives from.”

              I simply think you’re a believer in your own findings, regardless of the fact you don’t understand the underlying physics. Some things are fictional fairytalea, dear, and nothing more than that. But you need to know your playground in order to discern what’s possible and what isn’t. I think your knowledge or lack of one, prohibits you to see through these subjects for what they actually are – fictitious claims, written and produced by peer-reviewed ignorants, whose only task is procuring their next grant. They’re not after knowledge, they’re after dough and secure job, licking asses on their way up as they find it opportunistically acceptable.

              My only intolerance is brought up by empty, unsupported claims, which then bring discussion to a ground level. It’s not about my beliefs or intentions, it’s about pages upon pages of your texts, full of unsupported claims, referenced by non-scientifical reports written by non-scientists.

              That’s why I seem hostile towards you – when I’m actually barking against these people. Since you haven’t got much to say beyond referencing me to further BS articles, I’ll refrain from commenting on it. I’m for sure not malevolent, but irritated with your tales of nano invasion.


              1. MiniMe –

                The main difference between you and me . . . I want to be wrong.

                I hope you are very right about this, and that this nanoscience is all a fake schtick, based on tall tales.


                1. MiniMe –

                  Have you give any thought to the possibility that if nanoscience (engineered nanoparticles used for many purposes, including neuronal control, weather manipulation, or matter alteration) was very real, that it could potentially help explain away various psyops and frauds, including virology (allegedly nanoscale pathogens), climate change, atomic bombs, space exploration, and aliens/UFOs. What if what really goes on in places like Area 51 (I once met a couple scientists who work there, and were sworn to secrecy) comprises materials science applications. Have you ever met any targeted individuals (TIs)? I am guessing you have not; for if you ever have had a family member or friend who was a TI, I think you would be coming from a very different mindset.


              2. humm it seems i missed a whole section of this debate and am now just seeing these comments…and i have to only say how i laughed out loud when i read this from miles…uhhh i mean minime:
                “since you haven’t got much to say beyond referencing me to further BS articles…”
                AND THERE YOU HAVE IT: that is exactly what i complained about to stephers 3 months ago and that is why i will no longer even acknowledge her directly: all she does is reference you to bullshit; she is a shell….

                after just reading minime argument i am 99% certain that minime is miles….
                miles your schtick is up better down down that sharp intelligence and tounge if you want to argue incognito…say something stupid now and then and show abit of self doubt; haven’t we learned anything from the Jews about hiding…?


    2. ScottRC,

      While it would take more time than I have at this moment to elaborate on the relevance of reality or manufactured reality being exhibited on the streets of Kensington, it does have everything to do with my first contribution here at POM – Sentient World Simulation, and the concept that a synthetic reality is being build all around us – as an overlay. Most of the global population is “bought in” – hook, line, and sinker. While COVID enabled the futurists’ plans to propel at warp speed (hence the mockery of the name of the injection initiative being forced on all human beings – around the world), all staged, manufactured, and false flag events have led up to this pinnacle.

      Ironically, my initial intention of correlating the situation of Kensington to COVID was to lay out the connections of the same philanthrocapitalists and venture capitalists (involved in social impact finance) involved in both operations. The domains of public health and public welfare are inextricably linked.

      In a similar vein, I had actually pointed this out (in the context of homelessness) in May 2020, and MT added his commentary here: https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/05/04/dregs-of-one-extreme-preying-on-the-other/. At that time, I suspected (based on information from a nurse friend working in Newark, NJ) that the homeless and drug addicts on the streets were being brought in and treated, and mostly body-bagged and labeled as COVID cases (all were literally labeled as John/Jane Doe). I extrapolated from this that the streets around the U.S. were being “cleaned up”. Further, there seems to be plans to gentrify Kensington (led by public/private partnerships) – no different than most “opportunity zones” around the country. So, it seems they have been moving most of these people off the streets (which conflicts with the narrative being displayed in the linked footage).

      It was only after realizing (with the gentle nudge of commenter, Greg) that much of what is presented in the Kensington footage (by multiple filmmakers, who seem to have Freemasonic roots) is a fabrication (an overlay with occult symbology and esoteric imprinting, if you will), that I saw even deeper links to the transhumanism- and techno-obsessed controllers. The same predatory system operates in all domains/sectors and has gamed out their plans to instill an augmented reality replete with biosensors (the Metaverse) and metadata used to capture living beings in a “second life”-inspired matrix. Amidst the novel matrix they are building, individual thought and individual health will no longer be acceptable. The goal is full Borg-like assimilation for the “common good” – informed by synthetically-induced altruism (purportedly to save fellow man and the earth). As they say, you will own nothing and like it.

      Perhaps, it may be helpful to scroll through this slideshow to catch a deeper glimpse into how these futurists conjure their plans (which I do perceive as highly relevant and connected to my essay): https://www.slideshare.net/lablogga/cognitive-enhancement-theory.


      1. Stephers, YOU ROCK BIG TIME! from Lake Cowichan BC, Canada. The patience you have and the eloquence you possess with words in explaining your side of a debate is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you have offered to the ones with a opened mind. My soul salutes your soul.


  19. Wa, a voice of sanity finally minime..!!! .this woman stephers has been going off the deep end for weeks now…it is not only the last few days…i told her to step back, but on my words, she dove even deeper into all this…and believes she is going somewhere with it…that what happens to these “New Agers”


    1. Sanity is also a state of mind – you take a step back and think thoroughly about whatever concerns you. So it shouldn’t be hard for anybody to get a grasp on it.

      Staying on the subject, graphene is simply carbon. We’re made of carbohydrates and more basic carbon-based ingredients, though H2O is in majority. Plants breathe CO2, to create O2 and thus enabling all others oxygen-depending species to coexist. Or think about when you’re experiencing diarrhea – the best way to fight it is by consuming medical black coal, which is more-or-less pure carbon. To cut the long story short, carbon is the very fundamental element on this rock in the universe, life as we know it wouldn’t be possible without it.


      1. :p.s… the two distinguishing qualities of minime comments are always, 1: absolute confidence and 2: that her (or his?) confidence stems from being a follower…in this case a follower of MM. By follower i mean that they are unable to see beyond the limits of who they are following….
        alas, it has crossed my mind that minime IS MM.


        1. I just love your logic, Godfly. But you’re not reading closely enough, otherwise you’d notice I already explained I’m not Miles.

          Follower? Yes, I follow his blogs and writings, with more emphasis on his physics’ one. That’s what tackles my mind in a proper way. Until somebody picks up on physics where Miles has left it, I’ll be following him exclusively for the most rational explanations of any physical phenomenons.

          Can’t see beyond? Show me what’s beyond Miles knowledge, and I’ll be following you too. Is it just you being jealous of his IQ? Don’t dwell on it, embrace it as I did, you’ll find happiness in knowledge, not within any person. I thought you ought to know that.


          1. minime, my “cannot see beyond” comment becomes inappropriate if we are talking about MM physics since i am ignorant of such things and cannot judge. That said, you must be aware that IQ is a lopsided register of the full range of what we can call intelligence. I suspect that MM IQ surpasses mine but that may or may not mean he is more intelligent overall. Regardless, you would be barking up the wrong tree to believe that a man of superior intelligence would make me jealous: i hunger to speak with truly intelligent people, (non weak thinkers) and while you seem very intelligent i still cannot shake off the feeling when i read your posts that you cannot go beyond MM thought processes and here i am referring to your non physics’ comments. Do not ask me for specific comments you have made because i do not specifically recall off hand; it is just a general impression i am left with over the months, and i am not interested in going back and rereading this or that.

            my comment was in fact not about MM in any way but in the nature of “followers” and you seem like one, and not in the best of ways. Consider the guest writers on MMs website; to follow his historical method of research is understandable since his method is fantastic, and right on, but have you noticed how these guest writers are, in style, also almost indistinguishable from MM? That seems so bizarre to me for style and intelligence are intimately connected: dont these people have there own character? Well, you seem like one of his guest writers. Who are you? You can only separate character and intelligence up to a point. anyway this is a complex issue which i do not care to go into right now…

            lastly a good example of a weak thinker is stephers; “undetermined anger”? she says…
            what can that mean?
            i have no anger towards stephers, only irritation for being a weak thinker
            And she too is a follower. I wonder if she knows what she is following…


            1. “…you cannot go beyond MM thought processes and here i am referring to your non physics’ comments.”

