What we are up against


Other researchers can work their way around roadblocks like this, but as a rookie I am prepared to just patiently absorb and learn. Time and effort will produce results. (But look at the names! … Morrison, Heileg, Ryan, Miller.)

Here is what happened: Some time back, curious about the most powerful man in my home state of Montana, Dennis W*********, and even more so because of the name “W*********,” I checked out his Wikipedia page. There it was in plain sight, the magic marker:

Following graduation from high school, he worked in construction in Alaska and Montana. He began his business career at age 30 in 1964, with a $30,000 loan and a single bulldozer[citation needed]. He created W********* Construction, which worked primarily on highway contracts and by 1969 was the largest contractor in Montana.

In much the same manner as the “Underpants Plan” from South Park, we are told that Dennis was soon the biggest road builder in the state.

(Eric Cartman has a plan to become wealthy by stealing underpants. It goes like this:

1: Steal underpants;
2: ???;
3: Profit.)

Later he buys the Berkeley Pit and reopens it to tap the remaining vein, and buys from Burlington Northern the intrastate rail lines. He is a mogul.

The key here is that both the mining operation and railroads were once Rockefeller operations. (Anaconda Copper Company was owned by the Rockfellers, and most of the state’s newspapers were owned by Anaconda. The “Copper Collar,” it is called, and I suspect too that is still in force with “Lee Enterprises,” the company that bought the newspapers from Anaconda. Lee-issued news is a joke.)

I have on my shelf here a book called Montana: High, Wide and Handsome, by Joseph Kinsey Howard, a Montana journalist. He chronicles the Copper Collar days and the state’s incredibly corrupt history, but also leaves the impression that since he could get his book published (sold under the counter, we are told), that it had ended. That is known as a “limited hangout.”

I suspected, as our writer Tyrone has pointed out, that ownership of these companies never changes, but new managers are appointed. Since W********* is of the peerage (a $30,000 loan at age 30 tells us that), he was selected to be the public face for the old owners.

Also interesting, and I had no concrete abilities of following up, that Dennis had no mother or father. I learned from a local newspaper obit that his father was Roy W*********, a wealthy businessman with interests in Alaska who settled in Missoula, Montana. I also learned that even as all public documents called him “Roy,” his real name was Royal.

In researching the John Brown piece below, I saw that after the staged Harpers Ferry incident, there were also a staged hostage taking and a fake death. One of the hostages was Lewis W*********, great grandnephew of George. We know that George had no issue, that the Father of our Country might well have been sterile or impotent. (Such irony.) But George did have siblings, and as another researcher has found, was of the Ball lineage. (Think Lucille.) So they are still about today, though most are of low profile. So in looking into Dennis, I had found one, together with a fake biography and scrubbed genealogy.

I also found something else: The piece I wrote, called “The Magic Bulldozer,” has disappeared, removed from the website. It was linked over at Fakeologist, so I can give good evidence it really existed. Here’s a screen grab, just in case:


I did not delete The Magic Bulldozer, either by accident or intentionally. I was rather proud of it. (I recently deleted close to 90 pieces, but they don’t just disappear. They are stored in trash for a while. The Bulldozer piece is not there.) The other writers here did not do this. (There are over three thousand pieces up here, and all of them, good and bad alike, are left alone unless I personally get rid of them.)

It was done quietly. I should never have found out, as this is how censorship works. It just so happens that we try to link pieces here via the menus on the right. That link is gone too.

I should just rewrite the whole piece, but honestly I am a little nervous. No physical harm will come to me, but it could be that someday I turn on the computer and find that I no longer have a W***p**** account, and that all of the past work is gone. (I suggested to Straight one time that WP is nothing but a CIA front, and he agreed, as I recall. Spooks  do manage to put themselves in pivotal power points, such as in YouTube, Facebook, Wikileaks, etc.) Losing most of that stuff is fine, but for a few pieces, I guess I’d better get busy backing them up.

I don’t have enemies in any real sense, that is, people who wish physical harm or financial ruin on me. But powerful people can, with the flick of  a wrist, dispense with annoying gadflies like me and make my work disappear. That is troublesome.

(I have blurred and asterisked what I could here, so as not to be picked up by a search engine. Contents of photos do not respond to search engines, as far as I know. This is a low-profile operation. The original piece was probably stumbled upon, (perhaps by a Montana “journalist”?), referred back to DW, who ordered that it disappear.)

PS: It just occurred to me that part of the work on the Bulldozer piece was done with help from the Montana Historical Society. It was through them I discovered the Roy obituary. I was not as aware then as now that history is owned by the PTB, so that MHS would not be allowed to produce real and significant history, but rather would deal in trifling matters like medicine men and buffalo soldiers, but not moguls. That is the possible source of the link to DW that made the piece disappear.

24 thoughts on “What we are up against

    1. Indeed I did not say in the original piece he was a bad person, quite the opposite, but do add that oftentimes charitable contributions are also payoffs, achieve unstated objectives, and are used to buy silence. Pew Charitable Trusts, for instance, has been used to neutralize just about every environmental group in the country, Steve Kelly’s excepted.


  1. Dear John, there is little, or no, philanthropy in those tax-exempt “gifts.” Think of DPW and other notables as part of a giant tax-dodge and money-laundering system. It’s always about the money. Made men are tax-deductible investments. Like most long term investments, the payout (profit) is seldom linked to the original purchase.

    I’ve been curious about our Montana Representative to Congress. Who are his parents? How did he happen to attend Stevens School of Technology, a very old, elite, expensive school in Hoboken N.J. Who staked his business in the beginning, and kept pumping money in as it rapidly, magically, became worth over a billion $ in less than a decade? Like DPW, it’s a “project” just to find out basic information about our installed representative to Congress. Such is life in a resource colony.


