The children question – is it responsible to have kids?

Jon Le Bon is back in business, I take it, or at least I hope. In this post, he is reviewing the question of whether responsible adults should be giving birth to and raising children.

Of course, everyone is free to do as they choose, but I see no reason not to have kids, even large families, for anyone. I know the reasons given for abstinence from children, that pandemics will be more common and climate change is going to destroy us anyway. But none of that is true, that is, those are merely propaganda campaigns. The climate is changing only in a barely perceptible (and beneficial way), and Covid was a fake pandemic undertaken for unstated reasons, well covered here and elsewhere.

I think of journalism as a corrupt profession, with training done in a manner that allows journalists to professionally avoid searching for truth. I know there are honest and sincere journalists around, but they are a minority and must keep a low profile. The vast majority of them are stupid, or if intelligent, severely misguided.

The same goes with teachers. They are mostly stupid people, and if not, then must keep a low profile. They are currently teaching our youth that climate change is a real and present danger, and that their future is bleak. I regard that as child abuse. Let’s hope that most kids are, like I was, bad students so that the message is not sinking in.

In my youth young people might have foregone families because of the Cold War and the bomb. Those too were works of fiction. But the result was the same, pessimism about the future and endless angst and anxiety for kids. Me included.

I spent my career in the oil and gas business, among other things. There are people in that profession who construct what are known as “Division Orders,” that is, when an oil or gas well is drilled, they must first find out who owns the minerals under the ground. Often enough those minerals, which were usually “severed” from surface ownership, end up in the hands of rich investors and oil and gas companies.

But often enough, royalty interests were left behind to be divvied up among families. North Dakota and Eastern Montana come to mind, where farmers needed to have kids to help with the work. It was not unusual to see forty or fifty owners under one well, with minuscule interests, for example, .000058, or $1 earned for every $17,241 a well might produce.

I bring this up because no one was harmed by such large families then or now. The more, the merrier. Kids I knew from large families were usually happy and healthy. Only children or childless couples were the oddballs.

Of course I generalize, but my point is that the current trend towards smaller families might be a neutral outcome, but might also deny us one of the great joys of life, brothers and sisters aplenty.

Current population trends, at least pre-Covid/Climate Change had the earth growing to nine billion people by 2045, easily within our carrying capacity. At that time it was projected to level off, naturally. I do not know why the leveling off.  I only know that having children is one of the rewards of life and loving, and that more kids will not harm the planet. Teachers and journalists might harm kids, but we do grow up and learn, or at least I did. I overcame all of  my youthful indoctrination.

It has been said that the entire world population can live in the state of Texas, with each person having the space equivalent to maybe ten parking spaces. This is but a thought experiment, as realistically each person also needs land to grow food and recreate and the like. But I find it a useful thought experiment, as it forces us to get a better perspective on what 7,000,000,000 people means on a planet like Earth. We are not overcrowding it or overtaxing its resources, though as always there are problems such as over-fishing and excess chemical runoff. We can manage these problems, and indeed, we must.

The problem is our limited perspective. We see the world through pictures and television images, which distort reality. We all need to travel more, but wait – climate alarmists want to shut down travel too. They are among the most tunnel-visioned people around, and genuine pains in the Greta Thunberg ass. Can you imagine being so deprived of optimism as that young lady? She is Debbie Downer.

It is time to view people as an asset, or as I was taught in school when I actually paid attention, that the greatest natural resources any country has is its people.

21 thoughts on “The children question – is it responsible to have kids?

  1. I got my wife to agree to put off having children until we’d bought a house and had paid it off.
    I felt vulnerable and saw the world as a dangerous place.
    Times are way different now and I don’t think I would want to have kids at all.
    I don’t judge those who have large families while still renting – ok, I guess I do.
    Back in the day having kids was a way of having willing workers to share the load.

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    1. Each kid costs approximately half a million (supposedly) in my country. I have 3. My youngest is 10k per year for school alone.