              I’m really sorry to have disappointed you. Also, I think you’re left with no munition to fire at me.

              Thought process is not a proprietary thing, Godfly. Though you can’t copy it, either.

              What you can copy, is the method of solving problems or unspinning MS stories to get to the bottom of a riddle. I’d suggest you take the best known method if you’re into conspiracy. It’s based on reason, logic and thoroughness. At the same time you need lots of courage as talking openly about the findings will tag you as anti-semite for sure. This is known as a Mathisian approach to the initiated. Or uninitiated, whatever ScottRC chooses 😉

              Since you’re too busy to dig into some of the stuff you’re accusing me of, like mentioned above, I really wonder what you’re basing your opinion on. For now, it sounds as a strawman excuse…

              Btw, I have openly disagreed with Miles on a few subjects. Sometimes he’s too busy following one specific rabbit hole and tends to overlook details, which are usually side points, but nonetheless important in some aspect. Can’t blame him for it and I’m also very positive he’s never doit it on purpose. After all, he’s just a simple human being and there’s stuff he doesn’t know. Can you magine that? 🙂

              It’s not important who I am, what counts are my words and thoughts. I’ve no relationship with Miles and I’m not his guest writer, if that helps to judge my character for the better. I still think he’s gifted with the sharpest mind I’ve come across so far.

              You may have a point there with the style of writings, though. Since I know at least two of the guest writers from personal correspondence, I can vouch for them as authentic individuals. Apparently, they’ve also partially adopted Miles’ writing style, but I don’t see that as an issue, like you do. Miles also admitted to have edited some of the guest writers’ texts for clarity and grammar, so there’s another reason why they may seem similar in style.


              1. miles
                i never said i was too busy to go back and look at your old comments; i implied that i just cannot be bothered. so maybe i remember wrong and if i reread your old comments, perhaps my impression would change. whatever. no important for me.

                since i am now convinced that you are you, my criticism of you being a follower is moot. you are just being yourself and now i have changed my criticism…isn’t that funny? Now i am advising you to pretend better not to be Miles..ha, how ironic and playful this all has become…
                and you are now giving it a good go, admitting i might be partially right about such and such and including some smiley faces…a nice touch …
                try to keep it up …

                i agree that in this case it matters not who you are; what counts is what you say.
                i also agree that you have one of the sharpest minds i have ever come across.
                For me you are a genius…with a few blind spots, mostly political…but we have hacked on these bones a few times in personal emails and although they are not exactly minor blind spots, they are unessential.

                most irritating is that i am disallowed to comment on CTTF because your lapdog josh is jealous of me…could you put in a word for me since i am pretty isolated here in japan and do enjoy communicating with others sometimes, even if i do find most people weak minded…it is better than nothing
                let me know what you decide…


                1. miles, i would like to qualify something i said above; i said that “in this case it does not matter who you are, but in what you say” But as you yourself might admit , ad hominin attacks can be valid since one must judge the whole man, especially when it comes to thinkers (painters and musicians might be forgiven) If a thinker is living contrary to what he says, then it DOES possibly matter who he is. One of the fundamentals of your whole approach to history is actually based on such thinking since you are prone to disqualify a man just by his surname, i.e from where he comes from, i.e who he is. That type of disqualifying is in fact an ad hominin approach and i see nothing wrong with it, for as i say, we MUST consider the WHOLE man.
                  Incidentally, until you prove the opposite, i will assume that you are miles.
                  And that matters, at least to me.


                  1. Interesting. Since this is the Internet and I have no reason to interact with Miles or MiniMe in the real world, I couldn’t care less if they’re the same person. Don’t really understand why it would matter to an expat living apart from society on a farm in Japan, but then again, I don’t need to.

                    Actually, I have an amusing little theory that Miles is “not there” in the same sense that Bob Dylan is “not there.” Yes, there’s a real man named Miles Mathis who lived in Taos and now, I guess, lives somewhere else. He’s the guy Mark met, and he’s the front man for the Miles Mathis project. But, as I imagine it, there are others who contribute to the Miles Mathis project. They all write in more or less the same house style, the way TV writers for a particular show do. And my theory is that MiniMe is one of those writers.

                    But I don’t take it very seriously. I mean, there are readers here who think I’m Fauxlex and OregonMatt. Maybe some think I’m MiniMe. It’s silly, and it makes no difference, as far as I can tell. But that’s just me.


                    1. two things are interesting to me in your comment. the first is that i have often stated that this whole blog POM is a complete offshoot of MMs body of work, and no one who visits or writes for this site has not been deeply affected by MM; that said , your take on bob Dylan is almost certainly fashioned by MMs work. …which is why one should always criticize MM, but do so with respect, a grateful respect. Criticizing the hand that feeds you is o.k. but have the proper attitude.

                      more interesting is that your comment makes me feel that you are not in the real world and that your participation on this blog , (and in your life in general?) is not quite real to you, which would mean that you have been screwed in just the way the PTB want you to be screwed.
                      on the other hand, i feel i am posting to real people, and posting is a small but very very real part of my life; you might think i speak with harshness and cruelty to people like steve or stephers or mark but they are real people to me and i refrain from saying things all the time that might hurt them even more; i am not malicious because you people are real to me; and although i refuse to spend alot of time explaining my comments, and spoon feeding those who misconstrue my words, i am still taking it seriously.
                      It does not seem the same can be said about you if i have just understood your post.

                      everything is personal for me and perhaps that is why i am not as strong a thinker as i would like to be; i admit to allowing feelings to interfere with my perceptions of reality sometimes but this personal aspect to my thought is also perhaps my strong point; i am not talking to just anyone over the internet; i am talking to specific characters whom i know to a certain extent through their use of language; alot can be discerned by the way people use language….alot!! in fact in this way, i have ascertained that minime is miles,

                      lastly i would like you to consider Miles mathis situation if it is as it seems to be; imagine doing so much interesting and original work as he has done and to be 100% completely ignored by ALL mainstream sources throughout the WHOLE world; let us assume that such a situation is the truth just for a moment and try to put yourself in his shoes; how would that feel to you? could you endure it; IF….i say IF it is really true, then you should admit that this conspiracy of silence is truly an amazing thing. If it is true, it is a mindblowing thing if only you can get your mind around it.


                    2. p.s. yes there is a typhoon blowing through our valley up here and as always that is my excuse for writing so much these last two days…the weather…not much inside work…and so…

                      lets continue…how may i ask is your “amusing little theory” any different from reality; i mean there would be no fundamental difference if MM was part of a small group who was writing along with him and he was just the front man? Same same unless in the end we found that mm or the small group was really part of the families or what have you. In fact MM is not alone because he does have guest writers now who parrot him almost to a tee so in that sense they are sort of a committee already.
                      Alas what i sense is that you have a hard time accepting the possibility that MM exists as he says he does for the simple reason that to accept him is to admit how small you really are, and how little you have accomplished in your life; he himself has voiced this idea of how people have a hard time accepting that he exists, but my observation is coming from personal experience; in my own small but similar way, i have experienced this my whole life; even you scott made me disappear last month into your pocket, reducing what i was saying as something that was old hat and common knowledge when in fact it was not. Perhaps you should consider that you tend to want to bring people down to your level since the notion that someone is “better” than you is an idea your ego (wetiko!!) cannot tolerate.
                      All in all, this need for equality is so modern and especially so north American. Always the “You’re not better than me!” attitude. I have felt it my whole life and i feel it from the writers on this blog.


                    3. Godfly, I appreciate the thoughtful, reflective response.

                      I don’t take my little theory seriously precisely because I know that the people commenting here, including MiniMe, are real, flesh-and-blood people just as I am. Even if my theory were true, it wouldn’t make MiniMe a cartoon villain (and indeed, his recent thoughtful responses to Stephers’ questions show thoughtfulness, engagement and kindness–as have other comments he’s made here).

