The fix is on?

I was idly watching a football game yesterday, Jets versus Patriots. My kids are avid Jets fans, so I was pulling for them. But predictably the Patriots and two amazing players, tight end Rob Gronkowski and quarterback Tom Brady put on a clinic at the end, and the game was tied. In overtime, I assumed the better team. the Pats, would win.

Then at the coin toss, inexplicably, the Patriots (or the referee) opted to kick off rather than receive. Late in the game with both teams dead tired and wounded, the receiving team has a huge advantage. And the Patriots gave it away.

They do not do that. They are too smart. I watched and re-watched the coin toss, and it appears that a Patriot player merely misspoke. But I thought “Oh my, the Jets are going to win this one. Is that preordained?”

And then I thought “Why not? Everything else in this country is crooked. Why would sports be any different?”

I then thought back to the third Superbowl, the one in which quarterback Joe Namath guaranteed victory for the upstart Jets over the Baltimore Colts. The whole thing was suspicious, forcing a merger of the two leagues against the wishes of most of the Old Guard. But someone or some small group saw a golden egg – television, sports, advertising –  and decided that internecine warfare would harm the sport. The game was fixed, in my view, as was the Kansas City victory over Minnesota the following year, on which I won a $2 bet.

The NFL has grown now into our Sunday pastime, replacing church. It’s a gambling enterprise that officially wants nothing to do with gambling. But without gambling, the NFL would be no more than a minor diversion during winter. Proof of this lies in the fact that the NFL itself encourages gambling, the so-called “fantasy” leagues.

The thinking behind fantasy sports is brilliant. The NFL depends on TV advertising for its sustenance. It owns a highly-sought market segment – men who like to drink, look at sexy women and drive expensive trucks. Advertisers crave this demographic. Very few fans – seven percent, I’ve read – actually ever attend a game. It’s a sport made for television. Brand loyalty is intense, and fans are usually only interested in one team’s performance, the home team, on any given Sunday. Thus before fantasy leagues did each major market in the country have one big game, and a bunch of lesser-watched contests.

Fantasy gambling changed all of that – now football fans have a reason to watch virtually every game that is played, so see how the players they “own” perform. The sports bars have multiple sets showing every game in progress, and fans can pony up a few hundred dollars and subscribe to all the games. And television ratings have soared, as have advertising revenues, as have franchise values. All because of gambling.*

The NFL is a powerful force in American life – even if it can be shown that the sport causes concussions that damage brains (causing erratic behaviors, like animal cruelty or beating up the woman you love and throwing her off an elevator), it will be judged worth it.

Currently the city of San Diego is under the gun, threatened with loss of franchise if the taxpayers do not pony up for new digs. There’s talk of moving the Oakland and St. Louis franchises, and the shakedown is intense. Each stadium hosts, usually, eight games a season, so that taxpayers have to find uses for these monstrosities for the rest of the year. The economics of taxpayer-funded stadiums is a joke – the true beneficiaries are the team owners – looting the public treasury for private gain. That is the true American pastime.

Back to my original point – so much money at stake for a gambling-based enterprise, with powerful and greedy owners at the center of it all, and we assume the games are played on the straight-up?

If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge stadium to sell you.
* The league now wants to create a franchise in London, which would play to empty stadiums but would expand the television schedule from 8 AM o 10 PM each Sunday.

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  1. Every NFL game is fixed, and most NHL and NBA playoff games as well (probably MLB too).

    I’d been a BIG fan my entire life up until about a year ago. I did some research and found that most of the AFL “founders” back in the 60’s had a Navy background. When I brought this up to Miles Mathis he asked me to write a guest article about it, which I never did since I hate writing, but I did send him a bullet point list of everything I knew about it.

    The Rooney (Steelers) and Mara (Giants) families have stakes in their teams going back to the 20’s when they were bookies. Is it a coincidence that their teams are playoff contenders every year and win the Super Bowl every 5 years or so? The Mara daughters are actually now in Hollywood. Small world.

    I’ve written long articles on this subject in the past and if you’d like I can copy and paste some of it or provide links.


  2. This is what I originally sent to MM that got him curious:

    “I thought this might interest you since I haven’t seen you write an article about sports.

    I’ve suspected the NFL was a military creation for a long time in order to replace baseball as the top American sport (not completely sure why) and be a stronger form of propaganda. The sport itself is very military-oriented with disciplined formation,a quarterback as a general, etc. Another red flag is that some of the earliest history of football is between Harvard and Yale.

    I started looking at the original owners of NFL teams. Owners like Tim Mara of the NY Giants who was a bookmaker/mafia connected businessman, which may or may not be CIA-connected at that time (1920’s).

    It starts to get interesting in the early 60’s where the AFL is formed. Here is the background of the new owners:
    Bud Adams (Houston Oilers) – Former Navy
    Ralph Wilson (Buffalo Bills) – Former Navy
    Joe Foss (1st Commissioner) – Former Navy and Air Force
    Bob Howsam (Denver Broncos) – Former Navy
    Barron Hilton (San Diego Chargers) – Former Navy (and Hilton hotels relative)
    Al Davis (Oakland Raiders) – U.S. Army Volunteer
    Art Modell – U.S. Army – Went into broadcasting in 1947 on G.I. Bill

    This is of course only scratching the surface. I’ve suspected the games of being fixed for a while but only recently realized they had certain players and coaches purposely throwing games on a weekly basis and during every playoff game.

