Union of Concerned Scientists: Caught in a big fat lie

Once again, I am limited for display purposes here by the inability of this iPad to allow me to increase the size of the above image. On a PC it is easily done. Nonetheless, what is being sold here should be obvious, and can be viewed with greater ease by going to the original article. This graph is linked behind that article. CNN Published Blatantly false Claim About Wildfires – There’s No Link to Fossil Fuels At All.

First the methodology behind the lie, originating with the Union of Concerned Scientists: Lying by exclusion. The graph on the left above is alarming, as it looks like wildfires are getting out of hand. I have long known that the long term trend is downward, fewer fires and less acreage burned. UCC did a magic trick here – they truncated the data from the mid-1980s forward. That is the graph on the right. In so doing they tell a blatant lie, as long term data suggests a dramatic downward trend in fires. (The blue line is atmospheric CO2, showing no correlation between that and wildfires.)

Who will call them out on this? No one. There is no accountability on the Climate Alarmism side of things. The bastards get to say whatever they like.

Here’s another lie from UCC, same article.

I am only including this data, which says the same thing as the data above at the opening, because it tells me something I’ve long known. The graph starts out in 1926, and for thirty years from that point, wildfires went off the charts. I know that in my home state of Montana, my son and I once hiked through a “ghost forest”, that is, an area that burned in the 1920s. Regrowth was underway, but heat waves set in again, and the new trees burned. After that there was no growth to be had. The soil had been sterilized.

We walked through long stretches of out-of-hand grasses, wishing we had a machete. It was a bad idea, a terrible trip.

This reinforces something I have long known and that Climate Alarmists deny, that the 1930s is the hottest on record in the lower 48. Even real scientists don’t know why. Unrelenting heat set in and created the Dust Bowl and migrations of people westward, looking for moisture. Some 2.5 million people left the Great Plains and ended up in California, with spillover in Oregon and Washington.

So yes, unrelenting heat creates problems. Fortunately since that time, things have cooled down. Yes, we have periods and pockets of extreme heat and cold, caused by climate variability (two words that Climate Alarmists never use).

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