Do they hold the magical ‘Get Out of Jail Free card? (Part One): Wesley Snipes, Rod Blogojevich, Martha Stewart

Tyrone in part one of his book JFKTV down below, makes a profound statement:

“…the fact that a half-century of research has not produced a definite answer to the JFK assassination, nor has it brought anyone to justice, it is long overdue to question whether or not the assassination took place at all. And it’s reasonable to ask that question in a country that still insists it operates under the rule of law.”

We are not a country of laws, that is, you and I have to abide by them, as the consequences can be severe. We pay our taxes, don’t fake our deaths, don’t steal from or murder one another because we know there are prisons, and that they are not pleasant pastoral campuses with tennis courts and saunas.

But the class of people above us are not bound by these laws. For example, we’ll probably never see Donal Trump’s (real) tax returns. He (magically) made it to office without showing them, so why do so after the fact? This leads naturally to the question … did he even file tax returns? (Alternatively, it could mean he is an actor and a fake tycoon, and that his returns show a man on a salary.) I have to ask, however, does the elite class of insiders and rulers even worry about such matters?

This line of thought led me into what I believe to be a rich vein of inquiry, too long to cover in one post. It is about people who were pilloried in public and who supposedly went to jail. Since a few of us know that the Sharon Tate “massacre” was fake, it logically follows that everyone sent to prison thereafter went somewhere else. Since a few of us also know that Bobby Kennedy faked his death, we know that Sirhan Sirhan is not in jail. So who is he, where does he live?

Fake death is not illegal. But according to our trusted news media, these people are not only in jail, but will remain their for the balance of their natural lives. It appears to be a game. When we are told people are in jail, unless we visit them in person in their cell, we can not be sure.

Thus do I begin a series on the magical “Get Out of Jail Free Card” in possession of probably everyone in our ruling class, and a few of less noble standing such as Sirhan, Charles Manson, John Hinckley Jr., OJ Simpson and the Mark David Chapman twins. These are just the obvious fakes, but I will cover them in detail in future posts.


Some time ago Straight and I were discussing the video below, an eighteen minute interview of comedian Dave Chappelle by David Letterman. Straight found the comedian’s exodus to Africa after landing a Comedy Central show odd, even inexplicable. Maybe, he thought, Chappelle is not initiated as an insider, is not trusted to keep his mouth shut about Hollywood’s secrets.

The interview gives evidence of this. Fast forward to 11:20, as shortly thereafter Chappelle says,

“…it was like living in the corner of perception and reality…when everyone thought Wesley Snipes was in jail, I saw him at a party”.

Snipes, according to Wikipedia, went to prison in December of 2010, and was released on April of 2013. Chappelle does not give the date of the party he attended, so there is the possibility he is simply not aware that Snipes had been released. But I doubt it. In this 2015 interview he is deliciously evasive throughout, leaving us but that one gem to ponder. Letterman, of course, looking at his producer, laughs it off and moves on, taking no note. We are to laugh it off too I suppose, as otherwise it would have been cut.

This reminded me of watching Jeopardy one night when the following question was asked:


I laughed and froze the screen, as I had long suspected that Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich, the answer to the question (excuse me, in Jeopardy, it is the question to the answer), was not in jail. The whole episode with his phone being tapped and his attempting to sell a Senate seat was an orchestrated event to get him out of office, but not to really jail him. (Note well – every elected official in this lovely land, along with every journalist, is under surveillance. Blogojevich was not an exception.) Rod was merely escorted out of office for a more suitable replacement, and probably luxuriates on a beach in Baja or some other exotic location until his fake release.

I quickly added up the numbers in his ID, and they totaled 33. That answered my question, or questioned my answer (again, Jeopardy). In case you don’t know it, 33 is a spook marker, a signal among Intelligence people which tells one another in code that a game is in play. Seeing it here confirmed my suspicion that Blogojevich never served a day behind bars.

I put it up on the blog that night, asking if anyone else spotted the secret, and our friend Annette pointed out that not only does the prison ID number add up to 33, but look at the time bar at the bottom. That freaked me. There is 0:30 and 0.03, or the ubiquitous 33 again. Did the producers of Jeopardy time it to produce that result?

Then I began to think … there are probably a lot of people who are supposed to be in jail who are not. Just as Julian Assange being held hostage in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London puts him out of our minds, and same with Edward Snowden in Russia, these people are free to wander the planet. Out of sight, out of mind. No one is looking for them. Once someone is said to be in jail, that person is as good as dead.