    I also suspect that fracking billionaire Terry Pegula is also a spook with a very limited biography before he showed up in Penn State shortly before the (most likely fake) Penn State child abuse scandal and then purchased the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills.

    What this means is that not only do we not know who really owns these billion dollar football teams, but that the Forbes list is not only hiding the richest people, but they are putting spooks in the issue posing as fake billionaires.

    Here’s a link to a 1983 Frontline showing the NFL connections to game-fixing and the mob, which we now know is just a front for intelligence. It’s looking like the doc was just misdirection, but still gives us interesting clues regardless connecting Al Davis and Eugene Klein to the mob/intelligence.”

    He shortly after wrote the Tiger Woods article. Then some time later I sent him this:

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Had big problems at home and then once I did start writing the paper, I was overwhelmed by the scope. Instead of not doing it, I figured I would write a detailed outline for you of what I would’ve included (along with the few pages I did write about Cam Newton) and then if you’re interested in diving into anything, you are free to do so. The Penn State Pedophilia Hoax in particular may interest you. Note that most of my research on Penn State I posted at the September Clues forum when I was a member, just so you don’t get accused of plagiarism.

    Most NFL scandals such as Deflategate, Spygate, Bountygate, etc. are faked to increase TV ratings and keep the NFL in the news in the offseason.
    Recently they did Deflategate to make the Patriots a “villian” before giving them a SB. They created a HGH scandal for Peyton Manning before his SB win this year.
    The drug test suspensions are misdirection from HGH and PED use being nearer to 100% than 0%. NHL players in particular the last few years have been having season-ending injuries due to blood clots which are a side effect of certain PEDs. These were rare in the past.
    NFL is in bed with intelligence agendas. Commercials focusing mainly on emasculating men and making women appear stronger, smarter, and more responsible. Have a whole month dedicated to breast cancer where players wear pink, domestic violence ads, etc.
    Military salutes, military jet flybys, soldiers singing the National Anthem and folding large American flags before games, constant “let’s applaud our men in uniform” comments on the speaker phone. Propaganda and recruiting always, now in all professional sports leagues.
    NFL told the St. Louis Rams that they would not have to do the Hard Knocks reality show if they use a draft pick on 1st gay NFL player Michael Sam who probably wouldn’t have been drafted if he was straight. Meanwhile the NFL covers up gay superstars such as Aaron Rodgers, Michael Strahan, Odell Beckham Jr and possibly others like Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens.
    Controlled opposition claims that only refs fix games (which they do), but the dirty truth is that certain players and coaches throw games too on every team. If this fact ever got out in public, the fans would burn down every NFL stadium.
    That’s part of the reason they allowed the Tim Donaghy scandal to go public (if it wasn’t faked outright). To give the impression that it is only a rogue ref and if it ever happens again, the people will be caught.
    Refs however can control most games with ease by calling ambiguous penalties at critical times depending on who they favor. Most of these calls are holding and pass interference, which happen on every single snap anyway, so the refs simply pick and choose which penalties to call. These calls are always not reviewable.
    That’s how the NBA refs have been fixing games for decades. Most of Michael Jordan’s last 3 championships are due to him being given a foul shot for just being touched. The NBA is known to favor superstars.
    The NHL turns this up during the Playoffs and has recently implemented a new rule where they can call a no goal if the offsides happened from the moment the players entered the zone. So several times this season we are seeing goals called back on plays that happened 30 seconds earlier. This gives the NHL options in case a team they don’t want to win scores a goal.
    The more mainstream controlled opposition is “refs are stupid and incompetent”. The NFL has needed to do this due to the overwhelming amount of inexplicable calls at the end of games this past season. Nearly every week a team lost due to a referee error at the end of the game. To overcome the obvious fixing, the NFL has been telling ESPN to push the “refs are terrible” storyline.
    The professional sports leagues flood “third party” fan message boards with agents that do their best to portray themselves as fans, ingratiate themselves in the community, and engage fans in dialogue away from what they don’t want them talking about. They also do PR control for the league and lock any threads discussing games being fixed. Many of these third-party forums are owned by the NFL anyway, or intelligence.
    The popular Buffalo Bills board “Two Bills Drive” (which is a sister site of Sabre Space which is a Buffalo Sabres NHL board). The administrator is one Scott Sarama who’s Linkedin says he’s an Optical Engineer at a Naval Research Lab. Ties in with what I’ll said in previous emails about the Navy.
    A disturbing amount of the original NFL owners who came directly from the Navy and into the NFL.
    Jerry Jones was involved with Teamsters prior to the NFL, creating his fortune from a $1 Million dollar loan from them. What connections did he have to get that loan?
    Former Cowboys QB Roger Staubach is now supposedly worth hundreds of millions from investing in oil after his career. Also has Navy connections.
    The case of John Spano may have been a hoax since he was recommended by Staubach (who is probably connected) and may have been done to give the impression that all sports owners are legit and any fakes will get caught. Truth being that most sports owners are just fronts for somebody else’s money.
    After Ralph Wilson, elderly owner of the Buffalo Bills (original owner with connections to Navy) passed away a few years back the team went up for sale. The three top bidders were Donald Trump, Jon Bon Jovi, and Terry Pegula.
    Donald Trump came in out of nowhere and made a big show and dance about the team and then was found out to have offered the lowest bid. With his recent presidential candidacy, we should now consider that he was told to bid on the team in order to distract and make a media circus.
    Jon Bon Jovi was being fronted by a group in Toronto and was portrayed by the media and fans as the villain who wanted to move the team, something that would’ve been PR suicide especially considering the Bills in Toronto series was a disaster with nobody in Toronto showing up or buying tickets.
    Who recommended Bon Jovi to the NFL? Why Jerry Jones and Roger Staubach of course. Bon Jovi was born in NJ and was the son of a Playboy bunny (Playboy being a spook mag). Both his parents were marines. Bon Jovi got into the music business because of his cousin who owned a record studio. Or that is the Wikipedia story. With these strange connections, who knows.
    The winner was fracking billionaire Terry Pegula, who came out of nowhere in 2011 to purchase the Buffalo Sabres and claimed he was a fan all his life. Trouble was nobody in Buffalo ever heard of him, and now in 5 short years he owned both sports teams.
    Pegula’s right hand man on the Sabres is Cliff Benson who was on board of Second Mile, the charity that Jerry Sandusky used as a front to rape children at Penn State. This fact is never mentioned in Buffalo media.
    A few months before the Penn State scandal went public, Terry Pegula donated $102 million dollars to Penn State to build a hockey arena. Immediately after the purchased the Sabres and then the scandal hit. Funny timing.
    In the only Benson interview on Youtube he discusses Operation Backbone which gives spine treatments to injured soldiers. Why the Sabres are sponsoring this? Benson gives off a spook vibe himself in the video.
    The top search on Google for “Cliff Benson Second Mile” is an article giving the impression that Benson had hardly anything to do with Second Mile. A man named David Woodle is quoted in the article saying this. A quick search on Woodle shows he was a contractor for Raytheon which is a defense contractor. Another military connection.
    Meanwhile in the comments of the article is a post (put at the top despite no upvotes) which directs a user to Fast Eddie Savitz as the real Penn State molester. His Wiki page is disgusting and repulsive, probably written by an intelligence intern.
    The goal being controlled opposition to those who don’t want to think Sandusky did the crimes. Truth is that it was probably hoaxed.
    Sandusky represented by Joe Amendola who (like the OJ case) barely made a defense for his client, had him give interviews before the trial that destroyed him in the public eye, and is inexplicably smiling in his press conference after his client was convicted.
    John Ziegler is a documentarian and former political radio host (and a Georgetown spook) who was all over the media claiming Sandusky didn’t do it. He was clearly controlled opposition.

