Fake elections, fake deaths

I am currently working on an AIDS piece, and it is proving extremely difficult for me. It will be done in a few days I think, but in the meantime I am violating one of the core concepts of blogging, not putting up enough fresh material.

This piece is the result of a discussion I had a while back stemming from Facebook and politics. It goes off in an unplanned direction.

What I see going on, with Facebook as the prime mover, is an ongoing and fake investigation into Donald Trump and Russian influence in our elections in 2016. It portends to be another Watergate, that is, the landscape is seeded with new clues on a regular basis. This is done to keep the issue alive and front and center. The purpose is to keep people who do pay attention to politics fixated on the wrong subject and asking the wrong questions. That keeps them out of the hair of real power, which operates behind a veil of media indifference and silence.

From the beginning it was apparent to me that Donald Trump did not win the election, surprising as that outcome was. But we can never know for sure. I draw this quote below from Tyrone’s JFKTV piece speaking of JFK’s election in 1960 …

The game is rigged to a predetermined outcome with each election, and this man of the people maneuver is for the myth makers in the media to forward the lie that there is in The United States of America a working democracy in effect.

Those words stuck with me. Of course Trump did not win the election, though he might have carried Utah, maybe Alaska too. It does not matter.

ddtCarry it back even further, to the 1948 election, stolen on behalf of Harry S. Truman, the “S” standing, like Truman himself, for nothing.

How did Harry even get to be president at all? It was a backroom deal at the 1944 Democratic Convention in Chicago that removed Henry Wallace from the vice presidential slot, putting Truman there. Henry Wallace has been lionized by none other than Oliver Stone, of JFK fame, in his TV series The Untold History of the United States. We are told that Wallace was a truly progressive man who was unjustly removed from power. I know this is not true for several reasons … for one, Oliver Stone made a movie about it (Zal Rule*), and anyway, the man was Vice President. That does not happen with real people.

I have been mulling this over for a long time, and I admit that I am influenced by the Miles Mathis Group in this matter, and its work on the Abraham Lincoln assassination, which was staged and fake.

Lincoln had to be convinced to run even though he was too sick to serve another term. He probably said something like, “Look friends, I would love to oblige you, but there is no way I can handle the responsibilities of President for another term. It just isn’t possible. I need to retire and either nurse myself back to health or die in comfort. I think I have at least earned that privilege.”

His friends, realizing that they had to run Lincoln or perish, then came up with a brilliant plan. “See here, Abe,” they replied, “We understand your point, but we only need you for the election. We don’t need you for the rest of the term. Just give your inaugural address and then we will let you go.

Lincoln then looked at them, mystified, and said, “How are you going to do that?”

“We’ll fake your death. Just tell everyone you died. We will then secretly move you back to Illinois, or wherever you want to go, and it will be over. You just have to agree to stay on your farm and not show yourself in public.”

“I guess we can do that.”

“Of course we can. It has been done before. We fake deaths all the time. It isn’t nearly as hard as you think. We control the press and the police, and can easily quash any rumors.”

That all makes perfect sense, and I commend MMG for such insight. We have been critical of that group’s work from time to time, but not for the material put forth so much as the fact that it is fronted by that guy in Taos. Still, credit must be given where due.

So this is a project that, like AIDS, is simmering and then when undertaken becomes very difficult and time-consuming. I will get to it someday, as I am mostly retired now and love this sort of stuff. Here is something else that caught my eye long ago, printed in Parade Magazine :

NEW YORK (AP) _ Josef Stalin claimed that he used a secret understanding of English to his advantage during World War II conferences with Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, Roosevelt’s son says.

In an article in Parade magazine, Elliott Roosevelt also said that Stalin told him in a post-war interview that he believed the president had been poisoned by members of the British prime minister’s ″gang.″

He wrote that Stalin told him in late 1946 that his mother, Eleanor Roosevelt, was barred from the Soviet Union because she had refused to allow Soviet diplomats to see FDR’s body after his death in 1945.

Stalin said he wanted his ambassador to have a look at Roosevelt’s corpse ″because they poisoned your father, of course, just as they have tried repeatedly to poison me,″ Elliott Roosevelt wrote.

When Roosevelt asked who ″they″ were, Stalin replied, ″The Churchill Gang 3/8** They poisoned your father, and they continue to try to poison me.″

That reads like classic misdirection. For one, it was in a trashy magazine that goes out to everyone who takes a newspaper. It is easy reading for the barely conscious, and meant to have wide circulation. For another, in cements in place a false lead, that FDR was poisoned, which people like Webster Tarpley pursue to this day. (This would make Tarpley an agent of Intel, or as MMG would say, an “anti,” if I understand that term correctly.) Either that, or he is none too bright. I opt for the former.

