Exit Cold War, enter AIDS

“The American people don’t read.” (Allen Dulles, 1963)

DuesbergI have long believed that the best way to hide something from public view in our country is to put it in a book. I have been reading one by Peter H. Duesberg,, “Inventing the AIDS Virus,” with the idea in the back of my mind that it would make great fodder for a long and informative blog post.

But then I realized that the best way for dissemination the information in the book is to suggest people read the book. It is all there, it is indisputable. HIV does not cause AIDS.  It is a harmless passenger virus. The main culprit in the rise of AIDS is not a virus, but rather personal habits in certain population segments, most notably drug abuse, primarily in the homosexual population. Among the many debilitating drugs they took during the heyday of the rise of AIDS were nitrite inhalants, also called “poppers,” which intensified orgasms and relaxed muscle tension, thereby making anal intercourse easier. Nitrites were the single largest cause of the AIDS “epidemic.”

Of course, poppers were not the only drug abused … heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and antibiotics (overused to avoid the rash of STDs that accompanied the bath house scene in major cities) all played a role.  Immune deficiency was not “acquired” but rather self-inflicted, and could often be cured by change of lifestyle.

However, add one other dangerous drug to the list that results in AIDS, azidothymidine, now sold under the brand name Zidovudine, more commonly known as AZT. I learned a new word reading this book, “iatrogenic”, which refers to a disease that is caused by the cure. The SMON syndrome in Japan in the 1960s was caused by Clioquinol, a drug administered to treat the very symptoms it was causing. In the same manner, AZT (which was originally intended to be chemotherapy treatment for cancer) attacks and breaks down the immune system. For someone with AIDS, AZT amounts to assisted suicide. It hastens death. In healthy people (who might carry the HIV virus), prolonged treatment causes death.

This makes me wonder about the expression “assisted suicide” in use of AZT. Surely for the victim, the patient who trusts his doctor in taking the drug, it is suicide, but not willful.

What about the doctor who prescribes it? Perhaps executives of pharmaceutical companies, or people like Robert Gallo or David Baltimore, who have long pushed AZT as a remedy for AIDS, know of its fatal effects. This makes them accessories to not just murder … but mass murder.

The doctors who prescribe the drug and believe in its efficacy are not murderers – they think they are administering a cure. They are only guilty of manslaughter. They took an oath, first do no harm. Do they know they violated it? Possibly yes, but more likely no.

I cannot begin to recount all of the information contained in a 704 page book, and won’t try. It is up to the reader here to prove Allan Dulles a little wrong … some of us read. My grandmother advised us that “paper does not refuse ink,” meaning always read with a skeptical eye. Duesberg is not God. But he has assembled powerful logical, medical and statistical evidence to back his claim that the cause of AIDS is drug abuse; that it is not contagious; and is sometimes curable. Judge for yourself.

I would only be so bold in writing about Duesberg if I thought I could add something to his treatise, and as I read through the pages, I slowly realized the he did not see, or at least did not say anything about the larger aspect of AIDS, an Intelligence psyop. The immense power behind the virus hunters, their ability to ostracize any who do honest research, the unimaginable resources wasted all these years – hundreds of billions – point to something much larger than mere corruption of science and medicine: The Strategy of Tension.

What was the Cold War? If examined closely, nothing. There were no conflicts, and the major events (such as the Cuban showdown) were staged. In Vietnam one critical element was missing … Russians. In Central America, again, no Russians. The Cold War was a fiction aided in part by fabricated events and in whole by agitation propaganda. The objective was to keep us in a state of tension. What else can it be when very young school children are told to hide under their desks in case of a nuclear attack?

AIDS came along as the Cold War war was winding up. Its timing, the cynical dishonesty behind it, the massive resources committed to it, all suggest AIDS was meant to be the replacement. It was the new thing to worry about, to keep us occupied and to prevent us from thinking properly. AIDS was a psyop, nothing more.

This explains Dr. Robert Gallo and David Baltimore, and their intense and flagrant dishonesty. (Genealogy people, please look at those names. They must be peerage.) They were put up to it. If they did what they did due to personal villainy, they should be imprisoned. More likely they rationalize some higher cause, some noble purpose in advancing AIDS as they have. After all, psyops are a form of governance, of population control and mass distraction. Perhaps they think it better to govern us that way than to let us all go our own way. Perhaps they fear we will eat one another.

However, the treatment for AIDS, AZT, lends criminality to their activities, no matter the motivations.

Most psyops are harmful but not lethal. The fake mass shootings we see around us are not deadly, but do severe damage our psyches. They keep us in fear. That is their objective. AIDS matches this pattern precisely. We were warned that it was an epidemic, that it would jump barriers and affect everyone, and that we needed to stop having sex, start using condoms, and worry, worry, worry. Television shows, “news” and entertainment (think “ER“) alike, promoted it, and old diseases were renamed to accommodate it.

To intensify the effect, they gave us fake victims like Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury. (I only mention them because I suspect they faked their deaths.) Magic Johnson was supposed to be a victim, I surmise, but was warned off of AZT, or so the rumor goes. He got a pass, shows no ill effects, but is still required to promote AIDS as being real. That must have been his deal with the devil.

That is power, the ability to reach down into entertainment and demand that two actors pretend to die of a disease that does not exist. For Magic Johnson to be afraid to say in public that he merely avoided the cure … speaks of power.

I do not deny the existence of Immune Deficiency disease. I do deny that it is “Acquired” by means of transmission from one person to another, or caused by a virus. Duesberg has made his case. It is primarily a lifestyle disease. Modern medical treatments intensify it and hasten death. That means that physicians are first doing harm.

In the larger scheme, we were merely treated to a new reason to worry. Out with the Cold War, in with AIDS. Never relax.

The cure for all of us, as always … stop worrying.

Addendum 11/30/15: I am grateful to Calgucus, who provided two links in the comments:



These provide additional reading, lots of it, from very knowledgeable and skeptical sources.

Addendum 12/1/17: Below is a paper by Duesberg that is reprinted in the back of the book called Foreign-protein-mediated immunodeficiency in hemophiliacs with and without HIV.


Hemophiliacs were heavily “infected” with the HIV virus prior to straining the blood supply for the virus in 1984, and so should be the poster children for the disease.  But they are not. Due to advances in transfusion of proteins their life expectancy had been increasing all the way up to 1989 or so, when it went into sharp decline. This coincided with the use of AZT to treat their “AIDS.” (Note that the cancer thought at one time to be one of the prime indicators of AIDS, Kaposi’s sarcoma, was not evident in the hemophiliac population – zip, zero.