I wondered about a long list of people, starting with my favorite, a woman who would no more survive a jail term than allow a chiffon cake to flatten in the oven,

Martha StewartMartha Stewart: Sentenced to five months in federal prison for insider trading, we find this photo on the day of her arrest.

You’ll see that line around her neck in many of her photos, perhaps a sign of Photoshop. This is always a problem because with photos of people like her, many of them (holding her pies and cakes or on magazine covers) are indeed fake. As a joke, I Googled “Martha Stewart nude” and found pages of her in that state, her head superimposed on every imaginable body. I urge you not to do the same, as the images are quite disturbing. She has never appeared nude, I guarantee, but at least if gives us a primer in the crude forgeries being done these days with Photoshop.

Martha Stewart 2Still, the photo above looks fake, but I cannot say that with certainty. To the right here I darkened all the areas that are supposed to be dark, and the policemen indeed show no signs of fakery. Their skin remains visible. But the area under Martha’s chin, which ought to stay colored along with her face and neckline below, is dark. What does it mean? I am no expert. You tell me.

So what other hints are there? Well, we are told she went prison shopping. Don’t we all get to do that? She was assigned to Anderson Prison in West Virginia, but didn’t like it as it was too far from her aging mother. She preferred the Federal Corrections Prison in Danbury, Connecticut, and the judge tried to give her that choice! But alas,  the Justice Department felt the news media had too much access there. Her second choice, Federal Correction Complex, Coleman (Florida) had been hit by Hurricane Ivan, and was not taking reservations. Martha had to go to West Virginia. But oddly, she ended up in a place where there was no news media access. Hmmmm ….

And please note, the next time you see a poor black kid up on pot possession charges and in third strike country, that he will not have his choice of prisons to attend.

Did she really go to prison? I doubt it. Her Wiki page has spook markers all over it … her sentence revolved around sale of 3,928 shares of stock – a 3, an 11, and 8, the three most commonly used spook markers. She sold the stock on the 27th of December, or 3 raised to the 3rd power, another way of saying “33.” Her sentence is accompanied by footnote “47” (11) in Wiki. Her prison ID was 55170-054, adding up to 27 again, or 3^3. (That is accompanied by footnote 54, or 9×6, or 3*3 and 3+3.) And she was released from Alderson at 12:30 PM, or again, 3 (1+2) and 3, for one more 33. (Why do they even tell us the time of release?)

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and numbers are just numbers, but they do have a way of popping up around famous people. The whole idea of a charade like Martha’s jail sentence would be to show ordinary people that rich people have to obey the law too. They do not.

To be continued …

22 thoughts on “Do they hold the magical ‘Get Out of Jail Free card? (Part One): Wesley Snipes, Rod Blogojevich, Martha Stewart

  1. This is going to be good. Looking forward to more. And I would venture to say there is nobody in that Sky Prison allegedly flying around above us, the ISS.


    1. … that Sky Prison allegedly flying around above us, the ISS.
      I wonder if this name “ISS” is not another joke on us.
      Isn’t ISIS the adored goddess of the Freemasons ? As well by unwitting Christians, in the thin disguise of Mother Mary ?


      1. Yes, that exact idea has crossed my mind. In a recent video I watched they described the ISS as a ‘Sealed Masonic Temple’. I believe you are right on the money.


      2. Yes very similar to ISIS. Other name is Star of the Sea and it is also associated with Demeter/Astarte/Aphrodite/Cybele.


  2. In my opinion Trump is a salary man and has been since his first bankruptcy a couple decades ago. He inherited some money- blew it- and then became the “billionaire” character of popular culture and that became his job as his many appearances as an actor attest.

    I doubt the powers that be are above money. Their wealth is us. I doubt they have passports or need them. I doubt they have IDs. I imagine they don’t have social security numbers either. They own the system- they are not in it.

    I also think “economics” is largely bogus voodoo- an elaborate board game rule system easily dispensed with at any time and only used as a macro control mechanism.


    1. I agree with your sentiments in total, and about economics especially … I look back at my time in Econ 101 102 103 just out of high school, and it did slowly drive me into despair about my prospects, as it was dull, incomprehensible to me, and that reflected in my grades. When I heard it referred to as the “dreary science” I began to get a sense, and then to realize that professional economists are always wrong in their predictions, and it doesn’t matter! But right out of high school I felt like I had been placed in a factory and was looking at all the machinery with no clue how it all worked. They really ought to warn kids “It has never been proven to be an even modestly useful science.”