                      In the “real world,” as well as online, I’m constantly aware of the very natural tendency I have–we all have–to put people in boxes, to come up with theories about them that may be unkind, or too kind, or based on the way they remind us of other people with whom they have absolutely no connection, or… on and on. I’ve noticed, throughout my life, that in long-term work or social situations, people who initially rub me the wrong way and are my least favorite people in the group have often, over time, as I’ve shed my preconceived notions and defensive attitudes toward them, become my favorite people.

                      And yet this tendency to come up with theories about people, divorced from the reality of those people as they always are, continues. The theories become more of an obstacle when communicating online, because we are all, each of us, isolated, sitting alone at our computers, prompted by words on a screen to create mental avatars of the people who typed them, and those avatars–whether they are benevolent and based on a generous interpretation of the words we read, or are paranoid, or mean-spirited and nasty–have little or no connection to the reality of those people.

                      There are a few people here that I’ve interacted with through email, and one person that I’ve become friends with through Facetime. In those cases, I’ve made discoveries that blow apart previous notions or theories I’ve had about them–boxes I’ve put them in–and prompted me to come up with different notions or theories about them that are based more on who they actually are… but are, of course, still inaccurate.

                      I do understand that this blog and its community would not exist without the Mathis site. I have considered the possibilities you raise about Miles being exactly who he says he is. There are too many things that, to my admittedly limited understanding, don’t add up for me to really believe that, but I’m always open to being wrong.

                      This is kind of a long and rambling response that I’m not sure is particularly interesting. But even in my interactions with you, my initial stereotypes and preconceived notions have been demolished, and I have replaced them with different ones that are still inaccurate but perhaps less inaccurate… and I’ve seen you do the same with me. It’s a very human process, but the fact that we are doing it through machines, without physical contact and the engagement of all our other senses, lends itself to all kinds of unnatural absurdities that we can only be aware of and, I don’t know, laugh about or rail against, depending on our temperament or the mood of the moment.


                    4. P.S. I think the deepest part of me believes MiniMe is just some guy in England who comes here for the same reasons I do, has been impacted by Mathis’s writing in a profound way, and takes on aspects of Mathis’s style when writing about similar subjects. In my personal life, I know a Rush Limbaugh fan who does exactly the same thing with his hero. But when I sit alone at my computer, my mind presents other scenarios, and sometimes those other scenarios are too interesting or amusing to dismiss. And hey, sometimes they may turn out to be true!


            2. MiniMe,

              To waste a little more time with you, I’ll point out another reason why your stated reasons for disregarding Stephers’ work on the basis of “Mathisian” physics is wrong-headed.

              You argue that much of the physics taught in schools (and used to procure grants for bogus projects like the God project) is garbage. You say:

              What’s going on at CERN or LIGO? Grand scaled money heist with no serious results being shown to the public in all these years. They claim they’ve found the God’s particle, that’ll suffice to give you enough of a hint what they’re about. Fake science based on fudged physics will lead you…nowhere.

              I’m inclined to believe that a lot of what’s taught in schools, and a lot of the science used to procure large grants for projects like Higgs boson, is fake. It does not follow, however, that everything going on at CERN and LIGO is fake. This is like saying that because conspiracy theories promoted by limited hangouts are bogus, ALL conspiracy theories are bogus. You are making an enormous, sweeping assumption that completely ignores mountains of evidence that folks at CERN and LIGO and DARPA and other highly connected places are using science that is deliberately hidden from most of us–including most scientists–but is not fake.

              Again, this is kind of sloppy overreaching–this “I’m right about this, therefore I must be right about that, even though that does not in any way follow from this–is typical of Mathis’s conspiracy papers. It’s nonsense.


              1. “…folks at CERN and LIGO and DARPA and other highly connected places are using science that is deliberately hidden from most of us–including most scientists–but is not fake.”

                Give me but one example, please.


                1. That’s what Stephers is doing. But you dismiss her numerous examples on the basis of the Mathisian fallacy I just pointed out. Which you haven’t disputed.


                  1. What you’re suggesting is simply not true. Stephers is talking of the possibility that something moot is going on there. There are no records or research papers that could prove her (or your) statements about it.

                    Even if there were some, they would’ve been void of anything worth spending time on. Except for the world to see yet another scam.

                    For a hint about CERN and thousands of expensive yet worthless jobs, check this paper out, by Miles of course. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to understand it, a highly recommend reading for all open-minded sceptics :

                    Click to access higgs2.pdf

                    We can talk about CERN as you get initiated…err, familar with the subject. Let’s talk facts, OK?


                    1. MiniMe,

                      In the interest of civility, I will assume you suffer from a memory problem, and that you’re not merely deflecting and obfuscating.

                      I specifically referenced Higgs boson in my above comment when I agreed that there’s a lot of fake science. In case you can’t be bothered to scroll up, you’ve suddenly forgotten how to use the scroll function, this is what I said:

                      I’m inclined to believe that a lot of what’s taught in schools, and a lot of the science used to procure large grants for projects like Higgs boson, is fake.

                      Does that jog your memory?

                      By linking me to a paper in which Miles makes points I have already conceded, you are not contradicting me. You are not addressing the point of my argument, which was and still is that the existence of fake science does not prove the non-existence of hidden science, which is the patently absurd position you seem to be taking here.

                      Apparently, you contend that any evidence of hidden science, or science being used in very real but hidden ways, is null and void, because you and Miles know “real” science and the scientists working at CERN know nothing but “fake” science.

                      Stephers is talking of the possibility that something moot is going on there.

                      Moot because you’ve decided it’s moot because Higgs boson is moot? That’s not an intelligent argument. It is a further exercise in the Mathisian fallacy I pointed out earlier. Since your memory is so terrible, I’ll repeat the Miles Mathis fallacy:

                      “I’m right about this, therefore I must be right about that, even though that does not in any way follow from this.

                      That’s essentially all you’re saying, MiniMe. You can say it in different ways, over and over, the way the propagandists do, but it’s still not going to convince me.


                    2. I have read some of Miles’ science papers, including the Higgs boson one you linked, before. I’ve also read some–but not nearly all–of the primary documents Stephers has cited and referenced.

                      Frankly, I can’t keep the acronyms straight–CERN, DARPA, LEGGO MY EGGO–much less what each is or isn’t supposed to be doing. But you’re telling me that Mathisian science renders everything Stephers talks about moot, and I don’t buy it. Mathis’s science is based on using math and reasoning and logic that builds on, improves, debunks or disproves foundational assertions, theories, assumptions, etc. in the scientific world. Cool. But it’s not based on experimentation. And I don’t buy the idea that all these thousands of scientists are sitting around in these government agencies jacking off and pretending to do real science simply so they can make money. Sure, that may be part of it, but it makes much more sense to me that all this elaborate fake science, with their fake experiments, serve as cover for real science and real experiments which could very well be going in directions and leading to discoveries that the great Miles Mathis, sitting at home at his computer, despite all his great reasoning and logic, could never imagine or comprehend.

                      Can I prove it? Nope. Do I believe everything Stephers writes about it? Not necessarily. But, thus far, her research and presentation has been a lot more compelling to me than your reductionist claim that, because it doesn’t fit with what Miles says, it can’t be true. So that’s where I am.


                  2. You’ve turned the table around, Scott.

                    You’re the one claiming there’s something more going on at CERN, not me.

                    It is you that can’t prove your claims without referring to non-science for evidence.

                    The more I try to convince you to read real science by Miles, the more you claim of my fallacy in rejecting anything coming from MS. Even though Miles has written 3 fat books about the topic, which you haven’t read, it’s somehow not enough. But Stephers’ quick links are? How’s that not hypocritical?

                    Btw, CERN is a collider built on a large scale. As far as I know, it’s usage is very limited by its mechanical design, but I’m open-minded for suggestions. Do you have any idea about what you’re even talking about in relation to a collider?


