Another day at the office

A certain commenter who makes the rounds is product of the age. No depth, no reading, a diet of Google and talk radio. He feigns, as most do, a deep knowledge of “current events,” whatever that means. Terms like “confirmation bias” and “anecdotal evidence” yield a revealing silence.

I’m frustrated today. I’m going to my garage. Thought control is deep and pervasive in this country. Our public dialogue is sometimes fresh and witty, and certainly strident. That it makes no difference, that we are just blowing in the wind … is lost on all.

Liberals (and “progressives”) push for their R-Democrats. Hillary Clinton, for example, is just another Neocon, but these insulated morons will support her over some other Neocon as a better “choice.” The worst part is the arrogance, the presumption of moral superiority. After all, these bastions of deep thought elected a mixed race president. Now they are going to give s a woman!

Right wingers (“conservatives”) push their openly stupid (or incredibly devious) macaroons. Who cannot look at former Texas governor Rick Perry, for instance, or former Texas governor George W. Bush or Ted Cruz (what’s wrong with Texas anyway?), and not see deeply stupid men? If it’s an act, I tip my hat. An interesting phenomenon: Saying they are stupid jacks up their vote tally. Stupid likes stupid, and defends it with vigor.

Drew-drew-barrymore-4728689-1600-1200Some years back a certain very dumb but very pretty actress, I’ll not name her, decided to use her fame to serve public good, and went on a “vote” campaign … “vote, vote vote, exercise your freedom” she told us all on every forum available to her. Vote for what? That was above her pay grade. It was somewhat a relief that certain people who interviewed her, like Letterman, were only mildly amused rather than enthralled.

I am often told that since I don’t vote, I have no role to play in our fake democracy. The idea that we given no choices and cannot rely on the counting system anyway … doesn’t fly. Vote, dammit.

Just another day at the office. I’ll get better.

5 thoughts on “Another day at the office

  1. Cheer up. The shape-shifters are busy in Texas. How many more staged “domestic terrorist” media events will it take to end all constitutional protection for American citizens?

    “As with all other staged provocations, including similar shootings in Paris, France, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Sydney, Australia, the suspects were well known to state security agencies for years, but allowed to conspire and carry out predictable, deadly, and politically highly convenient attacks. All of this echos the similar and long-since exposed staged provocations of the notorious “Operation Gladio,” carried out by NATO.”

    “The Garland shooting is not about freedom of speech, but rather about criminal special interests playing both sides of a manufactured strategy of tension to achieve further bloodshed, death, and conquest abroad, while inviting fear, division, and a growing police state stripping us all of our rights here at home.”


      1. I don’t know anything about it, and will wait until evidence is made available from offical and other sources.

        But this is another guy, like you, who never thinks for himself and believes everything he is told?

        That’s no way to go through life, Swede. You’re a sad piece of work, gullible beyond words.


        1. “Sarcasm Requires Complex Thinking

          As it turns out, people who frequently use sarcasm show a higher level of complex thinking and are much more adept at reading other people’s emotional state.

          An investigation by Dr. Simone Shamay-Tsoory and colleagues at the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa showed that understanding sarcasm requires a carefully coordinated sequence of complex thoughts in parts of brains that handle higher functions.”


          1. You’re so blissfully clueless. I’m not being sarcastic. An ugly event has transpired, and you are not curious, and are eager to accept official truth as absolute truth. Your brain is turned off.

            Fuck sarcasm. The guy is an idiot.


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