15 thoughts on “Jewish pogroms and retaliations of the Ruling Jews – Part I

  1. This is interesting … Jews thrive on illusions of victimhood while at the same time having immense power. At the same time, Jews I know personally are such calm and intellectual people, not wanting to harm anyone and preferring to keep to themselves.

    I am curious to see where you are taking this in the coming chapters.

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  2. The old world of Europe was always chaotic when it comes to tribes and nations, there were so many wars, conquests and struggles for power that no single person can learn about them all. To say that Jewish rulers were any different then Christian version of the same rulers before them is a mistake, there is no difference in cruelness or in using no-limit approach to seizure of power between them. I want to point out the ruling few in my theory, while the majority of all Jews belongs within the same category of manipulated commoners, in my opinion. With those few rulers or group(s) of ruling clique pointed out, I find it strange, that they are either openly Jewish or crypto-Jewish – which is strange in regard to overly disproportional percentage of such Jewish people considering there are merely 15 million of them globally. Or 0,2% of us all. How come 80% or more of Soviet (or Polish, partially Yugoslavian) governmental positions were occupied by Jewish individuals? How comes Miles reveals so many crypto-Jews at positions of power in his research? It’s not about being hostile towards Jewishness, answering to such questions means to understand what we are dealing with. That’s the line of thought I’m trying to follow with my theory, it’s disappointing to see us divided by religion or race or pretty much anything irrelevant, actually.


  3. I don’t believe retaliation is important to elite Jews. I believe things started with Akhenaten, and I call the most elite families atonists (from Aten). I also believe that the elite Jews, Christians and Muslims belong to the atonist families since the beginning . They intermarry even if they don’t belong to the same exoteric religion. I mention this because I don’t believe many elite people died in these pogroms or rebellions by the people (rebellions in general not just what we may call Jewish pogroms). But rebellions by the people may have been problematic , also maybe changes brought by time and various discoveries (scientific, discovery of America, maritime routes) required changes in the matrix of control. It came a time when it was useful to introduce the protestant reformation, communism,or to terminate various empires. For example we had peasants fighting in religious wars like the 30 years war instead of rebelling in order to change the political system in their region.

    Regarding the expulsion of the Jews, I believe many Jews in the western countries were more of the elite sort . In England when the Expulsion Edict was issued there were 2000 Jews in England. In France you mentioned 100000. The royals were probably cousins with the elite Jews (consider Mathis’ papers). The expulsions were probably done to stave off possible rebellions. See here a possible scenario http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot.com/2014/09/richard-lionheart-and-jews.html?q=1290. The average Jew is probably closer (genetically, family ties) to the atonists when compared to the average Christian or Muslim. Also the average Jew is more mobile or international. These characteristics are probably important for the role the Jews play, and I assume many are not aware of their role but are goaded in various directions by propaganda.

    I wonder if people here are suspicious of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. I should also add the suicide of prince Rudolf of Austria and the assassination of his mother Elisabeth of Bavaria.


    1. Yes, you’ve already mentioned Akhenaten in one other comment, I didn’t have time to look into that yet. It’s an interesting hypothesis, I’ve heard as well another one suggesting that the elite of the elite Jewish rulers belong to the Italian / Roman Jews, descendants of the ancient Iudean tribes, as i.e. the Baruch family. I’m not wise enough to say how they function and how they’re organized, but I’ve observed some interesting things, which correspond with learned facts.

      You imply that in time it may be useful to introduce reformation, communism or terminate some empires. I agree, but we don’t see it from the same angle. Reformation is another divide&impera illusion and mass control tool, while termination of some old kingdom was a part of the change of power structures from kings and monarchs to bankers & industrialists. Communism on the other hand isn’t just a tool of economical enslavement and all the rest mentioned, it was used as lethal social experiment on societies of several countries, performed in real time for decades. It was a tool to stir societies before it came to power and it could have been abolished once it seized all wanted power. We can learn just the opposite, wherever there was communism, there was as well misery, repression, mass murders and dictatorship of the beloved leader.