    If you are interested in more detail on Sandusky, here is the thread in September Clues. I am TokyoJoe.

    Back to Pegula, who had basically zero internet footprint before he appeared out of nowhere selling his company for 2.3 billion and donating $100M to Penn State. He also started a Country music company (the Country scene being well connected to military funding).
    In his TV puff pieces they show him in a magazine from the early 90’s but the pictures appear faked. Take a look to see what you think in the link above.
    So if they are faking his past he is most likely a spook who was a front in a fracking firm who has been reassigned to be a sports owner. The General Manager and Assistant GM also look like spooks in the pics in the link as well. This means that many top people on NFL teams including front office people are spooks. Tells you how serious they take the game.
    Anyways Pegula arrives in Buffalo at the same time Yahoo opens a hydropower plant in the Buffalo area and Elon Musk’s Solar City builds a factory. Keep in mind that Pegula was involved with fracking. What do the spooks have planned in Buffalo with energy? Who knows.
    Since all games are fixed, Vegas ALWAYS wins.
    A 1984 Frontline documentary painted the mob as having penetrated the NFL and fixed games by paying off players and refs. We now know this is misdirection since the mob is intelligence and the sports teams fix games themselves.
    The NFL earliest beginnings come from Harvard Vs. Yale football games. So spook central.
    Owners from the 20’s like Paul Mara and Rooney were bookmakers. The Giants and Steelers are still owned by their grandsons and happen to win Super Bowls every 5 years or so.
    NBA and NHL commissioners have been Jewish for a while now including David Stern (who’s protegee Gary Bettman became NHL commissioner) and now Adam Silver who replaced him.
    NBA and NHL fix lotteries every year and give the best players to the teams of their choice. Misdirection is the obvious 1984 NY Knicks/Ewing lottery fix. Truth is all the lotteries are fixed. They can’t afford to have a superstar go to a small market team unless it gives them a great narrative or need to save the franchise or build a market in that city.
    NCAA is very, very dirty. Multi-billion dollar organization that manages to not pay it’s athletes due to “student athlete laws” and claim a scholarship is more than enough despite them selling the player’s jerseys, promoting them for TV, and using their likeness everywhere. Total cartel.
    Begin in 1951 with Walter Byers as commissioner. He was 29 when hired and his bio before 1951 is scrubbed. Even in his autobiography he does not talk about anything before 1951. How does a 29 year old get a job of that magnitude?
    NCAA constantly has investigations on teams that supposedly “cheated” by paying a player a few bucks or faking grades. They then punish these teams very harshly. Truth is that every Major D-1 team pays players 5 or 6 figures under the table and fakes grades. I know this from a source inside the business so I don’t have evidence for you direct but I think it would be easy to figure out.
    So this means the NCAA fakes these scandals to give the impression of caring about student athletes so they can portray to the public that paying them is a terrible thing.
    Recently Syracuse was given an extremely harsh punishment for faking one player’s test and other minor things such as allowing players to work part-time at a YMCA and driving one kid to his house 45 minutes away. They banned them from the tournament for one year. Sure enough, this year Syracuse goes on a shocking run to the Final Four. A reward for taking the fall.
    They lose to UNC who is also undergoing a faked papers investigation. A reward for them as well. Syracuse had a pedophilia scandal immediately after Penn State where an assistant coach was accused of assaulting two ball boys 10 years ago. Due to the suspicions around Penn State, Syracuse is now suspicious as well. They have a well known communications department that has produced dozens of media people that work in all major networks. Head coach Jim Boeheim is best friends with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski who is the winningest coach of all time, and always favored by the NCAA and never punished. Who did he coach before Duke? Army.

