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Does anyone here remember Penthouse magazine and the reader’s letters section, Penthouse Forum? I’ll cop to reading these phony baloney letters when I was (very) much younger- Anyway, these letters invariably began with “I don’t usually do this…” as a way of gaining trust in the reader that the letter in question was written by a genuine person, not a staff writer- At the pivot point of the sexy story/confession, the phrase “Needless to say…” was always employed, as the “writer” cops to his/her own temptation and describes some outré behavior that was deemed shocking forty plus years ago-

Well, needless to say, when I saw these two phrases pop up in an email sent to Miles Mathis by a reader, which MM published as an addendum to his Lennon paper, the alarms went off- There are two emails he’s posted in the addendum, the first being a literary hand job to Miles’ greatness, which, on many occasions, I would concur- Um, the greatness, not the, um… The second email is from “Kyle” who informs Miles immediately that he doesn’t usually do this (What, I don’t know- Send emails?) but then Kyle proceeds to disperse conspiracy candy corn with a shovel- Please read the litany of clues Kyle has listed and agree that Let Him Be is indeed a psy-operetta concocted by the same bureau that has been maintaining The Beatles operation lo these many years (Wait for it…. MASONS!)- Also please note that the email, with Miles’ assent, buttresses the “self-evident” nature of the character labeled John Lennon and his singular integrity as an historic artist-

Some here may know this already, but I’m of the opinion that The Beatles project began in Hamburg where British Intel had a firm grip on the German youth culture during the late 50’s- “Exis” was the term for the disaffected German kids who clustered around the Reeperbahn and frequented the cafe’s and clubs- Exis was short for existentialist and the questing young who wore sunglasses at night and argued about whether Sartre’ was the greatest mind since Hegel (Though all of the philosophers were as phony as The Beatles) were being lead by the nose, along with their foreign contemporaries, into the steaming pile of revolt that became known as “The Sixties”-

It is in this incubator that MI6 ran several iterations of The Beatles, looking for the right combinations for a starting line-up and bullpen fill-ins- No group, no matter how fueled by youthful vitality, acne and uppers gobbled down like handfuls of M & M’s, can play eight hours a day for months on end as we have been assured through many ghost written bios that the pre-fab four had done- (And no, they did not sleep backstage or starve on rum and Prellies- For God’s sake, Hamburg was one large open air brothel- You would think MI6 used more than one cathouse as a safe house, with running water and functioning toilets, for their valuable recruits)

It would then follow that this pre-packaged phenomenon would also have its material written for them- There was never any need for a John Lennon, Musical Genius- There would never be any allowance for such a young man to express himself on a global scale- We know that unconnected, unvetted, unapproved talent is not allowed an audience larger than family and friends and a few neighbors- Traffic is allowed, to an extent, to surround the true psy-operators with camouflage (I know some people with The Flaming Groovies, perfectly inoffensive place holders with no genuine connections to the bloodlines that I can see, and no great revenue generators either)

So, when you Let Him Be, you are letting the guys playing Mark Staycer and John Lennon be- The Lennon of myth is found in the minutes of some think tank round table discussion buried in the basement cabinets somewhere in Whitehall, along with old film cans containing  auditions of aspiring actors looking to help the Anglo/American mission abroad- The retreat to the woods we see of “Lennon” and, recently, “John Denver”, is clearly a meme that Intel has adopted to lead us into the woods-


Miles Mathis has completed his Obama paper which has bulked up the Lennon family tree, especially regarding his mother, a likely member of the prominent British aristocratic line of Stanley’s-

Above I assert that the Beatles were a concoction of British Intel- Therefore there is no “John Lennon” as we have been sold over the years- That does not preclude the existence of a person known as John Lennon- Miles makes mention of Jane Austin using surnames of actual high born relatives in her fiction- In Lennon’s case it may be the same thing- A real person lending his name to the fictional character- He may have even been “John Lennon” from time to time, to be a boots on the ground controller of the character- He seems employable, even if of aristocratic blood through his mother, as a public figure, because, once again, this figure reeks of illegitimacy-