      I agree with the fact, that Royals and elite Jews were related, but that can be considered from 14th and 15th century onwards according to Mathis. It will not be until the beginning of WWII that all European kingdoms are terminated. While I want to look into the history before this final stages of power takeover, which was as well one of the reasons I’m leaving Russian pogroms of early 1900’s out. They might have been false-flag events, documented with scarse records and dubious stories of their leaders. Even if I’d take them into consideration to make a case here, I do believe some of Jews actually died from the hands of manipulated mob. To sacrifice a few of their own kind is not perceived as wrong, if it serves some higher purpose, that’s what may explain en massé emigration of Jews from what seems to be their “european surrogate motherland” for centuries long. Well, to drive millions of people out of their homes by fear only, you really have to convince them pogroms are real. Most probably, few of them were exactly that – real.

      I was once suspicious of Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, now I’m not anymore. It was a false-flag event, daddieuhoh provided the link in his post above. I did too in my original post, but you may have missed it since there are quite many links in the text.


    2. I don’t believe that the Royals and elite Jews intermarried only after 14th century. See this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Jewish_royalty .Titus Flavius Clemens was married to Flavia Domitilla (both belong to the Flavian family). They say they were probably Jewish converts or Christian converts . Other useful names are Bulanids, Helena of Adiabane and Makhir of Narbonne (possible Carolingian connection). Some useful authors are Ralph Ellis (books + videos on Youtube), Flavio Barbiero (book:The Secret Society of Moses: The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia ) and Hugh Montgomery (videos on youtube +books). I am more familiar with Ralph Ellis (freemason), but all authors mentioned can be useful. They can be shills that try to misdirect but they are a good start. One problem with the authors mentioned is that they don’t mention the possible fake chronology. Heinsohn is a good source when it comes to fake chronology http://www.q-mag.org/the-1st-millennium-a-d-chronology-controversy.html. If Sarmatians=Huns=Khazars, the way we see Khazars (Bulanids) changes. Sumerians=Scythians , Mitanni=Persians, Hittites=Lydians. What is the relationship between Cumans, Khazars and Scythians. Also consider that Beit She’an in Israel was called Scytopolis. Chronological revisionism is an important key. I still have a lot to study and I would like to look more at primary writings (Tacitus, Herodotus, Suetonius , Polybius, Valerius Maximus etc). There are problems even with these histories due to possible forgeries (Poggio Bracciolini).

      Some Persian connections here http://www.askwhy.co.uk/judaism/index.php . Of course we have Mithraic Mysteries which is probably the same with early Christianity. All are probably forms of atonism . Some things make more sense for me but still a long way to go. I hope I am not too annoying but I believe the things I mentioned above can be very useful for the student of real history. Maybe Clio will inspire all people that roam this blog.


      1. Thanks Calgacus for all provided above. As interesting as it is, I don’t see direct connection to my proposal, but still, I welcome sharing your knowledge and research here.

        You were already asserting in your previous comment that you don’t think retaliation is important to the elite ruling Jews, yet you offered no substitute answer to why all Red Terror era was left to terminate millions of lives. There is little in your opinion about the reasons that I wish to relate to – what is going on with all the millions of victims in Christian modern era? It can’t be coincidental, so what is the driving force behind terror imposed on innocent people? As much as there may be a lot of weight in what you’ve shown in your two posts, I have nothing substantial to make me re-think my hypothesis. I’ll leave this thought for coming part II in the series, I’m sure it’ll be easier to see where I’m pointing at with my intro in Part I.


        1. I was just trying to add some tangential info that I think is important, not to discourage you. In this post you started with the history of Jews in Europe. Since there is a great possibility that the years between 230AD and 930AD are filled by repeating events from the years (approximate) 1AD-230AD (see Heinsohn), our understanding of Jewish history changes. For example with Khazars=Huns=Sarmatians (also Cumans). Another tangent, is the name Boleyn (Anne Boleyn) derived from Bulan of Khazaria. I also pointed out more ancient problems of the Jewish history (Egyptian and Persian connection).

          The situation with communism is not necessary new. The spread of Christianity and Islam is also similar in a way (due to chronological revisionism the spread of Christianity and Islam happened at the same time after a great global disaster like a comet hitting earth). The fall of the Roman Empire, technology and learning was probably due to the natural catastrophe (mostly), not because Christianity (elites like technology that make them dominant). But we can point out to the killings of Charlemagne against Saxons, Northern Crusades, initial implementations of Christian policies in the Roman Empire etc.
          The situation with communism is more elaborate in my opinion. It is not a coincidence that we have The Federal Reserve act (1913), 16th Amendment (1913 and it is about income tax) and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 all happening around the same period (WW1 also). This was the hijack of the 2 largest white countries that were used as golems especially against other white countries . Globally, Communism was important for polarization which allowed the elites to implement various policies ( for example to increase various budgets). But the communist project was probably even more important when it comes to China. The chaos that resulted from the 1911 Revolution (again close to Federal Reserve act), made China ready for the Communist takeover. China is playing an important role in the transition between Old World Order(“white” colonialism and domination) and New World Order (multicultural face , scientific dictatorship). We will see a synthesis between capitalism and socialism (introducing basic income among other things). China is in a way an example of the synthesis with billionaires and state control. Of course people here know about the fakeness of various ideologies like communism, capitalism, socialism and others. But the shit narrative presented by elites fools the average citizen.