That tends to support my suspicion that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, like Lincoln, faked his death, and for the same reasons. He was tired, he did not want to serve a fourth term. So a conversation very much like the one imagined between Lincoln and his handlers by MMG transpired. FDR was told that all he had to do was stand for reelection, and in the meantime his successor had already been chosen and would be installed as VP, The Buck Stops Here guy, Harry Truman.

Roosevelt retired to Campobella Island to live out his days. Truman, installed in 1944 to take over in 1945, was, like JFK, mythically elected in a scripted contest in 1948.

Ah, another project. Anyone else care to take it on? I can’t be having all the fun.

*Zal Rule: If an event is made into a major motion picture, the event was fake.                   ** I do not know what “3/8” means but it is copied from the AP article.

30 thoughts on “Fake elections, fake deaths

  1. Like playing the lottery, betting on pro football, or gambling at Las Vegas, “the house” wins every time. According to the constitution, electors, not registered voters, are the only votes that count in presidential elections. So, why do people not get that? Snap, crackle, pop.


  2. The 3/8 is 11 but may be a misprinted footnote or candy for the initiated number nerds.
    Electoral votes are one thing but electors of the sort below carry much more weight. This is what goes on in the “back rooms” IMO.
    Harry S. Truman
    33rd President, 1945 – 1951, made a Mason March 18, 1909, in Belton Lodge No. 450, A.F. & A.M., Belton, Missouri. He served as the Grand Master of Masons of Missouri in 1940. Initiated: February 9, 1909, Belton Lodge No. 450, Belton, Missouri. In 1911, several Members of Belton Lodge separated to establish Grandview Lodge No. 618, Grandview, Missouri, and Brother Truman served as its first Worshipful Master. At the Annual Session of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, September 24-25, 1940, Brother Truman was elected (by a landslide) the ninety-seventh Grand Master of Masons of Missouri, and served until October 1, 1941. Brother and President Truman was made a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º, and Honorary Member, Supreme Council on October 19, 1945 at the Supreme Council A.A.S.R. Southern Jurisdiction Headquarters in Washington D.C., upon which occasion he served as Exemplar (Representative) for his Class. He was also elected an Honorary Grand Master of the International Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay. On May 18, 1959, Brother and Former President Truman was presented with a fifty-year award, the only U.S. President to reach that golden anniversary in Freemasonry.


  3. IMO, the main thing to remember with Trump is that he is an actor!! JFK’s father was deep into Hollywood, Reagan was also an actor!! I believe they are “installed” to take the brunt of the criticism from “we the people”.


    1. I think the reason that we are not allowed to see Trump’s tax returns is because of what is not in them, the income and expenses of a billionaire. Trump may be wealthy, as he is peerage, but he is no business tycoon, doesn’t own hotels and casinos, but did act on the Apprentice and in professional wrestling. So that much we know about him. He is as you say an actor.

      Also, we were never allowed to see Obama’s college transcripts for the same reason we cannot see Trump’s tax returns, for what is not there.


      1. Trump is an excellent actor for what he’s asked to do. Seems they all are. They also all have distinct looks. Of someone you see don’t the likes of everyday. My guess is the in-breeding at work. Refining the features. Otherwise I imagine foreign DNA begins washing away refinement and average replaces distinctiveness. I doubt Trump even files tax returns. Us not being shown tax returns creates yet another storyline for TPTB to milk. Okay so I clicked on Tyrone’s link and now I want to become a Freemason. They sound like some righteous dudes to fraternize with. Their philosophies are right up my alley. Any words of caution? I might hit up the Chapter here in Sonoma County. John Elway is a Freemason. He always seemed like a cool guy. Before Super Bowl kickoff in 2007 Arthur Blank Atlanta Falcons owner, said “It was predetermined both these two teams would be here. The team’s owners are great men and they deserve it. I hope one day my team is selected to be in the Super Bowl”.


        1. I worked for some very rich people early in my career, peerage at least on the Hancock side. We prepared and filed their tax returns and they paid … in those days the maximum rate as 70%. “Confiscatory!” They complained, but they filed and paid. It is not as simple as you say. We do have courts and laws and people have to obey. They are just not as they appear. The main thrust of the tax system is the payroll tax, from whcih wealthy people are largely exempt. It hammers workers. That is its thrust, to keep people from building up any wealth.