    I believe it or not tried to make it as brief as possible. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask me questions. Below is my 2 or 3 pages on Cam Newton and the most recent Super Bowl.

    Millions of people saw Cam Newton choose to allow a defender to recover a game-deciding fumble in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, rather than jump on the ball himself. Why would a QB coming off a 15-1 breakout season choose such a loser move during crunch time of a supremely winning season? Cam Newton is 6’5 and 245 pounds. Why would he be so scared of jumping into a pile with 6’3 249 Von Miller who caused the fumble and 5’10 and 200 pound Safety TJ Ward who recovered the fumble?
    Let’s back up a bit on Newton first. While a Sophomore in Florida, Newton was kicked off the team for stealing a laptop from a fellow student. Once police tracked down the laptop, Newton chose to throw the laptop out the window in an attempt to hide it from the cops. This is the character of a supposed leader of a successful professional football team.
    After playing a year in Junior College, Newton transferred to Auburn where he suddenly led them to an undefeated season, #1 national ranking, National Championship, and Heisman trophy for best player in the country. A startling turnaround. We’ll see this storyline reemerge later on. During this run, he dealt with a pay-for-play scandal where his father was accused of asking Auburn $120,000-$180,000 for Newton’s athletic services. I will later on show why these controversies are manufactured by the NCAA in order to protect its incredibly unfair and illegal Student Athlete façade. The NCAA of course dropped all allegations 13 months later.
    Drafted by the Panthers, our first red flag shows up during his first NFL game where he broke the NFL rookie record for passing yards on opening day. Looking back, this is now suspicious. Over his next 4 seasons Cam Newton was known as a physically talented QB who was a borderline top 10 QB, making the playoffs but losing in the first round both times.
    That is until 2015 rolled around. Despite losing #1 receiver Kelvin Benjamin during the pre-season, Cam Newton cruised to an MVP season winning game after game while being crowned by ESPN and sports media as the best player in the game. All this with the Panthers being an average team on paper and predicted to finish 10-6 by ESPN and most outside observers. The Panthers winning streak made no sense to those watching the games. If the Panthers aren’t that good, why are they winning games like this? How are they close to having a perfect season? A feat that has only been done a few times in the 50 year history of the NFL.
    To understand what happened you need to understand where the NFL is in regards to QBs. Brady and Manning are in the twilight of their careers. The best QB in the league is Aaron Rodgers who is gay, in a macho sport, and needs a celebrity beard to cover it up. Russell Wilson also has gay rumors and has been favored by the NFL during the Seahawks last two Super Bowl runs. RGIII and Kaepernick had hopes but ended up being busts. This leaves us Andrew Luck as the only true, slam dunk superstar QB the NFL has moving forward. This is no bueno for the NFL who relies on star QBs to market to fans. Time to manufacture a superstar QB.
    Enter Cam Newton. An incredible physical specimen who can’t seem to put it all together. To counter-act his disingenuous personality, the NFL PR department starts having Cam Newton give his TD balls to carefully planted children in the end zone. This leads to scripted fawning by ESPN talking heads. And another script that leads directly to a showdown between Newton and old superstar Peyton Manning.
    The Manning family has long been favored by the NFL going back to their father Archie Manning who was a QB in the 70’s and 80’s. Peyton only has one Super Bowl ring despite being one of the best QBs of all time. On the other hand his athletically inferior brother Eli Manning (who plays in the New York metropolitan area) has won 2 Super Bowls against the far superior New England Patriots in stunning (and suspicious) comeback victories.
    After taking one year off to perform multiple neck surgeries, Manning signs with the Broncos and leads them to 3 straight offensively record-breaking seasons. All after nearly retiring after those neck surgeries. Around the middle of the 2015 season Peyton Manning had visibly lost nearly all his arm strength and had to be carried to victories by his defense. The NFL realizing that they can only fix so many Broncos victories with Manning playing the way he was, then most likely pressured the Broncos to put Manning on the injury list until the Playoffs which they did in Week 10.
    The final narrative was obvious. Manning in his last game vs new superstar Cam Newton. Newton avoided the fumble on cue. Reading over this you should now begin to suspect that the NFL creates narratives at the beginning of the season with some flexibility depending on what happens. This puts the NFL on par with the WWE with the only difference being that millions of fans spend thousands of dollars without realizing the games are fixed towards favored teams.
    During Super Bowl 49, you can see this fakery exposed during the final drive. With the Seahawks down 4, Russell Wilson throws a poor ball down the right sideline (short of the end zone) that is miraculously (and probably mistakenly) caught by rookie receiver Jermaine Kearse who was most likely not in on the fix.
    You see, I don’t believe every player is in on the fixes, simply because that would entail too many players knowing and potentially spilling secrets. I believe only a few players on each team are employed to throw games. All it requires is the QB, one OL, one DB, the head coach, and the coordinators to fix games. If the opposing teams have a secret radio between coordinators during a game, they can call plays that would ensure one team scores or makes a big gain without most player’s knowledge since the players would be too far out of position to do anything about it. The blame would fall on “poor play calls” which are all too common in the NFL along with “bad clock management” and “incompetent officiating”. Yet nobody questions how a league of this size and with this much money can’t get better officiating or teach coaches how to manage the clock.
    After the incredible Kearse catch, you see Kearse nodding his head in excitement at the incredible position the Seahawks find themselves in. But if you watch the video of the game here starting at 1:08:27 you see something odd. Certain players seem almost concerned about this great catch. Star CB Richard Sherman (with the long hair) looks like how a Patriots player should look. Compare his expression to #25 in front of him (who is clearly not in on the fix). Something wrong with that picture? Owner Paul Allen look shocked, and not in a good way, despite his family celebrating around him.
    What happens afterwards is well known. Instead of repeatedly running the ball in with Marshawn Lynch who is one of the top RBs in the league, the Seahawks (who have 25 seconds and a 2nd down) decide to throw the ball leading to an INT by the Patriots on a routine throw that is almost never intercepted. Another fixed Super Bowl. The Seahawks victory the year before is also suspicious with Peyton Manning supposedly choking in the final game of a historic, record breaking offensive season.