          How many high profile “victims” of the Great Purge teleported to Israel in the 30’s, in order to make preparation for the state of Israel. The elites wanted to eliminate some of the Jewish faces from the Soviet Union, at the same time we have fake Hitler talking about the Jewish and Communist connection.


          1. Thanks again, Calgacus, my intention was as well not to discourage you. I’m just trying to figure how does this intertwine into all I wanted to make a point out of. There is a lot to accept in what you suggest, that would significantly change my worldview in general. I’m digging through semi-recent history, trying to unwind a tangle about what happened to one half of the Europe, so considering a time hole and a few miles of text to explain it, would completely shift the focus of my essay. Opening additional “front” with another controversial subject, such as issues suggested by Velikovsky and all other authors you’ve mentioned, is a theme for another essay, maybe you ought to do it yourself. I believe many of us would be extremely grateful for such contribution, in any way you shouldn’t hesitate to shout it out loud if you believe you’re onto something big there. I personally think you’ve made some very interesting points, which interconnect many dots we may have ignored, simply because we didn’t understand what we were looking at.

            I agree, communism is much more elaborate, really bitter to swallow, especially for anyone with firsthand experience. It’s almost like trying to understand the influence of some snake oil and while you were looking at the list of ingredients and studying for years about each of them listed, you’d have eventually miss the fact that it’s simply a poison. All needed to know is therefore already right in front of you, you’re left to figure out who was the person that gave it to you, why was he able to manipulate you into buying it and most importantly – to be more knowledgeable and avoid it in future. In my opinion, we should as well do something about the system that allows such snake-oil salesmen to produce it in the first place, removing both poisons and the sales force behind such industry. In my essay, I’m trying to give an answer to 3 above listed questions, but I really appreciate what you’ve brought here.

            Basic income was also suggested in Switzerland, in June last year they held a referendum, but it was allegedly overruled by the people. MSM reports that Swiss citizens were afraid that millions would be pouring in from all over the World. I think the idea was actually initiated by all of those, who understand that we all have actual abundance of resources on national level, but extremely and deftly manipulated at higher level to prevent it being accepted and realized in reality. So China is not particularly innovative when it comes to such ideas, but I agree – abolishing nationalism would mean as well that we get completely dependent on our beloved State to take care of us, where the State eventually represents the whole globe under NWO. Is that what we are looking at eventually?


  4. Interesting piece. Thanks. How power at the top is organized is the last piece to this quest. Not easy, but IMO the pieces are finally coming together. One of tech’s great achievements for the good.


  5. Velikovsky wrote a book about Akhenaten and Oedipus saying they were the same person. I don’t suppose this factoid helps, but that’s all I got.


  6. I notice you quote Wikipedia at length, and that is your business, of course. I have worked with Wikipedia on some of my larger projects, but know to watch for it as it can mislead as well as lead. Do you follow at all the various arguments surrounding it?


    1. Quoting from Wiki was used for short introduction to what my be understood as history of European Jews. I think many details in the story I quoted would be passionately argued or refuted as misleading in regard to some fact, that is not the essence of quoted text (like i.e. territorial or timeline issue, maybe some names involved, etc). I’m concerned only about the assertion of the fact of expulsions, pogroms and number of victims in those cases contained in the Wiki quote. As much as I could learn about the original sources for such research, I’d need to learn Latin, Hebrew and many ancient languages to re-confirm all written there. Just impossible, so I chose to trust Wiki and Google searched sources to see they cross-referenced for my case. I encourage you to do that yourself as well, there is much more to the issue about how old tribes of Europe treated Jews. Unless there is something particular you wanted to point out?

      There are some arguments worth mentioning about the sources I used, I’ll attach them to the last piece in series as it concerns them all in general.

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