Gaia gives us Fakeopedia; some future projects, and a joyous new year to all

Like everyone, I am looking forward the future installments of Maarten’s work on music and ear worms.  I remind folks that a mere click above takes you to your favorite author.

Also, we are always on the lookout for fresh blood, new insight. Don’t be shy – first attempts at anything are always difficult, but the four of us here are ordinary men with good hearts who will support efforts by rookies.

Gaia is involved in a project now, working with AB, called “Fakeopedia.” He asked me to write up POM (it still needs more work, links, etc.), which I did, and wants others to chime in too. The idea is a central repository for the major fake events of our time, but done in an open source manner, as with Wikipedia. It’s risky, and also a very large undertaking that is going to require perseverance and lots of work. I hope everyone takes a look, and where possible contributes. And thank you, Gaia, for stepping up.

Future projects … Gaia wanted to know what is on the horizon … I’ll list what is on my mind, and I am sure the others have ideas too. I am going to revisit Barbara Walters, as I am pretty sure there was a body switch pulled on us there. I am going to take a look at Waco, unless someone else does it first. And, this is intimidating as it is so big, but Jonestown needs scrutiny. It may be, like 9/11 itself, too big for one person to handle.

My current reading, still about AIDS but also Neo-Darwinism, has been fascinating, and I just ran across a paragraph this morning that, to me, needs expanding …

“Neo-Darwinism is like a theory with little or no clothes – or without data to support it. Readers may wonder why the theory is so widely respected in Academia! Part of the reason for this can be understood by observing how scientists overwhelmingly support the paradigm current in their field. Like all humans, scientists get carried away by the belief systems that are most prevalent and accepted in their circles. In 1962 Thomas Kuhn demonstrated that scientists often support a theory beyond what the theory may merit, simply because it is part of the dominant paradigm. Direct and indirect pressures exist to demand that “members” – in the case we are considering, evolutionary biologists – tow [sic] the line and follow the dominate paradigm, even if there is anomalous data that do not fit it. It is currently professional suicide to question the basic assumptions of the neo-Darwinian theory. … (Dr. Arthur David Horn)

AIDS itself fits this paradigm, and the shocking thing for me is the power of the NIH and CDC to enforce it. A deadly drug, AZT, is used to this day to treat the syndrome even as it can be shown that AZT induces misery and hastens death, and that the mere presence of the HIV virus (as if – but the germ theory of disease is yet another paradigm) causes no illness, harms no one even as the cure is deadly.

Miles Mathis has shown much of our physics and quantum mechanics to be bogus, and even how Stephen Hawking, the real one anyway, died in the 1980s. But there is power there, real power. It dictates reality to those who are not tenured or self-employed in the sciences. (Ward Churchill, whether that was fake or real, demonstrated that tenure is easily set aside too.) Science, like every other human pursuit, follows the money.

So it should come as no surprise that Galileo, found guilty of heresy by the Inquisition, was put under house arrest, or at least force to lay low. Things have not changed much since 1633, have they.

Anyway, I’ll be traveling for a brief while, but that is what I look ahead to. I wish all readers and writers and commenters here happiness and satisfaction in the coming year. Though it sounds a little cheesy, I like how Garrison Keillor used to close out his show, reminding everyone to “do good work.”

32 thoughts on “Gaia gives us Fakeopedia; some future projects, and a joyous new year to all

  1. Thank you for the kind words Mark and your first contributions writing about POM.

    A little background of the initiative:
    The idea to have an own wiki has come up years ago already at Cluesforum. Unfortunately at that moment it didn’t kick off. Over at Fakeologist, there were two Excel sheets going around; one of a glossary of terms used in our circles and another with a list of psyops. I was keeping another list of terror hoaxes on another forum for a while.

    The idea is that we can add our own, or other known good research in links and summarize the main points in short bullet points for major and minor (just as interesting!) psyops they pulled off on us throughout his-story.

    I am at the moment busy expanding that list of psyops with many more (forgotten or new) ones we find everyday. I link to the major research websites that I know of and read with joy, but there are many more around that can be included. For now I use Fakeologist (blog and forum), Cluesforum, Hoaxbusterscall, Miles Mathis, POM, Josh’s and Vexman’s blogs and John le Bons work, with additional other links of (part of) my own analyses elsewhere.

    A major benefit of the wiki style is that it is familiar, good for creating and thus seeing the links between the different psyops and that we can work in parallel. There are different ideas around about some topics (EGI/transsexualism, the zombies, Miles Mathis’ work and persona, science vs psience/scientism, etc. etc.) but the main point is that on 95% of the psyops we agree. That is what counts, but outside of that there is and should be room for disagreements and those can just exist next to each other.

