Budweiser wakes up to find its market shrinking; male transgenders dominate women’s sports

Years ago Budweiser ran a television ad that had a refrigerator with its back to a wall, full of cans of Bud Light. Unknown to the owner, the apartment next door had access to that fridge by cutting a hole in the wall. Some young men on the other side opened the opening to the wall, and seeing all that beer, fell on their knees and started worshiping.

I thought the ad was completely juvenile. Later I learned that juveniles were the ad’s target market. Budweiser’s wanted to reach kids aged 12-15 or so. It was not that the company wanted kids that young drinking beer. They are not that evil. What they were doing was “branding,” or subtly suggesting to the kids that when they did come of age, they should be Bud Light drinkers. That’s long-term planning, and brilliant marketing.

It must have worked, as until recently Bud Light was the largest selling beer in the country, with 18% of the market. However, the company recently had a New Coke moment,  deciding to go woke and using the man pictured above, transgender Dylan Mulvaney, as an ad focus. It has been disastrous for the company, with one source saying that Budweiser has lost $6.5 billion in market value.

There is now a nationwide boycott underway, which frankly makes me happy. It is not that I want Budweiser to be harmed, as I do not care about that and wish them no ill. It is that I am seeing a different kind of “wokeness” going on, one that I admire. It is males asserting maleness. We have been under assault from the wokes for years now, having to dumb down and hide our male qualities and skip merrily off to the Brave New World.

I have nothing against any human who wants to express his/herself as something outside of traditional gender roles. But a relative of ours, 16 years old, has said that many of his male friends are “fuzzy,” that is, they are not sure of their gender. Schools are doing this, influencing their gender as a “choice”. I regard it as child abuse. The majority of humans born with penises are heterosexual, with a minority homosexual, and an even smaller minority transgender. In any case, the penis is a symbol of maleness. The push that has been on for years now is to promote trannies and God only knows what else in that alphabet. It is a deliberate strategy that can only be aimed at keeping men and women from reproducing.

Men are intimidated by all of this, and should not be. It all comes down to this:

When was the last time you heard the words “act like a man”?

One of the greater accomplishments in the women’s movement is called “Title Nine,” which prohibits discrimination based on gender in any institution receiving federal dollars, that is, every college in the country except Hillsdale. It opened the door for women’s sports. True, male athletics is the cash cow for most colleges and universities, but who cares about that. The important outcome of Title Nine was to allow women to compete, to be more athletic, and to hone their skills and bodies just as men have always done.

I regard sports as an essential part of anyone’s education. Sports offer discipline and rigorous training. Kids learn to respect their opponents and control their emotions. It is an essential part of growing up, once limited to boys only. (Back in the Dark Ages, 1964-1968 when I was in high school, boys had full access to the gym for practices and PE. Girls had to use the hallway.)

Epoch Times (April 19-25) has a long piece on a subject (Girls’ Athletic Aspirations Ruined by Transgender Inclusion in High School) I’ve long known about transgender males competing against women in various sports. It is setting Title Nine back fifty years,  or as one girl put it, “It’s scary that we are approaching a world where women are being discriminated against in the name of equality.”

Some female athletes took the matter to court (Soule et al vs CT Association of Schools), and last December a three judge panel of the 2nd Circuit ruled against them. In the perverse and upside-down reasoning of our time, not allowing transgender males to complete against women is discrimination! However, the full Circuit Court has now agreed to hear the case.

There is far more at stake here than mere winning and losing races. In 2019 Selena Soule (namesake of lawsuit) lost out on qualifying for the New England Indoor Championships because two spots in the race were taken by biological males. Transgender dominance in women’s sports will cost biological women awards, access to elite competition, and scholarships. (I did not know that in volleyball, the net for male contests is seven inches higher than for females. Imagine the advantage that gives trannies, like the guy to the left here (wearing a dress)).

In Washington, Republicans have introduced The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, which passed the House on April 20, 2023. The insanity has to stop – it is as if we have lost (if we ever had) the ability to think clearly.

Transgender athletes are, of course, participating in the Olympics. The male to the right here, Elliot Dean, will compete as a woman weight lifter. Women can take a step back in time, and in progress. Males are dominating them again.

All a male has to do to compete against women in sports is to declare himself a woman. That could be a fast track way to a scholarship. But the answer here is simple and succinct: Any person born with a penis, no matter that he feels more like a woman, and even if he elects to have it removed, should be required to compete against men in sports.

