Was Dealey Plaza just a family reunion?

[Note to readers: This post should be two, as it covers both the movie Grizzly Man (the life and death of Timothy Treadwell), and Woody Harrelson and his dad, Chuck, and the discovery that Harrelson’s mother is an Oswald. Grizzly Man will be covered in more and better depth in a separate post very shortly. The part about Harrelson in this post starts about 2/3 of the way down. ]

TreadwellComing fresh off the realization that the death of Mathew Shepard was probably a hoax, and thinking back on other events in my life that were both gruesome and captivating, I decided to take a look at Grizzly Man, AKA Timothy Treadwell, AKA Timothy William Dexter.

For those not familiar, Treadwell was an advocate for Alaskan brown bears, and during the 1990s he lived with them, filmed them, anthropomorphized them, and was finally eaten by them in October of 2003. His then girlfriend, Amie Huguenard was also killed on that same day.

We saw Treadwell give a talk when we lived in Bozeman. He gave a slide show and was passing the hat, and seemed genuine. He named all the bears – doll-like names indicating that he thought of them as fuzzy friends. One thing I clearly remember from the talk was his view of the bear mating ritual. The male gets a whiff and stalks the female until she is in a receiving mood. He then has a one minute tryst with her, if that. Treadwell called it “making love.” I did think he was a little ’round the bend.’

With that connection, that Bozeman talk, we were always aware of his activities, and were very sorry to see him die.

I was able to locate Treadwell/Dexter in the Social Security death index, and Huguenard is there too. There is an interesting genealogical link to “Timothy William Winthorpe Dexter Treadwell,” and that leads back to Timothy Dexter. However, Wikipedia’s account of Treadwell’s life is remarkably free of spook markers, and indicates to me that he might really have died in that manner. That would make him, in my book, nuts.

Werner Herzog made a movie about Treadwell called Grizzly Man, and in it he largely uses Treadwell’s film that he shot while living with the animals. The only part of the movie that is suspect is a recording of the death of the two, supposedly made by a camera with its lens cap on as a bear assaulted and killed them. Herzog and another man (going on memory of the movie, many years ago) listened to the tape and grimaced, and decided it was not suitable for movie viewers to hear. That could either be real, or power of suggestion.

Let’s assume that Treadwell really died … I am settled on that. I am curious why he changed his name to “Treadwell.” That is a prominent family whose ancestors can be traced back to the Mayflower. The name Dexter is also prominent, but is also a wild goose chase, as it goes on for 250 pages on Geni.com.  It is also in the peerage, but with only nine links, not that prominent.

We are told Treadwell/Dexter tried out for the part of Woody Boyd in the 1980s television show Cheers. The part went to Woody Harrelson. Treadwell’s father says he was devastated by that; it changed the course of his life. I am curious, knowing as I do that a juicy part like that would only be handed to a bloodliner. Why did Dexter think he had a chance? I would bet he thought he might have an inside track, being himself a bloodliner.

It all kind of dead ends, so to speak, and that is OK. It is nice to be able to write about something that by all appearances really happened. In fact, I would not bore you with it except for a discovery I made completely unrelated to Timothy Dexter/Treadwell.

The story about Woodrow Tracy “Woody” Harrelson’s father is related here by Wikipedia:

His father, Charles Voyde Harrelson, was a convicted contract killer (hitman), who received a life sentence for the 1979 killing of Federal Judge John H. Wood Jr. in San Antonio, Texas.[7] He died in the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility on March 15, 2007.[7]

TrampsBack in the days when I thought JFK was really killed, Woody Harrelson was a person of interest to me, as was his Dad, Chuck, whom some even think to be one of the three tramps in Dealey Plaza. (If so, that would be him on the left.) Others claim that he confessed to having a part in the assassination while in prison. I wondered what Woody knew, and if he ever spoke publicly about it. It seemed odd that the son of a hitman was a major Hollywood star and was given roles like that of Mickey Knox in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers.

