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Here is just one photo from the latest event, taken from the comments in the post below. Stop and have a gander, and then ask …

  • Why is no one tending to these victims? How long will they just lay there?
  • How much time did the photographer spend on this photo? He got the angle right, and the lighting is superb. His camera, obviously a very good one, was f-stopped in such a way that objects in foreground and background are blurred, and only the victims are in focus.

  • Did the photographer check for signs of life? Did he then say “OK, they’re dead. I’m going for the Pulitzer!”
  •  Noted by a commenter in the post below, why all the debris? Did everyone drop everything and run?
  • Where are our heroes? Is anyone going to tend to these victims? Are we a nation of run away cowards? If the photographer has time to mentally frame the image and get his settings right without getting shot at, danger has passed. Yet two women just lie there. Medical people always check for life, never assume anyone is dead, and are not allowed to pronouce people dead on the scene.
  • The main victim, the well-lit one, appears to have been shot in the thigh, or perhaps gut shot with blood running down to her thighs. Blood has collected between her legs, and it appears to have run both up and down. This could not have happened before she fell, nor after.
  • Such a wound would not be immediately fatal, so she must have have bled out. If so, there must be hidden in the shadows a huge pool of blood. Good thing the photographer spared us such gore.
  • The guy in the background … what is he up to? Looking for his keys?
  • The light source for the bodies is NOT the lit opening in the background. If is off to the left, and is soft light used to accentuate skin tone in shots for magazine layouts. It is probably a diffused light source, as seen in outdoor photo shoots. This is a professional photo.

Just one photo and five minutes of viewing it, easily seen as fake, fake, fake. My guess: this photo was taken well in advance of the event, as they cannot rely on real time staging to deliver such a dramatic effect as this one.

[The more I look at it, the more I suspect that this is a layered image from Photoshop, the girls and debris in the center overlaid on a set that was photographed in a deliberate blur to act as a backdrop.]

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    1. That is hilarious Dave. I said to a guy at the liquor store the other day, just for s&g, that I like my wine like I like my woman: White, and cheap. He might have laughed to himself, don’t know.


  1. https://nodisinfo.com/fake-dead-wounded-las-vegas-mass-shooting-hoax/

    Featured in the linked Nodisinfo piece is a close-up of the legs and the tempura job on that young woman in the photograph that is discussed in this post.

    The photograph has a lot of composition to it, in my judgement.

    The overturned red pail in the photograph reminds me of the new movie “It”. It reminds me of the red balloon on the posters for that movie.

    And there are a couple of details which could be construed as an All-Seeing Eye.

    Some Masonic blue-and-red to be seen also.


    1. The 2 minute and 2 second video on that page shows absolutely nothing. Just someone waving a phone cam around at nothing but dark fuzzy stuff that fills the screen. Probably his pant leg and the ground he’s standing on. Occasionally he points it at the Mandalay Bay sign to remind the viewer this is the actual place, but the camera is above any concert goers at those points so you can’t tell if anyone is running or standing around like in the beginning, listening to awful music while drunk and stoned. I didn’t listen as I’m at work but soundtracks don’t count. Too simple to dub.


  2. Yeah , the nuns tried but could not beat down my sense of humourr

    Mark I found the perps horoscope from Sunday
    looks pretty weird , not sure if it’s ok to put on the other thread ?


  3. I was watching the news right when it came on for my area. First it showed 20+ people had died on two different stations, then 30 mins later it showed 50+ people died with 100+ people injured. Not sure how estimates can change that fast, but it did. That photo has 3 people laying down close to each other. That’s some seriously accurate shooting.


  4. There are three people laying there. When I saw the video of the guy flipping of “the shooter” it screamed B movie, not candid film of horrific shooting.


    1. first thing I noticed when I started looking at this event yesterday….so much trash…the trash scene was shown on my local news last night and explained as wallets, cell phones and water battles dropped as people ran for cover….all debris to be bagged and tagged and not released back to owners until investigation over…OK, sure thing


  5. It is really disturbing and shocking that so many people are willing to participate and be a part of these massive, terrifying frauds.