      1. Mark since you are an accountant I wonder if you want to make some posts about your view of economy/economics (Thomas Carlyle coined the phrase “The dismal science” as opposed to “the gay science”, both being useful for the elites). Maybe you can focus on things that are not related to the Federal Reserve (or maybe you have a new perspective on Fed). Many alternative people still believe in the economic fundamentals of supply and demand. Can the elites inject or withdraw credit without being detected , especially now in the digital era? The elites may have a larger reserve of gold, silver or other precious metals or materials (that can be injected or withdrawn from the market when there is a need ). How much of economy is perception management? For example the Dow Jones and other indexes are the numbers presented to the public to show the health of the economy, but maybe the software of the computers that calculate these indexes can be manipulated. We also have characters like Steve Jobs that when is ill, the stock price of his company drops but when he is happy the stock is up again (the personality cult probably helps with the real sales of products) .


        1. I think stocks and other things operate off of fractal geometry. I like the theory of Elliott Waves as it appears in describing stock market movements.
          You have five waves up and then five down. The Elliott Waves then determine the “fundamentals”. Psychology leads the news…


          1. Since fractals appear in nature I assume you are saying that the stocks behave in a natural manner . So maybe the software used by these Stock Exchange entities is not manipulated (or maybe is very hard to manipulate since the behavior of indexes must look very natural). But software manipulation is one of many ways of manipulation. In the comment above I mentioned Steve Jobs. Look at this article that mentions “The Steve Jobs Effect” . Mathis already covered the fake nature of this Steve Jobs character. They can play with these fake narratives to steal money from people that invest in stock market (now less people participate in this casino than in the past). This of course requires a famous character that is the face of the company. But we have other famous CEOs like Bill Gates, Bezos, Musk, Suckerbook etc. The fake nature of many of these characters was covered by Mathis and others.
            The companies also buy their own stock with money loaned from banks at a low interest rate. This happened since the Fed lowered the interest rate after 2009, and it will end probably this year due to the Fed interest hikes.


        2. If you like to write about such things, run it by me … I have written quite a bit about economics in the past, but not from the perspective of possessing expertise. More like a debunker. Randians and Friedmanites and free market sfuff is all wet, as I see it. After the great crash of 2008 they were certain that hyperinflation was on the horizon, as the fed injected trillions into the economy. It did not happen and they cannot explain why not, and I cannot either, but at least did not pretend to understand it all.


          1. Maybe I will look at your older posts. I only discovered you around October 2016 (reading a paper of daddieuhoh posted by Mathis). Also maybe you see the things a bit different (a few months can change a person in a drastic manner, especially people that try very hard to understand the world). Debunking or deconstruction is a very important step (in alchemical terms is equivalent to calcination, the first step).
            Yes there are these people that follow various schools of economic thought that believe in some fundamentals. They may say that we don’t have a free market, but they still believe in various economic fundamentals or various statistics provided by the government. They usually don’t believe in historical conspiracies or hoax events. They look at hyperinflation in Weimar Germany , believing it was a natural event. They don’t consider how useful it was to bring Hitler to power in a managed manner. They cannot believe or consider the possibility that the crash of 1929 (or any other famous crash) was also managed (with many fake suicides like Ivar Kreuger) to steal money and enact various laws or programs. If you don’t consider these non economic elements (at least consider the possibility), you are wasting your time trying to understand fairy tales presented by the media or other “important” institutions.


            1. I am going to throw my two cents in here on the Federal Reserve. But I will preface this by saying that I am currently working on a paper unwinding the Smedley Butler hoax that goes into great detail on the Great Depression and the New Deal and makes very much the same argument that you do. I hope Miles agrees to publish the paper.

              I myself have not devoted a great deal of time in trying to understand the Fed’s role, but in my view one ‘conspiracy’ argument I often hear against the Fed seems to me to be based on a false understanding of how it works. I don’t mean that as a defense of the Fed, because I do think it presents a huge and unwarranted concentration of power in the hands of bankers, and I believe bankers are pretty much at the center of the rot that lies at the heart of civilization. It gives them control over the flow of money and credit, which, at minimum, this gives them the power to control and manipulate interest rates in their favor.

              The argument I hear all the time is that the interest charged on money goes into the pockets of private banks, and that because we are always borrowing money at interest, we can never repay our debts and as such are caught in a system of debt slavery. But in fact by law only 6% of those profits goes to private banks (tax exempt); the rest goes to the treasury (i.e., Federal Government coffers). That still means the private banks are profiting handsomely (overall between 1 to 6 billion dollars since 2010), but it’s simply not true that the Fed creates an inescapable system of debt slavery. And even if it were true that they take all the profits, anybody who has borrowed money at a low interest rate, invested it, and earned a higher rate of return knows that they are able to pay back their original loan and still keep a profit.