Now that I am convinced that JFK did not die, I know that Chuck Harrelson presents just another rabbit hole. Woody would know that, and his persona and attitude would be just a smirk. He’s got nothing to say, nothing to add, and no, his dad never spent a day in jail. He had the Get Out of Jail Free card.

Just out of curiosity, I traced Woody Harrelson’s ancestry back, and yes, he is a bloodliner. His last American ascendant is Paul Harralson of New Kent, VA, who lived from 1610-1669. Names that could be linked to Harralson are all over the Peerage, from Harrel to Harrell to Harris to Harrison. So it should come as no surprise that the part of Woody Boyd went to a young man with lots of juice. One bloodliner beat out another for the part. The one who lost out also went on to lose his marbles.

I then went looking into Woody’s mother, Diane Lou Harrelson. My jaw dropped. See the image below:


Could these be the same Oswald’s that were in Dealey Plaza in 1963? It would make sense, as these people are all related. Mathis in his paper Looks Like JFK Was Gay somehow manages to link Oswald to the Kennedy’s and a host of other names in the Peerage, so here is another one: Looks like the Harrelson’s are connected to the Oswald’s too.  Dealey Plaza was just a family reunion.

22 thoughts on “Was Dealey Plaza just a family reunion?

  1. There could be really obsessed/crazy people like that Grizzly Man, but getting a stage always stinks, right? What did you find about that name Huguenard? Sounds very strange and reminds of Huguenots (“protestants”, many of them (crypto-)jews who fled France in the 18th century…

    The link between Oswald and Harrelson (who I like as an actor and also his talks with Jesse Ventura, listened to that in the beginning of my awakening and the two make good points) is close; the last big movie the Natural Born Killers director (Oliver Stone) made was of course…JFK. With a small Vietnam thing in between.


    1. Yeah -remind me to look up Huguenard … I let that slip by. I will do it tomorrow.

      At a certain point in my mind “Dexter” became “Dixon” and from there I found Treadwell (again) along with Paine and Payne, as in Ruth Paine with whom Oswald lived in Dallas. Quite a coincidence, and it was hard to erase all that text once it came back to being “Dexter.” Would have been juicy.


    1. I am thinking here (and laughing) that I led with my chin. My wife suggested that perhaps the whole death thing in Alaska was staged because he was nuts and they had to get rid of him. In other words, he did not go back late in the year, as we are told, but may have been shot and then left to the bears. That would explain a lot. The footage in Herzog’s movie does indicate a disturbed man. (If I was sleeping in a tent around Alaska brown bears, I assure you, I would be fucking nuts due to lack of sleep.)

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  2. Well, I sat up last night watching the whole of Grizzly Man and it looked to me like one big leg-pull from start to finish, a Herzog project for the cinema which had been running some years. It was laughable. GM was an actor: his dad [who seemed like the only person who wasn’t in on the hoax] had said as much – his son had auditioned for Cheers. SSDI entries mean nothing. The spooks can create death certificates to order for the main players in the creation of our fake reality, which includes film directors.


    1. Well, I just watched it again this afternoon, and I blew hot and cold on it, but decided that you are right, it is fake. Two things that pushed me over were the coroner, who seemed more like an actor, and the closing shots of Treadwell walking away followed first by foxes and then by bears. That was too perfect.

      There’s lots of other stuff, and I will write a blog post and open it with your comment, but kudos, as I think you got it right.

      Kind of reminds me of the Blair Witch Project on second viewing.


  3. Have you looked into that other famous “free spirit ambles to Alaska and meets tragedy” tale, the death of Into the Wild’s Chris McCandless? From what I’ve seen the story stinks like rancid moose meat. His father worked for NASA and his mother at Hughes Aircraft.

    The name Chris McCandless could be a reference to the “Christ candle” aka “Paschal candle”:


    Which apparently relates to the “Paschal mystery” of salvation through Christ. The photos of McCandless as a gaunt, bearded Christ-like figure at his abandoned bus campsite have become iconic. Or perhaps “candless” refers to the wandering aimlessness of his quest for freedom from this society, providing an example to other young “candless” souls of what NOT to do. You can fantasize about leaving all the trappings of the matrix behind and trying to be self-sufficient but actually doing it will inevitably get you killed or even eaten by a bear, in Treadwell’s case. Chris(t) McCandless’ death was a holy sacrifice so that we all may live through the fantasy of his idealism.