  2. Don’t we have guys like this in all our towns… I do like to figure out how these local bozos get their job titles and huge salaries, and keep their jobs for so long, when everyone else is getting laid off.


    1. Don’t we have guys like this in all our towns…

      Nepotism all over the world, not just in Montana.
      “Government” is the same thing, blown up to gigantic dimensions.


    2. Absolutely right about that Greg. DPW was exceptional in my mind, a billionaire once on the Forbes list in a state with less than one million people. It was as if he was appointed manager of the state, much as Jay Rockefeller was assigned to live in Arkansas, the poor schmuck.


  3. Mark, since 2014 pieceofmindful.com has been “backed up” several times on archive.org AKA ‘the wayback machine.’ See the link here: https://web.archive.org/web/*/pieceofmindful.com

    But here’s the weird part: when I tried to enter the URL to save it again, I get the message ” Bummer. This url is not available on the live web or can not be archived.” You can try it yourself: go here: http://web.archive.org/ and scroll down. On the right hand side at the bottom you should see “Save Page Now” with a box to paste in a URL. Try pasting in the URL of the site or any of the posts. I did not succeed. Also with my site. Also with Miles’s science site (but not his art/conspiracy site). I was able to succeed with others. I have used this tool for several of my papers where I worried the page would disappear to be edited, so I saved a ‘snapshot’ and linked to it instead of the original website.

    What’s really weird here is that you can see that your site has been archived on numerous occasions — even as recently as September 15. So the question is: how come no longer? What changed? Am I doing something wrong? I did not invest time in troubleshooting this, but it’s conceivable that there is a fix. Maybe you or someone else will succeed in saving it.

    Of course, I don’t for a moment imagine that archive.org is not also controlled, but it’s better than nothing… I wonder if the previous Washington post still exists in one of the archived versions?


  4. Another potential fake mass shooting in Las Vegas. This sh*t is getting ridiculous. The fake shooting in Orlando apparently was not big enough.


    1. I am so very tired of these treasonous, poorly-planned, transparent hoaxed events that we are now subjected to on a regular basis. Is it even possible for one shooter to kill/injure 250 people in a country where half the people own guns? None of these stupid hoaxes make sense when even minimal critical thinking is applied and, yet I’m mocked, insulted and called a barrage of obscenities for daring to point out even the most obvious inconsistencies.

      I honestly do not understand how these people who willingly plan and participate in these events live with themselves. I’m certain they receive, wealth, praise and all of the trappings of this life…but so what? Not one of them apparently has even a semblance of a conscience to ever come forward in all the years/decades (or longer) of this nonsense to tell the truth? To know your life is literally spent manipulating and deceiving innocent, well-meaning though easily duped people…I would not trade places with any of them for all the money in the world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haley: jumping in here a little late, but I could have spoken these same words most easily, and I no doubt have… hundreds/thousands of times, unfortunately. I am on your wavelength and understand completely.


  5. 10-1-17

    Aces and eights

    Shots from the 32nd floor ? if there is no 13th floor (a gambling hotel superstition) ,
    then the 32nd floor would actually be the 33rd floor .


    1. Very astute. This is the big one I have been waiting for. So far, 58 dead and over 500 wounded. Was this a Marine Corps rifle company? It’s just ridiculous. But worse, it’s believed by everyone.


  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Airlines_Flight_175

    “and flight attendants Robert Fangman, Amy Jarret, Amy King, Kathryn Laborie, Alfred Marchand, Michael Tarrou, and Alicia Titus.”

    Robert FANGman….Alicia TITUS.


    “Authorities in Nevada have one united plea for Nevada: give blood.

    Dina Titus, a representative for the county, says that while authorities appreciate thoughts and prayers, “we need blood.””

    Give BLOOD says Dana TITUS.


    1. I just heard cnn specifically ask for rh negative blood. How odd. I am sure many here have read about this mysterious negative blood. What do you suppose they are going to do with it. Drink it? I would not doubt it one bit.


      1. Yes, the clamoring for blood in the aftermath of this incident is odd. I don’t know why they want it, but there is literally nothing I could ever learn about these sick freaks that would surprise me in the least.


  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Laxalt

    “Laxalt was sworn in as the 33rd Attorney General of Nevada on January 5, 2015.”

    And on 01/10, exactly 1,000 days after the 33rd Attorney General of Nevada is sworn in we get this mass shooting.

    01/10/2017 left 91 days remaining in the year and this was the Route 91 harvest country music festival.


  8. Like the Univ. of Texas 1966 tower shootings the scale of this so huge ,
    but everything we’ve learned tells us this is a no-victims PsyOpera .
    All blanks shot at panicked crowd ? Real slugs shot away from people ?
    How many vehicles does it take to cart away 566 people ?
    Cecil B. Demille would be amazed .
    Before work today I watched ten minutes of national coverage , and heard this
    hospital spokeswoman Danita * Cohen say , at the hosts mention of Orlando ,
    that just last week she had meetings with the hosp. coordinator from Orlando ,
    to discuss strategies to use during an attack , a coincidence , no way .
    Now I’m seeing the shooters brother lives in Orlando .
    We have no idea how this happened,” said Eric Paddock, 55,
    of Orlando, Florida. “It’s like an asteroid just fell on top of our family.”
    “We’re lost,” he said. “We don’t get it. This is like someone else did this.”

    (there is that name again, the goddess Diana
    related to the harvest and water , Mandalay Bay )


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