  6. Langley writers had fun writing this story https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/two-strangers-bond-over-country-music-and-beer-then-the-shots-started/2017/10/03/d5d4541a-a846-11e7-b3aa-c0e2e1d41e38_story.html. The logistics are interesting. So strangers picked up another stranger’s cell phone while running from shooting? And then they said it would be at Planet Hollywood? But where at Planet Hollywood? And how would the victim’s friend claim the phone since he had just met her? Was he supposed to go ask for a phone from lost and found at Planet Hollywood? There are hundreds of lost cell phones found in casinos every day.

    Another interesting thing about this event is the staging. The photos all show women in cowboy boots and short shorts. While that might be the going outfit at a country festival, it’s rare for every woman to be dressed the same. Looks kind of like a Miley Cyrus video casting call.

    Another point is that it is odd in retrospect that until now Las Vegas has been relatively free of the kind of mass violence that has by now happened many places across the U.S. On the Las Vegas strip there are lots of tourists, most are partying, and there is a huge volume of space. So why would an “event” finally happen? Las Vegas has had a great economy for the past few years since the mortgage crisis passed, but their model is being overtaken by many new cities as urban centers become entertainment-based rather than industrial. And if you were going to take down a casino brand, Mandalay Bay is the worst located casino/hotel on the strip, with an interior that hasn’t been significantly renewed since it was built. I wouldn’t doubt if the owners are relieved to have a reason to get rid of it.


  7. One other thing that has been bothering me about this event is I have noticed several times now our local news, as well as national, seems to be really pushing people to donate blood to the poor “victims.” I can’t imagine they would be using real blood in these stupid TV movies (it doesn’t look like it, anyway), but I don’t know what to make of this. Does anyone have an idea what they are doing with all this donated blood?


    1. DNA analysis? Do you have to give any personal info when you donate? Can they analyze your genealogy, or look for whatever they are looking for, then trace it back to your name and address? For example, if they want to eliminate a certain race of people, this is an easy way to collect a lot of data quickly on who those people are.


    2. They may salve their consciences – such as they are – by making these fake events into blood-donation drives.
      The blood – donated under false pretences – may be used “innocently” to help victims of real accidents.

      I don’t know either, but I too wonder what they do with the blood.


      1. Blood transfusions invigorate the person receiving the blood, which is why professional athletes often have them.

        And of course having your blood taken from you, weakens your body. That is another reason why they like to take our blood.


        1. I suspect they are asking for blood merely to heighten the perception that the event was real and give people a sense of participating and being united against evil. It is the same reason the Red Cross asks for $10 donations (of which they keep what … $9?) when there is a hurricane or earthquake.


      2. below is an excerpt from the following blog…
        Founded in 1881 by American humanitarian Clara Barton, the American Red Cross (officially named The American National Red Cross) was first chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1900. A second charter, still in force, was granted in 1905. Not long after, however, John D. Rockefeller pirated the entire blood banking industry, along with the administrative leadership of the ARC. As you will soon learn, this quintessential coup de tats represented more than a glorious economic opportunity. The takeover of the ARC, and the entire blood industry, was apparently required to fulfill a far more sinister, even occult-linked, political objective-eugenics management for a racially purified planet. …


      3. I caught an article on the local news here in Austin. A man returning from the concert showed his “shooting injury” . He claims that a bullet “grazed” his little finger. He showed what looked like a scratch. Unbelievable. I guess he was one of the 500 injured. No wonder there is no blood anywhere.


        1. The news here in Dallas talked to a man as he arrived on a plane from LV. He showed his scrapped up knees that he said happened when he was crawling around trying to avoid being shot.


          1. That’s funny when you think about it, a shooter on the 32nd floor, and a spectators on flat terrain below … the angle would favor him trying to run towards the shooter to lessen body exposure … if directly underneath then only the top of his head would be exposed, a smaller target, and the shooter would have to lean all the way out the window to hit him, singling him out of a crowd of thousands. Of course, fear prevents such thinking in a crisis. But getting down on all fours creates a larger target. Perhaps he did so to allow other spectators to act as a shield, taking the bullets while he made his way to safety? I guess that makes some sense.