    Ab has been so great in the quick installation and governance of the Fakeopedia and with time (we are barely 3 weeks underway now) new updates will appear so we can expand functionalities and create even better content.

    For those who registered on Discord (the application Fakeologist and Hoaxbusterscall use for chats), there is a separate room for discussion about Fakeopedia and we can keep in contact easily that way. For those not (yet) registered there, it may be a nice idea to share our ideas with Ab and the other contributors. If you want to register your account, ideally with the same name you use elsewhere for clarity, send Ab (Fakeologist) an email and he can set up your account.

    With more independent researchers starting their own sites or blogs (like Terran Downvale), we increase the spread of good information and research about interesting topics. Now I have included most of the psyops discussed here at POM in the list (there still are some missing, but it’s quite some work), any other topics you (plural) know good research about can be added quickly and people are able to access information in a comfortable, easy-to-browse manner.

    See the for examples that are there now, some already with an own article page.

    And a big thanks to Mark in the first place, it was via POM I found Fakeologist and this whole initiative got shape.

    A great 2018 to you all! And may we combine our bright minds and enhance the learning of not only ourselves but also of those interested in the variety of manipulated stories, staged events, blatant lies and other tricks the psyopaths have up their sleeves!

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    1. Sitting in 5e airport waiting to board and skimmed it. Care to expand? It appears to be about abortion … not a subject I care to inject here. It’s a serious topic, but in the US is merely wedge politics.


      1. I am so sorry! The link changed on me for some reason. Here is what I intended:
        Once a person opens their mind to the possibility that Darwinism is agenda driven, and does some sincere legwork, one cannot un-see the weaknesses which abound. Darwinism is much like the cholesterol scam in that it makes sense: bacon grease hardens after the meal is served, and that’s the goop that’s clogging your arteries. Fish wanted to live on land so their little flippers turned into feet. AIDS is a fertile ground for research too. Endlessly confusing and hard to pin down. Don’t give up, however – it’s a major project.


          1. Fantastic article. Interesting that with AIDS we had Gallo, and with neo-Darwinism, Dawkins, two strident and surly gatekeepers whose function appear to be riding the fencelines and preventing anyone inside from escaping. It is almost like they were designed for that purpose.


        1. Darwinism is so completely off base, it shows the degree to which we can be led astray through our faulty thinking which is why it’s so easy for these projects to succeed.

          ID isn’t necessary to show the logical leaps, fallacies, and absurdities. Even the article misses some of the obvious ones. For instance, the “laws of nature” don’t cause anything. They are simply models based on observations that we accept as workable until we observe something that contradicts one, which requires us to change the model. “Chance” certainly can’t cause anything, it’s merely a way of saying we don’t know the cause.

          What does “survival of the fittest” even mean? It’s a value judgment, which is meaningless in a world devoid of value, which follows from meaning and purpose.

          I read a book years ago by Stanley Jaki called, “The Purpose of It All” which made a lot of the ID arguments, but he also showed that people wanted to believe Darwinism to relieve themselves of moral responsibility. “Origin of Species” was a huge bestseller even though most people wouldn’t have slogged through it.

          Jaki believed the main purpose of Darwinism was to destroy the concept of purpose. From what we know now, that bestseller status was most certainly the result of a project, and Victorian morays were already wearing thin as a result of previous projects. It probably didn’t take much effort to create the fad, with the peerage behind it all to begin with. Who aspiring to “society” would want to be left out?

          The Peerage That Be were able to corrode the English religious sensibilities, but Americans being less regimented and “intellectual” required the injection of Transcendentalism, Unitarianism, Quakery, and the various “burned over region” offshoots to derail sensible Christianity in the colonies.

          Regardless of whether you think Christianity itself was a project, the concept of man created in the image of God and therefore subject to the moral law which condemns just about everything being done to us by the elites is more than a minor inconvenience for them. Evolution is a cornerstone to the whole house of cards which is why bullies like Dawkins are sent out to keep the rubes in line. But it also shows why the whole structure could collapse rather quickly and thus the urgency for them to keep applying the distractions.

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          1. I agree wholeheartedly. Also I have heard Preachers say Jesus was 33 at the time of his Crucifixion, but I have never found the reference in the actual Bible (King James or New King James or even the watered down NIV). A colleague left his church after reading the book Synagogue of Satan and Miles Mathis, and then noticing the church council members all had noses like George Washington aswellas having names like Bennett, Mather(s), etc. He also noted that the church council was a ‘closed-shop’, and when one member left, an outsider replace would him or her who was even more Jewish in appearance and mannerisms.


