In praise of murderers?


I offer the above video, given to us by Inside Baseball, with the understanding that it is a long talk given in German with subtitles, and that the subtitles could easily be read in fifteen minutes without the speaker in the background. I don’t have much of an opinion on it other than the he leads us down a long path and then leaves us standing – with miles to go. Maybe there is more to it to be viewed. There are no answers contained within, in my view, but there are many ideas. The bright and burrowing minds who are around this website can probably glean more insight from it than I did.

Bacteria exist and can be beneficial and harmful, mostly the former. I am aware of the idea that they change and can become other forms, so that a name by any other name is of the same animal. I do not comprehend. I have had bacterial infections that were cured by use of penicillin. Don’t tell me I suffered an illusion.

Viruses are said to exist, but I do not understand their nature. Are they independent life forms? Are they part of us? I know full well there is no Covid-19, that HIV and AIDS are not connected, if HIV even exists. HPV is in half the population and the ties to cervical cancer are a form of magic – they don’t say how, just take the expensive goddamned vaccine. The whole of virology appears to me to be, like “climate science*”, a pseudoscience, perhaps coming from the same source.

What grabbed me by the collar with this video was the reference to Goethe and Faust, as it so happens I am reading Faust at this time. I do so when I awake in the morning, as I find the words soothing, and I quit when distractions set in. Here is where I stopped this morning, somewhat in a state of amazement at the coincidence of this and the Stefan Lanka video. However, there are no 8s, 11s, or 33s embedded in Faust, A Tragedy, Translated by John R. Williams.

My father was a decent man who strove

To fathom holy nature’s secret lore;
His honest but eccentric efforts drove
Him to science occult and obscure;
In the dark workshop of his trade
With his initiates he hid away,
And from some ancient formulae
Repellent and arcane concoctions made.
There in a warm solution he would wed
The lily to the lion, white to red,
Then both were forced with open flame
Through narrow bridal chambers time and time again.
And if the glowing colours then revealed
The young queen in the phial deep inside,
That was the medicine – but the patients died,
And no one thought to wonder who was healed.
And so with hellish brews and deadly skills
Among these valleys and these hills
We did more mischief than the plague could ever do.
I gave the poison to a thousand men who died;
Now to my shame I have to listen to
The praises of murderers sung far and wide.


It is that last line that I am dreading. After this nonsense is over, they are going to sing the praises of WHO and CDC, and Anthony Fauci and the NIH – the ones who instigated to Covid-19 stampede. They will be called heroes. Fauci was part of the AIDS stampede, where we saw the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men hastened by AZT, an iatrogenic case of mass murder. The question is this: Is Fauci self-aware? If so, he is a criminal. Or is he just, as Goethe might suggest, aggressively stupid?

Yet they sing praises for the organizations far and wide.

*No time to look this up, as we are going to violate the stay-at-home order in a few minutes here. But tell me who it was who said that “any science that has the word ‘science’ in it is not a science”? A political scientist? (It is attributed to Richard Feynman, said to have said “Any field which has to have ‘science’ in its name isn’t one,”

6 thoughts on “In praise of murderers?

  1. The last time I used penicillin for an infection I nearly died. I’m also allergic to most antibiotics, mind you.

    As you can see, every individual is different and what modern medicine fails to understand is that every case is a case on its own. What works for you doesn’t for me.
    But no, they operate by statistics and think the human body is a piece of meat where feet are not connected to the head, if you know what I mean. You tell your doctor your toes ache, he says it’s a foot problem, doesn’t understand that it can be a liver problem or metals in your blood.
    Western medicine is total crap, only a bunch of disciplines can be spared.

    Btw, Lanka is always mentioned by Müller as he was able to demonstrate that viruses do not exist and he won the trial case.


      1. Here’s an article on the Supreme Court verdict:

        Antibiotics (anti-life) don’t disprove the understanding of the symbiotic nature of life. It’s not hard to see how the bacteria could respond in a way that is too much for a weakened body to handle. A knife wound, for example, would create a catastrophic event requiring a major adaptive response that could be deemed necessary to slow down with antibiotics.

        Of course, since western medicine is war, it’s easy to see why antibiotics are way overused.


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