          1. And the payroll tax creates perpetual division between owners/ “management” and labor. Labor/workers are at least partly a tax liability due to “matching” on SS, Medicare and the expense of accounting for “withholding” and filing periodic tax reports. Hate workers, love machines.

            Compare that to a machine, which can be deducted from income, lowering the taxable portion of profits. Most will always seek ways to reduce labor and increase machine work under such a tax system. And here we are facing AI, driver-less trucks and robots on every assembly line. The tax code drives a huge portion of business investment decision-making.

            And look who writes the tax code. Business lobbyists. That’s because the chairman of the Senate Finance committee, where tax policy theories are made into law, is usually a complete moron. Former Sen. Baucus (D-MT) comes to mind immediately. Now it’s Chuck Grassley (R-IA), another blithering idiot.


          2. @Mark: My impression is that the individual income tax system in the U.S. greatly favors self-employment. I have 2 sources of income: 1 from a regular W-2 job and the 2nd from my at-home, self-employed business (sole-proprietorship – I am the only employee right now). It appears that the opportunity to make and keep more of your income comes from being self-employed. Eventually my self-employment income will far exceed my W-2 income, and then a I will quit my day-job and work full time for myself.

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          3. The self-emplyment tax is onerous, as there is no means by which half of it can be hidden, as is done with the payroll tax. It is 14.1%. There are ways to avoid it (deal in unreported cash). Also, I figure that there is something like a 50-50 split with employers of wealth generated by employees, so that if you are making $35 an hour as an employee, if you are willing to brave the market, you might pull in $70 or more self-employed.


          4. By the way, Wallace, by now almost everyone has gone the LLC route. The initiating document is boilerplate, easy to come by, and then you make an election on an IRS form to be treated as an S-corporation. You set yourself up as an employee and pay yourself a wage. Any money left in the LLC escapes payroll tax. I retired as a CPA and have not kept up, but this may not have changed much since 2017, when Last paid any attention to the IRS code.


          1. These men who join these lodges are usually invited by friends and exist on a low level of guarded information, secret handshakes and the like. There’s nothing of importance going on … that all has to exist in the degrees.

            I once belonged to the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic equivalent. I had to go through a secret ritual, only kept secret because it was repeated time and again and they were not bright enough to come up with something new. I would tell you what it was if I could remember … all I know is that my mother had a massive heart attack and was technically dead on the table before they brought her back, and no one could get that news to me because I was cloistered at the KC hall. (She survived and lived to be 95.)

            Back on Long Island, where my then-wife’s dad was a member, we met on Sunday morning at the KC hall to attend a Jets game. That is when the drinking began and lasted throughout the day, including the bus ride there and back. Drinking is a strong element in these private masonic affairs. Also, I was told by a friend of my father-in-law as we sat having a beer at 10AM that I were to show up at the KC hall with a woman other than my wife (a good idea I had not yet grasped!), that other members were bound to secrecy. These men do know how to keep secrets.


        1. There is a reason it’s male only church (masons MUST believe in a deity aka GAOTU Grand Architect of The Universe aka Light Bearer (((Lucifer))) think along the lines of musical chairs in the dark. Same deal as the casting couch in Ho;;ywood, every gain demands a sacrifice.

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        2. Secrecy is everything ,Mark. You should know that by now, until we want those secrets to be exposed. We all know that “Three Men can keep a secret”…only if, “Two of them are dead”. Mark Twain once wrote…Never argue with stupid people, They will only bring you down to their level…And beat you with experience.


          1. There is a certain stupid person that comments regularly on this blog that I have learned to ignore…their final comment to me on another article was extremely rude and insulting!


  4. interesting topic, Mark. Your remark about $35 vs. $70 difference between employee and self employed seem to be correct. They do this to make more people leave the so called “secure jobs”, which are not really secure anymore. The future seem to be in temporary jobs, where you’ll need an agency and work for someone else based on terminal contracts. After the war they made people work every day creating this image of a secure job where you’re supposed to feel like a part of the company you’re are working for and the company is obliged by law to keep you in there until you retire. It was necessary to develop mass production technologies, world wide transportation, etc. and create the global market. Now that is no longer necessary since the globalization took over and companies can be moved at any time to anyplace. German cars are now being assembled in the former Eastern Block countries. It is done this way to allow other countries to participate in the global market. In the same way they moved the US high tech industry to Asian countries a few decades ago after they successfully tested this when they allowed Japan to create its own high tech dominance right after Japan “lost” the war. Taxes are just to control the money flow. The system does not allow you to build any significant savings and become independent. You may try of course but it’s pain in the ass. You’ve experienced this Mark when you filled the tax returns for “very rich” people back then. For this reason you will never see the real tax report of a Donald Trump. The person behind Donald Trump pays taxes as you do, the Billionaire Donald Trump is just a fictional character part in a show. Fictional characters don’t pay taxes.