    1. Thank you Mick.

      Some observations:
      * typical empty speech about so-called close friends and nearest family, with phrases like this: “He was the best dad,” Day Sr said. “That’s why the kids were with him.” Nobody says that in mourning about a real death.
      * strange names, as always is their modus operandi. To be able to pull so many names they need to build fake names and make them sound real. For that they use names that look real but have a slightly different touch to them. “Gary Danly” becomes “Geary Danley” (the alleged shooter at first), “Rachel Parker” becomes “Rachael Parker”, etc. This slight difference in spelling also makes it possible to link the names to real people, if needed. They get away with “ah, just misspelled” (Rachel Parker -real person- = Rachael Parker -faked death-)
      * there’s an unusually large proportion of alleged California deaths. Yes, Vegas is close to California, but also not too far from Texas, where a lot of people live and apparently like “country music” too. Yet, many “deaths” from CA, none from TX. Just not believable.
      * there’s an unusually large proportion of women. Yes, you could say women run a higher risk of getting shot (run less fast) or dying from a shot than men. But so do older vs younger people. But the chance so many women were present and also got shot is just unbelievable. Same for the age range; too many young women. And where are all the heavily overweight Americans from the countryside? Did only CA models “die” at this event?
      * these GoFundMe pages, allegedly set up to help the vicsims (what for?). I don’t know if those pages are real, but if they are, innocent gullible Americans who believe this BS story are paying liars for it. Sick. Sandy Hook sick.

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      1. If a crowd is being sprayed with bullets from a weapon firing bullets at a very high rate, running faster does not lessen danger of being hit – any more than running through a parking lot in a rain storm to get to your car keeps you dryer. If this event were real, the victims should have been the equivalent of a random sample taken from the crowd.


  8. Watched Morrissey sing this on youtube:
    And I recommend to all of my friends that they….
    Stop watching the news!
    Because the news contrives to frighten you
    To make you feel small and alone
    To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own.

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    1. I watched the video from above link and showed the same to my mother, a doctor with 42 years of experience. She’s occasionally dealt with corpses and spilled blood as a team member of emergency crew when they would go rescue people, countless times over her career. I asked her to watch it and give her opinion about the blood and the color of it, the way alleged victims look and all details in between. She watched it and said that all of them look as real victims, the color of real human blood actually looks “surreal” when spilled on the ground in large quantity, so she said nothing about the shade of blood’s red as seen in that video. I asked specifically, if that doesn’t look strange kind of red for blood and she confirmed that nothing seems strange about it.

      As the cameraman moves along few seconds later in the video, he stops to check for another victim’s pulse/life signs and as he presses against her neck for pulse, you could notice some blood coming from the corners of victim’s mouth. My mother noticed it and said she either had been shot to the head or torso, with the bullet puncturing victims lungs or the victim wouldn’t have blood in her mouth. What is weird is that the victim didn’t have her chest punctured as the shirt was clean, as no entry or exit wounds were visible and I presume, a shot to the back of her head would be tearing her face off as well. I talked about it with my mother and after a while she wasn’t convinced about the actual cause of death for this particular victim anymore. But the victim’s look&feel wasn’t strange or abnormal to notice, which was just hard to accept for me.

      Then something more shocking was to be learned – according to my mother’s experience, the smell of such large quantity of spilled blood (as seen in that video) is so specific that it could be detected from large distance, having a note of sweet and rotten scent to it after a short time already. I then asked if anybody could deceive her,by faking to be dead and using artificial blood or ketchup, and she repeated herself to say those people actually look dead, with nothing strange in particular about any detail seen in that video.

      To be honest, I felt disappointed as I was expecting my mother to confirm my observations, but had to reconsider my opinion. Is it possible that we are actually dealing with real victims here? Were they sacrificed for a higher purpose? Before deciding what to believe, I wanted to show the video to another doctor, a trauma surgeon with 40+ years of experience as well, but in the meantime – the video got removed.