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  1. Interesting Mark, thanks for the tip. 704 pages is a lot, but maybe I will read it one day.

    “Funny” link, when looking for the last name Gallo (“cock”, as in rooster, in Spanish!) I came across a name that was also in the news in the 90s, do you remember her? I never knew she was/is a Gallo, nor that she is Ecuatorian, but it is Lorena Bobbitt (now Bellinger)… https://www.geni.com/people/Lorena-Bobbitt/6000000028546571003 Note: born on Halloween 1970… Also check the profession of her ex-husband… porn star. 😀

    The fake “I cut your penis off” scaremongering in 1993 that followed the AIDS scare of the 80s and early 90s…


  2. The book that sold AIDS to the non scientific community was ‘And the Band Played On’ by Randy Shilts. No, that name cannot be real. Randy=Horny. Shilts… do I have to spill it out for you?
    Living in SF during the “crisis”, I saw a lot of swaggering, newly emancipated gay men really flaunting their perceived freedoms. On the heels of the Dan White riots (see the Milk/Moscone hoax) gay political clout was peaking, and that meant, from where I was sitting in the cheap seats, around the clock dogging.
    The straw that broke the camel’s back was Reagan. He gave the gays a common purpose and that meant even more outlandish buggery as a demonstration of defiance. The bad lifestyles sent these fools to the doctor. Bad move.
    Then along came a doctor named Alan Cantwell- another preposterous moniker- who sold the disease as a bio-engineering crime by the government’s biological warfare department. In short, the military wanted to weaponize cancer and tried several methods, including, according to Cantwell, spiking a Hep C experimental serum and infecting dozens of ignorant gay volunteers (much like the Tuskegee experiment with syphilis and black men- a likely hoax as well). From this Hep C program came the crisis. At the time, this conspiracy theory sounded so much more plausible than the initial claim that monkey sex or some such in darkest Africa had lit the fuse.
    After a year of AZT use, people started noticing that their livers were being eaten. To this day, vaccinations are still being advertised on bus kiosks in certain neighborhoods. Volunteers are being solicited. Nothing has changed. A cyst or a scab is not the body isolating a problem and healing itself. They’re symptoms of a body with no controls and only synthetic external responses can help. The nanny state at its most insidious.

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    1. Then they realized they went too far and had “Dr” Gould or whatever his name was, come out in Playboy and say that there were no known female to male transmissions of the “disease.” Up to that point everyone pretty much figured that mathematically your odds were pretty high to get whether you were hetero or homo.


  3. Great comments, as always.

    I checked The Peerage for Gallo and found”

    Gallo di Roccagiovine(1) Gallo y Díaz de Bustamente(1) Gallo y Ruiz(1) Gallo(10) Gallon(2) Gallone(1) Gallop(8) Galloway(110) Gallson(1) Gallup(1).

    MM would have jumped automatically from Gallo to Gallup and Galloway. It took me by surprise, and I am not sure what it means.

    For Baltimore 13 links, but the line seems to die out in the mid-1800s. The Baltimore for whom the city is named is Cecil Calvert, and for that name we find 245 links on the peerage.

    from all of this I take “I don’t know what to make of it,” and there is definitely something worth following up.


  4. Great stuff. Totally right. AIDS. What a psyop. Hugely successful. I bought it hook, line, and sinker, and prided myself on practicing safe sex. In fact I was cutting myself off from the magic of natural connection with the opposite sex.

    I really like your points, Mark, about the POWER required to block scientists and doctors and researchers from questioning the suspicious official story. There are more “organic” possible contributing explanations, like: people don’t like to go against the herd, timid career management, fear of big pharma, fear of being politically incorrect, etc. But I think your point is very well taken that this was a top down psyop designed with the strategy of tension in mind.

    One place where the organic explanations come back into play, though, is in the aftermath. The AIDS hysteria/paranoia is now largely a thing of the past, safe sex is less of a concern, and there are essentially no straight white male corpses after 30 years of this epidemic of a contagious, deadly STD. The gay community now supposedly includes “bug chasers” who don’t fear the HIV virus. It also includes hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy HIV positive people. In some cases, they may attribute their survival to some drug cocktail. But it has become increasingly clear that a healthy lifestyle can stave off AIDS indefinitely. And yet, even after all that, very few people question the original hysteria. As your Twain quote says, no-one wants to admit they were fooled. Even after it has become obvious.

    It reminds me of the Kennedy assassination. The Warren Commission said there was a lone nut gunman acting alone. But the official and more recent position of the United States Congress Committee on Presidential Assassinations is that Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy. But we sheeple are so eager to toe the line that we refuse to accept the verdict of the U.S. Congress. We’ve been trained to know that “the authorities” prefer lone gunman stories, so we cling to them even when the authorities admit conspiracies!

    I also really like your common sense assertion that the only thing missing from the Cold War was….Russians! It’s hilarious if you think about it. We are so gullible.

    As the Cold War wound down, we moved on to the AIDS epidemic and then the War on Terror. Now that those are losing their oomph, we are cycling back to the Cold War Round Two! It’s like 1984. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

    One of the toughest leaps for normies to make is to understand that the news media does not exist to serve them. Lying and propaganda come naturally to politicians and media types. But it’s too painful for most people to realize that they are being spun and mind controlled and harvested for profits and votes all the time. So they falsely attribute some benevolence to news organizations. They incorrectly assume that CNN exists to inform the sovereign citizenry. When in fact news organizations are openly owned by billionaires, funded by corporate ad dollars, and sourced by government officials. And staffed by craven careerists, political activists, and intelligence types.

    Final thought. I read somewhere that another bogey man rolled out to replace the Cold War was….Global Warming. Apparently press mentions of global warming started to soar as the Cold War ended. A new bogey man was needed.

    Anyway, great article on AIDS.

    P.S. Jon Rappaport has written some great stuff on the AIDS hoax. (Although with that name Miles Mathis would probably argue that Rappaport is controlled opposition/limited hangout/from the families. Even if so, Rappaport’s logic on AIDS is very useful.) One piece of it is linking the two disparate “lifestyles” that lead to AIDS….wanton dangerous sex and drug use and lack of sleep in San Francisco, and starvation in Africa. Both weaken immune systems. Some doctors in Africa have noted that rest and improved diet essentially reverse AIDS. News of this miracle cure still hasn’t reached the normies.

