Some of the rest of the story unfolds

A reader of the Mathis paper on the McCartney twins supplied the video above answering the question of what happened to the twin who stopped performing. He is*, possibly, hidden in plain sight. (The people who do do these scams do not have a lot of respect for our intelligence.) Mathis has added six pages to the paper discussing this matter. While at first it appears to thicken the plot considerably, it answers nagging questions.

The man in this video is said to be John Halliday, custodian of the McCartney childhood home. He looks an awful lot like the original Paul, who Mathis refers to as Mike (if we did not know one from the other as children, either could be right.)

If so, stop and think: This man owned the world back then, entertained the queen, starred in movies, and supposedly wrote Yesterday, a song so famous that royalties would support him for life. Here he is reduced to a man seemingly less than serious, drinking beer and leading a quite ordinary and mundane life.

Implications, please. Implications.
*The man in the video looks to be 55-60. Don’t be fooled by the eye lines, as there was probably plastic surgery done early on. And he is not missing a tooth – original Paul had a narrow palate, causing some misalignment issues, apparent in this man. Paul and Mike are 73 as of this writing, so this video would probably be taken in the time from possibly 1998-2003?
PS: I understand the problem that people have with this – first, most people choose beliefs over evidence. Beliefs are comforting. Also with the Beatles, they assume the group formed naturally, so that monkeying with twins is not natural. If you alter that perception, and think of the Beatles as a group that was scripted, scouted, recruited, trained, just like the Monkees, then this might make more sense to you.

10 thoughts on “Some of the rest of the story unfolds

  1. Implications? Perhaps “Paul” said something and this is his punishment (for those who think like television writers)- Or, the Beatles drew crowds that they didn’t deserve, the hype drawing the kids in live (nobody could hear them play and so they wouldn’t know if they were any good), but the TV and film stuff was understood by the actors to be just a role for which they mimed recordings made by others- They never felt the power because the forces that we thought were swirling around them never reached this troupe- The audiences on film and video could have just as easily been paid extras- (Sinatra a decade and a half earlier went through the same paces with paid bobbysoxers screaming and crying on cue) They never expected royalties, just a pension, and the gig finally ended- This may explain their casual reaction to the mania and their ability to crack wise so easily- None of them took any of it seriously because they knew it wasn’t real- Court historians have been paid since the dawn of writing to fabricate, fabricate, fabricate… so whatever their backstory, front-story, it all came through corporate owned media so all narrative tropes are fair game- Resting…
    For more ranting:


      1. GvdH- I was born in 1958- I marinated in the Featles and the goddamned 60’s- You couldn’t escape every detail of the 4 mop top’s lives if you tried- It was rammed down our throats-
        Certainly no one wants their heroes outed as frauds, but why are some people chosen over others to succeed? It is never just talent- It’s talent that fits a favored agenda of the culture creators, even as that talent, if it exists at all, needs a firm guiding hand- And that agenda always serves their best interests, not ours- Great music that midwifed the mind destroying drug culture is what the Beatles handlers were after and they succeeded-
        Another thing the Beatles were designed for was to create a consensus market for pop music- Thousands upon thousands of musicians followed their lead in pursuit of similar wealth and fame- The market pushed out variance and guided a relatively small number of acts to the charts and the playlists of the corporate owned radio and television networks- 50 years on, look what we have rammed down our throats today: lip synching CGI tramps like Taylor Swift and those other synthetic creations that teach pre-adolescent girls that stripper culture is the highest aspiration- For boys, it’s crossdressing and/or ghetto warriors- There won’t be any chance for stable families to grow out of that muck- The population will continue to shrink in the west- But then, population replacement (hello Syria, welcome to Germany) goes back to the Old Testament, and likely well before that-


        1. It’s in a Dropbox container- Just x out of the pop up that wants you to join Dropbox and then download the PDF- Hope that helps- I am not tech savvy enough to know how to embed PDF’s on the blog itself- Let me know if you are stymied and I’ll try another way to get you access- Thanks-


          1. Thanks … We are traveling right now and iPads don’t get it done. I’ll give that a shot when I get home. I have read only one other source who suggests that JFK did not bite it that day, and imagine we have him in common.


            1. For the life of me I can’t recall if I sent Miles the link- I forget things sometimes- He’s in it but I was polishing the last draft when he dropped his JFK paper- There’s some overlap, there’s some speculation (via common sense and paradigmatic driven logic that Miles probably would’nt indulge in)- Speculation like who was the writer/director/producer of the event (Spoiler: John Frankenheimer)
              I did not consider Joe Sr. as having multiple families but what Miles presents makes perfect sense- MM’s behind the curtain layout is different from mine- I think the two takes compliment each other- I don’t know him at all save for a few short email exchanges- I await any response you have- Most who have taken the time to read my book have given me a positive response-
              BTW- Your article(s) on Paul really drives home the twins angle- HELP’s opening sequence surely is Paul’s last appearance as “Paul”-
              Good times…


            2. I am looking forward to reading it. I think MM has done amazing work, but even so, might possibly have gotten just beneath the surface of that matter. But speculation as to why is a heady matter … With Lincoln it is easy to grasp that he was sick and dying and wanted out, perhaps FDR too. In those cases they fake the deaths so that the VP in line is the man that PTB want there, and use the lead man to assure his election. So it would have made more sense if JFK was ill and dying to get him reelected before killing him. But no, they do it first term, and then Bobby, whose photos are obviously faked, and then John John, no body, no DNA. MM may well be on to something there.


  2. Anyone who actually gets behind the curtain will be shocked when they realize they are now in pitch black darkness- They will have to use their other senses beyond sight, most importantly, common sense, to assess the plausibility of various conjectures- MM has a take I don’t agree with, that the Kennedy’s have some supreme position vis a vis America- I argue that ethnic representation is the key to the Kennedy’s taking their place at the big boys table globally- Either way it’s, at best, inference- The more that multiple minds work on these issues, eventually we will produce much more clarity-


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