    1. Thanks, good thoughts. Krakauer is a person of interest, in my view. I say this because of his role in the Pat Tilman hoax, as it appears anyway, complete with rabbit holes. Knowing that it is time to take a look at McCandless, Under the Banner, Into Thin Air, Missoula, and all his other works.

      On a personal note we listened to him talk in Boulder, and I found him to be, in person, an asshole. Maybe it is because he is forced to lie for a living?


      1. Well, I admit I can get a little carried away with the “nutty names” but I wonder if his name sounding like “crack whore” is no coincidence. Sorry, had to say it! But yeah, that’s one shady “non-fiction” resume there. I look forward to anything on Into the Wild because the story certainly captured my imagination and wanderlust when I read it. Little did I know at the time. Looking at the McCandless family photos, I detect some definite stagey-ness but I’m not enough of a photo analyzer to explain exactly why. More just a vibe thing. Check out poor young Chris(t), a scowling, candle-less outcast in his own family, lol:


        1. The intensity of the shadows don’t match. Dad is too dark on his right side. Scott Baio’s hair edges betray paste. What is mom looking at? And Joanie, too? Maybe Chachi is despondent over hereditary male pattern baldness laying in wait for him.

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          1. I heard baldness is inherited skipping a generation. Don’t know if that is a golden rule, but at least for me that is definitely true, my grandfather never balded (and grew old) and my dad was bald and grey very early in his life (10 years ago at my age).


          2. LOL. Definitely not Happy Days for Chachi there. Take a look at the yearbook photo at 3:48 in the video below. Can’t project much more of a “troubled loner” vibe than that. He’s described as an “elite” cross-country runner who then ended up running across the country to meet his Alaskan demise. I suspect just about every stroke of this story will drip with sketchiness upon reexamination.


          3. Portrayed by Emile Davenport Hirsch who is of German-Jewish, English, and Scots-Irish ancestry. Was charged with aggravated assault after he attacked and choked the female VP of Paramount Digital during a Sundance Film Festival party in early 2015. He claimed he had no memory of the incident due to consuming an enormous amount of alcohol. Hirsch checked into an alcohol rehab facility in the wake of the incident.

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          4. Well, one thing I gotta give Penn is he doesn’t appear to have done anything to “fix” his haggard, ravaged 57-year-old face… yet. Speaking of haggard actor/directors who make depressing films, I recently noticed some possible “crazy connections” between a few of Clint Eastwood’s directorial efforts and the dramatic and controversial story about the shooting death of “Daniel Shaver” that recently went viral. I’ll be doing a G+ post on it soon.


          5. It’s just kinda where I ended up after starting out commenting on YouTube. I keep in contact with people there and I like the Collections function and other things, but I guess it’s not all that great for writing detailed posts. I dunno, I’m nearing the point where I don’t really care so much about what’s going on in this “reality” play anyway. And I’m thinking that giving it any attention may actually be what “they” want, ultimately. If I do start a legit blog, it’ll be about rising above all this crap, detaching and escaping from it. The world of “news events” has been proven to be a joke 1000000 times over but I think it even goes beyond that. There’s definitely something fishy about “real life” too. And that’s the thing that interests me the most!

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        2. On a synchronistic note, astronaut Bruce McCandless has died:


          No relation to Chris, as far as I can tell, although Chris’s father Walt did work for NASA. Bruce is know for being “the first person to fly freely and untethered in space.” Some parallels with Chris’s adventure alone and untethered into the wild? He’s quoted in the article remarking about how cold it was in space. Anyway, interesting to see this name just happen to pop up in the news today.


  4. Strange names-“Woody Boyd”character goes to Woody Harrelson, and Charles “Voyde” Harrelson known as “Chuck” supposedly kills John “Wood”. Some kind of emphasis on Wood Chuck or just a stretch of the imagination.
    Charles Harrelson died on March 15, 2007, another spook number.


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