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  5. Mark, one final thought. It would be great to see another post (and message board discussion) of this current sexual assault psyop. What is going on? I’ve seen various theories:
    1) They are throwing some people under the bus to protect worse ones (pedos)
    2) They are purging media people to make room for new ones
    3) As you say, controllers are reminding the 99% of the 1% who is really in charge
    4) Trump has access to intel from NSA/CIA and is punishing enemies
    5) Feminists/sexual harassment activists on the left are being eaten by the monster they created
    6) General strategy of tension/ attempts to turn men and women against each other
    etc. etc. etc.

    It’s interesting to see how coordinated this all is. New revelations/new perps every single day. Multiple accusers each time. Lots of media legwork already done. By the same media organizations who previously hushed this stuff up. Mere allegations deemed sufficient to destroy careers and reputations. Very mild “assault” exposed/demonized (an unwanted kiss, a butt pat, an air grope, an open robe, masturbation, etc.).

    I would love to know what the writers and readers of this site think is going on and why and how.


    1. A lot of the accused have older followers who are not of great interest to advertisers (propagandists) and destroying a “star” destroys the fan base as well. Matt Lauer, for instance, had a strong fan base but to just dump him would cause the network PR troubles. Appearing to toss him off a roof where no one would mind, that’s a lot easier and clears the way for appealing to younger consumers. The old guard’s mass extinction also leaves their creative legacy behind and severing a people from their past is a staple of the creeps from time immemorial. Yeah, for now its mostly pop culture that’s taking the hit, but the young people being targeted for new voices only speak pop culture’s language.
      Plus, young people don’t watch TV like we did. It’s all about You Tube now and these old bastards have never really fit that platform. There are even some YT channels that feature young kids doing the interviewing. That should clue you in to where this is all going.
      If any older people want to switch from watching 1 hour TV shows, with intermittent commercials/bathroom breaks, to 5 minute YT entertainment with unavoidable 10 second pop ups, jump right on in. Hope you like streaming synth pop and Gummi Bears because we ain’t selling suburban utopias or Viagra.

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        1. Love it. Pigs are very intelligent creatures; I love them! Let’s all cheer, oink oink! If men are pigs, and pigs are right up there in intelligence with dolphins, chimpanzees and elephants, then I am happy to join the oinkers. I have nothing against men, oops I mean pigs. 🙂


      1. Sounds like reincarnated Disney is running the pig project with Porky or is that Walter Lanz? Who is disguised as Karl Largerfeld, the fake designer. . . Disney? Any ideas since we’re displaying some cartoonish curiosity here.


    1. transfusions don’t work. That’s a long term lie. No foreign biological active substance will ever be accepted in your body. Organ transplants don’t work either. As I wrote earlier on another topic, if you cut of a part of your body of, it will become dead meat within minutes if the cells don’t get fresh oxygen. Putting it on ice can only damage it further. Just try to hold a block of ice in your hand for a couple of minutes. You’ll get frostbite. And this is supposed not to damage an extracted liver or even heart? The entire western medicine is a huge, gigantic lie. The majority of the doctors are so deep in it, they probably don’t even realize it. Same applies to priests with university degrees.


      1. I worked in the low-wall cubicle next to a man whose liver had been failing for a few years. He got a call at work (with me a few feet away) that there finally was a suitable liver for him. It was transplanted and he’s been healthy the several years since. He took a different job within the company and I still see him at work. So what did the doctors do if not a transplant?


        1. Hi Anne,
          so his liver had been failing for years and he still was able to work? What makes you think, he was sick at all? What makes you think, he feels better now than he felt before? It’s all based on suggestions. The doctors will always tell you , that you need their treatment and that you will feel better after it. And if you’re inclined to believe them, you will. We are conditioned to fear sickness and to run to doctors anytime we think, we may be sick. And so many feel sick as often as they can. This man may have been convinced he needed a new liver and then may have been convinced he became a new liver. But he will never know for sure. He did not witnessed the change, he now has a scar and that’s it. I know it’s hard to believe all this could be anything but some magicians trick. Just ask yourself, how do they test, if the replaced liver works? The patient can’t use it during the surgery. And even after the surgery, the “new” liver will not really have much to do for a while until he starts to eat and drink properly. So they do all this blind and hope for the best? Do you believe this? Or how do they connect nerves together, or the arteries? What if they forget one? Especially nerves are being told not to regenerate within mammals because of their complexity. More questions? Think of snow fight, why do you need gloves and your liver doesn’t if it is put on ice before the replacement? Do they put the cold liver into a warm body and this does not cause any shock? See? Questions over questions. And no answers. It’s a scam and they are all in it. Think of this fake medics in the third world who do that trick with some blood, pressure on your stomach and a piece of meat they say, they just removed from your body. It’s basically the same.

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          1. I too have a colleague who received a liver transplant. 12 years ago he spent a week in the ICU after vomiting up most of his blood. He had Hep C in his system (he’s a musician with a long track record and did every kind of drug available). He was very ill and has survived thanks to his new liver (and a healthier life style)
            Medical responses to illnesses are never going to be uniform in application or results. It’s a lot of informed guess work at times. Many women I know have survived breast cancer treatment. Did they need it at all? I’m never going to make a call like that for anyone but me and I will never allow myself to be screened for cancer.
            That colleague’s scars are very real and he is very much alive. That’s enough for me to know that transplants are real and can work to save a life.


          2. B.Muller has some good points, really how can you tell someone got a new liver? There’s not a liverfax where you can check the miles and see where it’s at now.


          3. Tyrone, as you wrote yourself, he was heavily poisoned with drugs, and if he got clean he started to feel better. Hep. C never happens without heavy medication. It’s the “drugs” which causes it. You stop taking “drugs”, your body will get rid of all the poison and after time you’ll start to feel better. No need for doctors help there. No need for surgery. A scar is just a bad healed cut in your skin. It does not prove you’ve got a new organ. I also know people convinced they got repaired during surgery. But to me they all have more problems now than they had before. I had a bad knee once and could not bend my leg for months. I went to a doctor who recommended surgery. I didn’t do anything and after over a year the pain was gone.


          4. My uncle ( not a blood relation ) , now in his 80’s , had a heart transplant forty years ago , no I did not see the operation , but he liked to show his scar . His father and grandfather dropped
            dead by age forty from faulty hearts .