Anything else is insane.

34 thoughts on “Budweiser wakes up to find its market shrinking; male transgenders dominate women’s sports

  1. “I have nothing against any human who wants to express his/herself as something outside of traditional gender roles.”

    There’s a massive, off-the-charts difference between, say, a girl deciding that she’s interested in and wants to participate in carpentry or football; and a (mentally-ill) boy who decides that he’s actually probably a girl, and decides to act like one, or look like one, or dress like one, or have himself injected with female hormones, or engage in (depraved) acts of intimacy with a fellow boy, or, especially, have the surgery(ies)!!


    1. The current push to to pass laws preventing such measures as you describe prior to adulthood. I support the idea, but once of age, not much we can do except keep them away from the kids. Also, keep teachers away from kids.


      1. Anyway…

        “The majority of humans born with penises are heterosexual, with a minority homosexual”.

        What makes you conclude this?

        Because (respectfully) that’s incorrect. Zero point zero zero percent of mammals are born so-called…”homosexual”.

        (That last word isn’t even a real word; it’s fabricated culture-weapon terminology. Just like “homophobic”, “antisemitic”, and many others.)


      2. “The majority of humans born with penises are heterosexual, with a minority homosexual”.

        What makes you conclude this?


  2. I’m not big on boycotts, and I like to think (though this is probably delusional) that I am minimally influenced by marketing one way or the other. However, after a lifetime of consuming Hershey’s chocolate to excess, I now won’t touch the stuff and even recoil in disgust at the sight of it. Yeah, it started when I heard they were using a biological male, transgendered political activist to be the face of their “International Women’s Day campaign. They made it even worse by forever altering how I hear and think of their very name (“Her/She”). But when I later read that their chocolate has been determined to contain a harmful amount of lead… and that the company’s response has been to form a committee to investigate the possibility of, you know, maybe not giving their customers lead poisoning anymore, I was like, ohhhh, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. The corporatocracy hates us, y’all.


    1. Chocolate will incorporate metal toxins like lead if there is any in the soil where it is grown. Then it is traded like a commodity on the market so that large operations will,have a mix of chocolates grown here and there. Any random set of sampling done will flag many brands as having lead toxicity, but another round a few months later may yeild a different list of brand names. Without testing everything you buy, the only solution is to incorporate into your diet some ingredient that chelates lead. Personally I have been using, among other ingredients, cilantro (mercury) and EDTA (lead) with liver and kidney support to flush out the chelated result. I consulted with a Naturopathic doctor when honing improvements to this scheme to incorporate some lab work into understanding the results. Given the increasing toxicity everywhere in today’s diets this sort of detox should be constant and unrelenting.


      1. Interesting, thanks. I’ll have to look up EDTA, that’s new to me. What do you recommend for “liver and kidney support”?

        I recently learned about brominated flour being used in many processed food products. It competes with iodine receptors, they say, leading to potential deficiency or marginal status, hence you could have subclinical thyroid problems or eventual other health issues. Somehow that freaks me out more than many other additives in breads and processed foods. Yes, I eat some of that stuff, for convenience and just liking bread etc. But I’m trying to weed out the brominated stuff – they don’t make it easy though, it’s not specified in labels typically so you have to do some research.


        1. I don’t want to get into writing extensive advice here, so this one more reply and that’s it. I’ ve used various chelation detox routines since tha 1980’s. I am not a doctor, and I hope you can clearly see that means I can’t be giving “medical advice” in this so-called free speech USA. So I can just say some of what I do or have done.

          A homeopathic “Kidney Liquid” and “Liver Liquid” were sold to me by my Naturopathic doctor, don’t know if they were OTC. I’ve used various milk thistle containing preps for liver support. I add some chelating foods to my daily diet, such as chlorella and cilantro.

          The primary aid to kidney assist appears to be simply drinking enough pure water. Pure = a known good spring, reverse osmosis or distilled. I really do drink well over 2 liters per day, three-ish. I fast every third day, drinking even more water on the fasting days. Today is a fasting day. These days I am only doing extra chelation on the fasting days since it is sort of pointless to take EDTA and mineral supplements at the same time. You’ d just end up chelating the value out of your supplements. (BTW, glyphosate (Roundup) chelates minerals out of the soil and food supply, depleting the value of the food so exposed)

          The intermittent fasting triggers another type of detox far beyond what you can get by eating additional ingredients.


