The Americanization of the French mind?

The attacks of January 2015 in France gave rise to a massive public demonstration (« Je suis Charlie ») and, immediately afterwards, a campaign of denunciation of any writers who asked questions about their meaning. Almost all the major media gave space to comments or articles which, instead of presenting and discussing the facts, chose to demonize anyone who disputed them.

The aim of this campaign was clearly exposed by the political director of France2, Nathalie Saint-Criq, who explained on the national news, the 12th January – « …it’s precisely those who aren’t “Charlie” that we have to pinpont, those who refused the minute of silence in schools, those who ’speak out’ on the social networks, and those who do not feel that this is their fight. Well, those are the ones we have to identify, treat, and integrate or re-integrate into the national community ».

The word “treat” is foreboding. These are fascist agents who want nothing less than ownership of the French mind. The article I clipped it from says this totalitarian mindset is spreading to other NATO countries as well among the media and intelligentsia, that use of one’s own critical mind to form one’s own thoughts is something that has to be “treated.”

In other words, Charlie Hebdo, like 9/11 itself, appears to be a PSYOP. The object of 9/11 was to stigmatize dissent in the US, to herd our befuddled masses in support of new wars to bring down seven countries in five years – this according to Wesley Clark. Two of those seven were Libya and Syria. The first was Iraq, a country that had done nothing to warrant attack, that was in fact suffering loss of its children to starvation and disease due to Clinton era sanctions. There was massive resistance in France to such naked aggression, and in the US it became popular to hate the French.

The tone of Saint-Crig’s words are ominous and foreboding, dark and totalitarian. This is the face of oppression, control of minds and actions in a supposedly free society. It happened here, but I thought the French a cut above, able to see through such nonsense. They are bearing down on dissent now, free and critical thought, Americanizing. I hold out for the French spirit that resisted the invasion of Iraq prevails.

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