              2. scott, lets leave the personal things i mentioned out of it for a while since i do not feel you are addressing those issues directly and i question if it is the right place to try and discuss them; we can agree about the “unnatural absurdities” of machine relationships and we can only do our best; i for one must always try to tone down my verbal aggression which is not ok considering i use it less on an intellectual level sometimes than a very personal level. I do not believe i have changed my initial views of you or rather i can only intuit over a machine the intellectual (and emotional) level you are operating on and i have not changed my opinion of that.

                more intriguing to me at this point is the MM thing: could you tell me what you believe does “not add up” about MM? up to now i have seen nothiing strange about this person or his website except that his output is prodigious especially when we consider that a man needs downtime and sleep and so on but what he does is not yet impossible in my opinion.

                more intriguing still is this: if one wants to believe that MM is pulling something over on us, we have to ask simply what could it be? And so i ask you: What is he up to if he is not all that he says he is? Where is the scam? where is the misdirection?
                Is the whole conspiracy of silence against him a planned thing? Why? What would that serve? Where does he want to lead us? His intentions are either good …..or bad. those are the only two options scott. He is either working for the families to confuse us or he is sincere and on the level. Being sincere and on the level does not preclude the fact that sometimes he does appear as a rigid asshole. Again, i can easily understand his behaviour when i remember how incredible the conspiracy of silence is against him…and how that could make a lesser man go insane…even though i know in the end he has no respect for the mainstream, it must still be a great wound for me…
                i can say much more but let me leave things like this.

                there IS one way of looking at mm which could prove that he has been set up by the families to misdirect and hurt people, i believe it is unhealthy to know about MM if you are under 30. I mean a young man should not know about MMs take on things before they have got some sort of education, no matter how faulty and full of lies that education is.
                It seems unhealthy to begin life under the guidance of MM. philosophy because i suspect in young people it will create a tendency to close many doors that should be opened BEFORE slamming them shut. Will a young man who has never read Shakespeare or Dante be able to read those people after knowing MM ?
                Ok so you see where i am going with this right; MM tends to create a vacuum in those who are not fully formed, which sadly enough is most people today and this resistance to accepting mm might be a sort of rebellion on the part of some people, a rebellion against nihilism.
                still i want to end this by going back to my fundamental question: if MM is part of the families , then what is his particular part in it all. What has he been sent in to do? And if he is not part of the families then, there is no need to question anything and it is as it is…we can still learn from him


                1. scott and miles
                  please note i have responded to your last posts, about Miles and about a bet who minime is, but it has been pushed off the “recent comments” because of all the posts of stephers…have a look


                2. Godfly, the questions you ask—what doesn’t add up about MM? what could the endgame be?—have been speculated upon ad nauseum in countless past posts and comments sections here at POM. Fauxlex and Maarten Rossart were particularly preoccupied with them. In fact, Fauxlex’s relentless obsession with outing MM as a fraud struck me as borderline insane. I sometimes—seriously—worried about him.

                  Mark, who has also raised a lot of questions and pointed out MM weirdness in the past, has backed off—wisely, I think. He acknowledges and expresses gratitude (as do I) for the great eye-opening work MM has done, and chooses to leave all the dark speculation alone. I’m with him. It’s pointless.

                  Having said that, I feel the need to point out—since you’re apparently not caught up—that there are a lot of legitimate questions about the guy. To name only one, which was raised by Fauxlex: Why would someone who claims to be a professional painter—someone who claims he still makes a living as such—not have uploaded a single new painting to his art site in so many years? Why has the art section remained so stagnant, with unsold paintings remaining unsold and sold paintings never being replaced by new ones? If I recall, the newest painting on his site is, what, ten years old? Something like that. Yet in personal asides in his essays, he continues to describe himself as an active painter—a working, professional artist comfortably ensconced in his art supplies. You could come up with explanations. I’ve come up with explanations. It’s easy enough to shrug off, and at this point, I more or less have. But it’s one of many other niggling details about MM that don’t add up. I’m not going to rehash other ones. You can dig through past posts and comments if you’re interested.

                  What could the endgame be? My own theory—which, again, I don’t concern myself with much anymore—somewhat dovetails with the concern you express about how MM’s work might affect young people. MM’s early papers—particularly the ones on Manson and JFK—were lucid, focused and clear. Much of his work now, including but not limited to his genealogy papers, is sloppy and rambling and sometimes flat-out ludicrous. A generous explanation would be that, well, writers lose steam over time. But his genealogy papers, in particular, strike me as almost aggressively and deliberately incoherent. If there is an agenda, it could be to entrain “conspiracy theorists” to fit the stereotype of an arrogant, delusional, grandiose babbling loon.

                  Miles’s early papers made effective, coherent arguments. Many of his current ones do exactly the opposite. Maybe that’s intentional, maybe it’s not.

                  Search POM if you have nothing better to do and want to know what other MM weirdness has been explored. I’m not going to talk about it anymore—my eyes are glazing over just typing this response.


                  1. i will consider what you have said; But you probably know me well enough by now to know i will not go back and start digging through old posts; the whole question intrigues me but i am not the researching type.


    2. this woman stephers has been going off the deep end for weeks now…it is not only the last few days…i told her to step back, but on my words, she dove even deeper into all this…and believes she is going somewhere with it…

      Indeed, it is baffling. She keeps pouring the poison not only into her own brain, but spreading it as much as possible, as demonic diarrhea cannon.

      Graphene should be NPC, it shouldn’t exist in our lives, the existence of it is already questionable, if not outright fake.

      Especially for a “psychotherapist” or “health coach” or something, I don’t know what she calls herself, this is grave.

      It all boils down to her own claim “I want to understand….”.

      That is the stupidity that needs to be tackled. It is INSANE to try to understand something that is DESIGNED not to make sense.

      Quit the cancer and the cancer quits you.


      1. Gaia,

        If you strongly feel that what I write is toxic, I suggest that you avoid reading my posts.


        1. That is indeed the basal excuse you have created for yourself to justify your junkie behavior; “we are all on individual paths”.

          Which is ridiculous as explained and I hope you never will partake in traffic in anything motorized….

          I owe you to step in when I see you going off path, and not only am I far from the only one observing the same phenomenon with you (proving I am not seeing ghosts), it is you yourself who keeps confirming our right.

          And you just don’t want to listen to the best meant advice and recommendations, and you keep pushing the aSIDE. rs away, like any junkie not recognizing their self-destructive behaviors.

          And despite your delusion that “individual paths blah blah blah”, you also have an example position. As one of the writers of the grandfather of Eye am Eye Radio-aLOUD. you should lead the way into good, not into toxins you KNOW are toxins.

          How to beat this Beast System is what it is about, not dwelling in its carefully crafted drugs, like you keep doing over and over again. Even recognizing your own failures. And you ask ME for “tips to wake others up”, I give them to you on a silver plate and even then you keep defending your addictions to Invisible Monsters.

          That New Normie behavior and not focusing on working together is what kills “awake truthseekers” like yourself.

          Think about that for a second, instead of jumping into defences, snowflake mode or “individual path” nonsense.


          1. Gaia –

            You’ve clearly got skills – particularly in persistence. There is no denying that. That said, perhaps your disparaging condemnation expressed directly (and continually) towards me may be better applied towards those who wish to deny humanity its full potential, and devolve us – along with our Mother Nature – into digital slaves encapsulated in their lusted Metaverse.

            On aLOUD, do you name the names, and specify the strategies used by the “Beast System” (your words, not mine)? Or do you prefer to speak in nebulous terms? I am asking seriously, with little to no context. Do you connect those in previous manufactured events (the likes of Danny Lewin) to what we are experiencing now? It takes digging and much courage to do so. No one of us has all the answers. I would love to cross-pollinate with you, if you simply had the desire and will to transcend this pettiness. By the way, I think we can get there.


  20. abit too simplistic I’m afraid…sometimes highly intelligent people cannot fathom how difficult it is to stay clear headed about things. the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is what you are seeing around you: most people live in a state of insanity but since most people are insane in the same way now, well, you know the story: it seems normal to them.

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  21. Here is a DARPA primer – straight from the horse’s mouth:

    https://vimeo.com/50628433 (much of what is presented is relevant to this essay)

    When I have more time, I intend to unpack this linked presentation. In the interim, perhaps readers can have at it, and pull out some takeaways (and drop them in this thread). . .


    1. Rastus –

      Thank for your sympathies for OregonMatt. I will pass it along to him, as I am not sure he will be coming around POM in the very near future.


  22. Stephers, Your research, as well as the research by Allison McDowell has been quite convincing to me that vast amounts of funding and effort has been going into nanoparticle and nanomachine development. I thank you for bringing this to people’s attention.

