Laser reflectors on the Moon?

I just ran across some interesting calculations regarding measurement of the distance from Earth to the Moon. NASA claims that on three of the six missions where astronauts landed on the Moon, retro-reflectors were left on the surface for Earthbound scientists to bounce laser signals off.

I’d never really thought much about it but did know that laser signals had been bounced off the Moon prior to the Apollo program. In fact, as I learn, scientists at MIT was doing this as early as 1962.

Because of the way we use lasers on earth, we assume that a laser beam is a solid ray of light that does not diffuse over distance. In fact, it does, and by the time it reaches the Moon from Earth, a laser beam covers a circular area with a diameter of about 7 kilometers. (The guy who did these calculations used metric, and I do not feel like doing the conversion to Imperial.)

The area of the small reflector supposedly left behind was about .62 square meter. As it works out, the reflector occupies .0000000967 percent of the area covered by the diffused laser beam.

Keep in mind that to measure the distance from here to the Moon (at any given time) that laser beam needs to be reflected back to Earth. More diffusion takes place, so that the area of the beam on reflection is a circle about 12.4 meters in diameter. A large antenna collecting that signal would typically be that of the McDonald Observatory, about 2.3 square meters.

So the area covered by the collecting antenna of the reflected back-to-Earth beam would be .000000000000738 percent.

Despite these percentages, skilled scientists can make very precise measurements. They claim to have measured the distance from here to the Moon at any given time to within three centimeters. I will take their word for it.

So what’s up with NASA and its alleged reflectors? They were not needed, and in fact the odds heavily say that they would never have been used, even accidentally, in any scientific experiment.

They do, however, portend to be scientific evidence that we really did go to the Moon 53 years ago. If real, they would by now be corroded by micrometeorites and scorching heat alternating with freezing cold. NASA was bluffing, relying on people like me who do not understand laser technology.

Credit is due here to retired civil engineer Trevor Weaver. This information was taken from Chapter 11 of his book The Apollo Moon Hoax: How Did They Do It?

13 thoughts on “Laser reflectors on the Moon?

  1. So, what’s with all this measuring anyway?
    It’s been proven that men don’t measure very well.
    — just gotta prove something. Proof is found in the application.


  2. So fortunate them astros theyselves weren’t struck by the micrometeorites whilst they were golfing and dune-buggying around the lunar landscape; maybe they learned the Twist in their Playtex suits before liftoff and dodged them, much like they went through the Van Allen Belts extra-fast in the “weaker” areas….swerving to miss the worst of it, like in Fast and Furious.

    Wonder if the pilots learned their expert maneuvering techniques from the street chase scenes in Bullitt.

    Shame the route they took was destroyed along with the telemetry due to budget cuts. Maybe just to vex the Russians, eh?


    1. This, because of my age, is available in my memory where for most not. I was watching Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. He was doing his Carnac routine, where he would hold an envelope to his head without knowing the question. This was at a time when people could not say “hell” or “damn” on TV. The answer, as he held the envelope to his forehead, was “Shiffer.” He then opened the envelope.The question was “Who are the stupidest people on Earth.” He said that in the Micronesian Islands was one called Shiffer, and from this we get the expression “Shiffer brains.” Got by the censors, maybe they laughed as hard as the rest of us..

      Just wondering about the astronauts, a brainy group save perhaps one, Alan Bean, Apollo 12 I think, who might have Shiffer brains. if you get a chance, look at his post moon landing interviews.


  3. Carnac was my favorite bit by him. Bean does not seem too bright at all based on his later interviews; I could not find any of him soon after his “mission”.

    The interview of the big three still chills me, where they seem like Manchurian candidates.


  4. I was browsing around the internet recently and got hit by a bolt of lightning. Abraham Zapruder was a 33rd Degree Freemason, just like 42 of our 46 U.S. Presidents and including more than 90 percent of the drafters and signatories of the United States Constitution. Turns out as well that David Rockefeller shares that same distinction. Any wonder the Twin Towers began to be developed in 1968 and then were pulverized 33 years later. Rockefeller headed that development group, so essentially his structures to build and his to destroy. And then of course John Glen, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong all achieved that rank as well. Can we safely assume then that 33rd degree Freemasons are ineluctably connected to three of the greatest hoaxes in U.S. History, part and parcel with three of the greatest and provable frauds the world has ever known. There is no such thing as coincidence.


    1. Three numbers that Freemasons, who seem very superstitious, use to signal one another that certain events are fake are 8, 11 and 33. They mean nothing to me but obviously are important to them. Thus we had JFK’s fake assassination on 11/22 (=33), first shot fired at 12:30 (=33). The Apollo mission that fake went to the moon was Apollo … 11. The Twin Towers that were demolished by controlled demolition on 9 (3*3)/11, built 33 years prior, viewed from a distance were a prominent “11” on the landscape. 8 seems less used but often appears as the number of victims in fake mass shooting, say 26 and the like. We had a fake mass shooting at a Kings Sooper up in Boulder a few years back. The supposed perpetrator was frog marched out of the building at 3:30 that day. The Columbine “massacre” was officially declared ended at 3:30 PM.

      So it goes.