      1. So many possibilities here, Vex, first being that we don’t know the origin of the film – a collapsing building, a bus accident, or a mass shooting? Second, has your mother ever expressed doubt about the reliability of news reporting and mass shootings? Even though a doctor, she is not exempt from confirmation bias. Finally, they could have brought in people experienced in trauma to supervise the victim staging. Blood in teh mouth absent a visible wound is a clue.


        1. True and I heard her say at the end, that those bodies may have been filmed elsewhere.So we weren’t so much doubting about the content of this video as possibly manufactured, I wanted more to hear her opinion about the victims as seen on the screen. And it’s also true that this event looks as a future precedent – the level of details is beyond any recent events’ standard, with many little scenes done in true movie-style fashion, playing with our senses, something that was never seen before in similar events.

          I agree, experienced people were likely involved in setting it up or green-screening production. I think I’ve read in the comments here at PoM that somebody said – as if the PTB would be closely watching sites like PoM and all alike, where people would meticulously analyze and disclose many recent events as hoaxes in the past, and then learning from those in order to improve their illusion methods. It’s very probable if you think about it, some most recent events were really ridiculous to watch on TV. This one is different, though, ver. 2.0 is much harder to see though, isn’t it?

          I still think this one is staged, just much better done than any other event. Too many possibilities and endless list of hoaxes on the already proven hoax list to convince me otherwise.


      2. Vultures and coyotes swarming for the blood ?
        I hope it has not come to that ….” see , we didn’t want to actually murder anyone , but you meddling truthers demanded more evidence and less fakery , look what you made us do …”

        I am firmly in the – no real bullets , no gun shot wounds , no dead bodies camp . Why ?
        Watch the film Full Metal Jacket , the third act features a sniper from two hundred yards
        away , and yes it’s just a movie , but that’s what we should be seeing from witness
        phones by the dozen and we are not . Keep in mind these two words – CONTROL ROOM .
        Everything we’ve see goes through one . And no-deaths keep the actors feeling OK about
        themselves and the project .

        I’m betting it will be said that Paddock , after autopsy, had a brain tumor , like the Texas tower 1966 perp, Chapman .

        The sheep will need to have a comforting ribbon tied around their questions/outrage .


      3. Here is a link to the video on liveleak: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c96_1507108754

        Vex, I think it’s great that you showed this to your mom. What reason did you give her for wanting her to watch it? Does she know you suspect it of being a hoax? Does she think that possibility is absurd? Have you ever shown her pictures from another event, such as the infamous Thorndike photos from the Boston hoax? These are important things we know in order to weigh her opinion. It seems to me that if she went into the video with a skeptical outlook, she would be much more likely to find inconsistencies and oddities. For example, the first person the guy checks seems to be in serious condition, but he says ‘I can find no entry or exit wounds.’ So if not, then why is the guy in such serious condition? Are we to believe he had a heart attack or something?

        We know that ‘above the board’ crisis preparation drills with crisis actors are made to look as realistic as possible. So realism is supposed to be part of it. I think one of the reasons previous events have been so unrealistic is because they only have a few seconds to get into place. Here they probably had more time. They did a good job with this video. Much better than many of the other smartphone videos of people making their way through the wreckage to show the dead and dying that aren’t convincing at all (I’m thinking here of the recent London Bridge and Barcelona car/truck “massacres”).

        I also don’t think this was filmed elsewhere. One reason is that at times the video pans up and you can see the Luxor in the background. Given the camera shake and angles, I think it would difficult to fake this. And also perhaps not necessary. But I suppose I could be wrong.

        I do think it’s important to keep an open mind about these things, so I applaud you for entertaining the possibility that maybe there was a layer of reality to these events. I remember thinking the same thing early on during the Orlando shooting. And of course the Jerusalem truck ramming incident still makes my head spin. This Las Vegas thing seems like such an audacious, brazen hoax that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it.

        One of the things that always gets me is the hospitals. I mean, you can hoax footage of injured people, but you can’ t fool nurses and doctors into believing the people in front of them are injured if they aren’t. On the other hand, if you don’t bring anybody in, then wouldn’t the workers at the hospital think it strange that nobody was brought in? But then, if not, are we to believe that all the emergency doctors, nurses, orderlies, etc. are paid intelligence operatives or assets willing to go along and perpetuate the hoax? That is one of the things that I have the hardest time wrapping my mind around. Anybody want to help me here?

