Hearses fall like manna from heaven

The following comment is by Jack33, a commenter brought here long ago by our friend Annette. He has given me permission to reprint it.

Jack33 linked me to the Cleburne Times Review, an annoying pop-up infested newspaper that quickly insists on subscription to access its branded tripe, warning that we are given only five clicks before before the wall goes up. Use your clicks wisely! We don’t want to miss it if the Times Review accidentally prints something true or, God forbid, insightful.

(I would like to see some data on the number of people who actually subscribe to distant newspapers based on this this marketing ploy. My guess: Zero.)

“My sister works for the owner of the funeral home in Alvaredo, TX. that was credited in the local press for donating the services of 8 hearses and drivers to the families of the victims of the Southerland Springs, TX church massacre for their phony services last Wednesday.

The story being reported is not accurate because the man who arranged to have the cars and drivers sent down there and who talked to the press about it is the father of the woman who owns the funeral home. He currently works as an independent dealer selling new and used hearses and limousines to funeral homes here in Texas and surrounding states. His daughter purchased the funeral home from him a few years back after disagreements they had over the way his new wife’ (30 yrs his junior) was running the family business.

Their relationship has been rocky ever since. He arranged it all on his own, without her knowledge, and then lied to the press about where the cars and drivers came from in order to get his daughter’s funeral home some free press. I just wanted to clarify that part of the story.

I spoke with him and he mentioned how peculiar it all seemed. They couldn’t afford hearses and their caskets had all been taken care of for them. He said he offered the use of his lowering machines and would try to help find more but they already had 8 of them ready to go. He couldn’t believe they were able to find that many and have them ready to go, basically out in the middle of nowhere Texas. A lowering machine is the device that lowers a casket into the ground at the gravesite, and he said it would be difficult to locate that many at once where they were.

He said everything was taken care of already and all they needed to do was show up and drive. They wouldn’t even let them help with the loading or unloading of the caskets.

He also mentioned how he got to see the inside of the church and how it was all patched up and freshly painted. He said the pews had all been removed and all that remained were single empty chairs, set up at random places throughout the room. He was told they marked the spots where people had been when they lost their lives.

Give me a break!!! Is this the kind of stuff people are accepting as reality these days?

The alleged shooting of 26 people had only occurred 17 days prior!! And yet they had time to thoroughly investigate, clean up the biohazard crime scene, completely remodel and stage it for dramatic effect so that they could hold funerals? Impossible.

There was a video on YouTube 3 days after this was said to have occurred shot by a man who lived not to far from the church. He made his way close enough to film the front of the church and you can see what appears to be a crew of painters and whatnot working on the outside and inside of the church, 3 days!!!”

I am reprinting all of this because it gives us some first-hand insight into a fake event, and exposes the remarkable ability of perpetrators to mobilize resources at the drop of a hat, as Jack33 says, hearses and dropdowns in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.

11 thoughts on “Hearses fall like manna from heaven

  1. I do remember the day after this “happened” a reporter being inside the church, with people milling around behind him as though there were (of course) no blood anywhere and no crime scene whatsoever. THE. DAY. AFTER.


  2. But there were no burials after the phoney service, so no lowering devices would be needed.
    “The dead will be buried privately on an unspecified date.” [The Star Nov 15 2017]
    So where did the closed caskets, contents not determined, go to afterwards? Back for re-use after their runaround I guess.

    The following report, on the same day, of the same phoney fake show, with “candid” photos, speaks of nine caskets not eight.
    So we have a symbolic casket for an unborn child??


    1. For those same apprehensive reasons, I changed my nick from ’47 Ronin’ to the one above. Me, myself, on the contrary, when I see someone using out in the open his “real” name, I go: “A-ha! Spook!”. Think A. Jones, et al.


    2. Jack has been around for a good long time, so that if he was going to engage in any spook-like activity, he would have done so by now. He is vouched for by Annette, a long time friend of the blog, and one whom I trust implicitly.


  3. Jack and I originally connected while commenting on an article on
    He is a real person and we check in with each other from time to time via email.


  4. Wasn’t there a Sunday service in the church in Charleston 4 days after the Wednesday night shooting of 70 something year olds holding a bible study at 9pm at night?

    I’d say taking 17 days sounds like some kind of boondoggle…


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