          2. It looks like the Darwinist Evolution project will be replaced by the Alien messiah project: it will be admitted that LIFE was created by Intelligent Design, but of an alien entity of far superior intelligence. The signs are everywhere in the fake media. Be prepared for the “Second Coming”! And yes, I DO believe Christianity is a project, as well as the other Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam, set up to be in eternal conflict with each other by designating the adherents of Judaism as “God’s chosen people”. It’s actually quite brilliant, isn’t it?!


          3. As for “the concept of man created in the image of God”: Creator/God will be revealed to be an autonomous master supercomputer, and life as we know it is nothing more than a virtual reality program, a simulation in which humans are no more than trans-human automatons being manipulated by the great and powerful Wizard. Or something along that line…at least, that’s what I see in the cards as the ultimate goal. In the meantime, >>They<</TPTB will continue to play out the apocalyptic Armageddon script as written in the “holy” books…the same books >>They<< wrote to convince various religious adherents to watch–and especially fear–the “end times”. For atheists who scoff at the ignorant religionists, there’s the global warming, nuclear holocaust and alien invasion “end times” scripts.


  2. Just in case anyone missed Google’s “Year in Search” commercial, it’s a great review of the year in psyops in less than 2 minutes. I’m sure it could occupy Terran Downvale for a decade!

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    1. LOL. Just a single day of “news stories” on the Yahoo homepage is enough to last a lifetime. 😉 Speaking of, from yesterday:

      Pizzagaters, eh?

      I posted that image in early December of 2016, taken from this story from a couple months before the Pizzagate hysteria began:

      And there’s much more weirdness. Elements include Roman Polanski, Dancing With the Stars, Bindi Irwin and her peculiar hatred of CHEESE. Will be revisiting this on my blog at some point!


  3. “How to live in a manufactured and fake world and maintain a semblance of sanity and lucidity when 99% of those around you think you’re stupid and/or insane”. Actually, when I did a Google search for “how to live in a fake world”, there were 7,550,000 results, far more the numbers for the search items mentioned in the ad. I guess Google forgot to mention that.


  4. The Coxes Creek No. 7 Fire was called in Dec. 18. The fire on U.S. Forest Service and private property grew from about 30 acres to almost 200 by day’s end. Six homes were in danger

    7+12+1+8+3+2=33 december counts as 12

    Forest fires are a hoax
    put forest fires in fakeopedia


          1. BTW, Mark, right now researching a little bit about the Spanish Monarchy, particularly King Charles IV… and listening to “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Joaquin Rodrigo. Don’t know if you know/like it, but highly recommend that musical masterpiece.

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        1. Only part of it. There is enough material that is for free. His business model is fair I think and making videos and doing research costs time.

          From what we talked about I don’t see a benefit in paying up anyway, the stronger points are in the “baby hoaxes” and levels above.


          1. “There is plenty of material that is for free.”

            This is true. As of 7-Jan-2017 there are about 20 articles (totaling 50,000 words) and perhaps a dozen videos (totaling several hours) all available for free. This does not include numerous podcasts and static pages which are similarly accessible at no cost.

            I appreciate that many people hold an aversion to paying for ‘alternative’ content. I also understand that many of these same people complain that there is a lack of quality research and content available. I also understand that many of the same people who balk at paying for independent research/content think nothing of paying for processed poisons (food and drink), Netflix subscriptions, movie tickets, and other entirely unnecessary consumerist goods.

            We get the world we contribute to.


        2. It is a monetized site.

          Not my preference either.
          But on the upside, he is discussing and investigating more fundamental questions, and is not constantly lingering on what he calls “baby hoaxes” like others.


          1. “…on the upside, he is discussing and investigating more fundamental questions, and is not constantly lingering on what he calls “baby hoaxes” like others.”

            Thank you for presenting a positive perspective on what I am doing with my website.

            I like to think that my work has gone well beyond the Baby Hoaxes and general media fakery. While these are important issues, and perhaps even an important stepping stone for a would-be deprogrammer (as I sometimes describe those who are attempting to redress the brainwashing we have all been subject to), they seem to me trivial in comparison to the other topics I now deem far more worthy of discussion.