        Maybe only some of them are and they manage to divert the fake injured to the select staff. Miles would probably say that, yes, they are all intelligence operatives. I find that hard to swallow, in part because my dad is a physician and has worked in hospitals throughout his career. He was never in emergency medicine, but neither has he ever been a spook. I just don’t find it plausible that most if not all the people working in the emergency room are in on the con.

        Still, hired some of the lousiest crisis actors in recent memory for this one. Maybe they went over budget on the moulage artists and had to cut corners somewhere else. So one question to people who think it wasn’t a hoax: why would they need to hire crisis actors if they could just interview real people? One of the emerging conspiracy narratives around this shooting (and there are many, obviously, as they want to cover this in the usual layer of thick fog), is that there were multiple shooters and the gunman was a patsy. In this theory, they hire and interview crisis actors in order to maintain the “lone gunman” narrative and prevent wide disclosure about the ‘false flag’ multiple shooters. To be clear, I don’t really buy this story, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.

        At the end of the day, although I feel I don’t have satisfactory answers to all my questions, I don’t find it plausible that they would suddenly switch their M.O. from hoaxing to real shootings covered up by planted crisis actors. On top of that, the other videos of people in the concert ‘reacting’ to the gunshots just doesn’t make sense. It’s very poorly done and also doesn’t show anybody getting injured. All we see is the supposed ‘aftermath.’

        Oh, one last note: there is a story emerging of an ex-marine who found a white pickup truck with some keys in it parked somewhere near the event. He commandeered the truck to bring three truckloads of people to the hospital. The story doesn’t make any sense on so many levels. First off, who parks their truck unlocked with the keys inside in Las Vegas? How likely would it be for the marine to find it? Why would he even look? Would you start checking out cars to see if somebody had left the keys inside?

        Also, in the video I linked to, the guy starts shouting for an EMT at some point, and does find somebody, but if you look at the guy he found, who only appears on camera for a moment, he isn’t dressed like an EMT and isn’t carrying any equipment. Later someone tells him that all the people on the ground are dead, and he yells ‘no they arent.’ But then he also says ‘where are the EMT’s the shooting is over’ or something like that. One article I saw interviewed an EMT who said her ambulance drove into the area before they were sure the shooting was over, even turning off their siren and lights so as not to draw attention to themselves. So where are the EMT’s in the video? And why did the guy need to make 3 separate trips, each one taking, say 7 minutes each way (if we assume he drove like crazy). Wouldn’t that place have been just completely crawling with ambulances, fire trucks and all the rescue personnel? Oh well, enough. I’m preaching to the choir.


        1. Regarding the video: Who is this guy, sort of flippantly walking around checking people for signs of life, even a couple who are being tended to? Ordering EMTs around, and saying, “I’m just trying to help, my mom’s a nurse.” Who would listen to him? Would you let him do that to your fallen friend you were assisting? Or tell him to get lost? Why would EMTs not be able to see who needs tending without this guy pointing it out?

          One girl tells him she’s been shot in the head and it’s bleeding, and he starts moving her head all around saying, “Oh my God…” Wouldn’t that be the worst thing to do on all levels? Any damaging hit would mean a skull fracture.

          Why are there no screams? That many injured people and no one is screaming in pain? Seriously? Wouldn’t they at least be writhing around and crying, or trying to get up and being told to stay down by friends tending them?

          I didn’t watch it a second time, but do the casinos show up before the lights are shut off?That would be an easy way to shift the set. What idiot would shut off the lights? Then this clown starts ordering the lights be turned on.