    1. Man, you’ve got some talent here. This piece is like a tree with a hundred branches, each worth a paper on its own. But you also take note of facial expressions (you are dead on with the Seahawks owner) and other nuances, a good eye. It’s why I read Mathis.

      I would like to know who the key players are on each team, the ones in on the scam. We can tell by observation, and you certainly excel at that.,

      Also, the Pete Rose scandal now begins to come in to focus. His job was to preserve the clean image of the sport by being the designated dirty who got caught and punished. He has turned up in another recent Mathis paper as a member of a school with some other notables – MM work is not searchable. Do you recall?

      Anyway, this was hard to put down. I do hope you keep pushing at this, as you have talent. Maybe none of us can be MM, but we can each excel in our own way.


    2. MH is the MAN!!
      We think alike therefore I’m an admirer of your attention to all the details, nuances, etc.
      I could read your breakdowns of the fixes all day long.


    3. Interesting too how Seahawks purposely jump offsides to give Pats cushion off the goaline, ensuring there’s no safety and possession given back to Seahawks.
      Also, Tom Brady is the worst actor in the NFL.
      Can’t stand his stupid hand in cookie jar look on his face he often wears.
      Nice to how NBC comes back from commercial on Seahawks final drive with FINAL ACT pasted across the screen.
      I wish more fans would open their minds up to the obvious fixes.
      Once viewed thru ‘this is fixed’ binoculars the fixes are so easy to see.


      1. Good call on the offsides. You can see 95 push 72 a little bit to make sure he goes offsides. So that’s two veterans on defense we know were in on the fix. I’m starting to think that all players in the NFL after a certain period of time are indoctrinated.

        Maybe they test the younger guys little by little to see if they are OK with it, and those that are become long-time veterans and those that aren’t are out of the league or benched.