    As an engineer who has worked professionally in testing air filters and the media used in face masks, I can say for certain that the optical particle counters that are used to characterize a mask as “N95” can only detect down to 0.3 micron particles. This type of particle detector is also used for maintaining clean rooms, to be dust free. Such equipment cannot detect if graphene nano particles are being shed by the face mask filter media, but if the media were shedding, the particles would be getting in the lungs. If these materials are now being introduced into filter media manufacture the consequences of such shedding would not be noticed in conventional air filter testing, but I do not doubt at all that there could be medical effects that might look a lot like COVID symptoms.

    The PM 2.5 health ratings that are becoming more common for rating outdoor air quality are a measure of the overall mass of particles per cubic meter. Nano particles would add almost no mass to such pollution measurements and so would be overlooked as a factor in air pollution.


  23. I’m in middle of book entitled Secret History of the Jesuits. On Amazon some joker is asking $900 for a copy…I picked it up on EBay new for $15.

    Really eye opening. Infantilization/Children is how they described the natives of S. America…which explains a great deal of their “success” down there.

    That’s exactly what “they” look for…adult children who will attend their “services”, pay money, and perform ” confession”.

    Confession to whom? Confession to a bunch of criminals and thief’s of course!!

    Little off topic, but it ties into the “adult children” theme.

    Also worth watching:


    Northerntruthseeker.ca was a very smalltime truther. I visited his site 5-6 times while on occasion listening to owner dial in to Charles Giuliani on Renegade podcast. Very nice person with a happy personality.

    If they they can purge him from existence, they can easily purge POM.

    Does Mark or Steve maintain backups, please?

    They took away NTS’s domain name too. Maybe in event of purge, POM archives can be posted on Pirate Bay or other such torrent site? Contingency planning never hurts.

    I’m also very sad to see Mercola flushed down the toilet 😦


  24. Stephers you rock big time! from Lake Cowichan BC, Canada. The patients you have and the eloquence you possess with words in explaining your side of a debate is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you have offered to the ones with a opened mind. My soul salutes your soul.


    1. Gino,

      I am very grateful and warmed by your kind sentiments. It seems Alison and I have penetrated a bee hive, and the bees are stinging big-time. The last few weeks have been brutal, to say the least. On my end, I am not sure how much I can really take, but I am attempting to move forward, as there is much more to uncover.

      As you may grasp, COVID was just the catalyst in this vast scheme to literally and metaphorically re-paint (see the symbolic photo in the video I linked above) the world with graphene (be on the look-out for graphene coatings and graphene coating sprays in nearly every industry sector). This is about reassembling and restructuring all of natural life. To borrow language from Alison’s friend, Cliff, we are ‘daylighting’ some very dark stuff – and I would even add that we are digging into material (again literally and metaphorically) that approaches dark matter (AKA anti-matter). It is my informed opinion that graphene-family materials are anti-life – that is, when extracted and further synthesized and digitized (in this case, man-made in labs), and then imbued back into living organisms. It’s a lot for anyone to wrap one’s mind around, but I do feel compelled to inquire and inform others (to the extent that I am able).


      1. “…dark matter (AKA anti-matter)…”

        There is no such thing as dark matter, dear.

        That’s another mainstream physics’ fudge. If they knew about the charge recycling process, they would’ve known that all mass recycles exactly 19-times its own weight every second. That’s why there’s only 5% of the visible mass, while everything else is….photon field, the most fundamental field of this Universe.

        If you wish, I can link you to more of such knowledge so you can battle your fears with reason.


        1. I’m actually interested in arguments like this (and I daresay Stephers is too)… but could you maybe leave out the condescending and paternalistic tone? We all know that Stephers has a vagina and you have a penis. Let’s get over that, shall we?


          1. But you said you don’t trust me nor Miles. How does that go together with your interest in any argument coming from me?

            Listen, we’re clogging this thread now. Even though I come in peace, I’m sure I’m hitting many nerves with my postings. But I have been patient for long enough and couldn’t stay away from commenting on this occasion. I seriously wish Mark was back to his usual postings, I find them so much easier to relate to.

            If you sincerely wish to debate such things, we can do it over emails. Mark can link us, ask him kindly and I’m sure he’ll do it.


          2. I don’t trust: “I am (or Miles is) right about A, and must therefore be right about B, and here is a completely illogical link between A and B to convince you that I (or Miles) must be right about both.” I don’t trust assertions like that no matter who they come from. Miles seems to make this kind of argument a lot, and you seemed to be as well.

            However, if you want to talk about B in detail and seem to know a lot about it, I’m interested.

            Hope that clears up any confusion.


        2. MiniMe –

          On a side (but related) note . . . Is it safe to assume you are intimately familiar with the Subquantum Kinetics theory as put forth by Paul LaViolette: https://www.starburstfound.org/downloads/physics/nucleon.pdf? If so, can you describe in a paragraph or two (in your own words) how this model compares/squares with the model of MM? Is it aligned with Mathis, or does it conflict? Rather than vitriolic attacks, I would prefer that you contribute information that can raise my awareness – serving, instead, to elevate the conversation. As physics is not my bailiwick, I am open to learning more. Thanks!


          1. Their model doesn’t include charge in the same sense as Mathis’ theory. In MS theory, charge is just a paper term, without any mass given in their equations. This is a serious flaw and consequently many of the predictions in the paper are a mess. Photons can’t have their speed diminished / increased or they would not be photons. What they actually can is acquire additional spins, achieving the so-called stacked spin state, which discerns the qualities of different photons thus creating different particles. How? By collisions, since photon or ambient field is ripe with them. That’s where it all starts, with collisions of photons, which then acquire new qualities and further create visible mass.

            I do find few things very encouraging though. In the linked paper’s introduction, they start off by saying:”Physics, though, is ripe for a conceptual revolution.” I couldn’t agree more. But this revolution starts off with going much further into basics than authors of that paper (and experiments) dared to go, and rewriting them from the scratch. But there’s no need to so, as Miles has already done it. All they have to do is read it.

            Let me tell you the essence of Mathisian physics in one short sentence: everything is made of light. I think you should be more than intrigued by this. As I have mentioned before in somewhat abrasive manner, if you’re looking for a meaningful explanation about how this Universe functions, look into Miles’ work.



  25. MiniMe –

    I actually found your response quite helpful, and when you distilled Mathisian physics down to one sentence (“everything is made of light”) – that aligns with my instincts. Hence, why I am very interested in the Internet of Light (IoL), and therefore, included it in this very essay.

    Since we possibly may be inching closer to the same page (who would have thunk it?!), I would sincerely appreciate it if you could kindly review this 2014 paper on graphene spintronics http://cem.osu.edu/files/2012/12/nnano.2014.214.pdf, as well as this 2017 paper on graphene optospintronics https://www.researchgate.net/publication/317229912_Optospintronics_in_Graphene_Via_Proximity_Coupling and offer your feedback.

    Is it your position that spintronics utilizing graphene is feasible or not feasible? Can you offer any assistance in distilling these two papers into a paragraph or two? Again, I am not in my element when it comes to physics – particularly spintronics – and I feel that, moving forward (in what I perceive to be an emerging graphenated world), it may be helpful to gain further insight into this science. If you deem it pseudoscience, then please offer a brief repudiation with some evidence. Thank you in advance.


    1. This is better than watching a good thriller. I have no idea why Minime is so apprehensive about taking the threat of graphene seriously. The extensive long standing R &D that has gone into graphene nanotechnology in extremely completing. Thank you Stephers for providing the technical papers, articles and to have a friend like Alison explain this imminent threat. This threat includes other technologies connected to implementing an end game that will not be good for the young ones. Not holding my breath that Minime will come around and possibly a plant to discourage people from looking into your amazing work. The natural world and the natural human is a stake here. Again Stephers thank you for your dedication to a cause that will provide a better life for all worldly creatures. We need to get a grasp of this nanographene garbage so we can figure out how to stop, or at least how to maneuver around it.


      1. “I have no idea why Minime is so apprehensive about taking the threat of graphene seriously.”