    2. Yeah, Mason (I assume you’re under an alias with that name), the Freemasonic conspiracy seems rather sophomoric in its conception. We all kinda started there at one time. To your point, it does seem odd that truthers don’t connect those dots. Alotta skeptics point the LH finger at previous researchers. Say like McGowan, Simon Shack and others there at CF, etc. But the tree shall be known by its fruit, right? The work at CF is quite substantial, and Dave McGowan’s work so too as well. Can we blame them for exposing very serious claims of fraudulence, yet expect them to tell us who the perpetrators are? Could honest and serious researchers ever pull that curtain back for everybody else? Absolutely not. This idea that researchers who cannot rip the curtain back and reveal the ghouls and goblins hiding behind it rings false and disingenuous with me. The perpetrators of these vile acts of deception are like mice who live in the walls. You can hear them, you can smell them, you can listen to their squeaking, but you just can’t fucking catch them. So because Dave McGowan and Clues Forum could not catch the mice behind the wall, we are to assume they serve in Limited Hangout capacity. No, no, no. The work speaks for itself. They at least show us there’s a curtain, albeit operated by nameless and faceless traitors. Treachery is their expertise. They hate me, they hate you. They would rather watch your corpse rot in their backyards than offer you common human dignity and respect. They do not understand that concept. We are just maggots to them. That’s their logic. Sick, right? And though I would never accuse McGowan, Clues Forum, and Miles Mathis Group of being limited hangouts, I do wonder why they avoid the Freemasonic question. Miles. especially. He draws all these wild and spurious connections to the English Peerage and Jewry and, by extension, a mythical group of Phoenician Merchants (I actually put the idea in his head that the Phoenix derives from Phoenician culture, but it was just a ruse to see if I could crack him). He knows my writings, I’m almost certain. But Mathis traces his villains to two groups: the ancient Hebrew tribes and the more recent Noble tribes from Europe. Does he honestly believe the Phoenicians were more powerful in that region than the Hebrews? He uses the term “Jews” and “Jewish” a lot, especially in reference to his Phoenician Navy. But what about the original tribe of Judah, descended from Abraham the Chaldean? Why no mention of the Chaldeans in his papers. We know that Abraham was Chaldean and thus the tribe of Judah hailed from Chaldea and not Phoenicia. But he still misses an essential historical point. Freemasons predated all these cultures. Their calendar, which is their own, I believe is now at year 24,000. No way to confirm that because I am not a member, but I’ve read enough to estimate the Freemasonic year. So how does Miles Mathis, with his breath-taking erudition, not trace all his villains to the Antient and Accepted Rite? In his attempts at historical revisionism, did he not come across the highest orders? Has he missed how powerful the Knights Templars (one of the oldest known Freemasonic Orders) were in Medieval Europe, how much power they wielded amongst the nobility and royalty of that epoch, how deeply fascinated they were with the Holy Land and their abysmal crusades to retake the Holy Sepulcher? Ultimately, I find Mathis missing a massive piece of revisionist history, one which has purposely been omitted from mainstream history. We never learn in high school that Benjamin Franklin, Mozart, George Washington were 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasons. And even later in life if we do learn it, the knowledge means nothing, since it is steeped in symbols and secrecy of which the commoner can have no understanding. So Miles Mathis says our secret rulers are Phoenicians and Peers, but not members of the oldest and most secret orders of Freemasonry–orders that have existed for 24,000 years, according to their own calendar? Simon Shack and Clues Forum cannot see that, behind all the fakery and behind all the fraudulence, 9/11 happened on a site that was owned, developed and built by Freemasons? That means nothing? George HW Bush, most likely the architect of 9/11, a member of a powerful and deeply secret faction of the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, i.e. the Jolly Roger, does not instantly become public enemy number one, former head of the CIA and 41st president of the United States? Something just rings hollow in the truther community. There is no way these brilliant researches can simply ignore, or dismiss, the relevance of this fact. We can all agree that any kind of psyop or false-flag operation would require an impervious wall of secrecy, right? Well, frankly, there is only one group that can provide that impregnable wall of secrecy. They’ve been doing it for 24,000 years.


      1. I cannot speak to CF or MM, but McGowan behaved in a suspicious manner prior to his death, deliberately chain smoking on camera as if to say “I wish to die.” In one video, he was in a bathrobe and on his knees, and of course chain smoking. Then he dies of lung cancer on 11/22/15, a spook marker date. For that reason and others I judged him a LH, but in his Laurel Canyon piece he did bring much valuable information, just not enough. He never interviewed any of his subjects, never questioned any death, did not even glance at the Social Security Death Index, such an easy thing to do. How did he come by his military background information? He does not say.


      2. I agree it would be nice if Miles had a little more to say about freemasonry, and odd how he almost never mentions it. I think maybe he’s referred to it once or twice, but not sure.

        However, as far as alternative researchers in general, freemasonry does come in for a lot of comment and discussion, and has always been one of the candidates for “main player.” It’s a fairly “mainstream” “conspiracy theory”, to the point of almost being a cliche. So yes, CF, McGowan and Mathis may hardly ever discuss it, but plenty do and have.


        1. Gate Keepers down play or ignore the masonic gang. As well as the Vatican-Jesuit Satanism. It is obvious.


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