Men are not pigs, we find

I was reading a MMG piece this morning on Ted Bundy. In it he said,

“You know what other story this contradicts? The story we are told about 1 in 4 girls being raped on campuses. That has been the number for decades. They were selling that story when I was in school in 1981 and still are. The contradiction is that despite the horrible odds against them, college girls didn’t seem to be getting the message.”

I was curious about that 1 in 4 number, wondering if anyone anywhere had ever done any actual research. We live in an era when accusations suffice and can ruin a man’s life. I found an article, Legal Process and the Phony Rape Crisis on Campus,  by Bettina Arndt in Quadrant Online, an Australian publication. Here is the money quote:

In August 2017, the Australian Human Rights Commission released the results of a million-dollar survey into sexual assault and harassment on university campuses, following years of lobbying by activists. Designed to provide proof of the rape crisis, it proved to be a total fizzer. Only 0.8 per cent per year of the 30,000 surveyed reported any sexual assault, even using the broadest possible definition including “tricked into sex against your will” and sexual contact with a stranger on the bus or train trip to university. In response, the activists immediately shifted ground, issuing alarmist warnings about high levels of “sexual violence”, which was mainly unwanted staring and low-grade harassment, including sexual jokes or comments.

“.8” is 1 in 124, as opposed to 1 in 4 mentioned by MMG. One in 124 is hardly testimony to men being pigs. Not even close.

15 thoughts on “Men are not pigs, we find

  1. This has the apperance of a simple clerical/transcription error.

    The One Two Four was probably misinterpreted as One TO: Four and Bob’s your Uncle (or stalker) as they say Down Under.

    I do not diminish the reality of the crime.
    I do not diminish the dual role that women play that can lead to complicity: Loyola University once called alcohol the Oldest Drug and that drug doth floweth freely in every branch of higher learning I’ve ever had the displeasure to frequent.
    I do, however, diminish the lack of personal responsibility of women who do not train in the Martial Arts as I have always suggested, so that if they were not drugged, then they would have a fighting chance.

    “Unwanted staring” and “stalking” with “aggressive pursuit of attention” in the 1950s was a form of courtship. Now it is a form of court shit. It was poignant that Stefan Verstappen said that he will not even talk to women anymore to avoid lawsuits. My how far we have come.

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  2. I have a question. I thought that the 1 in 4 statistic was whether a woman has been sexually abused in some way throughout her lifetime, not just in college. I would also like to note that it is not just men who are perpetrators (or pigs), women are perpetrators also. It is just less likely for a man to report the abuse, so the statistics are not accurate on this. Women can abuse other women, women can abuse men, men can abuse other men, and men can abuse women. It can happen to anyone. I was abused as a child and also had some incidents as I got older, so this is kind of an emotional and serious topic for me to discuss. I live in a very small town and in my experience, I have met more than a handful of men who have either been abused by an older man, or an older woman. I have also met many, many women who were either abused as children, or raped as adults. I also met another woman who was even sexually abused in her marriage. (I experienced the same) I do not have a specific number to give you, as far as how many men and women I have spoken with who have been sexually abused at some point in their lifetime, but I can tell you that I have met more women that have been abused than women who haven’t. I would say that statistic of 1 in 4 would be quite accurate in the town that I live in. Thank you for opening up this subject and allowing others to share their opinions and experiences on this topic as well. Take care!


    1. As we wade through this topic we are going to find a lot of anecdotal evidence and flawed surveys where the terms of encounter are not clearly defined. In addition we will find the “me too” project where women come forth without evidence and merely join a bandwagon movement spurred on by celebrities taken down … having the appearance of a project.

      Absent in all of this is a vital legal concept … due process.

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      1. I understand what you’re saying and it seems that our life experiences have been different. I am coming from the place of being a true victim. My father spent time in jail for what he did to me. Other women I have spoken to were not part of a “me too” project and had nothing to gain by telling me their stories, other than sharing a similar experience with someone who understood and would not judge them. It is statements like the ones you have made, though, that keep others from speaking out and providing such evidence and going through the court system because victims are too often re-victimized in reporting a rape or abuse situation. I know this is true because I experienced this myself. My own father plead guilty and admitted at least a portion of what he had done, and I still had his side of the family, my own flesh and blood telling anyone they came in contact with that I was a liar. My father later committed suicide and his birthday was on my 14th birthday. I actually had people come up to me and make comments to me (at 14 years old, still a child) insinuating that I had lied about the abuse and it was my fault that he killed himself because of his suffering. They took no time to think of the suffering I had endured, and now will endure for the rest of my life. So I ask you to please take in consideration when forming your views about this topic, of all the people who are just like me and truly had such traumatic experiences. We should be helping and supporting these victims instead of automatically throwing them into the category of women who are speaking out to gain something and who are liars. Victims need support, not to continually be re-victimized.