            Also my grandfather’s mother died from the Spanish flu , when he was four in 1918 ,
            so she and thousands of other Philadelphians died from something other than a virus ?


            16,000 faked deaths , I suppose .


          5. This is something that needs far more research than I have done, and I have never looked into it seriously, so I will toss it out in the hopes someone more knowledgeable will chime in: The 1918 flu epidemic was real, and I do not dispute the existence of viruses. They are far too small to see, even with a microscope, but that does not mean anything. Even so, to a large degree the deaths were iatrogenic, that is, exacerbated by the treatment, just as AIDS is exacerbated by AZT. The new miracle drug of that era was aspirin, and flu patients were given far too much of it, and that hastened their deaths. This was world-wide. They now know to control the dosage, but then there was no such thing as too much.

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          6. Those are my personal experiences that contradict some extraordinary claims .
            Not your claims , Mark .
            I think the PTB control many many things and that there are things they are not in
            control of . Although all things find their way to the table for their profit and amusement .

            I’m not ruling out that THEY had a hand in the pandemic , perhaps taking out would be
            beneficiaries from the war , as they and their families would not be alive to collect .

            One question to ask is would Kissinger , who has sucked in as much cigar smoke
            as air be alive without organ transplants , would David Rockefeller have reached 101 ?
            I would say no .


          7. well Dave, no. Its not your personal experiences because it’s not you who had a heart surgery. 40 years ago? Really? And he’s still alive? Usually those first rare heart transplants (heart transplants go back to the 70-s) didn’t make very long. 40 years must still be a record. Your relative belongs in a Guinness book then.
            And your grand grand mother died on the Spanish flu in 1918? I also have relatives who died early. Those were hard times you know. Low standards of living and such. I don’t trust Wikipedia and consider the entire written history being a form of propaganda. And numbers can always be made up. Do you believe 3000 died on 911?


          8. Dave, I am not ruling out anything, but also consider blind ignorance as a factor. I was not claiming that administration of aspirin was known at that time to exacerbate the flu symptoms. And, when mistakes are made on that scale the first inclination is to bury the evidence.


          9. Everything I wrote is true and are the realities I experienced as a person .
            If you do not believe them , I do not care , as you have have obviously
            chiseled your claims into granite .


          10. Long string there, not sure who you are addressing. I haven’t been disagreeing with you, so probably not me. My father’s oldest sister, Mary Tokarski, died in the 1918 epidemic, by the way. I have visited her grave. That’s my personal connection. I came across the aspirin matter in a book called The Falsification of History by John Hamer. It is not indexed, as self-published work tends to go, and I don’t know how reliable it is, have not done any personal research, and don’t know if it is not a limited hangout.


          11. There is evidence that the Spanish flu was actually caused by vaccinations given to the soldiers, many who were never in Spain. The soldiers who returned home with vaccine-induced “flu” (also caused in part by poor diet and stressful conditions) were blamed, and the resulting media hysteria, encouraged by the pharmaceutical industry, recommended that everyone get the flu vaccine to prevent illness. Unfortunately, the “cure” backfired and thus began the “Spanish flu epidemic”. http://www.whale.to/v/spanish_flu.html

            Also consider that the Placebo Effect is very real. Patients who receive drugs and surgery very often are “cured” simply by faith in their doctor and believing in the healing powers of the allopathic medical treatment.

            As far as whether transplants are “real”, my sister-in-law with type 1 diabetes (supposedly) received a kidney transplant when hers failed–or so she was told–along with the immune-suppressing drugs they give to all transplant patients. Her doctor told her not to take any vitamins or nutritional supplements, as this would encourage her own immune system to reject the kidney. Some time later, as she became more ill, she was told the transplanted kidney has failed; she passed away shortly thereafter. Did they actually transplant a new kidney, or leave her failing one inside? Did the immune-suppressing drugs cause her death? We’ll never really know…


          12. Continuing my prior comment…I forgot to mention that that my sister-in law also received a “transplanted” pancreas. When she was told the “transplanted” kidney had died, the doctors did nothing afterwards. My brother and family members couldn’t understand why the doctors would leave a dead organ inside someone’s body. It just didn’t make sense to anyone! She was on disability and Medi-Cal; I highly suspect it was “death by medicine”. I’ve lost over a dozen family members and friends because of modern medical “treatments” that failed and/or caused more damage– iatrogenesis. Not a single “cure” to be had…unless I was to count my aunt who lived 6 years after she received chemo/radiation treatment for breast cancer. The resulting iatrogenic illnesses she suffered after that treatment eventually killed her, sorry to say. It would be great to see more investigation and writing on this blog about the conspiracy–i.e. hoax–of modern medical treatments.

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          13. I am watching the final season of Longmire on Netflix. I like the show because the casting is so good, but some of the plots make me wince. They have pushed antidepressants and the domestic terrorists anti gubmint lines pretty hard. What is interesting in this last season is a push for antibiotics – Longmire’s daughter saving a young Indian lad who has scarlet fever by assisting in his kidnap to get him to a doctor who administers penicillin. My older brother suffered from scarlet fever and it is serious. Now I have to look into it as I don’t know if it is bacterial. What is making me wince is this idea that where five “reservation” kids got it, all were saved but the one young man whose parents refused to take him to a doctor. He was rescued by Longmire’s daughter. It is so … fishy? I have had infections, taken antibiotics, and they went away. It has never occurred to me that antibiotics were over-hyped till seeing this television pulp fiction.


          14. Mark, then you will want to read this…if you so choose, of course. The “Germ theory” of disease is just that–a theory. Microbes/germs/bacteria are scavengers of dead and diseased cells, and NOT the cause of illness. And the “virus theory” is just as dubious: “”The nature of viruses is not yet definitely known, but certain facts appear well established. At the present time it is convenient to think of viruses as though they were obligate intracellular parasites of extremely small size.” From whatever cause, when the proteinaceous structure of cellular cytoplasm is damaged, the bags of enzymes inside the cell, called lysosomes, release proteolytic enzymes that digest the dead protein of the cytoplasm. With death of the cell and disintegration of the cell nucleus, ribonuclease and deoxyribonuclease enzymes catalyze the depolymerization of RNA and DNA–providing the free strands of nucleoprotein which “mimic viruses” when viewed with the electron microscope.”



          15. Thanks, Carri, and not tonight, of course, as it is a lot of reading and I am tired. But I will attack it in the morning. It is not new to me, I have read about it elsewhere, but I need to read it again, as it interferes with my real life experiences, as just recently visiting kids and grandkids in Portland, not stressed, not overtired, and return with a two-week cold. Something, some foreign agent causes that I think, but if what you say is true, it is a breakdown in my immunity caused by … enjoying my grandkids? Airplanes?

