Woketa-woketa-queep-woketa-queep **

Target is now taking it in the shorts, so to speak, after going full woke with a line of clothing aimed at gays, transgenders, and most notably, children including infants. This from Epoch Times* Roman Balmakov:

This was Target’s 2023 “Pride Collection,” which included items such as onesies for infants with a bunch of different pro-gay and pro-trans slogans, books for children like “Bye Bye, Binary” and “What Are Your Words?”—which helped to instruct children on using transgender pronouns—chest binders being sold for girls, and female swimsuits that had a “tuck-friendly” label—meaning that the swimsuit has enough additional fabric to cover male genitals, worn by young boys who want to pretend that they don’t have boy parts.

The latest entrant into the trannie/gay field is North Face, which has used a drag queen in its advertising.

Some objected, suggesting that North Face should “go woke, go broke.” (I chuckled at one comment which I have since lost that said that North Face should appeal to lesbians for camping gear, as lesbians love to camp. Instead they are using gay men, and the patriarchy wins again. Indeed, in my experience, gay men like to preen and can routinely be found in front of mirrors in gyms working on physique, but not actually roughing it.)

So what’s up? One source suggested to readers that companies are experiencing pressure from above, and are given no choice in these matters. The pressure would be from ESG sources placed high in the patriarchy, as ultimately the agenda is anti-people, anti-reproduction. The face above screams at me “I ain’t NEVER gonna have a baby.”

Transgenders are perhaps two percent of population and I have my doubts about that too. I see within the movement a lot of compensatory behaviors, that is, after lives of self-loathing to finally be able to come out creates an  in-your-face attitude. 

Anyway, I have long maintained that in my country, the US, public opinion means nothing. It is managed, but never taken note of other than to devise ways to manipulate it into useful devices. Wokism is one such device. Elections are another. In the end, the only movement that matters an iota could be called “herdism.”

*I am flooded every day with Epoch Times materials, which I think I will ditch on return home from this trip. The news source is OK on many subjects, but overly Trumpish and Muskish, and does not know to question the Covid agenda other than to be slightly anti-vax. 

** I was hoping someone would catch my (apparently not very) homage to James Thurber and his 1939 short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Mitty’s car was a junker and the sound Thurber gave it was “pocketa pocketa queep pocketa queep“. It was read to our class when I was in grade school, and has always stuck with me. It was made into a movie twice, 1947 (Danny Kaye) and 2013 (Ben Stiller). 

12 thoughts on “Woketa-woketa-queep-woketa-queep **

    1. I second that opinion. If that doesn’t emotionally scar/scare children, I don’t know what will!


  1. There is most likely a gay club near everyone’s local area. They usually have drag queen shows,and there are always a Cher, Dianna Ross, Liza Minelli look alikes. I do not bat for the other team however the few shows I have watched were quite entertaining depening on the club. Makes for an interesting night out, and I even was hit on and got a few free drinks thru out the evening. I got the impression that some of the dressed up guys aren’t gay either, just a way to make extra income. Which i’m sure is what all this wokey agendas are about, extra Soros type funds being distributed, along with scripts and instructions to follow. None of these companies are going to go broke.


    1. I hear this again and again, that every misstep it really planned and that companies are propped up by Intel $$$. No, I imagine more that they are multitasking, doing many thing at once to make money any way possible, and every now and then screw up. No way did Bud Light and Target want to lose billions in market value and set their investors back. Remember, their “investors” are banks, Vanguard, Blackrock, people with real power. That’s why they scramble to make right after they screw up. (Target’s CEO blamed customers and threats as he walked it backward, very bad form.)


      1. They aren’t missteps. Any money the “investors” lose are just refunded, in one way or another, from the treasuries.

        Your taxes.

        And once again I will ask you a question that, to my knowledge, you’ve never answered: Why do you think that “gay” is an actual thing, and that a certain percentage of people are so-called “born gay”?

        You present both as a given—obvious, even—and they frame many of your arguments. Frame them fallaciously, that is, because “gay” and “born gay” are fabricated constructs. Even you have been tricked.


        1. In my real life I have known gay people. Back in the 60s and only in retrospect, they had miserable existences. They had to ” hide their love away.” Repressed gay people even presented a danger to society. I could say more but will not. Homosexuality is a real thing. I am happy now for gay men and women that they can openly be who they are. My attitudes have changed and that’s a good thing. I was not put here to judge them.

          Transsexuality I am struggling with, not that I don’t want them to be happy in their skin, but rather that they want to be in our faces. It is an affront for them to attempt to influence children even as kids cannot possibly know with certainty who they are (or know that change would affect them for their entire lives even if a mistake) until later in life. To advocate for permanent life-altering surgery for kids is abusive.


        2. AD, why not just put out your alternate theory of gay instead of asking others to defend theirs? What’s your take?

          Is it your own original concept, or is there some writer or camp out there that you could cite who also subscribe to it?


      2. John Dvoryak of No Agenda claimed that there’s a standard technique on Wall St of putting in saboteur CEOs.. he had a term for it I forget.. to tank a stock and reap profit by, I guess, short selling or something like that. IIRC they thought the one at Target looked like one of these. I remember the clip they played of the person at Bud who promoted Mulvaney, sounded like a fake wokist – so over the top I mean. Maybe these are ops, that both push the cultural schism, and reap profits through market games? I’m sure many many people at the companies don’t like it, but as long as key top players are on board..?


          1. I guess if you were the one who put in the burner CEO, you’d have the inside dope…

            It certainly seems like these big corps are part of the “meta scripting,” so you might as well turn a profit while pushing these agendas..


  2. Pretty sure that Hollywood celebs with non-binary children aren’t exactly regular Target shoppers. And how many of the LGBT set drink Bud Light or attend Dodger games? No, this demographic is distinctively middle/working class. And who actually is suffering the most financial harm when conservatives boycott these products? I seriously doubt any C level execs are taking too much of a hit to their portfolios. I’d be mighty curious to see how many either shorted or sold off company stock prior to engaging in these woke marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, the 401Ks of tens of thousands of unfortunate underlings at those companies are getting the Enron treatment. Goading blue collar folks into unwittingly harming other blue collar folks – evil genius? In any case this smells like agitprop.


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