          Maybe he’s a cousin of the Mexican flag cowboy from Boston, but it doesn’t pass the smell test to me…


        2. I wanted an opinion of somebody experienced I could trust and who could tell me what exactly I’m watching in the video. Most probably my mom knows I’m suspicious about it as my questions were confirming it when we watched it. I really wanted to know if somebody could fool her with another TV spectacle, but was surprised with her answers. When I showed her the other pictures, she stopped at that same picture Mark’s pointed out in the post. It was funny at that moment, because suddenly she was asking me the same question I wanted to ask her – just what is “that” on woman’s ties? That’s not blood, she said to me. But then I replayed the video again, to see if she would reconfirm what she said when watching for the first time, her answer was the same – the victims do look real. The smell would be another sign, but that’s impossible to check. Another thing worth mentioning is that I showed her those two photos I posted in the comment section here and she completely agreed that the pictures look illogical, wondering about the contradiction in how some people look untouched, while others allegedly suffer.
          There is another thing worth mentioning here and that is almost utter silence of the victims in the video. Why are there no injured victims, wounded and screaming in pain? I was then told by a trauma surgeon, my father, that it may be completely understood due to a shock factor. He said he was witness to a large train wreck incident in Zagreb in 1974, where real people got literally obliterated by the forces involved. As my old man arrived there with ambulance crew, he described two things he said are impossible to forget: utter silence of the first 30mins and intense scent of blood hoovering over the scene. So even this part, absence of screams, resembles to what we can notice in linked video experience when looking at the victims.
          I didn’t yet show my folks any Boston pictures, but will do that at another occasion. I have to be gentle about that since none of them is “awake” in my opinion and none cares too much for international politics.
          About that particular guy in the video, the first victim that got checked by the cameraman – I pointed it out to my mother, but she said not enough is seen in the video to give definite judgment. When guy’s shirt is briefly pulled away to check for wounds on his chest, none can be seen, but then he could’ve been wounded in his back / back of his head, which would be impossible to notice without turning the victim on his side to examine his back. We don’t see that in the video, so nothing conclusive can be said about him. If he was running away from the shooting, it would be logical to get shot in the back and plausible for the bullet to stay within victim’s body, leaving no exit wounds.
          Don’t get me wrong here, as I was looking for the smallest flaws in these, just as much as you, but we have to try and be objective regardless of our suspicions. I’m no expert to judge every aspect on my own, so I’ve reached for somebody, experienced and trustworthy, though still matrixed L 

          Important to note is that we’ve seen “only” a couple of bodies in this video, which is at max 10% of all victims, so there may have been real bodies set as part of the scenery, but I doubt we’ll see all corpses filmed. The time window was big enough to properly do it, explaining as well the realistic touch to the whole mess. Like you’ve mentioned it, I have the same issue with it – understanding just what is going on here. There are so many questions that lack answers and I don’t have many to offer.  For now, I’m absolutely positive this is another hoax, but much more cleverly done to conceal its real nature. The change in M.O. can be understood as development of hoaxing, that isn’t so hard to understand. Why not the change? It would improve their results and get the other 5% confused while analyzing. Before we solve it, there’ll be 2 more to deal with.

          Hospitals and ambulances – that part makes my head spin, I can’t get around it. I was checking for the last few days to find some pictures of alleged crowded hospitals, but with no luck. All I could notice in those articles are strange last names of emergency PR representatives, i.e. Cohen‎, I didnt save those links but it’ll be easy to google search it. Other than that I don’t know what to think, we’d need a witness from any of the involved hospitals to have any real feedback.


        3. Watched the video too, some observations:
          * video is filmed with VVS (vertical video syndrome). This is a common way of filming hoaxed events. It is used to show something, but not too much. Anyone wanting to actually capture as much as possible of a real situation would film landscape, not portrait.
          * they post these videos with warning signs as “graphic” as a smokescreen. Yet, when you watch the videos, they are not graphic at all; they do not shock. They are like ISIS videos. Also because of the absence of screams, which just sounds unnatural. Part of it may be explained by what Vexman says, but the idea that NOBODY would scream or cry is just not believable. The ol’ saying by shills in response to the crisis acting videos is “everybody reacts differently to horrific experiences”. And yes, they are right, but that is the whole point; those people all react THE SAME. So thanks for stating that, you just debunked your own claim.
          * the blood looks fake indeed, too light, especially with the low light conditions of the night it should look darker.
          * when the cameraman is asked “who are YOU?” he responds “just an innocent bystander”. What? Who says that? Why not say your name? Then “this is…ehh.. my mom’s camera”? Really? and “I am just trying to help…”. How exactly? By filming the actors? What help is that? He promised people to get EMTs, but the only thing he does is shouting EMT and keeps filming.
          * the idea that there are NO EMTs present to attend victims at a concert is just unbelievable. At every concert everywhere in the world it is filled with medical personnel, they couldn’t even organize such an event without them.
          * the chaos shown in the video contrasts with the photos released supposedly of the same event. The photos Mark talked about; the staged sets with perfect lighting, composition, etc. It takes time and multiple attempts to create such a “perfect” picture of so-called victims. This video is doing the opposite; not slick, perfect and well-lit.