            I don’t’ know, and am open to this stuff, as the notion of a virus is hard to accept. More later.

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  6. I remember when that book came out and made some waves, then sort of disappeared for a while. I think it was taken out of print or some such thing. Of course he is out of Berkeley, spook central according to MM, so maybe part of the agenda.


    1. Without evidence/documentation the AIDS story is conflicted. As previously mentioned, Rappaport has pushed this HIV story and made speeches about it. While digging deeper, I noticed Rappaport wrote a book, Lifting the Veil, with David Icke, the lizard man who resembles Sir Richard Branson. What does that tell you? Also other spook markers on Dr. Duesberg by checking Wikipedia for laughs? Quoting Allen Dulles is the worst though (in the header of this article). He and his brother, John Foster, were spook engineers of the world wars. They were evil players like Kissenger. Sorry Mark, if you picked that quote.


      1. I did, and I am aware of Dulles, so maybe I should have just said “The American people do not read.” (Me).

        The whole thing around spook markers on Duesberg is upsetting. It reminds me of Wendell Potter, the “ex” insurance company executive who got out ahead of the health care debate to lead the opposition with his book “Deadly Spin.” He then settled on Obamacare as the solution. If that is what Duesberg is, controlled opposition, then the book is a limited hangout, and we should take the good and ignore the rest. The problem is, I don’t know which is which.


      2. I followed Jon Rappaport’s writings from time to time and did not know about the collaboration with Icke, whom I can’t stand. Had I known that, I would have dumped Rappaport a long time ago, instead of checking in with his website periodically. Now I see it was a waste of time; however, it’s probably a good thing to do, i.e. check in to see what controlled opposition is pushing.

        Any book that gets published through the mainstream is a limited hangout, IMHO. They will throw out a little truth to hook you, and then they take you down gnarly, illegitimate paths of misdirection, boulders strewn everywhere until you can’t move one foot without tripping, falling and getting a brain injury!

        For example, Paul Craig Roberts is always out there pretending to be a maverick and an independent, but if one views his resume, red flags/spook markers all over the place. Same for Steve Pieczenik. They and their ilk pretend there is some opposition hidden in the halls of power, when there is zilch.

        Thank you Zoomah for your points about Dulles, Foster, et al. Important points to make.


        1. Grace:
          Yeah, I know how much you respect Kissenger! The Dulles brothers got their jollies by messing up Germany, a rich, intelligent and clean country. TPTB and let’s not forget the Asian power brokers, not just piddly Europe, are still dismantling them. I suppose we’re next. Oi vey! 🙂


          1. I’ve never followed Jon Rappoport, so I checked his site: http://nomorefakenews.com/aboutjon.html

            Most curious that jumps out is the name, according to the complete bottom of the page “copyrighted” from 2005 to 2012. Does that mean it is not copyrighted anymore? But if he introduced the term “fake news” and just added (no more-) in front of it, how did this blackwashing wording reach Donny Drumpf and FOX and the others who came up with this wording just a year or so ago?

            Still I am on board with Mark; just take the good stuff and ignore the bad stuff; a baby and bath water thing. There will never be anyone we can agree with fully and I myself enjoyed reading Dave McGowan, even when he’s exposed as a “limited hangout” later. Still that doesn’t change the good points he made. Same for so many places, for me the Flat Earth Society forum was a good learning curve too.

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        2. There is a short presentation on youtube by John Rappaport where he uses satanic hand signals throughout. That was enough for me.


  7. he is not telling anything others said long before him. He claims AIDS is not caused by a virus but he does not tell us, there is no virus at all.
    Just google “dr-stefan-lanka-debunks-pictures-of-isolated-viruses” (my links somehow don’t get through at the moment)


    1. I regard ‘no-viruses’ that as the extreme side of the debate, as the polio virus was defeated via vaccine, and Herpes, warts and the common cold appear to result from non-bacterial sources. It could be that what we call viruses are merely snippets of DNA and that we’ve much to learn, but at this point I don’t know enough to argue one way or the other, only to rest on what is apparent to me now.

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      1. Very well put together, overall, thanks for a new angle about AIDS. I can’t say I enjoyed your article, as it lately agitates me to learn about the old scams I fell for.

        No virus was ever defeated by the vaccine per se, our body defeats any invasive organisms by the actions of our immune system.

        The whole theory [of vaccines] is rooted in a belief in the
        immunity conferred by a non-fatal attack of a disease. The idea arises
        from the habit of regarding a disease as an entity, a definite thing,
        instead of a disordered condition due to complex causes; the germ
        theory of disease, in particular, being the unconscious offspring of the
        ancient Eastern faith in specific demons, each possessed of his own
        special weapon of malignity. Thus the smallpox inoculation introduced
        into England from Turkey by Lady Mary Wortley Montague in the
        eighteenth century and its Jennerian substitute of cowpox inoculation
        were based on the ancient Indian rite of subjecting people to an
        artificially induced attack of smallpox to propitiate Sheetula-Mati, the
        goddess of that torment.

        From “Béchamp or Pasteur?A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology”, by Ethel Douglas Hume, 1923.

        I’ve written about what this book implies at my blog a while ago, the most important is to note that microbiology is as much fudged as any other science. Especially Pasteur’s alleged experiments, which can’t be replicated in order to verify any of his theories. Yet all virus-ology rests upon Pasteur’s findings. Even more, he seems to be a plagiarist, who appropriated and perverted ideas of Professor Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp. Pasteur went further to classify his germs and label each with a definite and unalterable function, where he was wrong again. I’d recommend you to start with “Pasteur: Plagiarist, Impostor; The Germ Theory Exploded” by R.B. Pearson, 1942, and then read Hume’s book. There are versions of PDF on the web, where both mentioned books are combined into a single printable format.