            For just one example, lately I have been using the ‘moon landings’ as a tool for exploring the reasons why some of these staged events are made to look as silly as they do. I am not trying to argue that the ‘moon landings’ were staged; this is taken as a given. What I am asking is, WHY are the photos of the lunar module so comically silly?

            Cardboard, aluminium foil, and even sticky tape! All there, in plain sight. An accident? An oversight on the part of the stage manager or prop designers? Personally I doubt it. These things seem to have been placed there quite intentionally. To mock us? Possible, but I doubt that this was the primary motivation.

            What I propose is that these ‘easter eggs’ are left there to assist those with eyes to see. Like a marker to show those who still can/will THINK for themselves, not just that the event is/was fake, but that it does not matter how fake the event is shown to be, the lemming masses will never notice. We are being given a perfect example and illustration of not only how fake these events can be, but also how little it matters to the creatures around us we call ‘humans’.

            I welcome and encourage those who disagree with me to share their own analysis of the situation. This can lead to productive dialogue and new insights, for myself and my audience.

            Sadly it is the case that these conversations can and do fail to be productive when the lemming masses try to partake, which is one of the great beauties of installing a paywall on my site. It has filtered out so much of the detritus and flotsam which swash around in the alternative/conspiracy/truth realm, individuals who parade themselves as ‘thinkers’ but who demonstrate no real capacity to think. Such people will invariably struggle to contribute to constructive dialogue with those with whom they may disagree one point or another.

            One of the key lessons I have learned in my time in this scene is that most of the individuals who are here are ONLY here for something to do, to pass the time. They are not truly interested in personal growth or development. This is okay, it does not make them bad people. What it does mean is that our reasons for being here — our motivations for engaging in dialogue — are significantly different. Significantly.

            The consequences of this will be obvious to some, and not to others.


          2. From:
            “‘John le Bon’ is not the legal name he was given at birth, but if you are desperate to learn what that legal name is, you should be able to find it by trawling the dark depths of the ‘truth movement’ online. Alternatively, you can simply contact JLB and arrange to meet him in person, whereby he will be happy to share this information with you himself. JLB has met many people ‘in real life’ who first heard of him via his online work, and so far has enjoyed meeting each of these individuals.

            In the meantime, a separation between legal identity and online persona serves to mitigate some of the potential blowback one opens oneself up to by engaging in this line of research and content production. This scene is home to some rather sick and immoral individuals. Moreover, some of the topics covered by JLB can attract the attention of undesirable elements. The use of a nom de plume or ‘stage name’ is no safeguard against such characters, but has proved to be a useful firewall for the past two years.

            A more detailed account of JLB’s earlier life is made available below to Full Members of this site. For any and all inquiries about JLB and this site, please see the Contact page.”

            I like your mojo Mr. Le Bon. Wishing you continued success and please let us know if you have an opinion about the work and phenomenom of Miles Williams Mathis.


    1. Dear stevie, some forest fires probably are a hoax, or a false flag (lit to create work for the fire department), but “forest fires are a hoax [a priori]” is of course complete BS. I have seen them with my own eyes and taken photos.

      If you have a specific forest fire that you suspect it’s a hoax and have done research on that, which can be linked, I will happily add that particular one to Fakeopedia.


  5. Mark, I have three copies of Scott and Scott: AIDS the Crime Beyond Belief and am going to get rid of two. Would you like them, no charge? I don’t consider the book conclusive, but has numerous informative elements.


  6. The first full article based on research done by myself and by a lot of other people is live. It will improve over time, especially when we can use images on Fakeopedia, but it may already be an interesting read. I linked to quite some research done by the people we “know” here, Miles Mathis, Tyrone McCloskey, Vexman and others:

    If you know about any other analysis I have missed in this huge but interesting topic, please let me know.


    1. A new section about the Haganah is added. The Haganah is the precursor of the current IDF (Israelian Defence Forces). Haganah closely collaborated with (jewish) Nazi Adolf Eichmann in the years before the war.

      One of the motives was the strategic and necessary access to oil. It is (not so) widely known that the Altreich (the German lands before the Anschluss and war) was notoriously lean in oil, the whole basis for the Nazi war economy. So there was a drastic need to get oil, in order to keep the war- and other machines running.

      Nazi Germany’s “enemies” (on paper of course, the Elites were in bed with each other as always) were rich in oil. The expansion of the Nazi lands was done for strategic reasons, but also to get access to oil (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Soviet Union -attempted-, Kaukasus -idem-).

      Curious that the IDF basically was founded on the basis of collaboration (coilaboration?) with the Nazis in return for oil. Explains a lot about Israel’s today’s policies and practices.


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