      2. Thanks for the tip. Looking into EDTA, it seems like there’s a bit of a risk/benefit question there, but I appreciate the info, and thanks for setting me straight on chocolate. (Still staying away from Her/She’s though.)


  3. Looks like this event is making transgender a topic to finally be discussed. Just like the Covid and Jab death statistics, the recent Budweiser news seems short lived. Bud’s stock price recovered, the beer and the company are not going anywhere. They must have received so much pandemic relief funds that they can afford a small loss in revenue for the year, which will be made up thru the company’s other product lines or primetime media advertising. Bud Light and transgenderism has become a hot topic. It’s now in the mass public’s mindset for many of these media agendas with the stages Denial, Anger, Bargaining and then Acceptance. Eventually I think they are going to venture into lowering the age of consent type of events. Transgender and Pedo Panic teams seem to be working together. Two topics that would turn most people far right as MM said that was the wanted outcome.


  4. The Budweiser thing seems very layered, hard to untangle.. for instance, remember that the original family got bought out by the giant Dutch (?) company InBev.. but then bought back in with a lot of shares? Or something.. they may be genuinely out of the loop on this op, and the exec who okayed it some kind of spook saboteur.. I heard a clip of her on NoAgenda – she sounded very phony in her progressive schtick, a lot of insane bs.. just saying, there could be weird machinations in play, elites operating at cross purposes, warring on each other. Just a thought, idk.. Bud is “an American brand,” I heard a caller to a local radio show say – it may not mean anything to most of us here, but for many it’s bound up in a lot of heavy mythology and symbolism.. so could be targeted on that level, even if the original family is still attached to it. Spitballing here, who knows..


    1. The movement will fade, Bud drinkers will return to Bud. Their brand loyalty was cemented in youth. Anyway, switching from Bud to Miller or Coors is psychological, and not based on actual taste buds. The beers are identical, watery imitations of each other. I have never, as an adult, been induced by ads to partake in any beer, as I stopped watching ads decades ago. Those I enjoy are local, and do not have the ability to reach me through massive ad budgets. I’ve never seen an ad for Eddyline, located in Buena Vista, Colorado. They expand purely on consumer choice, making something people like. Coors, Miller and Bud have to be very much more sophisticated, getting kids at a very young age. That is Ok by me, as the only downside is that people miss out on much better beers than these behemoths offer.


      1. I agree, as long as there’s a demographic to support them they’ll be fine.. assuming kids today don’t all grow up to be gender fluid craft beer drinkers haha.


      2. All of the major beer corporations are almost certainly owned by the same entity anyway. Just yet another manipulation.

        And Bud was never going to lose a penny. The current admin or the CIA or the WHO or whomever ordered them to produce and air the commercial surely has already reimbursed the company, probably tenfold, as a reward for pushing the deranged Wokie nonsense.

        Yes: Just yet another manipulation.


  5. 4/20 Columbine shooting anniversary

    Is 4/20 Cursed?
    Here’s a List of What’s Happened on This Strange and Eerie Day
    faithwire com

    April 20, 1914, a strike by Colorado coal miners turned deadly when militiamen killed men, women and children.

    The CF&I, which was owned by the Rockefeller family and Standard Oil


    1. 4/20 is the 110th day of the year, and “11” is a spook marker, indicating the both Columbine and the Ludlow Massacre were fake events. Look through this website to find a post called “Columbine: A Tragedy Without Tears”, a 17,000 word piece which concludes that no one died at Columbine that day and that Harris and Klebold were not even real people, just fictional scarecrows.

      4/20 is also Hitler’s birthday, and mine, though I portend to be real.


  6. New Coke wasn’t a failure at all despite how it was presented. The game was to pull the old stuff out of circulation and change the ingredients. I figured this out years ago when I saw an article about how Coke gained 5% market share by adding New Coke in the long run.


  7. Hard to imagine such a fiasco was planned. As the CEO at the time said, they were not that smart, but also not that dumb. For myself, I’ve not had a Coke in over 20 years, nor a Pepsi, but I always preferred Coke. Blind taste tests said that we could not tell the difference, really.

    Graphs of Budweiser stock value (total market value) showed a deep dip and then quick recovery and an overall downward trend. There is always the possibility of short sellers. If people knew in advance of the Mulvaney fiasco, they would be there to rake it in.


    1. To be clear, they changed the ingredients of the original Coke and needed it gone from the shelves long enough so that people couldn’t compare them directly. Probably a few folks had stored it and could tell but like us could be ignored.