      2. I know it is hard to accept and the topic is sensitive in itself because it concerns our health, etc. We were conditioned to believe doctors and only doctors know what’s best for us and one should do what the good uncle doctor says. Etc. The most interesting information I found is from Stefan Lanka and the most of it is unfortunately available in German only. There was a trial recently where he was sued by a David Bardens who claimed to be able to prove the existence of the measles virus. S. Lanka won because all evidence D. Bardens provided wasn’t scientific at all and he used the most known papers. Maybe you can google some information about the Lanka trial in english. Measles virus is the best researched and documented one. My point is, all sickness is caused by individual “errors” and you cannot get infected with a sickness from other person as you cannot get infected with his broken leg. There is no prove, bacteria can cause sickness either. Herpes has a very strong psychosomatic component. Polio was caused by malnutrition and later by vaccination. Even DNA is not what we learned in schools. It changes constantly and therefore cannot carry genetic information. DNA-tests are like reading of coffee grounds and never scientifically proved either.

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      3. Dr.(not MD) Hulda Clark (dec.) in her many books, Cure All Diseases, claimed that most of our diseases originate from fungus in our nasty food supply. Normally the kidneys can filter this but often the organs get overwhelmed and fungus creeps into the system causing all kinds of diseases from the common cold to cancer. She tested her theories and treated sick people. She showed how to clean up your diet, not buying processed foods, and purifying your drinking water plus many other mind-blowing tips to protect your health and home. It is overwhelming to read her so just a little at a time. She’s into human invasive parasites as well. If you live with pets, you have parasites. I have followed her cleanses to stay well. She can be funky but for the most part, is right-on and I’m a research writer, reading constantly (not online or media). It gives Hulda credence since she treated people for almost nothing and gave away her zappers. Now it’s marketing-driven. So sad. The US kicked her out of this country so she opened a clinic in Mexico. That even gives her more credence in my book!
        She also addresses AIDS with this approach. I didn’t mean to preach to the choir but just share. Yes, I am well, just as always. . . rare vintage!


        1. this may sound convincing but is not very accurate. Fungus is everywhere all the time and is not doing any harm to anybody. It only spreads if there is something to do for it. Fungi are able to produce energy out of oxidizing. They feed on dead organic matter. Parasites are also not what we are being told. We don’t even know where they come from. There was this idea once to lose weight by swallowing intestinal worms on purpose but it didn’t work. The worms didn’t feed and simply got extracted in the toilet. Also the parasites usually disappear without any interference, without any medication, as soon as your digestion gets back to normal.
          Here is what Stefan Lanka said about AIDS in 1998:
          www(dot)virusmyth(dot)com/aids/hiv/mcinterviewsl(dot)htm (my links seem not to come through here)


          1. B.Muller:
            Please document your claims about fungus. If fungus is growing in your home, you will get ill and many people are allergic. I have one friend who was hospitalized for this allergy. Buildings with fungus are often torn down.


          2. Zoomah, fungus, for instance yeast is everywhere in the air. That’s how alcohol is being made from everything which contains some carbohydrates (sugar). That’s how people in ancient Rome made wine. All you need to do is to leave the juice in the air and it will ferment by itself. Or take sourdough. There are a lot of kinds of fungus. Mildew is also everywhere but it needs proper conditions to spread. Once spread it is hard to get rid of it. But it is not impossible. They don’t torn down buildings because of mildew but mildew spreads often in buildings who are then torn down. Just read my link with interview with Stefan Lanka below here.


        2. I’d never heard of Dr. Hulda Clark so had to google her. I immediately thought Dr. Ruth Westheimer when I saw her picture. Just going by images and videos, there are similarities.


  8. Rae West also covered the HIV hoax and other possible biological false theories. Some useful links http://www.big-lies.org/hiv-aids-fraud/hiv-aids-fraud.html#wrong and

    I don’t know if HIV is connected to the Cold War. The Cold War replacements are terrorism, nuclear Iran/North Korea and other Middle East dictators. The HIV stuff is just the continuation of medical hoaxes. The medical field is big enough to be considered alone. Of course it is connected to other things like science, social engineering, politics etc.

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    1. Indeed my point about the Cold War could be circular, as many new scares emerged during this time. So I don’t dispute your point here. But what struck me was the enormity of the pressure, power and resources that were devoted to AIDS even as became painfully obvious that HIV was not the cause. Just as they could make Russia into a powerful and aggressive enemy without any underlying proof, so too could they poison the entire landscape with fear of AIDS, fear being key.

      But point taken. I do add that terrorism did not become public enemy number one until the mid-90s, while AIDS appeared in the 1980s.


    2. Thanks for the link to Rae West, very complete overview! The strong point I think he makes is to list the different possibilities of “AIDS”; a full hoax, an invented disease based on only circumstantial “evidence” or something else (a money making scheme at least).

      Also that he presents several people with medical backgrounds who are suspicious of the whole thing, that gives confidence in their review of the problem. As Mark, I have no way of knowing what these so-called “experts” are saying.

      And as with those other huge global and money making fearmongering campaigns that replaced the Cold War as hook, especially “Global Warming”, via “Ozon Hole” and “Acid Rain”, it gives comfort insiders with knowledge and first-hand experiences are speaking up.


    3. Thank you, Calgucus … I put an addendum on the blog piece above highlighting your links, which are excellent. i also addressed the matter of reading lots of words, which your links involve, and how we can go about it.


    4. Rae West is not a valid info site because: there is no info or resume/CV on this person who may be fictitious; the font size (letter size as in a, b, c ) is too small to read easily; the layout is very amateurish; the site is dated and does not appear to have any newer updates.


        1. Brian,
          If Rae is so informing why is he hiding who he is (no facts about him)? And why is his web site a mess? Don’t you think that’s indicative of him being clueless and unprofessional? DUH….


          1. Rae West (www.big-lies.org) has collected a lot of vital and in many cases, obscure and not very well known information that needs to be brought attention to, although it’s not presented in the best manner I admit. I don’t like the way his website is set up either, but that’s the way he did it. Think substance over form, not the other way around. Just because you think his website is “messy” and not presented in the manner that you like does not detract from its importance. Don’t be so quick to judge and dismiss the work of others. Also, if you want more information about him, why don’t you just email him and chat?


      1. The links are not useful because he is an “authority”. He has some useful info and he mentions other resources or biological skeptics. In fact the articles are very detailed.
        Regarding Rae West being fictitious, I would say that he appears to be very real. On his Youtube channel he has videos asking people if they heard about the nuke hoax theory or other topics. Maybe people don’t like some of his approaches like talking too much about Jews or don’t like some of the images he put on the main page.
        If people want something visual, this is a video from his channel made originally by Harold Hillman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq2wBixwuQ0

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    5. Not sure if it was intended that way, but AIDS soon became a weapon of mass depolulation, especially in Africa. All the poverty-related sicknesses that were rampant for decades had suddenly been declared as AIDS. Without any HIV test of course, too expensive for those n*****s. And soon the “Health” and “Aid” organizations stepped in.
      Just like one or two decades before in India. Millions of women supposedly got vaccinations, but in fact were sterilized unwillingly and unknowingly.

