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Throughout history one person has been at the center of the most important events … the patsy. The events in France clearly indicate that Said and Charif Kouachi were patsies. My prime evidence in this matter is this: They are now dead. There will be no trial. That’s key in false flag operations. There can be no inquiry after the fact.

Here’s an interesting sequence of events, back in 1963 (the use of patsies goes way back in history, to Guy Fawkes and before). It’s one of those things that we simply accept at face value until we realize that it had to be planned. Lee Oswald was given a ride to work on the day Kennedy was murdered by a co-worker, Buell Frazier, who later testified that Oswald was carrying a package that the Warren Commission would say contained his gun.

But stop and think. If Oswald was being sheepdipped in the months prior to the assassination, he had to be monitored. He had to be kept available, out of jail, in the area. And indeed Oswald had a collection of ‘friends” – people of high station who we now know were CIA agents, Michael and Ruth Paine, and the white Russian immigrant George de Mohrenschildt. Such people are assigned the task of “babysitting” the patsy.

But what about Frazier? His job, it would appear, was critical, and not to be left to any ordinary Joe. He was assigned the task of making sure that Oswald went to work that day. What if Kennedy was murdered, and the patsy had called in sick?

Was Frazier part of the plot? Most likely he was hired and paid to do a job, and then later understood his role, and knew he’d be wise to shut up. After all, he is still alive. That’s a tell.

Patsies are housed and stabled and kept available for events as needed. When we hear that the Kouachi’s were on a “terrorist watch” list, I quickly understood the real meaning of that phrase. They were being watched by the real terrorists, and made ready when needed to take the fall for a crime.

So too, as the discerning eye looks at 9/11, for instance, we see the supposed hijackers kept on the loose, and reports on the suspicious activates mysteriously bottled up at lower levels of our law enforcement bureaucracy. The patsies were being babysat, moles inside the agencies were protecting them. They had to kelp kept free and available to take the fall on 9/11.

atta_universityparty_cu Badatta I assume they are all dead for real now, but imagine the horror that Mohammad Atta experienced when he saw what the photoshoppers at CIA had done with his photograph – they made him into a monster! They widened his head, lowered his ears (look at how they are almost down on his neck!), gave him a brand new mouth and chin, and made his eyes into sinister torches. Why, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of!

False flaggery, and this attack in France has all the earmarks of that, can only work if the ground is fertile. It plays into hatred. People love to hate selected groups, and Muslims right now are that group. The murders in France, now pinned on Muslim terrorists, feed hatred. People are loving it, eating it up. It feels so very good to be so morally superior. Now we get to go on a killing spree of our own. Hatred fuels more hatred, murder fuels massacres.

Americans, lock and load! More massacres are about to be committed in your name. Stand up, be counted. Be part of it.
PS: By the way, you have to develop an eye for this sort of thing, but if you focus on the “Atta” photo above and on the right, you’ll easily see that under the nose is someone else’s mouth and chin, a total paste up, with the real Atta’s eyes and lowered ears, widened face. The lines where two photos are blended are obvious. Look closely, you’ll see two people in one photo. I can’t believe they get away with this stuff, but hell, it was on TV news. It’s true.

19 thoughts on “Pat-a-cake pat-a-cake

  1. The best patsies are under the impression they are on the inside of a secret mission. Just like Oswald was, since he worked for US intell.

    Here’s buell’s testimony in front of the Warren Commission.

    And this is from

    “To this day, Frazier insists that the package Oswald took to work wasn’t long enough or big enough around to hold a rifle — even if its stock had been disassembled from the barrel.

    The Warren Commission concluded that Frazier’s memory was faulty — that Oswald was carrying the rifle used to shoot JFK. Wrapping paper smeared with gun oil was found near the sniper’s sixth-floor perch, as was the weapon.”

    You, Dr Judy Wood, Meyssan and Russ Baker are all alive and well. Using your assumptions, what are we to assume? That you four are suspect?

    Assumptions are the problem, not the solution.


    1. John Judge was frequently asked why he was still alive, and he thought there might be a couple of reasons – one, that agency people themselves are interested in his work. They are usually compartmentalized and don’t see a bigger picture until after the fact. Secondly, he said, he just wasn’t having that much impact. He was not a threat to power. He died last year.

      For those you mention, we can never be certain they are not ops, but assuming they are clean, Meyssan is a foreign national, and barely known here in the land of the free, Dr. Wood is barely known and went loud, that is, published her body of work so that killing her would serve no purpose (she said as much), and Baker is still searching around the edges, really hasn’t gotten to deep into things.

      Frazier is an innocent man. Someone carrying out tasks at such a low level is only going to be a tool. But do understand that it was vitally import that Oswald went to work that day. There was probably a backup plan. That his package was too small for a gun? Doesn’t matter. When does evidence matter? Who looks that closely?


      1. My guess is Oswald would have gotten to work that day even if Buell’s vehicle had broken down on the way and Buell didn’t make it. He was and remained unshakable about the size of what Oswald carried. Maybe Oswald brought a scope for somebody else. More likely they were curtain rods because why farm out bits and pieces? Adds to the chance off failure.

        By the time Oswald figured out what was going on he was in custody and totally up a river without a paddle. But he was always a busy little bee. He was involved with something leading up to it but what he thought was supposed to happen I have no clue.

        But was meeting admirals and white Russian aristocrats. His mom said he was in the CIA after his assassination. The book depot and where they claim the shot occurred wasn’t even nearly ideal for the actual job at hand so I assume he imagined his job to be different than what he was accused of.


  2. From Voltaire: “…sponsors are most likely in Washington.”

    “On the same subject, read: “According to McClatchy, Mohammed Mehra and the Kouachi brothers are linked to the French secret services”, Voltaire Network, January 9, 2015.”

    Gotta’ run. No time to check spelling or rypos. Take it away Pete.


  3. I guess there could be a take-away here:

    1) that “terrorist watch” lists don’t work; or
    2) “terrorist watch” lists turn into “terrorist don’t watch” lists when convenient.

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      1. Swede, you’ve not thought about this in any depth, have no background in how intelligence agencies operate or in false flag events, have no historical background to speak of, and are full of hatred for Muslims.

        All of that in mind, I suggest you shut up.


          1. If you were capable of reading, you would know that I repeatedly say that there is no original work. The best we are capable of is assembling an ever-larger frame of reference by reading and trying to piece things together over a long period of time.

            Your way, assembling your prejudices, stereotypes and alphabetizing your hatreds and then searching for bits of evidence here and there to support them … that don’t work.


    1. People cannot see beyond what they are told they are seeing in photographs. The power of suggestion is too great. I look at the Atta photo in this piece, and it is blatantly obvious photoshopping, the skin tone of the mouth and chin not even matching the rest of the face. But people are told by authority figures that it is a sinister man called Atta, and believe it.

      People, the majority, have always been this way, I think, which is why we have religion – very smart people, even well-intended, realized that it was a good way to keep people happy without demanding too much from them intellectually. We have to accept that those in power who do not have good intentions will always have control of the public mind. Not much can be done.


      1. People don’t consciously process images, we just decode them and store them really well. The Soviets used to erect fake idyllic villages when all you really need is a green screen and a trusted voice to guide you.


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