        1. Recently while viewing A Football Life on Dick Vermeil I noticed two revealing things:
          In a clip shown of 1980 NFC Championship, Vermeil is ‘miked up’ with Philly on Dallas’ 45 yard line. Upstairs (presumably an Eagle coach) says to Vermeil (who somehow the NFL camera is also keenly focused right on Vermeil) “This is a touchdown right here Dick”, to which Vermeil says “Yep”.
          Then ball is snapped and Wilbert Montgomery runs to daylight 45 yards thru a gaping hole in the Dallas defense with no real effort by Dallas secondary in sight.
          WOW. REALLY??
          How did the Eagle coach upstairs know Montgomery would go UNTOUCHED for 45 yard TD?
          And how did Vermeil know?
          And how did NFL cameras know to have only Vermeil in focus on the sideline for this particular play?
          Soon after in the A Football Life episode on Vermeil (after he retires from ‘burnout’, or rather upon Vermeil ‘burning up’ probably upon learning no real NFL plans for the Eagles to win a Super Bowl any time soon) Herm Edwards soon enters the episode to say “Dick was always trying to fix it”, supposedly meaning Vermeil was always trying to fix the Eagles as a team.
          Nah, we know what you really mean Herm.
          Vermeil was always trying to ‘fix it’ for the Eagles to somehow be awarded a Super Bowl victory.
          (Instead good ole boy Vermeil was to be later awarded one in St. Louis).


        2. Thank you for the ‘offsides’ props.
          Check this one out…
          While re-watching Super Bowl XXXIV (St. Louis vs Tennessee), Tennessee coach AT HALFTIME after returning to the field, Jeff Fisher said “We need to score 24 points to win this game”
          Again, he said this at Halftime.
          Final score: Rams 23 – Titans 16


          1. It’s so obvious now.

            I was specifically warned about the Namath Super Bowl, all the Bills Super Bowls, and the Bucs-Raiders Super Bowl to watch the sidelines for something.

            At this point, I just want to know how many players are in on this. With the coaches and executives, we can see that they have military backgrounds, but many of these players come from poor areas. How do they manage to keep their mouth shuts?

            We know that many players are manufactured like Tiger Woods, Cam Newton, Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, Andrew Luck, etc. from youth to be superstars, but what about the supporting casts? Are ALL of these star players involved with the military or intelligence? What’s going on here?


            1. I believe all players are in on this beginning with their college careers, where I believe all games are also fixed.
              I believe the players are controlled with threats of being released, wrongly accused of manufactured scandal such as drugs or domestic violence as a way to keep them from opening their mouths or non-complying to the fixes at hand.
              Players can’t go to the media because the media is in on it and wouldn’t run the story.
              If a player was successful in getting a story out there, the league would attack the players mental state, accusing the player of having one to many concussions, being bipolar etc.
              Players who choose not to participate any longer in the fixes retire early.
              Recently a 49er retired after one year.
              His retirement speech is similar to Rashard Mendenhall’s retirement speech which is littered with clues written almost in code they were tired of playing in a fixed league.


              1. That’s very interesting and a lot to take on. I do have a former professional athlete in my family (former NFL starter) that I see at events every 5 years or so. We get along well so I’ll tactfully try to bring the topic up after a few drinks next time I see him.

                I’ve been coming around to most veterans fixing games, but for every player in D1 and the professional leagues to be involved, I’m going to need some time for that to settle in and see how I feel about it. I’m open to it, it’s just the logistics of it that I’m struggling with.


                1. My guess is he’ll deny it or wink wink say yes or maybe then make a joke about it, probably at your expense.
                  Or he’ll call you a conspiracy theorist and tell you yes the earth is flat.
                  People feel empowered by keeping secrets.
                  They feel empowered when being part of a fraternity or social club.
                  They feel empowered by believing they did mankind some good by fixing games for the betterment of a nation or community (like Patriots 9/11 year and Saints Katrina playoff year and subsequent Super Bowl).
                  Tell your NFL family member you want his autograph, so you can sell it on Ebay.


                  1. Now that the NFL season has restarted and I’ve watched a few games, I now agree with you that every single player and coach is in on the fix. It’s so obvious, it’s a joke that fans don’t notice.

                    Every single play is scripted. They even have players committing penalties on purpose so big plays get called back. Unbelievable. The scale of the deception is extraordinary.


              Excerpts below from Howard Cosell ‘INever Played the Game’, pages 13-16:

              I am writing this book because I am convinced that sports are out of whack in the American society; that the emphasis placed upon sports distorts the real values of life and often produces mass behavior patterns that are downright frightening; and that the frequently touted uplifting benefits of sports have become a murky blur in the morass of hypocrisy and contradiction that I call the Sports Syndrome.

              I did not always feel this way…

              In the beginning, like most people in America, I had romantic ideas about sports. I found beauty in the contests, and I really believed that the public needed the surcease that spectator sports provided from the daily travail of life. But the past fifteen years have developed vast changes in my thinking and have caused me to reach the conclusion set forth at the top of this prologue.

              In that time, I have walked away from professional boxing, and I have come to have grave doubts about amateur boxing. I have walked away from professional football because of family pressures and because I no longer believed morally or ethically in the actions of the National Football League. By doing this, I gave up, literally, millions of dollars, and yet I suffered tremendous vilification in print for my action.

              In that time, I came to realize, however reluctantly, that there was an inexorable force working against revelations of truth about sports in America. That force exists in the form of an unholy alliance between the three television networks and the sports print medium. It is the fundamental purpose of both, for their own reasons, to exalt sports, to regale the games, the fights, the races, whatever, to the point where these contests are indoctrinated into the public mind as virtual religious rituals.