        You should’ve asked instead of speculate. It’s simple. Your fears of the unknown is coming from your belief. You BELIEVE these whit lab coats as if they were infallible. Were you paying any attention to the volume of this blog? Haven’t you noticed this world is run by tricksters? What is your argument against you being tricked in the field of science or why would science be an exemption from omnipresent hoaxing/faking of our reality?

        You need to pay close attention to everything coming from MS mouthpieces. Science included. If that’s above your pay grade, ask for advice someone who can explain it to you. Or even better, educate yourself.

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    2. I took your first link, fearing in advance every other sentence would be noted. And so it was, sending me down a hole from the very first sentence.

      So I read that first sentence plus a few pages of the noted reference. As much as I could endure going through that dense text, I came to understand that their definition of spin is not coherent with Miles’ definition of the same. Also, they are still ignoring the ambiental photon field, starting to experiment with higher matter particles, protons and electrons. Their math doesn’t match the actual mechanics as they don’t acknowledge charge nor charge recycling process. Also, practically everything discussed in the first noted referenced, which sets the basis for spintronics theory, are just paper ideas. None of the mentioned apparatus from the paper has not yet been experimented with outside of their labs, they even admit the following*:”…even though many proposed spintronic device schemes may turn out to be impractical in the end, their importance lies in stimulating interesting experimental and theoretical research.” May turn? Lacking proper understanding and looking and the history of their physics-related predicition, I predict utter failure with all of them.


      Just a quick thought – you don’t have to understand any physics or its mechanisms in order to i.e. spin a wheel or catapult a stone by using levers. However, we’re discussing much more complex issues from the viewpoint of possibilities. While I strongly doubt these MS theories can predict or explain anything in realistic terms, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t have accidentally managed to achieve some experimental result. They couldn’t have predicted it though, and they can’t explain it in a proper way, but still, allowing the probability coupled with trial & error approach, something could have been noticed.

      So it goes with graphene or graphene oxide. Graphene is just graphite, but layed out in a single layer. They produce it mechanically or chemically by evaporation. However, it’s completely natural product along with carbon, the fourth most abundant element found on Earth. Yes, it has excellent conducting qualities at room temperature and it forms strong bonds, but it certainly is no human invention and absolutely is not 2D structured. You can’t claim a patent for its hexagonal structure, though I see why this hexagonality is a turn on for our overlords.

      In essence, graphene is not revolutionary in any terms, but for its somehow better conductivity and bond strength. In the end, it’s intended to replace Silicone and some other compounds within electronics realm, however all the underlying techonology remains the same – founded on fudged physics and without any mechanisms to properly explain the reasons for such behavior, thus disallowing them to understand and master it.


      1. MiniMe –

        Is it feasible to convert photons into plasmons? https://uw.physics.wisc.edu/~himpsel/551/Lectures/Plasmonics.pdf

        Also, can you please review this paper, and offer feedback? https://dash.harvard.edu/bitstream/handle/1/12414731/Gullans_SinglePhoton.pdf?sequence=1

        Please watch this presentation and offer feedback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJRLaWspRoI.

        I appreciate your insights, as I am attempting to learn more about this graphene material.


        1. Just a short reply – considering that matter recycles charge, how can any device engineered by people who don’t ackonwledge it produce a single photon? Charge is made of photons, remember, so their device must have been producing something, but it sure isn’t producing a single photon unless they were able to confine the matter within the device so it would not emmit photons by charge recycling. That would be a true vacuum, photonless and matterless space. Since they don’t know about Mathisian charge, they’re talking gibberish, though they might have achieved some measurable result. But it sure isn’t coming from a single photon.

          Plasmonics – I’ve never heard of that before. Again, these guys think light is both particle and wave, with photon being some kind of duality thing. I haven’t got the courage to dive into it, my opinion is similar as above – they might have noticed some new behavior, but the underlying explanation for it is complete scientific fairytale.

          Videos are too much for my stomach, I get nauseous watching anything but music videos up to 1979.

          Graphene being hyped is not a coincidence in my opinion. It can replace both silicon and precious metals in electronics to cut production costs in the long run, so they’ve thrown tons of tax money at it in order to get it mass produced, which would make their profit margins even greater. If we by any chance manage to squeeze something meaningful out of it, they’ll have it patented and made sure to at least put a meter on it. Without a true revolution, nothing will change.


          1. It can replace both silicon and precious metals in electronics to cut production costs in the long run,

            ..Do you have any examples of this, please? Or is this just wild speculation?

            They can dope graphene to create a semiconductor? And examples of ICs with 10’s of millions of transistors exist in preproduction form…made of graphene?

            Gold is one of the top room temp conductors there is. Graphene can approach or outperform gold?


            1. Take one of those links to which I responded, the authors claim so, yes – mono-layered graphite, aka graphene, has better conductivity than any other material according to their study.

              Don’t know about semiconductors made of graphene, but I read somewhere within those few papers that it has better properties and is cheaper than Silicone. It only lacks mass production.


  26. I’m fairly certain I got rid of my graphene using Panacur C:


    I’ve successfully banished my interstellar quantum multidimensiomal string theory visitations (usually at 3am) from Area 51 after the 18th 1 gram dose.

    I still take 1 gram a day as a “maintenance dose” against those evil entities Bill Cooper warned us all about.

    Only side effect so far has been a craving for doggie treats. Woof!!


  27. “Natural Human Enzyme Can Biodegrade Graphene, Scientists Report”
    Published on August 4, 2021
    Written by phys.org

    “Prof. Maurizio Prato, leader of Work Package 4, said, ‘The enzymatic degradation of graphene is a very important topic, because in principle, graphene dispersed in the atmosphere could produce some harm. Instead, if there are microorganisms able to degrade graphene and related materials, the persistence of these materials in our environment will be strongly decreased. These types of studies are needed. What is also needed is to investigate the nature of degradation products. Once graphene is digested by enzymes, it could produce harmful derivatives. We need to know the structure of these derivatives and study their impact on health and environment.’”

    Read the comments section of the article linked above, and see Prof. Prato here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msP9VQKjzp8.

    Bengt Fadeel in 2018 (referenced in the article above): “Engineered nanomaterials: from nanosafety to nanomedicine, or: the good, the bad, and the ugly”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_lM5dhD3tE. Discussion of graphene (followed by graphene oxide) begins around the 18 minute time stamp.

    Bengt Fadeel bio: https://staff.ki.se/people/bengt-fadeel and https://ki.se/en/imm/unit-of-molecular-toxicology


  28. See more footage of Kensington that was posted today (August 9, 2021): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1CBk8qkjZ8.

    Then watch this zombie street experiment from 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHPMocTmC08 (less than 2 minutes)

    Then see some photos of contortionists: https://www.bostoncircusguild.com/contortion.html

    Granted, the scenes from the zombie experiment and the photos of circus contortionists depict a more extreme expression of “art” – but does anyone see a similar phenomenon?

    Is there some sort of zombie-like project/experiment being performed on the streets of Kensington? If so, to what end? Is it just for purposes of mockery? As I have implied in previous comments, it seems one intention could be to imprint a false overlay/simulation of “zombification” that could actually be used as dark magic conjuring to manifest a certain reality. I know this is some pretty dark stuff, but it seems something very intentional and malfeasant could be going on there, and possibly in other cities as well (?).

    Could this be related somehow to disaster scenario planning, such as CONPLAN 8888? http://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/counter-zombie-dominance-conplan-8888/


    1. This is the way to approach these things, thanks Harry’s Pretzel Mug, it is hopeful to see more of this, rather than more word salads for junkies.

      A new great chop-the-tree-at-the-trunk-no-need-to-go-into-the-mostly-fake-leaves argument came up at an evening with my friend (human, unmasked ! in Colombia that is unique) and her 9 year old daughter.

      I asked her “would you consume a drink here on the table when you don’t know what it is?” and of course she said “no”. So logically I asked “why do people do exactly this but then INJECTED in their own bodies”?

      And she literally said to me: “of course, it is undeniable

      So not only did she recognize the point, she even sensed how important it is to look for those undeniable truths, truisms no matter what and I of course explained to her that it is those things I look for to debunk these crazy stories.

      If a 9 year old can understand it, anyone can.

      Stephers needs to take a deep breath and reconsider her paths, it is poisoning and not helping anyone (only to get deeper into the drug of “Fakeology”; she is preaching to the junkie choir).