    1. I have slowly come around to the idea that the purpose of the tax system is to allow people enough to live on, but not enough to give them financial security. Thus we have a public retirement system that is constantly under pressure, that is “in trouble,” and for that reason here in the US, Social Security, which was once a post-career tax free benefit, is now taxed up to 85% of benefits. This was done decades ago when William Jefferson Blythe III, aka Bill Clinton, was president. He, like Trump, is a fake person.


      1. …and the most funny thing in it is, that it is in order in the entire world now. More or less based on very similar laws everywhere. Healthcare maybe the worst part of it meant to ruin you after you retire. When I say “ruin” I don’t mean any terrible thing. It will just take everything you worked your entire life on from you. You yourself will live on welfare then, which a part of the population already does their entire life. The idea seem to be that all children in future are supposed to get the same start. I’m being optimistic here. Or trying. Just take a look how the situation is now in the developed world (meaning countries like USA or Germany). Children from rich middle class families inherit their parents fortune which then gets wasted. You know, the first generation creates the fortune, the second struggles to keep it, the third one wastes it. Children from workers families inherit nothing and struggle their entire life to pay for the basics. I’m simplifying a lot of course. Many of workers children could be much better in the same jobs the middle class children get almost for granted. Let all children start with empty hands then, no? Similar thing was the reason for the world wars, remember? Before the first war there was some few aristocracy and few rich land owners. The majority had to work for them as servants or vassals. Those who owned the fortunes were not interested in progress of any kind. Malnutrition was common. The wars destroyed this structures and allowed to introduce rural engineering which was known for a long time already but not used because the rich folks were not interested in having more food. The same with production technologies. The potential of industrial technology was known since the enlightenment but also not used. The wars changed it all for better. The same purpose is being pursued with taxes now. To give every child the same opportunities. We just don’t see it that way yet due lack of perspective.


        1. That is optimistic… Rule by hidden philosopher kings?

          If so… Who succeeds them? Their own progeny, or do they find candidates in some meritocratic way from the public at large?


          1. Serpent King’s. Malevolent, not benevolent. It’s in their bloodline’s. Dragon or Lay lines. They build upon these grids. Like a crossroads. Try studying their symbols. It’s more than codes, it’s languages.
            Orsini. Breakspear. Medici & more (13 total) These names are upper management. Over at MMG (13-13) the intel & cousins of european elites are ID’d. Stop’s right there. The esoteric is dismissed. Fake. You see world leaders & celebrities Kiss the Popes ring (he wears a skull cap) and Bowing homage at the Wailing Wall (Rabbi wears skull cap). Why?


    1. Thank you for this! You have set my work back one day, but in a good way. I was just about to assert that the “theft” of the HIV virus by John Gallo from Luc Montiegnier was a ruse, and that by itself was evidence that HIV does not even exist. This link you provided offers solid thinking along those lines, better than my own by far.


  5. I recently read Robert Harris’ Munich, which is about a “historical” event which supposedly happened 1938. You can google the details. It is not the event itself, which is interesting but the way Harris tries to make it look convincing. He is a very skilled writer and I loved his Cicero trilogy. Or try his “Conclave”, it’s very funny and a page turner. In “Munich” he uses all the stereotypes, bad and smart Nazis, naive but noble Brits, etc. For instance he puts lots of weight into daily papers. Both sides were eager to read the other sides daily papers to get informed about the tenor on the other side. This was 1938. To travel from Berlin to Munich they had to use a train and travel for one entire day (so he describes it in his book). Or to go from London to Munich, the Brits used a plane. To phone home they had to wait for hours to establish a connection, which was bad and shaky and hardly useful for more than exchange of a few words. Yet still they somehow had immediate access to foreign daily papers which had to be translated through the night, so both “Führers” could have read the translations for breakfast. Of course the “leaders” had to be convinced first because it is the leaders who make the final decision and everybody obeys them. And once an official paper is signed, it has to be fulfilled . Or what? The respect for each other will be gone? Or the honor hurt? So lets the people kill themselves in millions, but the leader has kept his word? Makes no sense to me. The book still works for everybody who is willing to believe the official narrative.