              Only rarely does one ever read or hear about how sports in the current era inextricably intertwine with the law, the politics, the sociology, the education, and the medical care of society. It is common practice now for sports franchise owners to rip off great cities in financial distress either by franchise removal or threat of franchise removal. I have seen emphasis upon sports corrupt our higher educational process, and to at least some degree, our secondary educational system….

              I have observed the disgusting extent to which television will go in order to get a rating….I have covered the development of labor unions in sports, lockouts in sports, special-purpose legislation passed by the Congress for sports. And I have seen the birth of a curious new stratum in society, which Robert Lipsyte brilliantly entitled “the Jockocracy.”…

              The world of sports today is endlessly complex, an ever-spinning spiral of deceit, immorality, absence of ethics, and defiance of the public interest. Yet, somewhere within all that, there continues to lurk the valid notion that there is good in sports and that the games themselves provide a necessary respite from the ills and frustrations of life itself.

              It is in that latter notion that the bulk of the American public believes, although the number of such believers decreases almost daily. They believe as they do because they have been taught to do so virtually from birth. They are taught in their homes and by the sports media people….

              We are taught a series of postulates, each of which can serve as a natural concomitant for any of the others, and which, in totality, constitute the Sports Syndrome. They are:

              The game is sacrosanct—a physical and almost religious ritual of beauty and art.
              Only those who have played the game can understand and communicate its beauty.
              All athletes are heroes, to the point where some are cast as surrogate parents in the American home.
              Winning isn’t everything…it’s the only thing! (Something Vincent T. Lombardi never said!)
              Sport is Camelot. It is not a place for truth—only for escape, for refuge from life.
              The fan is sacred, even as sports are. He pays the freight, thus he is an entitled being. The media people tell him this every day. Therefore, once within the arena, his emotions whetted by the Sports Syndrome, the fan adopts what John Stewart Mill found to be the classic confusion in the American thought process, the confusion between Liberty and License—a natural and probable consequence of which is fan violence.

              ….The essential point is that sports are no longer fun and games, that they are everywhere—in people’s minds, in conversation, in the importance we attach to it—and that they can affect the basics of our lives (to wit, the part of our taxes that may be directed to supporting a sports franchise, without our ever knowing it). Once I bought the Jimmy Cannon dictum that “Sports is the Toy Department of life.” I don’t now and never will again.

              The task then, as I see it, is to get a fix on sports and put it in its place, in balance with the mainstream of life, and to dispel romantic ideas about sports—ideas that exist only in a fantasy world.

              From I Never Played the Game, pages 131-132, in which Cosell explained why he left ABC’s Monday Night Football:

              First, the moral problem I had with the NFL. I no longer believed in the league, and I became increasingly disillusioned with what I felt was a deception of the American public. Thanks to Monday Night Football, the NFL took off in the 1970s, becoming the most powerful, prestigious, and glamorous organization in professional sports. At the same time, however, what was happening off the field began to sicken me. As I have related in previous chapters, power eventually corrupted a lot of the owners and the men who run the league. Greed and political chicanery became normal business practices. Their arrogance knew no bounds. They thought they had a license to do exactly as they pleased, particularly with regard to carpetbagging franchises—or threatening to carpetbag franchises if the cities in which they played didn’t come through with bigger stadiums, better tax breaks, and other concessions.

              The NFL got away with such outrageous behavior for two reasons: one, its partnership with the three networks; and two, its almost all-encompassing influence over the sportswriters, who could be counted on to parrot the party line. It was disgraceful and I wanted no part of it….

              And God forbid you disagreed with them, or criticized them, or as a working journalist exposed their duplicity. They circled the wagons, even tried to discredit you by distorting what you had reported….

              If you weren’t a whore for the NFL, then you were a pariah. I wasn’t going to shill for league….

              NEED HOWARD SAY MORE?!?!


  3. I appreciate your comments very much, and even moreso that you read everything and were open to it. The scope of all the information is what stopped me from writing a paper on it.

    Pete Rose was mentioned in this paper:
    If you want to search his site, go to Google and type “Pete Rose”
    Or whatever query you’d like to search in the quotation marks.

    I have something interesting to add. A few weeks ago I was in one of my anti-authority moods and went on Quora (a Bay Area intelligence/group-think website) where a question was “Is the Super Bowl rigged?” Of course all the “Yes” answers are downvoted and all the “No” answers are upvoted.

    Well I wrote out a long and aggressive post explaining how most games are fake and many players and coaches are in on it. I was expecting a backlash and I got one pretty quick from a poster that was standard disinfo by the book.

    After a few skeptical posts he suddenly did a 180 and started pointing out fixed Super Bowl games and what to look for. Then he told me to watch the Red Sox game that night and watch David Ortiz closely (who had a very good game that night). When I thanked him for the tip, he responded in latin programming code “Watch Out For Yellow Jackets”. I believe he was a disinfo agent who wanted to drop hints without alerting his superiors.

    Here is my post (I am anonymous), please read the comments and watch how Wesley Meyer goes from asking for evidence, to telling me what to look out for.