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  9. This discussion, and particularly the questions about Rappaport, makes me feel slightly disheartened again about all the misinformation. How on Earth are we supposed to find our way to any truth?

    The fact is that published media is most often used to propagandize. That’s true in the mainstream and it looks like it’s true in the alternative media as well. It takes a lot of time and effort to write and publish and maintain a website, etc. So we should be suspicious of anything published.

    On one hand, the internet has “given a voice” to multitudes. The information monopoly has been pried open, to some extent. Now we see the Googles and Facebooks of the world trying to subtly censor certain content. But more importantly, we see a very large percentage of “truth research” compromised by fakers.

    So my question for this group is: what is their angle? Why do they do this? And how can we REALLY get to the truth? In my own life, I’m like some of the commenters above—I like to read “limited hangout” information because there is some truth in there and I (naively? overconfidently?) believe that I have some ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.) But I’d obviously prefer NOT to drink from a poisoned chalice.

    So if we take Rappaport as an example…what’s his angle? It looks like he’s dedicated his life to generating this kind of alternative media. And a lot of his information feels valuable. And not just the information, but the perspective….the controllers use their imaginations to build worlds for us to live in, and the solutions are found in the power of the individual and the power of imagination. Instead of accepting the given frame and fighting within it (e.g. republicans vs. democrats), break the frame and build your own world.

    But…a book with David Icke? Come on. And a last name from the old rich families? A supposed historical run for Congress? There’s plenty of reason to be suspicious of him. So what’s his angle?

    (Actually, writing about his perspective above gives me one clue….he wants us to be atomized individuals, when the powerful controllers are anything but. They are strengthened by the system, by secret loyalties, by blood ties, by conspiratorial cooperation. Maybe we SHOULD be banding together to fight the rules of THIS game, rather than creating a bunch of individual worlds with our imaginations.)

    (Rappaport may also be misdirecting with regards to WHO the controllers are. This seems quite common among controlled opposition. Admit the problems but deflect the blame. As someone (Mathis?) pointed out, Noam Chomsky blames…the media for manufacturing consent…while avoiding any mention of Intelligence. Others tend to blame the government and stop there, in spite of plenty of evidence that the government has bosses. Others blame military intelligence, while ignoring the rich families whose bidding they do. Others blame global groups like the Trilateral Commission. Rappaport is roughly at that level. He blames TPTB, including government and money, but he doesn’t notice much about family ties. Maybe that’s what he’s covering up.)

    If the question is just the WHO, then some limited hangout alternative researchers CAN be trusted to tell us much truth about the WHAT. But there too, we have to be suspicious. What is the motivation for controlled opposition to tell us the truth? Some other angles people have mentioned include:

    Taking readers down rabbit holes. Confusing them with too much detail (Mathis?)
    Blackwashing the truth by controlling the opposition and making it look extreme and crazy (e.g. blackwashing the architects for 9/11 truth who see clear evidence of controlled demolition by adding more outlandish theories to the mix.)
    Selling bigger lies (Mathis arguing that all the JFK conspiracies actually bolster the case for a real death, when the death could have been faked.)
    Creating frustration and anger, dividing people. (Most of us on this site have surely argued with friends and family about their failure to see the truth about (Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, etc.)
    Identifying thought criminals and future threats to power. If TPTB can see what we read, they know what we’re thinking about. Many of the sheeple panic and run away from what they know is disapproved thought. We seekers are drawn to it. Is it flypaper?
    Telling us that “everything is fake” so we’ll never be able to trust any information inputs, rendering analysis almost impossible
    Reassuring us that “it’s all fake” so we don’t have to worry about truly destructive and violent crimes from TPTB. (While it’s reassuring (and to me, pretty credible) to think there are no nukes, no serial killers, etc., the conclusion that the controllers eschew violence is pretty convenient for them. And it’s NOT credible to me that power-seeking people won’t kill for power. If small time drug dealers do it, of course the most powerful criminals in the world do it.)
    Messing with us? Revelation of the method? Is it more delicious to them to oppress us knowing that we smart people know but don’t resist? If it’s true that vaccines are just a means of chemically poisoning us (at least sometimes) does our failure to stop it make us culpable?
    Controlled opposition/dialectic. Even if they mostly tell the truth, their power lies in the fact that it is THEM doing the telling. So instead of rising up against the medical profession, people like us spend time reading what David Icke’s collaborator says about medicine. We’re watching a ping pong match between Rappaport and the CDC. He says this and they say that. And we just watch and feel superior for believing the unconventional argument. Maybe even if they tell the truth, it’s just less likely to spin out of their control if it’s them doing the telling.
    Maybe it’s that concept a commenter mentioned that we need to feel like at least someone out there is “onto them” so we bear less responsibility. For example, if one of us figured out the AIDS thing by ourselves back in the 1980s and discovered a program of mass murder via AZT, we would have been honor bound to shout it from the rooftops. But since these OTHER people are on the case, we don’t have to do anything. Have any of us sent any angry letters to the editor or to Congress about this?
    Have any of us tried to slow the massive sucking of public funds for the AIDS racket? Have any of us tried to discredit any rich and famous AIDS doctors? Probably not. (We tell ourselves that it wouldn’t do any good, but NOT speaking up about it doesn’t do any good either.)

    So back to AIDS for a minute. Let’s say that Duesberg and Rappaport both work FOR the controllers and not against them. Why are they telling us about the AIDS hoax? Are they just trying to build credibility for other lies? Are they misleading us into disbelieving even the good parts of modern medical science (if there are any?) Are they lying? Are they telling the truth? In what %? Rappaport goes further than Duesberg. He hints at what Mark says, that this isn’t just about greed or scientific groupthink, this is a top down Operation. But what ISN’T he telling us?

    Anyway, sorry for the long tome. Of the list of possible motivations for the controlled opposition to give us some truth, I’m very curious about what resonates more or less with both the writers and the commenters on this site? What do we think is going on and how should it influence our own thinking about the world?

    (Mark, if you think this could be interesting, please let your co-writers know about this question….this comment thread is already a week old, but this seemed like the appropriate place to put this (long) question.)

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  10. And one final question. How can we tell the difference between controlled opposition and REAL opposition?