      Chopping tree trunks is way more effective than “trying to understand” unhealthy narratives made to confuse and conquer.

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  29. @Scott

    A guy from England? English is not even my native language, I’m fluent in many languages. This is somewhat amusing, guessing who or where I’m from. Remember that movie, Saving private Ryan, where Tom Hanks’ squad had a big bet opened, trying to guess his pre-war profession? I’d be willing to consider such a game if some crazy bet was involved, too 😉


    1. I will take you up on the bet but the problem will be how to confirm that what is said is the absolute truth since these days, even a picture does not tell a thousand words; today pictures also lie and anything put on the net is not necessarily true…even genealogies have historically been fabricated…japan being the first example that comes to my mind….

      i will bet you a free vacation (plane fare excluded) in the mountains of japan, in an isolated, fully equipped (with wifi also) one bedroom cabin for as long as you wish to stay…home grown vegetables at your doorstep and firewood ready and cut for your woodstove and most importantly no one will impose upon and you may even bring that “willing lass” to wile away the starry nights
      That is what i can offer you if you can prove to me without a speck of doubt that you are not from Texas and your birth name is not Miles Mathis.
      If you lose you will owe me nothing since there is nothing i really need.

      Further i believe that you do not speak many languages but rather you can read many languages; i am the one who has learned the language of every country i have lived long term in, except japan since i was too old when i got here to be interested any longer in communicating with the people.

      Let the game commence, my friend.


        1. I’m bookmarking this comment and will await for the bet to rise enough, just like in the movie 🙂


    2. Haha, my bad, MiniMe. I had a vague (and obviously false) memory of you saying somewhere that you were in England. Another drawback of communicating this way. If we were socializing in person, your dialect (and your undoubtedly perfect teeth, yes? am I right?) no doubt would have set me straight.


      1. Oh no, that was Fauxy, guessing on my comments’ IP.

        My teeth are far from perfect, I’ve got a fairly big gap between my upper front ones. But my dialect would definitely be another hint, I reckon. Won’t give any more hints until that bet rises 😉


          1. and by the way, i am offering sanctuary to anyone who cannot endure the coronavirus psyche op in a western country…. All joking aside, life is totally normal here , and will probably remain so for a few years to come. I suppose i should say that as soon as you step outside the airport, life is normal here; how you get from there to out of the airport here without masks and vaccinations is something i cannot help you with. you can email me at godfly@protonmail.com if you are interested.


  30. It’s a different blog nowadays indeed… thought I was never going to write this, but I miss the days of Straight, daddyuhoh, Tyrone, Ahmad, Maarten, Calgagus and even Mark and the Funky Bunch…


  31. I saw a guy in front of the grocery store today, who had that same hunched over and leaned forward posture as seen in the Kensington videos. Then he strartled as if coming awake and corrected his posture. It really may have been that he was asleep while still on two feet. Possible sleep deprivation. Is that overhead track on Kensington for trains? Electric?

    Do keep up the good work Stephers. None of us has the time to research everything. Hard to grasp the size of the changes that are coming. I asked the paint desk guy at Lowes if any of the housepaint brands contained graphene, but he had no idea what I was talking about. This stuff is goung far and wide into manufactured products. My question: with what hand held instrument might one detect graphene oxide containing nano particles if they were to be suspended in the air? An N95 mask won’t cut it.

    Cement, paint, paving, tires…. A recycled formerly organic waste trans formed into products that can be lighter and harder, just like fiberglass is added to plastic. Road dust will contain this stuff. Painters and other workers will display new and upgraded industrial exposure symptoms.

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    1. Alan,

      I appreciate your instincts and keen observational skills. I think sleep deprivation should be taken into consideration.

      Indeed, the overhead track in Kensington is the elevated subway – called the El: https://iseptaphilly.com/marketfrankford-broadstreetlines.

      In order to detect the presence of GO (https://www.physics.purdue.edu/quantum/files/Raman_Spectroscopy_of_Graphene_NOVA_Childres.pdf) in consumer products, or possibly in surrounding air, one would need a hand-held Raman spectrometer https://www.stellarnet.us/analyzers/stellarram-handheld-raman-system-for-material-identification/, but it costs a hefty $25,000. So you can see the predicament.

      In terms of N95 masks, not only do they not prevent nanoscale particles from penetrating, many (if not most) are now imbued with graphene – see here: https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2020-10-20/zen-graphene-solutions-ltd-discusses-the-launch-of-graphene-based-n95-mask-coating-with-the-stock-day-podcast and here: https://www.zengraphene.com/zen-graphene-solutions-announces-collaboration-with-graphene-composites-ltd-to-develop-a-covid-19-virucidal-graphene-based-composite-ink-for-face-masks/. Again, you can see the complexity and insidiousness of this situation.

      In my opinion, you are spot-on about road/paint/tire nano dust and its consequences; and that is precisely what is addressed in this presentation by nanotoxicologist, Bengt Fadeel: “Engineered nanomaterials: from nanosafety to nanomedicine: or: the good, the bad, and the ugly” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_lM5dhD3tE. Therein, Fadeel references a study of French children who were exposed to nanodust (found in lung samples) and developed respiratory issues. I once referenced this study, and I will have to find it again amongst my notes.

      Thank you so much for taking an interest, and for your thoughtful contributions and questions. ~ Best, Stephers


      1. Thanks for the quick reference to the hand held Raman Spectrometer. I had, indeed, looked into these during my time at the air filter lab, but it looks like they’ve been improved. It is, unfortunately, beyond my current home workbench budget, unless I were to win the lottery. But my friends, who are now rebuilding the lab some 1600 miles from here can maybe gain access to one.


    2. A few years back I was running a lab testing air filters, by means as published in industry approved ASHRAE standards. I wanted to obtain some new instrumentation to look into possible metallic or otherwise conductive nano particles. These are far smaller than my lab was equipped to detect. I was concerned that over the past 100 or 150 years the Earth’s atmosphere has become more conductive to electrical arcs, such that a lower voltage is required to throw a lightning bolt across an air gap of some specified size.

      This whole idea was nixed, and no funds provided. Why look for problems if there is apparently no liability if no one ever happens to look….

      Various invisible pollutants abound in ever increasing amounts all around us. Nuclear radiation, x-ray, gamma, radio, mega Hz, giga Hz. Even though radioactive pollutants must be more common year after year, consider just how few of us own geiger counters. How few people own a magnetic field meter sufficient to detect fields from bad house wiring that might be strong enough to be causing cancer?

      So in the past 10 or 15 years there has been initiated a new class of possible conductive air particles: varieties of graphene. Thank you so much for alerting me to this, Stephers. This is exactly what I wanted to equip the lab (which got entirely defunded and no longer exists) to look for.


      1. Alan –

        In terms of invisible pollutants increasingly ever-present, I would add that THz applications are already being implemented. Here are some references (some of which would require more digging) to peruse at your convenience and interest:


        Click to access DIP_Demsar.pdf


        Although I am a novice; I, too, own a Geiger counter, in addition to a few versions of magnetic field and RF meters. Purchasing a Raman spectrometer is also not aligned with my budget.


        1. Alan,

          If you think you may find this helpful . . . On THz technologies, this is information I received from a friend several years ago (in her own words) – there were links embedded but they may not transfer properly due to formatting logistics, so I may have to add them in later:

          The industry is starting to create a false need for frequencies – do PR with a false claim that there is a need for more bandwidth probably to get funding to test Terahertz frequencies. This morning following an experiment a PR statement was released and a couple of articles were published: The future of wireless communications is terahertz (https://phys.org/news/2018-02-future-wireless-terahertz.html). Advances open new frequency range for wireless communications (https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/486993).

          They also speak about use of light frequencies. This month there was a conference: International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications”.