      When it came back as Classic Coke they kept New Coke in the line and took 5% share from Pepsi. That plus the savings from the updated ingredients made them a fortune. It wasn’t a mistake.

      I can’t stand the stuff BTW.

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      1. My understanding of it is Coke stopped using sugar and switched to HFCS.
        And the “story” of the “fiasco” of New Coke is still in many business and marketing textbooks.
        Thanks for the info!


  8. Interesting tempest on the vax front.. this guy Berenson claims to have found clear fraud in Modernas early summary presentation of trial data, vs the “real” numbers they have now released.


    Fraud would in theory void their legal protection and open them to lawsuits (class action?) from those claiming vax injury. Of course, I’m sure it’s the usual misdirection and hall of mirrors. Berenson, judging from this article, is some kind of designated opposition and fly in the ointment – also affiliated with the Great Barrington Declaration peeps.

    Sometimes I think they like to toss red meat to wherever there’s a segment of public suspicion and outrage – like over the vax. NC says this is only getting any play in right wing outlets currently, so maybe it’s “chicken feed” for them. Except chicken feed is supposed to be true but useless info, while this could all be fabricated – note one alleged trial injury occurred at day… 33. Then was moved to day 28 in the “real” data.

    AMidwesternDoctor said on her substack once that many of the childhood vaccines have less trials than the operation warp speed covid vax! At least what is publicly offered. Absurdly little testing on shots given to most all babies and toddlers. When you read the details of what studies there were, it was like mockery or a joke. Kind of bizarre, but people are so credulous and just assume there’s been thorough testing.

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  9. I have nothing against people who want to express themselves either.
    But I have a girlfriend, I love her to bits and I like yo think I can protect her from what she fears.
    And what she fears the most these days is males dressed and acting (badly) like women using the ladies toilets at shopping centers, cinema, gym.
    I have to say I would too if I was her.
    Not a great experience to have a 6 ft “woman” with well defined biceps enter the restroom and take a pee through a willy, something that “she” might even decide to use for something different with one of the ladies in the restroom. How is a real woman supposed to fight a fake one with male strength and win?
    I remember some news I read before the fakedemic: in Mexico or an equal latin country a bunch of male prisoners declared they wanted to start transitioning into women, changed their names to female ones and demanded they’d be put in the women’s section. They were eventually, and ended up raping some women.
    Nowadays everyone can claim they identify themselves as anything they fancy, and nobody can actually object or they’ll be labeled as transphobic, trumpists, you name it.
    Men claiming to be women and competing against real women are a failure as men, women and most of all athletes.
    Women need to start protesting and quitting those travesty competitions before it’s too late.


    1. Women are protesting, and the House did pass a law that Democrats uniformly voted against. I doubt it will make it through the Senate or that Biden would sign it. Democrats are all in on gender nonsense.


    2. Enoch: You claim to love your girlfriend, and you state that she’s scared to death of potential encounters with creepy, perhaps dangerous [deranged] men in ladies rooms, yet you still “have nothing against” anyone who, ohhh….just wants to express himself??!

      (You even open with that vow of twisted tolerance!)

      Frankly, you sound like part of the problem.


      1. I’m not part of the problem, and I doubt you’ve read my comment properly.
        Expressing oneself doesn’t mean potentially harming other people, so yeah, express yourselves guys, have fun, do what you want to your body, mind and soul but do NOT try by any means to endanger other people’s lives or you’ll have to face the consequences.
        Ladies restrooms for M to F trans people in public places are a definite NO NO for me.

        If for instance, you like carrying a machine gun with you when you go out, it’s your responsibility to make sure you don’t end up killing people with that just because that’s your way to “express yourself”.
        So please, spare me your pathetic rethoric pro “freedom of self expression”.

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  10. I saw an episode of the latest series of Taskmaster (UK) recently, and one of the contestants is an actress/comedienne from Canada called Mae Martin who had her breasts removed to be ‘non-binary’. Deluded? Mad? Brainwashed?


    1. There’s only one little problem with that:
      A woman who has her breasts removed doesn’t look “non binary”, unless she does have those words engraved on her forehead for people to read them and recognize her as such, but only looks more masculine so she’s still within the binary system, sorry.
      That’s why this whole gender stuff is bullshit and madness at the same time.
      And parents encouraging this shit are liable and should lose custody of their kids.


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