        1. What you are defining is the Systemic Extortion that Kathy O’Brien speaks about. Whether or not the POM crew can deconstruct her material or not I speak from experience that the Freemason fraternity alone ecompasses ALL aspects of business and society so that O’Brien’s claims that when she was in a room of perverts that included US presidents, FBI, police, politicians, and all ranges of ‘professionals’ she realized that there was no one to run to and no one to report a ‘crime’ to because they were all in on it. This is why I begin my premise with: If you can train a pre-teen girl to be able to snap the neck of a lumberjack, then barring attack by overwhelming force or drugging then she has a fighting chance. I can smell the piss of fear in men imagining a race of Amazons that are no longer victims. Since this article opened with the college scene, the disturbing reports that I have heard of campus rape often had the backstory of the woman walking across campus or going to a parkinglot ALONE at 2am. That is the equivalent of boldly pushing through the gate while whistling, entering a fence that says: Beware of the Rotweiller. SOME – not all of these incidences can be corrected for like binge drinking until unconsciousness. Anything outside of those examples show the total breakdown of the family and society, because if a family cannot protect itself then it is worthless. If a society has been unculcated by its Masters to always blame the victim then that society deserves to fall. We see this in the medikill world of Blame The Patient, so just like I opened this with, this sickness is systemic. Therefore if the Borg are not there for the collective then each of us must go guerilla to protect ourselves against the world and damn anything or anyone that gets in our way. Good luck with my Love & Light sentiment (more like Hate & Darkness) because the hu-man race in general has been literally bred to be non-combatant. Yet even the combatants are combatant against women. I just did a video where the subject matter was about syphilis/lyme. During WWII they rounded up: “Promiscuous Women” to aggressively ‘treat’ them for syphilis but did NOTHING to stop the spread of syphilis via the TROOPS or male civilians. By 1940 NYC reported that 1:10 of their citizens had syphilis. That is an unprecidented PANDEMIC. However, the outward signs of syphilis are neatly covered up by antibiotics whether they come from a prescription or your hamburger so the PLAGUE has never ceased. People are carriers of one of the greatest horrors in history. I bring this up to highlight that Neurosyphilis (like Neuroborelliosis) makes you crazier than a shithouse rat. Now, given the situation that I just outlined that nearly everyone has a deadly disease that can melt your mudpellet, then you tell me if you know ANYONE “normal” out there. Because I don’t. Unless you have a society of people who have intact brains – then you have no society, so, of course, it will reflect the insanity. Since my Indian Name is Chief Dark Cloud, I just thought I’d spread a little cheer that our answers will never be outside of ourselves.

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          1. The system never developed into what most would define as a “civilization.” No give and take, just take.

            Something in the air today. This from today’s Saker piece: ” [Sidebar: this issue is crucial to the understanding of the United States. The US is an extremely developed country, but not a civilized one. Oscar Wilde (and George Clemanceau) had it right: “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between“. There are signs of that everywhere in the USA: from the feudal labor laws, to the lack of universal healthcare, to absolutely ridiculous mandatory criminal sentences (the Soviet Penal Code under Stalin was MUCH more reasonable and civilized than the current US laws!), to the death penalty, to the socially accepted torture in GITMO and elsewhere, to racial tensions, the disgusting “food” constituting the typical “SAD” diet, to the completely barbaric “war on drugs”, to the world record of incarcerations, to an immense epidemic of sexual assaults and rapes (1/5 of all women in the USA!), homosexuality accepted as a “normal and positive variation of human sexuality“, 98 percent of men reported internet porn use in the last six months, … – you can continue that list ad nauseam. Please don’t misunderstand me – there are as many kind, intelligent, decent, honorable, educated, compassionate people in the USA as anywhere else. This is not about the people living in the USA: it is about the kind of society these people are living in. In fact, I would argue the truism that US Americans are the first victims of the lack of civilization of their own society! Finally, a lack of civilization is not always a bad thing, and sometimes it can make a society much more dynamic, more flexible, more innovative too. But yeah, mostly it sucks…]”

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            1. “The great lie is that it is civilization. It’s not civilized. It has been literally the most blood thirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. That is not civilization. That’s the great lie, is that it represents civilization. ” John Trudell

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  3. My sympathies, but please understand, while real in all aspects to you, in the larger sphere, it is anecdotal, unsystematic, lacking rigor, and therefore not adequate as evidence in drawing a larger picture.