    One problem is that controlled opposition has more resources and often more FACTS about TPTB. So they are sometimes compelling sources of information, if not of understanding.

    One theory is that there is a power struggle among TPTB ((e.g. the NSA vs. the CIA) and they are blowing the whistle on each other’s hoaxes. In that case, we might expect a lot of value from controlled opposition.

    But maybe this theory is not right. As commenter Grace says above: “They [controlled opposition] and their ilk pretend there is some opposition hidden in the halls of power, when there is zilch.”

    So I guess there are at least three options on this power struggle question: 1) There IS some opposition hidden in the halls of power; 2) It’s all fake and they are all on the same team; 3) There are some elite groups that oppose each other and are willing to (partially) expose each other as they battle, but not because they care about us.


    1. No easy/simple/single answers to some of your questions/concerns. Just keep going with the eyes of discernment wide open. You can’t trust anything you read online… but if some concept is true, it does not need any help to stand on its own. A thieve can tell truthful things even if you don’t trust him. Remember the greatest liar is the one closer to the truth… and as always: Consider the Source.


    1. will you guys just read the interview. I think Stefan Lanka explains all of your questions in a very convincing way and is easy to grasp. He is a real scientist with first hand experience, he also knows all the main characters, Gallo, Montagnier, Duesberg, personally. The interview is some 20 years old and he was still very careful back then not to offend the mainstream.


  11. I couldn’t post my reply above to Mark regarding the “Spanish flu”. I’ve been collecting some links about the post-WWI victims of an event, that was reported by the MSM as the Spanish “flu”, some kind of pandemic disease allegedly killing tens of millions people worldwide during 1918-1920 period. Knowing what we know now about the MSM should exclude such source in order to prove anything as real, so my educated guess about the 2-year period of extra high death toll is about the vaccines.

    I’m not saying anything new or radical here, there were many people researching about the so-called Spanish “flu” before me. For the record, Spain is not related to this medical phenomenon or large-scale poisoning, it did not spread out of there so Spain and Spanish is used as a misdirection. It had to be like that, and we have the modern scare tactics of swine or bird “flu” confirming it along with the H-wood trash movies – pandemics spread out from one particular spot, right? In reality, the phenomenon of high death rates among people of that era, known as the Spanish flue, seems to stem from poisoning with numerous vaccines – all army men were forced with them – I’ve read about up to 25 different vaccines injected into each soldier. Then there is an issue of Aspirin usage in massive over-doses prescribed, such as 1000 mg every 3 hours, to treat the symptoms of practically anything, which gave a knock-out punch to body’s immune system. That was the medical (mal)practice of the era, and no, there was no list of known side effects packed inside the box or shown to the patient. In fact, clinical research for any drug was done seldom back then.

    That would be Bayer’s pre-war heroin bottle, originally containing 5 grams of Heroin substance. Original Coca-Cola had a real dose of cocaine listed in its ingredients, so these two cases help explain how different lobbies pushed whatever was appropriate as long as it made huge profits. Sounds familiar? Same would apply to vaccines and aspirin, not one was properly clinically tested before the occurrence of so-called Spanish “flu” and therefore can’t be ruled out as the possible trigger for the symptoms shown by the dying people. Oh, and the symptoms of Spanish “flu” were described as ” the characteristics of the black death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1″.

    Thus, it would be extremely hard, if not even impossible, to say that anybody died of Spanish “flu” or its consequences. Most probably and very likely, there was no single virus capable of killing millions of people worldwide, just like in the case of AIDS. The victims were ignorantly and deliberately poisoned and the caravan of stooges moved on.


    1. C’mon Vexman. Bayer produced baby aspirin. They care about babies, so why would they kill so many people? Take two and call me in the morning.


    2. I have heard some theories about the “Spanish Flu” as well, even crazy one’s. But I think malnutrition and exhaustion played a major role, not viruses or bacteria. And (mental) stress is immuno-depressive as well. Look how Danmark fared during this epidemic …


  12. Regarding Duesberg as a limited hangout, I have been trying to come to grips with that, and have to conclude that he is not. He sticks to the subject at hand, names names, but the information he presents is logical and comprehensible. We do not need to be doctors to interpret what he is saying, that HIV is a harmless passenger virus and that AIDS is caused by lifestyles and/or drugs. I made the larger point that AIDS seemed like a psyop. He did not go there. He’s a scientist, not a cultural researcher, so I would not expect him to go there.

    Maarten and I discussed this matter, and I agree with him that since we are quarantined by the propaganda system anyway, there is no need to think that ALL books are censored and that anyone published is a limited hangout. They’ve got 95% contained, and fear no threats from us. We are free to talk among ourselves. So a book like Duesberg’s (from 1995) could easily have been published with the underlying knowledge that it could be ignored out of existence, which it has been


    1. Great, I agree with this. I think it’s important to stay on the lookout (mountain) to what may be “limited hangouts” or ” controlled opposition”, but as soon as not the content is addressed, yet just the speaker, it becomes an easy excuse not to research anything.


  13. Carri – thank you for the link provided above which I am re-pasting here:


    It is a lot of information to ingest, and I still have two pages to go, aka “part 2.” It is dense and complicated reading, hard to understand due to technical names and some jargon. But the essence is that we are a delicate balance of chemicals and compounds and are continually in a process of cleansing, microorganisms doing that task for us and keeping us in healthy balance. I have encountered all of this information before, but since I did not revisit it, it faded to the background.

    If AIDS demonstrates anything, it is the depth of our corruption. If the link above is useful, it is in its ability to give us an easy remedy to corruption – avoid doctors, take no injections, eat well, stay positive, and avoid skinks.

    Thanks for bringing the link, Carri, and I urge anyone reading this to pay it a visit.


  14. You see the same thing with the Coronavirus scamdemic. Just like how they decided to replace the “Cold War” with the War on AIDS, they decided to replace the recent War on Terror with the War on COVID-19. They always need a new excuse to justify squandering as many tax & consumer dollars, as well as exploiting natural resources, as humanly possible on behalf of their preferred industries – Big Weapons, Big Nukes, and Big Pharma.

    Which also ties us to the U.S. Treasury’s Exchange Monetary Fund (ESF) program, which played a key role in manufacturing the AIDS psyop:

    The ESF also has a huge stake in managing our financial system, with the Federal Reserve and it subsidiaries acting as fronts:

    And here’s more info on the program and its history – from the U.S. Treasury itself:



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