          As for HEALTH EFFECTS of Terahertz frequencies, a study was published in 2009 showing that the TSA airport Terahertz scanning machines security machines. The study “DNA Breathing Dynamics in the Presence of a Terahertz Field” (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0375960110000125?via%3Dihub) that was done by a scientist, Boian Alexandrov (https://cnls.lanl.gov/External/people/Boian_Alexandrov.php) from Los Alamos National Laboratories “reveals very disturbing—even shocking—evidence that the THz waves generated by TSA scanners is significantly damaging the DNA of the people being directed through the machines, and the TSA workers that are in close proximity to the scanners throughout their workday.” A good article from 2010 that explains the issue and the findings: Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA (https://stevenjohnhibbs.wordpress.com/2010/12/17/los-alamos-scientist-reveals-the-tsa-scanners-shred-human-dna/)


        1. Alan,

          I am about to post this in the comments thread on my Mr. G. piece, but thought you may be interested . . .

          Has anyone considered that the plexiglass that is now pervasive in nearly all indoor public areas could be coated with graphene?

          Read here about an experiment involving pulses of ionizing radiation on graphene separated by plexiglass: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-4991/11/1/170/html.

          Then see the report posted today (August 10, 2021) from La Quinta Columna: https://www.orwell.city/2021/08/ionizing-radiation.html.


  32. It should be noted that long before Geim and Novoselov came along, Mildred Dresselhaus https://graphene.gatech.edu/publications/APS_08_Graphene_Tutorial_Dresselhaus.pdf was working with carbon nanomaterials (as early as 1960). She references graphene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dVHupKEFuI.

    Dresselhaus (of MIT) was known as the “Queen of Carbon Science”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfh5nb09yY.

    Here are some of her carbon nano patents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPfh5nb09yY.


  33. Here is Dr. Andy Kaufman discussing graphene (from the 13 min to 28 min time stamp): https://www.bitchute.com/video/npKx46gWAEcI/. One issue I want to dispute, though . . . Geim and Novoselov were not the first to “discover” graphene – that is simply a cover story. P.R. Wallace (https://physicstoday.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/1.2364256) was the first – in 1947 (as stated in the literature https://graphene.gatech.edu/publications/APS_08_Graphene_Tutorial_Dresselhaus.pdf and https://uknowledge.uky.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1086&context=chemistry_etds) to discover graphene, and Mildred Dresselhaus was studying carbon nanoparticles (in the graphene family) as early as 1960 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dVHupKEFuI). Additionally, attempts to synthesize single-layered graphene were carried out in the 1960s by two other researchers, Karu and Beer. Further, the discovery of graphene oxide (GO) pre-dates P.R. Wallace – going back to the late 1800s (which I previously referenced, and will have to locate that source).

    So why the story of graphene being first discovered in 2004? What could have been going on with graphene in the meantime, when it seems university researchers were not openly discussing it . . . tied up in black (pun intended) projects perhaps? It was only subsequent to 2004 that scientific papers on graphene family materials started to emerge more commonly on the scene.

    We need to tell not only a “better story” (https://www.thehighersidechats.com/alison-mcdowell-graphene-world-order-the-bio-surveillance-state-the-better-story/), but a more accurate one. Otherwise, we could be obfuscating (whether intentional or not) some hard truths.


    1. Kaufman is a PsyOp, like Cowan. Next! They say a couple of good things to draw you in, but then sell out for money, fame and who knows who else they are working for that is not on our side. They do a good germ theory hoax story, but everything else. Hmmm!


      1. Something is not right with this Kaufman guy having a revelation now about graphene. Firstly, why come out with a first “I think” interview with little known Laura Lynn. He seems to be testing the waters and promoting himself as a natural healing guru doctor too. He takes the lime light for uncovering graphene oxide, but never mentions you, or Alison’s work on the topic. He focuses on graphene and never mentions the other; Internet of bodies, Human capital finance and other thing you and Alison speak of. At 48:00 time stamp he praises David Martin on his work, but never mentions Martins connections and business profile. The new suit and shiny tie look is odd too. I have caught him in quite a few videos with weird back ground music , or high pitch frequency noises. His interviews include high profile speakers in the flat earth community. Why would you want that association? To access anything on is website you need to give out your name and email. Is he just a money making opportunist, or is deliberately trying to discredit himself, which may discredit, or create confusion on other relevant things he says. Can not put my finger on it, but something is not right Shephers.


        1. Gino,

          If you are interested . . . Here is an abstract of a paper co-authored by two of Kaufman’s previous colleagues: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24756997/. Interesting, huh? For added context, you can see an abstract here where Kaufman co-authored with Knoll and Leonard: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22159986/. It seems Kaufman’s colleague, Knoll, is very interested in “threat assessment”: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25728417/. And here is an abstract from 2013 co-authored by Kaufman and Knoll: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23413240/.


        1. I see the video you linked was produced by Oracle Films (https://www.oraclefilms.com). I have been noticing this production company since the beginning of this COVID operation, yet I have yet to uncover precisely who/what they are. Feel free to have at it. Perhaps you can find some more information. It may be helpful.

          Speaking of Infowars, Kaufman was a guest host (standing in for AJ) on August 4, 2021 (starts around the 2 hr 16 min time stamp, and he is wearing a different suit than the one he wore in the Infowars clip to which you linked above): https://www.bitchute.com/video/faUESx6zjid4/. I concur – “something is up” . . .


          1. Thank you, Shephers on Kaufman past connections.
            I have already dumped Kaufman and his partner in crime Cowan with out the extra.
            So many in love with these two. I got sucked in for awhile too.
            Glad I found my tribe with you, Alison and the ones you guys mingle with.
            Video productions like Kaufman’s last Bitchute one and it is all over for me. I do not care who you are.
            Stammi bene


        1. More regarding Kaufman’s last Bitchute video.
          The graphic scary image for the video will turn off the ones that need this information the most. Wrong approach to reach these people, or is it deliberately presented that way to discredit its content and the people providing the information. We need to remind ourselves that we are dealing with some very clever people.
          Kaufman comes from a psychology background and I find it hard to believe that he is not aware of the effects this production style will have on the viewers. I believe this video will have a negative effect on persuading the ones who are brainwashed and already full of fear. Kaufman is no dummy he knows exactly what he is doing, which is why I do not trust him.
          The ending will scare the hell out of the ones all ready scared to death. Put it this way I would never give this video to someone I was trying to persuade about the germ theory hoax. This is reverse psychology, who Kaufman is an expert in the field.


  34. So, Stephers, a more conductive version of plexiglass or polycabonate can be made by adding graphene. This, your linked research says, can absorb frequencies up to THz, which I find rather hopeful, since I would be glad to modify building materials in my surroundings with such pollution absorbers. If I ever get around to painting my home with EMF blocking paint, I could shield the windows by using graphenated polycarbonate instead of glass.

    Also, absorbing surfaces may ulimately provide more protection than reflective sufaces.

    But it is a bit disturbing if the absorbed EMF is re-released as ionizing radiation. I would prefer that the ionization released by my shielding windows be on the side outside of my home. By blocking THz we might be trading EMF pollution for ionized pollution. If energy harvesting nanobots are now in peoples bodies in such quantity that increased ionization can be measured with a geiger counter…. Well, we know that such ionizing radiation does cause cellular damage.

    But I doubt that the cheap plextglass shields that were recently made for use at checkout counters, wiping out the stock of materials at Home Depot and Lowes, were anything but the usual non conductive plastic. If graphenated polycarbonates are already getting into our supply chain the primary hazard would be to the craftsman cutting or sanding, creating dust while working with the newer materials.


  35. This predates Covid by 25+ years.

    Have you heard? Have you Heard??

    Did you know? Did you Know!?!?

    :). Enjoy. Absolutely brilliant.


  36. I just posted an online condolence for my Aunt today.

    Is there a site for OregonMatt’s wife and family? We can all crash the website with our love. Let us know.


    1. Hi Rastus, I do not know of an online memorial site for OM’s wife. Her family is from another country, and so it would most likely be posted there in their native language. However, I am happy to forward along any condolence messages from the POM community to OM.


  37. This is regarding Phi and the Golden Mean. The following link provides some possibly useful information that is apparently not widely acknowledged. This author does not give credit to the original author of the info he provides but he does put it into a concise format. I think this has everything to do with the larger drama we see unfolding in our reality. Thank you Stephers for your work and research. it is brilliant.

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  38. Things got a little personal here, so, my decision and no one else’s, comments are closed. If you knew the amount of work that foes in to these posts, you would not speak of “claptrap, but would rather offer specific criticisms that can be answered thoughtfully.


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