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  4. MM also repeats his point that part of the motive for this op is to drive men and women apart, creating miserable single people who make better consumers. All due respect to the many great points MM makes, but in my anecdotal experience, I find that (relatively) happy couples actually make darn good consumers. Their mutual support allows them to thrive in well paid professional jobs, and as they advance career wise, their desires for big homes and expensive vacations grow apace. They have the natural human impulse to always be looking ahead toward some new shiny object. I don’t see many happy successful couples who prefer time to money, who take it easy and live simply. Meanwhile, single miserable people seem less likely to excel professionally, broadly speaking, and thus don’t have the money to blow on bright shiny objects.

    Secondly, consumption may be desired by lower level CEOs, but I’m not sure the think tanks that plan out decades in advance are that desirous of it, given their push for carbon rollback and decreased lifestyles for Westerners.

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  5. The puppet-masters create chaos so the bedazzled, “gas-lighted” public will consent to security (“order”) without thinking critically of the cost. The cost of “order” always results in less freedom. Shopping helps as a distraction, I suppose.

    The trick of creating chaos and then seizing power is the SOP of deception and manipulation; or the Hegelian Dialect (thesis; anti-thesis; synthesis).

    Or another way or putting it: (create) Problem, (hype the) reaction, (engineered) solution. This is the principle of all racketeers, and what Orwell described as “Reality Control.”

    Fear. Fear of the manufactured opposite (sex, whatever).

    This shit has been going on almost my entire lifetime, or at least since Gloria Steinem (early 1960s) traded in her Playboy Bunny outfit for a fake career in “journalism.” In other words, “forever.”


  6. “We live in an era when accusations suffice and can ruin a man’s life”

    Which includes someone’s reputation, dating prospects, employment, family, etc..
    Just the accusations!


    1. Yet nothing has fundamentally changed since the days of the Witch Craze of 1200 AD or the Witch Hunts of 1600 AD where all someone had to do was whisper: “I THINK she is a witch” and off to the ovens you go. So what it says is that the Herd has been completely conditioned by its handlers to do exactly what that My Dinner With Andre clip said: To be both prison guards and prisoners because all of this shit could end overnight if people had the sense god-gave-a-piss ant. For one thing it is the Mosaic system of Judges that just like a ‘representative government’ snatches the power from the individual to put it in the hands of psychopathic strangers so that if you even dared to mete out your own balance (Justicia was the underworld Judge of the Dead – so Justice is not a useful word) then you would be put down by that same usurper of personal power called The State. If there was an attempted rape and a woman, properly trained snapped the neck of the assailant and left him in the parkinglot, then even in my system she wouldn’t face ‘charges’ for even dumping of hazardous waste, since no one outside of that interaction would even be involved unless they were specifically enlisted to be involved. Robocop was a parable of not the robots as machines making life/death decisions but the system itself having become robotic and dealing out what only human on human interaction should be. “The State” is a fiction. Odd thing is that these fictions are given ‘life’ by play-actors who are in-turn given immunity by the fictitious State to hurt people for said fictitious State which is the Escher drawing of just what the Prisoners = Prison Guard construct was supposed to engender: The Ouroborus Spoke Itself Into Existence.
      To take this to the ultimate nihilistic conclusion:
      Due to the Witch hunts and burning of REAL WOMEN, the bulk of who was left were the REAL WITCHES, so I wouldn’t be interested in dating or starting a family with the F-Troops of the occult realms.
      Back in the Old West a man’s word was his bond and it was backed up by a six shooter and you didn’t need an I.D. or a background check to have one.
      Employment serves only the Hive so that if you are working for The Man, that ‘man’ is actually the very system that enslaves you at every level, so unless you are living free on the land and feeding yourself and your non-occult family (what have I been smoking?) then you are sustaining the very thing that is our undoing. What has happened is that this parasite has dug in so deep that in order to surgically remove it, it might kill the host.
      Shudda gotten it when it was a wee little worm.


  7. I really like the comments mad here. When regular controlled disinformation media loops anything it is down played or over blown. But the objective is the same. Keep dividing us. Keep distracting us. Keep corrupting us. Keep lying to us. Keep controlling us, by our own fear & self policing. Fear is a tool & an emotion they feed upon like phycological vampire’s. Ironic how they & so many non elite really despise the Prince of Peace, yet honor the Prince of Darkness (no, not in so many venues.

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      1. Very good find. Ruthlessness, superior intellect & lack of compassion by literally thousands of years of practice & interbreeding alone is not why these elite dominate so many for so very long. Their greatest invention? Religion. Religion, not faith.


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