      1. Cost of higher education is off the charts, and not reasonable. Here in the US kids who are not yet functional adults are encouraged to take out loans to finance their elaborately overpriced education, saddling them in monstrous debt for their early to mid-adult lives.

        Bring back apprenticeships.


  2. My argument for having kids, kids and more kids is that the anti-life sociopaths who own the world don’t want us to. Let’s gather up all the heavily pregnant women we can find–the more black and brown and Asian, the better–and crash the next Davos meeting and see if we can induce labor in all of them simultaneously, just have ’em squirt out thousands upon thousands of screaming babies all at once. Now that would be a protest.


    1. Yep:-) but life includes all species. There’s no doubting that we’re taking up too much space – I love empty spaces in nature and humans are generally the last critters I want to meet.
      The ruling fucks know what’s good for the planet but that’s got to come after what’s good for themselves.


      1. I don’t agree that not having kids is good for the planet. That’s what we are supposed to believe, but, as Mark points out in his post, Mother Earth can easily handle–and abundantly provide for–all the offspring that we produce. The reason it doesn’t seem that way is because we’ve allowed the sociopaths who want to kill us and sterilize us to be our providers instead of Mother Earth. “Overpopulation” only seems to be a problem because they say it is. It’s not. Nature provides. The Davos crowd steals and hoards and lies.


        1. I think that the images given us of starving Africans runs square in the face of facts, that food supply and population go hand in hand, and that the current 2.4% upward trend signifies the ability to support such increases. What they lack is access to energy, as they are fossil fuel starved, by design. World Bank and IMF claim that Africans need to leap over fossil fuels and go directly to wind and solar, a recipe for continued poverty. The very things that made us rich are denied them, and that is just classic racism.

          Bill Gates has been a monster in this regard, a Stalin-like predator hitting Africans with AIDS drugs that kill rather than cure. AIDS is not a viral disease, but rather a product of poor lifestyle choices, hemophilia, and malnutrition. The Gates agenda was to move in and accelerate deaths due to these causes.


          1. If Stalin were B. Gates the numbers would be opposite:

            Population of USSR
            1926 – 146,7 mln
            1959 – 208,8 mln

            Joseph Stalin leader of USSR 1924–1953


        2. I sure hope this doesn’t show up as a double comment! I just tried to respond to you, ScottRC, to tell you that I actually enjoyed your hyperbolic description of the mass birth at Davos. As a mother of three, (despite my avatar photo being of my late husband), I’m all for having kids.
          I just wanted to write to let you know that I wasn’t criticizing your comment at all. If it sounded that way, I apologize. I’d actually written more, to explain my own realization of the problem of mass economic migration and the personal effect it’s hard on me, but it wasn’t really important and my lack of being able to handle even the most simple technology made it impossible to post anyway. The important thing was to let you know that I was laughing WITH you and not at you and that my intention was definitely not to criticize you /what you said.


    2. I’d written a reply, but used the wrong email so here’s a short version of the original.
      Unfortunately, the Davos group Et al. would be filled with joy at seeing something like that. After all, they and others are responsible for the United Nations Migration Repopulation Plan, or whatever its name is now.
      The boatloads of economic immigrants that have started to arrive in Italy again this year, are having plenty of children who will become investment opportunities for the Davos group and others. Each parent and each child represents a financial and a social programming opportunity.
      A mass birth at Davos would be a sight to see and would offend them on some level, no doubt, but at the same time they’d already be checking their virtual wallets to see when the dividends on these investments would begin to arrive.