From our good friends at Wackypedia: “Lennon was born in war-time England, on 9 October 1940 at Liverpool Maternity Hospital, to Julia (née Stanley) (1914-1958) and Alfred Lennon (1912-1976), a merchant seaman of Irish descent, who was away at the time of his son’s birth. (Strike One!)[2]  His parents named him John Winston Lennon after his paternal grandfather, John “Jack” Lennon, and then-Prime Minister Winston Churchill.(Steeeerike Two!)[3] His father was often away from home but sent regular pay cheques to 9 Newcastle Road, Liverpool, where Lennon lived with his mother;[4] the cheques stopped when he went absent without leave in February 1944.[5][6] When he eventually came home six months later, he offered to look after the family, but Julia—by then pregnant with another man’s child (Ring Him Up, Outside Corner, Strike Three Called!!!) rejected the idea.[7] After her sister, Mimi Smith, twice complained to Liverpool’s Social Services, Julia handed the care of Lennon over to her. In July 1946 Lennon’s father visited Smith and took his son to Blackpool, secretly intending to emigrate to New Zealand with him.[8] Julia followed them—with her partner at the time, ‘Bobby’ Dykins—and after a heated argument his father forced the five-year-old to choose between them. Lennon twice chose his father, but as his mother walked away, he began to cry (Cue the bloody violins, George!!) and followed her.[9] It would be 20 years before he had contact with his father again. 

The rest of the narratives for these people read as pure pulp, with premature deaths, more bastard daughters, etc.- In my view, Julia was likely a Stanley bastard assigned to breed for the Stanley’s- When she was done breeding, she left the stage*- That theory sounds worse than the pulp offered as official history, but that’s the most plausible interpretation to me given the unmasking of the Grand Scam here at POM-

If anyone wants to run the numbers in the Wiki excerpt, be my guest-

*Officially, Julia was run over by an off-duty cop- The future King of the Hippies’ mother was run over by an off-duty cop- Priceless!

16 thoughts on “Penthouse Forum

  1. Woah. Dude. Tyrone. You’re blowing my mind. You mean to tell me that Penthouse letters are fake? Holy shit. How far down does this rabbit hole go? Is nothing sacred to this treacherous cabal of hoaxsters and con men?

    But seriously, though, great post. Your antennae are highly attuned. The ‘needless to say’ line in the reader’s letter doesn’t even make sense: “Needless to say, since you have probably never heard of it, this game is scarcely seen outside of Germany.” If Miles has never heard of it, then he wouldn’t know that it is scarcely seen outside of Germany, in which case it actually does need saying.


  2. Nice Write up.

    I happen to be the server of the literary handjob. That email to Miles was from me. I find it interesting that you call out that email as if it is in opposition to your findings and conclusions. I agree with you that “John Lennon” should be in quotes as either a person or a character. My email was pointing out that “John Lennon” of old is connected to the movie Let Him Be. It is my opinion that the movie and the “John Lennon” of old are from the same psy-op factory. Anyway,,, I was proud that Miles would post my email with the term, British Plonker in it, and now I am equally honored to be the distributor of Literary Handjobs.


        1. Awkward… Nothing wrong with LHJ’s- It was the only “sexy” thing I could think to inject into the post- Another tragic attempt at humor- I wasn’t trying to imply that both emails were suspicious, but I did want to be comprehensive- Two emails, the second was the one that puzzled me, specifically why would Miles publish it? Ego trips aside, it confirms MM assumes Lennon is a real person, not a character- Okay, so he doesn’t roll the way I do- I think he’s behind the curve on that score, but he’s in the vanguard regarding so many other concepts and I am enjoying his recent genealogical excavations- If nothing else (again with the Jews…) he is confirming the inbreeding and inter-marriages and that does nothing to retard the theory of batch baking bastards and look-a-likes under consideration here-


          1. Not awkward,,, funny as hell.

            I really am a fan of “John’s” music and you are right on the money with the interpretations of John’s biographies. What a historical mess. I was so relieved to know it was a psy-op because it meant I could stop trying to figure out the truth with respect to him. I even have that shitty ass book of poetry he wrote. Yikes. What a dope I was for paying money for that.