              The other thing I see all the time is an alleged quote by Meyer Rothschild: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.” There isn’t really any evidence that he ever said it. It appears to by apocryphal. Nevertheless the statement itself expresses a truth, and that truth is that control of the money supply is an enormous source of power. And I certainly do not trust the people in control of that power to use it for anything other than to make themselves richer and concentrate wealth into their hands. The boom-bust cycle appears to me to be a means to that end.


          2. I am waiting for that Smedley Butler hoax paper. I didn’t read his biography, but I read his short book “War is a Racket” (no doubt when I took such people more seriously). A plot to take over a country that they own or to overthrow a president that they own (a president that is from the same elite families ), what a joke. A nice conspiracy to make Roosevelt look more sexy and great.
            Regarding Rothschild, I believe his power is exaggerated. The history books tries to point out these individuals that were kings, emperors, tyrants, dictators, billionaires etc. But the true powers was always in the hands of a council of oligarchs (probably related by blood) like Gerousia (Sparta), Sanhedrin (Israel), Council of ten (venice), elites of the praetorian guard etc. These are know councils, but probably there were other councils that are not known. Rothschild became important after he was appointed as tax collector by William 1 of Hesse. Also involved with the Hessian mercenaries during the American Revolution, and hiding the fortune of William from Napoleon. But considering the fake nature of Napoleon, we can assume that no European Prince was scared of him. Rothschild, Soros, Adelson and others seem to wear the evil scary jew t-shirt. Maybe they are patriarchs, but there must be a council that has the real power. Many conspiracies and stories about these people, so maybe a distraction from something bigger. The coat of arms of Rothschild family is very similar to the coat of arms of Prince of Wales or Royal Coat of Arms(UK). So the Rothschild were probably cousins of William 1 of Hesse (the rules for the coat of arms are probably very strict and many symbols are probably secret).


    2. Regarding Trump, I think many of the events from his life (buying company x, bankruptcy etc) are fictions to create a narrative. Many things appeal to a group (for example the Republicans), while other thing or the same things are not viewed well by the (Democrats). In reality he is probably very rich. But his richness depends on the system. He belongs to the family/families. They probably have a council of patriarchs/matriarchs that decide the direction of many things, like who will be the next president, CEO etc.


  3. I don’t know who is on your list of convicts but if he’s not there, “jazz poet” John Sinclair would be a prime candidate for a phantom prisoner- He was a pro-pot agent provocateur in the 60’s and 70’s and his 10 year sentence for selling two joints to undercover cops “outraged” the celebrity spooks, most importantly, John Lennon- The protest rallies he participated in really got the ball rolling for the long, arduous legalization process which will now spawn generations of mouth breathing mediocrities-

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Michael Skakel, a Kennedy through Ethel, is allegedly in prison for the 1975 murder of 15 year old Martha Moxley though he wasn’t convicted until years later- There were cameras in the courtroom during various appeals and testimonies- I assume its malarkey- Dominic Dunne of OJ fame covered the retrial and appeals-


  4. Great comments on this entry.

    I think the Fed/”real economy” topic is interesting enough for a deeper dive. I’m just finishing up a 2nd reading of Greider’s “Secrets of theTemple.” I see the Trump era as the 2nd coming of Volker-Reagan, with a new round of stimulus for the new configuration of exempt mega-corporate-conglomerates who have achieved the summit: the category of “too-big-to-fail.” Austerity and misery for the rest. Trump, like Reagan is the “broken-wing” routine to distract the masses from their nest, full of stolen treasure — hiding in plain sight. It’s not just fake-dead and twin rock stars, Hollywood celebs and family fortunes hiding in plain sight. Seems to me, it’s the whole damn shape-shifting system, top to bottom.

    As topics roll by at blog-speed, an archived list of books worth the time, and reviews with comments/opinions of blog readers, would be most welcome too. Any way to sort through the bullshit is helpful.


      1. I’ll start the book shelf: Conjuring Hitler by Guido Preparata, an actual economist- He has Hitler as a real guy but that isn’t a strike against why this is worth a read- He explains in detail how Montagu Norman, head of the Bank of England, played with the German economy like a cat with a crippled mouse to drive the masses right into the arms of the Nazis- There’s a PDF on line as I recall-


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