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  3. Totally irresponsible having children these days, as it always was.
    People make the same mistake over and over again throughout history: they think that having the power to reproduce themselves=the right to do it.
    Nope, doesn’t work that way.
    Having children like rats being totally incapable of raising and educating them is absolutely crazy. This world is full of traumatized people who’ve had a horrible childhood, need years of therapy and whatnot to recover from wounds like sexual/psychological abuse, and are scared to death to make the same mistakes with their own kids.
    So, hard pass on what Scott wrote, I find it irrational to say the least.
    Having tons of kids just to go against the élites? So babies are a weapon now, not human beings worthy of a decent life?
    These are the same arguments the far right parties use in Europe: we’ll fight the power and the immigrants invasion with millions of pregnant white bellies!
    I need to go puke, excuse me for a sec.
    About the brown and Asian heavily pregnant women, that’s exactly what the élites want and gave been planning all along: millions of slaves giving birth to other slaves who will replace Europeans, they’re already doing that, but I don’t actually give a flying fig, I’m not getting married and having kids in this world just to convince myself I’ve done something “patriotic” for my country and race.
    I guess that’s why the US is now a teocracy with anti abortion laws that mean to complete the destruction of women, especially the low income ones, forcing them to have unwanted pregnacies and even worse, no access to birth control without their spouse’s consent.
    Women are not cows, you know.


    1. Well, I’m being hyperbolic, obviously, and what you say about people having kids they don’t have the resources to properly raise and care for is an obvious and enormous problem. Where it gets thorny for me is how easy it is for these problems to lead to a contempt for humanity as a whole–a contempt I hear loud and clear in your response, Enoch, and that I certainly understand and empathize with and have felt. But these problems were created by elites in order to profit from the suffering of other human beings. The human beings doing the suffering are following Nature’s directives, and there would actually be nothing wrong with following those directives if we weren’t cut off from Nature–our own and the Earth’s–at every opportunity by the elites who exploit us. So I think the contempt is misplaced, but, I don’t know, maybe that’s merely an academic observation at this point?


  4. entry into my journal: febuary 2023

    “I see now that a person cannot understand what politics really is until they
    understand that the word “citizen” is a euphemism for the word “merchandise” Really! Why else would the rulers be so obsessed with demograpics? How ironic that here in Japan, the more children i have, the better my economic situation becomes…these fucks are paying me more and more for each child Kano has, and each time they employ more devious methods to get us to play by their rules and each time we continue to have unassisted homebirths. Kano is nine months pregnnt with our 4th and she has not stepped inside of a hospital in 10 years, and none of my kids have ever been inside of a hospital; what they think is that my children will grow up and be wage slaves so they can continue to live comfortably on our taxes and labour but as long as i am alive it will not happen. The problem is that i am already 60 and will i even live to see my children grow up. Fuck it. If i knew now what i did not know then…10 years ago, i have to admit that i would not bring children into this world. But the lesser evil can always become a good if you accept the lesser evil fully…i will play it out now until the end…


      1. You accuse me of being passive aggressive, and then engage in childish name calling? I’m sorry, which one of us is being aggressive here? Did you teach that to your kids as well, as they were having their own brains turned to mush in government indoctrination prisons?

        You want me to say what I mean, I’ll be happy to, despite your rudeness: you’ve come a long way but still have a very long way to go. I sincerely doubt you will ever overcome all of your youthful indoctrination, an incredibly bold, dare I say, hubristic claim, one that I doubt anybody is capable of achieving, though it is a goal certainly worth striving for.

        I’ll be happy to accept an apology and forgive your rudeness should you find yourself embarrassed by your childish response. I certainly feel embarrassed for you – reinforcing stereotypes, as you are, about the uncouth behavior of Cranky Old Men.


        1. Agreed.
          It’s impossible to get rid of all the indoctrination received, whoever think they can is just deluded.
          Unless you’re a hermit on top of a mountain, and I’m not even sure about that, should talk to one someday but not the easiest thing I’m told.


        2. Saynwhat you mean,,mean what you say is not a hard concept. “Thanks for the laugh…” indicates a belief in a depth of knowledge without any obligation to demonstrate that knowledge. We are left to assume, as you walk away unharmed. That is passive aggressi9n.

          I was raised to be Catholic and Republican, patriotic, Randian, straight-laced, and a reader of newspapers and follower of news, anti-abortion and Friedmanite. I shed all of those things. What have I left to shed?


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