Why the sudden emergence of “hidden figures?”

The above is a screen grab on an iPad, best I can do this morning. I was looking at the photo above, said to be the women of NASA, the so-called “hidden figures.”

I have not read the book and won’t be, nothing personal. I just have other pursuits. But looking at this photo, I am a little perplexed. The manner of dress indicates late 1940s early 1950s, a full two decades before Apollo 11, even before Sputnik. Further, in that era, a black woman front and center is an anomaly.

I am guessing that this is a college photo, maybe sorority, doctored, of course, to allow the black woman in. Any thoughts?

18 thoughts on “Why the sudden emergence of “hidden figures?”

  1. They know that the interest for space (topics) remains a male, and especially white male area.

    So the roll out these psyops for the girls of today who they got hooked on technology (Smart of them) already.

    NASA was founded in 1957, but obviously not with such a large female group. So the photo is postdated or a composite, which seems the most likely possibility. Why change a working method?


  2. Back then how many black women were graduating with degrees in math, science, engineering, physics, etc.? I’m assuming they were college educated to do this kind of work. I would also assume that they would have had to go to grad school too.


  3. I am not a photo expert but the lighting looks very consistent, so I think this is a real photo, possibly a sorority group or a church camp or something like that, circa 1950 plus or minus a few years. I think, however, given that time, one lone black woman would not be even present, much less front and center. Her outfit hangs nicely. As I see it here, she appears to have only one leg, or one sock on, one off. Very difficult, iPad, outdoors, sunshine. Somebody else take a look please.


    1. To my eye, her legs are centered beneath her, almost look to be touching, at least on the flat plane of the photo. The sock leg is the woman behind standing a little on tiptoe. Resolution of photo not great tho.


  4. There’s nothing new about chicks being flying space rock experts. The Calutron Girls were mass spec experts on isotope particle flight times and there was the (Draper girls) Harvard calcutors of course…


    …the Calutron Girls shewed the atom smasher’s post docs a thing or two per the narrative…


    …mass spec was a side show fer nukes. Gaseous diffusion(turning hot uranium rocks to gas and back) became the standard of course. Shit looks like rockets to me. Butwhatever, eat your cereal boys and girls…



  5. The story appears to be from History Channel circa 2016:


    In Australia the most popular sport in summer is cricket. The country’s greatest cricketing rival is with the mother country, England. Whenever the two teams clash, Australian sports fans tune in en masse.

    We are now told that the first Australian team to ever tour England was comprised ‘Indigenous’ (‘Aboriginal’ / ‘First Nations’) players.


    Somehow, the masses are supposed to simultaneously believe that the ‘indigenous’ were mistreated and abused by the settlers, AND they were the first people to represent the country in a cricket tour of England!

    Orwell referred to this as doublethink. He also wrote about how history is constantly being updated. And he was right.

    The lemming masses are as dumb as rocks. Unless and until you realise and accept this fact, none of our clown world will make any sense. Truly they are as dumb as rocks and have no capacity for independent, critical thought, especially in groups.


    1. Exactly, this hidden figures business is an example of Orwells “who controls the past… Controls the present” and hence future.

      One sympathizes to a degree, bc there are simple practical problems in managing mass society, as Bernays noted. They may be (or feel they are) forced by circumstance to manage society like this. Bernays isn’t wrong when he says you can’t use reason w the public at large. (One can debate the goals of all this social engineering of course. But absent a return to pre industrial life, the engineering itself may be a necessary evil.)


  6. Mark per your reader request I zoomed to take a look. I didn’t get past glance before realizing as you say TPTB doubled down. No matter if real photoshopped cardboard stand up or wax museum zoink. Adam’s apple & nards render black & white photo purity irrelevant. The black woman is a dude.


    1. The “women” on the far left and far right also look like men. And some in the middle too.

      The image is a composite, and a bad one.

      Mark remarked the missing leg, you also see they had problems overlaying the haircuts; they overlap unnaturally in the image.


      1. Just logically speaking, I suppose it would have to be composite, as if they used a real sorority or group picnic photo real people might see themselves there. (Not that any media anywhere would publicize the fact.) However, if this were the case, then they could easily have used styles of the late-1960s rather that twenty years earlier.

        It could be that, knowing they own the minds of the vast majority of the public, they deliberately throw in inconsistencies for our benefit, just to rub our faces in it. They only have to fool most of the people most of the time.

        “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” (Ron Suskind, NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004).


  7. Poor Ron needs reality check. We’re not studying what they do. We’re shitting all over it. The rest put their faith in their bullshit thus both those other sides live with ying yang in conflict. One side too cowardly to let the chips fall where they may and the other side now too comfortably dumb I mean numb. So Memo to Ron no we’re living reality and you’re living hell. We know the difference. And we know ourselves and you hate yourselves. For everything we are and for everything you’re not. So who’s really studying who Suskind.


  8. The black woman’s head is real (Looks Caribbean-ish). Why the pregnant woman on the left? Back in the day, she’d be at home, retired. The matron makes me think this is a sorority plus clerical staff. Cal Tech wasn’t taking women in the forties, though Stanford was. Anyway, the mother to be looks like a paste-in making me think this is some collection of hidden archetypes, maybe connected to the voodoo at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in occult/Masonic friendly Pasadena. No help.


  9. Hey Ron and another thing. I hardly studied Mark’s photo and came up again with couple more messes involving these women of NASA on computers. Women on left mostly closed mouth. On right mostly pearly whites. Most right women looking left. Most left women looking right. Almost all women same height especially when same row. Ron something better for study that day might’ve been getting daring quote from you on Evel Knievel. Afterall twas Evel’s birthday. October 17th.


  10. The woman second from the left is wearing a maternity dress. A woman pregnant and working a desk job during that time – seems very unusual. Most women in the office were secretaries – and without families (likely unmarried).
    Doesn’t seem like a sorority – maybe a social club or church group?


  11. The whole thing is so ridiculous. No-one was hiding female success or female intelligence in the 1960s. It wasn’t the handmaid’s tale for Pete’s sake! Yes, most NASA employees were men, but there was almost NO societal pressure to HIDE female accomplishment in math and even less to hide the existence of female government employees!

    Indeed this is just more rewriting of history. And terribly sloppy, whether by accident or on purpose.

    Will a strong female journalist celebrate the achievements of these amazing women by demanding that suddenly “woke” NASA share the names and academic credentials of each math genius in the picture? Will NASA sadly explain that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong destroyed U.S. Government employment records because they were so consumed by “hate” of math ladies?

    NASA pushing all this sloppy politically correct revisionist history confirms that NASA is in large part a propaganda agency. Which has obvious implications for all their other media announcements over the years.


    1. Thanks. Good comment. I am seeing this push to give women more credit not just at NASA but in sports and entertainment too. It is not that women cannot do these things that they did not do, just that they didn’t. I just attended my 50th class reunion last year, and while most everyone there went on to lead small lives, a couple of the girls (class of 68) went on to big things, one head of a Department of Forestry for DOI//FS in Boise, the other an attorney who worked for many years in private practice. There were no barriers.

      Of course in sports men are better athletes than women. Just is.


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