          2. I would be surprised if Miles really believes that John is a real artist who wrote music and lyrics for the Beatles and now this movie. Or at the very least, I’m sure he would agree with you that Lennon probably wasn’t a genuinely talented songwriter and lyricist. Although at various points in the paper he sort of seems to assume this is the case, he also writes very clearly:

            “I’m not saying these bands, including the Beatles, weren’t talented. Lyndon Larouche has dismissed those bands as posers. They weren’t. Many great songs were written, though it is often hard to say who wrote them. A large number of people either in the bands or behind them were very talented at creating catchy tunes, preparing instrumentals, and producing a nice finished product. And even if the people in the bands weren’t writing the songs, some of them could play their instruments quite well and many were accomplished singers and performers.”

            The letter he re-printed offers up many more hints about the movie being a product of intelligence, and I think that’s why he published it. It’s important to underscore, as you have here, that there is some misdirection there, in so far as it takes for granted that Lennon was a genuine artist, etc. It may be that Miles didn’t see that. It may also be that for him it is so obvious or taken-for-granted that Lennon is not a genuine artist/songwriter that he doesn’t even feel the need to point out the obvious. But it’s probably not obvious to many of his readers, though, and so definitely worth pointing out (also in relation to Kozman’s “well done John!” comment, which could otherwise be: “well done John’s producers in Intelligence”).


            1. Kyle implies that John is real, and Miles published Kyle- That may be specious on my account, maybe not- I’m not at all concerned about John Lennon’s integrity because it is so obvious that the chaos this character helped spearhead is far more important a subject than whether he could play a guitar and sing- But, this process at times requires a brick by brick disassembling so knowing the particulars are useful up to a point- Overstated, like Kyle’s candy attempts to do, we get bogged down in minutiae while the mindbenders secretly move the goal posts- I’d recommend that if anyone needs to make space in their detection kit for some Masonic clues, limit it to checkerboards- No other esoteric hoo doo appears to use that imagery- If I’m wrong on that, someone please enlarge me- To me, Masonry seems to have passed its expiration date- It’s a fossil, like communism- Fascism, on the other hand, is doing land office business at the moment, sad to say, and that is what is greasing the skids of the grand deception these days- Masonry, I sense, has passed its expiration date- It’s a fossil, like communism- No one is hunting Reds anymore- Hunting Masons may be just as fruitless- What the fascist symbols and secret handshakes involve, I don’t know- Obviously, swastikas won’t be used this time around-


          1. I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t understand how any of my contributions could be taken as anything but genuine. I enjoy reading what you guys have to say and I thought I had some things to share these last couple of days. I’ve commented on your website as well and you had never indicated that you had a problem with me. Care to articulate the suspicion or just a general tingling of the spidey senses?


  3. After reading The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters by Frances Stonor Saunders, it’s hard to imagine anything happening in post-WWII Europe that wasn’t funded and controlled by spooks in GB, US and Israel. I have no idea if the book’s proper non-fiction or not, but certainly feels on par with everything pre-WWIII. History repeats — all in the family, you know.


  4. I tend to notice deflections in language, “to be honest,” “I’ll be straight with you,” stuff like that as admission that a lie is about to follow. I like that Tyrone picked up on these ingratiating invitations preceding a lie fest.

    So for myself I try to just say what I think without warning the reader or listener that a lie or admission is about to follow. I don’t always manage well, as I lie on occasion, not because I want to but because I have a soap opera going in my mind of what I think versus what people might think I think. Is that not much of how we all function?

    So when “Kyle” stepped in to broaden the Lennon paper, Miles merely said to us “Enjoy!.” For once he was not doing genealogy, just having a Paul is Dead party, nothing serious, and again we got to enjoy his work without a pen and graph paper. If you read the Lennon paper with the attitude “could this possibly be real?” as I did way back when, then Kyle did little to expand on it but he did do an Album Clues tour, and left it all for us to play with. What fun!

    As to what John Lennon really was, how the Beatles came about, I am looking to Tyrone to do some future Album Clues blog posts. This one gives me a sense that Lennon was an actor and that when a camera was on, there was a script.


  5. I’m new to a lot of this.. plus a lot elsewhere re this I’d say 100% dominance of past,present,and future info ensuing from the “1984 clan” for want of better finger pointing. Looking into film from the past I do see acting & overacting by said musicians which is telling as intell. work. Too the over hype of their deaths are even more telling that it’s intell. programming. Egregious: Bobby Fuller drinking & inhaling gasoline for a quick sendoff. Such is on his death(phony) certificate.


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