    1. The leaders had to be convinced of what? I’m unclear on that last section. Sounds interesting though.

      I once read a history of Cortez and the Aztecs. My goodness, what a fantastical story that one is… Apparently Spielberg wants to film it, but it’s been floating around Hollywood since the 50s or so..


      1. dear TIMR, what I meant is, that there is this belief in the power given to a leader. This belief, that the president can decide something and others have to and will follow. My job is based on projects where there always is a leader too. But this leader has to control the flow, the development, the progress and the resources. He makes almost no decisions, he takes responsibility though. Others are supposed to pursue the goal of the project on their own responsibility, otherwise they will have to leave. The leader gives directions and helps to control the progress every member has to make. That’s it. The project itself was decided in a similar way, where first a necessity was recognized and accepted within a small group of people with the responsibility for company’s future. There always are many things which has to be done and those people have to chose which will be realized next. Still no leader there. None of this people has the power to decide something and others the will blindly follow this orders. It is all based on reason. Everybody’s interests are in the future of the company. We all are just a part of a machine and necessary to make the machine work. What happens if a president decides to send soldiers to a war, knowing they will get killed? It’s like deciding to destroy necessary parts of the machine. It is always unreasonable and not even soldiers will follow such decisions. The idea of the power given to a president is based on the lie, that other countries are the enemies and the citizens have to risk their life to protect their own country. Again, not reasonable because the same perspective applies to this other countries too. In the past there may have been “wars” or “battles” or simply fights made by one entity to rob other entity. This could be a king robbing other king. But never in the context of an abstract state which the french revolution invented. In one of my favorite books of all times, “The Magus” by John Fowles there is this judgment part at the end where the most progressive elite of psychologists judges about Nicholas Urfe and one particular judgment gives a lot away how TPTB work (I found it online):

        “In my view one may anticipate in twenty years’ time a period of considerable and today almost unimaginable prosperity in the West. I repeat my assertion that the threat of a nuclear catastrophe will have a healthy effect on Western Europe and America. It will firstly stimulate economic production; it will secondly ensure that there is peace; it will thirdly provide a constant sense of real danger behind every moment of living, which was in my opinion missing before the last war and so contributed to it. Although this threat of war may do something to counteract the otherwise dominating role that the female sex must play in a peacetime society dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure, I predict that breast-fixated men like the subject will become the norm. We are entering an amoral and permissive era in which self-gratification in the form of high wages and a wide range of consumer goods obtained and obtainable against a background of apparently imminent universal doom will be available, if not to all, then to an increasingly large majority. In such an age the characteristic personality type must inevitably become auto-erotic and, clinically, auto-psychotic. Such a person will be for economic reasons isolated, as for personal ones the subject is today, from direct contact with the evils of human life, such as starvation, poverty, inadequate living conditions, and the rest. Western homo sapiens will become homo solitarius. Though I have little sympathy as a fellow human being for the subject, his predicament interests me as a social psychologist, since he has developed precisely as I would expect a man of moderate intelligence but little analytical power, and virtually no science, to develop in our age. If nothing else he proves the total inadequacy of the confused value judgments and pseudo-statements of art to equip modem man for his evolutionary role.”

        This was written after the war and first published 1965. The world, especially Europe just started to develop some wealth. The prophecy has been accomplished, no?


        1. I see what you’re saying there about workflow and human organization… In the case of government, the implicitly shared task seems to be, not the stated objective, but to cast a spell on the public mind.

          Fowles was prescient yes, but it appears that the next wave is a rollback of material goods for “millenials” et al… cut access to real wealth and resources. Or perhaps lower the West and raise (slightly, w new social ills) the rest.


  6. Re Russiagate— The people I know on fb who are into it, at least one group, are people who (admirably enough) want to be “informed citizens,” who fancy themselves responsible adults… They think it’s quite a weighty matter, serious people should pay attention, etc. So this is what absorbs the slim amount of time they have for world affairs.

    The second group are crass partisans, who treat it as fodder for quips and jokes.. And mutually shared schadenfreude, with their fellow partisans. They take the news at face value, and suffer the slings and arrows of “events,” that either help or hurt their cause.

    Anyway, I look forward to the AIDS piece.


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