Clash of civilizations is a Western concept, not Eastern

From Thierry Meyssan:

We do not know who sponsored this professional operation against Charlie Hebdo, but we should not allow ourselves to be swept up. We should consider all assumptions and admit that at this stage, its most likely purpose is to divide us; and its sponsors are most likely in Washington.

Read the whole thing if inclined to weigh a dissident French view of the affair. I’ve been reading Meyssan for years and find him to be a keen observer.

4 thoughts on “Clash of civilizations is a Western concept, not Eastern

    1. I’ve never read anything by him other than his columns, mostly on Syria, some on Libya and ISIS too. He has great depth and insight and good contacts too.

      I first came to be aware of him as he was one who instantly recognized that 9/11 was an a inside job. Viewing the scene at the Pentagon from his perch in France he asked the logical question “Where’s the Boeing?”

      Still no answer to this day.


        1. You’re so gullible!

          There were so many questions floating around about the impossible deeds done that day that the people behind 9/11 decided they needed to bolster support and commissioned Popular Science and Popular Mechanics to put out bullshit debunking articles so that people like you would be reassured. Do you think that people that powerful do not know how to manage public opinion?

          Even those two magazines cannot overrule Newton’s Third Law.

          And anyway, if you are using PS and PM here as your crutch, you are still not exempted form actually looking at the evidence yourself, rather than relying on authority figures for your opinions, as you are so prone to do.


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