Lysenko, Mann, Gore … peas in a pod

Trofim Lysenko 1898-1976) was a Russian scientist. Don’t be confused. Wikipedia calls him a “pseudo” scientist but in our day and age most science is pseudo, and yet we call our virologists, climatologists, geologists, physicists, and oncologists “scientists” nonetheless. So, I think it OK to refer to Trofim as a scientist as well.

Lysenko as responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of Russian and Chinese peasants. He came up with new agricultural practices that were to revolutionize food production in both countries,  but instead set farming back decades.

The problem was not so much that he was arrogant and supremely stupid, but instead that he was backed by a tyrannical state and a forced scientific “consensus”. Here is Wikipedia:

In 1940, Lysenko became director of the Institute of Genetics within the USSR‘s Academy of Sciences, and he used his political influence and power to suppress dissenting opinions and discredit, marginalize, and imprison his critics, elevating his anti-Mendelian theories to state-sanctioned doctrine.[4]

Soviet scientists who refused to renounce genetics were dismissed from their posts and left destitute. Hundreds if not thousands of others were imprisoned. Several were sentenced to death as enemies of the state, including the botanist Nikolai Vavilov.[5] Lysenko’s ideas and practices contributed to the famines that killed millions of Soviet people;[5] the adoption of his methods from 1958 in the People’s Republic of China had similarly calamitous results, culminating in the Great Chinese Famine of 1959 to 1962.[5]

[Today those who were skeptical of and who disputed Lysenkoism would be called “deniers”]

Real science does not operate like that. Real science wants dissenters and Young Turks to upset the applecart of proscribed wisdom. Had the USSR anything resembling real science in 1958, Lysenko would have been discredited and handed his walking papers.

The reason I bring up Lysenko and include photos of Al Gore and Michael Mann with him above is that history is repeating. The Climate Zombies are going after the food supply. They want to eliminate use of nitrogen in fertilizers. They say it is contributing to the supposed Climate Crisis. I know this not to be true because I know there is no climate crisis. It is a propaganda movement with highly malevolent intent, to wit:

According to climate researcher Bjorn Lomborg, who might indeed be a scientist, “organic” agriculture might produce enough food to feed 4.7 billion people. Industrial agriculture might support as many as 12 billion, though the likelihood that population might reach that level is quite low.

Current population is eight billion, so if Climate Zealots get their way, we are looking at mass famines and death due to disease and starvation of 3.3 billion people. Lysenko was such a piker!

Why is this troubling? Because of the supposed “97%” consensus among climate pseudoscientists. Read again above how Lysenko operated : he …” used his political influence and power to suppress dissenting opinions and discredit, marginalize, and imprison his critics…”

You don’t have to scratch too deep into Climate Crisis zealotry to see the same practices in use. There is no 97% consensus, but there is a climate of intimidation and fear at work that causes people in various professions to keep their heads down and not speak out. Cowardice, the absence of moral courage, is the norm in most of the world. Those who do speak up are ostracized. Clowns like Gore and Mann can say or posit any damned fool thing they want, melting Arctic ice that is still here, rising oceans that do not rise,  even positing things like the widely discredited Hockey Stick, without fear of even mild criticism. Climate science is in a state of fear.

It is said that Lysenko had various people imprisoned and executed. I do not think that the Climate zealots havet yet gone that far, but only, I suspect, because social mores of our era place restraints on their impulses. Bill Gates has publicly wished for one or two billion people to be gone, but he has only suggested birth control and vaccines, not Apache helicopters. That I know of.

Sri Lanka may have been an experiment to judge public reaction to elimination if nitrogen in fertilizer. There was widespread crop failure and hunger and riots in 2022 after the government mandated organic farming. This eventually led to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s ouster. He fled the country.

I can only guess that social planners, the gnomes guarding the caves of Zurich, watched Sri Lanka closely, knowing that you boil a frog starting with tepid water and slowly raise the temperature until you have frog porridge. Elimination of nitrogen will become a long term goal, one completely devoid of scientific merit, and only intended to harm us.

The travelogue marches on:

I am writing this as we sit in the upper deck of car 15 on our way from Geneva to Paris. It’s a three hour trip. We live in an era that might soon end, that of easy and comfortable travel. “15 minute cities” are in Europe’s future, and surely soon after our own. The phrase sounds benign, as in everything you need within easy reach. It is far more insidious … for the climate monsters it means you live in a sealed off zone, and you are arrested, imprisoned and fined if you leave. It is fascism writ large. (I easily saw with Covid that fascism never left, only retreated behind the tapestry.)

These are not people of the Earth. They are monsters imitating humans which is why, if you wondered, Bill Gates, Al Gore and King Charles seem like awkward actors. They are feigning being human. That’s why they do not come across well. (OK, that is a tongue-in-cheek reference to David Ickes.) 

Tonight we will attend a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at a cathedral, and for the rest of this week we will be hitting the museum circuit. I hope by time we depart Paris on Friday I will know the proper pronunciation of “Avenue des Champs-Élysées”. I am yet to say it right, such a rube am I.

4 thoughts on “Lysenko, Mann, Gore … peas in a pod

  1. A fifteen minute city…
    Is that, as a baby crawls or Neil Armstrong Flys?
    I find it very hard to believe that it’ll work here in the States, where there are so many wide open spaces AND so much gridlock.
    Oh, and 3.2 guns in every household (not the real number mind you because we should never let ‘them’ know many we actually have).

    And… okay —
    Like a frog in water…
    ‘they’ start with smaller things (tepid water), and eventually, we wake up in hell (boiling water).

    Many people will decide to live under the boot – many will not.
    Time will tell


    1. An attack on nitrogen-based fertilizer is an open volley against humanity. The other shoe has fallen. These people want to end use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy because they tend to keep us alive and make us wealthier, improving our lives. These people hate people.


  2. Be very doubtful of any claims of ‘mass deaths’, including not wars only, but so-called famines. Mass deaths is a sociological improbabability, people would have revolted long before their lives are in real danger.

    By Lysenko’s famine, I presume you mean gulags – which has never been demonstrated evidentially to be true. The claim was made during the (so-called) Cold War to cast the USSR(and China) to look like super-villains. Just the Nazi-holocaust propaganda in WWII.

    Odd that you quote a study that said 3.3(33 marker) will starve. Fear is created on both sides: people who trust the government fears ‘climate change’, people who distrust the government fears the great famine. Fear is always the controlling tactic.


    1. Good point! Lomborg offered current population of 8 billion, and offered that organic food production could only support 4.7 billion. I did the arithmetic, as he surely anticipated, resulting in 3.3 billion deaths.

      I am done worrying. Everyone is corrupt except you and me, TimR, and at this point as the joke goes, I am supposed to say I am not too sure about you, however. But I am.


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