          Just my thoughts.


        4. Finally found one picture of Vegas hospital, it’s supposedly from Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center after the “rush hour”. Source: amp.insideedition.com


        5. Greetings, Josh: Just some thoughts regarding hospitals and ERs. I worked in an ER up north for a number of years prior to moving south. We were located not too far from an interstate, and we often had “disaster drills” where we would be given a scenario (say a 50 car/truck pileup) and the “victims” would start rolling in – from the “dead” to the “barely scratched”. We would run it as though it was a “for real” incident. There were also nuclear power plants up the road, as well, so several times a year, we would run a “nuclear disaster drill”. The idea was to be ready, just in case, something horrible really did happen. Would it be possible that an LV hospital was selected, staff was told that there would be a “shooting disaster drill”, and all wounded/dead (real or make believe) would be triaged to that hospital and treated as necessary? (Seems to me that, by the law of averages, there are going to a few injuries in an event that big, even if it was staged.) Staff would be instructed not to talk about this to anyone, under threat of job loss or worse; an agency big enough to run this event would also be big enough to carry out threats. You wouldn’t have to have everyone on staff be an intelligence asset to pull this off – maybe just some of the higher ups who oversaw the drills to be sure they ran as they were supposed to.

          One last thought, I notice a lack of EMTs, ambulances and rescue teams in a number of these events. Could that be considered a blatant clue that the event is not for real?


          1. As a postscript, I was present at a minor collision with a cyclist some 2 months ago; 2 ambulances and 3 sheriffs showed up almost immediately.


  9. Blood drive – harvest sacrifice at the blood moon –

    Mesquite TX-NV – mosquitos – blood sucking parasites .

    The script writers must get bonuses for clever ideas .

    What the 95%ers ( thanks Mark ) see is a heartfelt feelgood

    Media driven (guilt) free for all .

    But the sad thing is that the controllers are , in my opinion setting

    us all up for a !!! Huge White Fail !!! ,

    look at Trump in Puerto Rico yesterday .

    You get a roll of paper towels and you get a roll of paper towels

    and you get a roll of paper towels …..

    No unscripted human being could be like that , or say those things .


    1. I now see it:

      They are all actors/agents of some kind.

      The whole thing is fake:

      The female, Hispanic Mayor of San Juan acting like a complete and utter muppet…
      Part of the script.

      Controlled opposition Black Lives Matter members taking over the stage of controlled opposition Bernie Sanders…
      Part of the script.

      Brian Sandoval and Adam Laxalt are INTENDED to look like GRINNING GOYS so that the Far-Right, White Nationalists and conspiracy theorists look at them and think “These Republicans are just Judeo-Masonic pawns”

      Terry McAuliffe playing the role of corrupt Clinton functionary who favours the Antifa and Richard Spencer and co. the controlled opposition in Charlottesville.

      Fake as the day is long.


  10. Perhaps a useful tack with the 95% is to ask why people are planting obviously fake pictures in the media. Don’t try to convince them the event is fake, just the picture. How could the blood flow like that? Maybe a small seed of doubt that will grow over time…


  11. I had a sudden thought in the week, that all these blatant events followed by the inevitable call for gun-control, are actuallty trying to blackwash gun-control. “TPTB want gun-control, so any right-minded person must oppose it, especially when they’re going to such absurd lenghts to support it!” This comment as a European.


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