    As for who is in on it, in the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl, Russell Wilson looks less than excited after the Kearse catch and jogs off the field with the same attitude after the interception. The poster above told me to watch the highlights of the Raiders-Bucs Super Bowl and keep an eye on the sidelines. Well I noticed both head coaches overacting after every big play, while the rest of the sideline is only moderately celebrating or sulking.

    The Bills-Giants “Wide Right” Super Bowl is also suspicious when I watch the Bills final drive. We see the Giants barely put on a pass rush, the Bills run the ball with 30 seconds left and no timeouts while about 10 yards out of field goal range, and rushing off the field with 8 seconds left without even discussing going for one more play to get a better field goal.

    The Bills kicker, Scott Norwood, happens to have been born in a suburb of Langley, and if you watch the kick, it actually looks like he purposely kicks it wide right.

    I know I’ve said before that I think most players are not in on it, but watching that drive, it felt like all 22 players on the field were in on it. So who knows how far this fakery extends.


    1. “This answer was collapsed due to downvotes” is all that I see there after your comment. Would you mind if I clipped that comment and used it here? I would keep it anonymous.

      Love that you took a shot at Quora at the end too. You’re a bit of a rascal!


    2. And let’s not forget how recently ex-Bills coach Marv Levy penned a ‘fictional’ book about a coach and team throwing the Big Game, and the all shenanigans of the fix performed therein.


  4. Sure, I would have no problem if you did that.

    Try clicking “2+ Comments” underneath “This answer was collapsed….”.

    You have to keep clicking to get more comments. I believe that’s why the poster started off skeptical, and once we got to a point where almost nobody would view the comments, he began giving me hints.


  5. I was wrong about the Warriors winning. It seems the NBA preferred the “Lebron wins for Cleveland” narrative instead.

    This was the first NBA finals I watched from the mindset of “this is all completely fake”. I was predicting correctly the exact moments when one of the teams would start going on a run.

    I was appalled by how pathetically obvious it was when Lebron went down with a fake injury with 10 seconds left, overacting, and then all of a sudden being fine and going to the line for the game finishing free throws. Then the crying after the game, such bad acting. And the head coach crying on the bench by himself, so lame.

    I went on social media later to see if anybody I knew could see this obvious fakery. Nobody did. Everybody fell for it. Nobody can imagine this stuff is all staged. I literally feel embarrassed that not only did I believe in sports, but the time and energy I spent on sports websites, message boards, debating fans over legacies and stats. I loved sports and now I’m stunned as to how fake it is.


    1. I was watching a baseball game the other day, Reds at Astros, cheering for the Reds. Late in a close game with the Reds threatening, Joey Votto is called out on a painfully obvious inside pitch. He just stood at the plate trying to contain himself, as he has a ferocious temper.

      Oh my, I thought – that tells me that the Astros are scheduled to win this one and they could not take a chance of Votto jacking one. The Astros eventually won because they Reds left a reliever in far longer than they should have.

      So yeah, my suspicions are high.


  6. OK, I got a big one.

    I was looking at the Wiki for Clint Malarchuk, the NHL goalie famous for having his throat slashed and it seemed legit. What was strange is that the 2008 Richard Zednik incident was flagged with an 8. I checked Zednik’s page and the incident was also flagged. I had no clue how they could fake this since I watched this game live and remember how scary it was.

    But watch the replay for yourself at 1:56. Don’t worry about the blood, I think it’s fake, and like the Tate murder it has not been examined closely because of it’s graphic nature.

    You’ll see his teammate’s skate lightly tap the right side of his neck. He starts going down and blood squirts out of his left glove! Watch closely. Watching it fast you think it must be squirting out of his neck, but it’s actually clearly coming out of his glove!

    I googled to see if anybody else has noticed this and all I could find was this comment on a message board: “One of the comments on You tube said it was fake “just like wrestling.” Is this a troll or just stupid…. or both.”

    For this to work, you needed 3 players involved. One Sabre, and two Panthers. The Sabres player is Clarke MacArthur and on his Wiki page he is flagged with an 8 when it said he signed a 2 year deal with the Sabres in 2009, the season after the incident. He is marked with an 11 when it says he signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs for $1.1 million for the 2010-2011 season.

    MacArthur kicks out the legs of the Panthers player when crashing into the boards, which is an odd hockey move, and the Panthers player, rather than going straight down, kicks one leg in the air like a figure skater and lightly taps Zednik on the neck (perhaps the Panthers player was wearing a safety device on his skate for this incident?) who goes down with fake blood coming out of a section of his glove.

    I just don’t know how you can explain the blood coming out of the glove, and then the numerology pointing towards an event that I have never heard anybody show suspicion towards. Immediately after the injury they show the Panthers head coach grimacing, but it almost looks like he’s smiling. Weird, weird stuff.

    This is worse than the 1985 NBA draft, because that you can explain that to the mainstream via “greedy owners and commissioners”, but how you do you explain this? Three NHL players involved, plus the training staff, plus the NHL. Just crazy.


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