Too busy to think

Photo by Mrs. T
Photo by Mrs. T

We took a boat trip yesterday, the Chicago Architectrual Tour. I expected it to be interesting, and was not disappointed. I am at a loss for words to describe the genius, ingenuity and “imagine-it-so-make-it-so” engineering ability of our fellow humans.

At the same time, surrounded by such genius, I wonder why the same people are so easily fooled by false flag events and political lies, large and small. Things we know to be physically impossible are believed with credulous blank stares. Lame explanations by authority figures are not just swallowed whole, but with great enthusiasm.

Part of it is faith. We are raised from the cradle to believe in our government and institutions. The notion that they would so boldly lie to us is impossible to accept. Doubt requires setting aside a life of fables. The implications of doing that are too severe to contemplate.

Another part was voiced by Alexis de Tocqueville in the 1830s:

It is extremely difficult to obtain a hearing from men living in democracies, unless it be to speak to them of themselves. They do not attend to the things said to them, because they are always fully engrossed with the things they are doing. For indeed few men are idle in democratic nations; life is passed in the midst of noise and excitement, and men are so engaged in acting that little remains to them for thinking. I would especially remark that they are not only employed, but that they are passionately devoted to their employments. They are always in action, and each of their actions absorbs their faculties: the zeal which they display in business puts out the enthusiasm they might otherwise entertain for idea.”

Emphasis added, or course. and keep in mind that back then most people were self-employed. Employment by others, having a “boss” in our lives, is now seen as normal but is an even more debilitating experience. We must constantly monitor our thought content to make sure it aligns with those who have power over us.

People are too busy to think here in our fake democracy. They are easily fooled by our overlords. But as seen on the architectural boat tour, there is genius among us and on display all about.

2 thoughts on “Too busy to think

  1. Celebrating the Feast of Holy Pentcost with a pilgrimage to one of our “shining cities?” Who needs 3-dimensional art when architects’ phallic (unconscious) dreams are much more appealing to TPTB. Skyscrapers compete and dominate. Power dominates and destroys. A perfect match: Authoritarian capitalism and phallic architecture. Architects audition like politicians. Neither succeeds without appoval and financial support from someone or something higher up the food chain.

    “These are the monuments of capitalism, glittering office towers with million dollar apartments. Doormen and security systems to protect them from the real fruits of capitalism: crime, ghettos and poverty. This is capitalism — a belief that any child can be president, if they don’t move the plant to Beijing or Shanghai first. During the last Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt rescued capitalism, believing you could bell the cat and tame the bull. History has since taught that you cannot maintain a cancer. You cannot wall off greed; greed is eternal and capitalism is the system of eternal greed.” From “Monuments of Capitalism,” by David Glenn Cox

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