2019 begins!

It is time now to release the prisoners. If you were banned here recently, and your name is not Skink, you are welcomed back. I know on your end it feels like an injustice. It is. I had a private email exchange with B Muller, and told her that I was not comfortable banning her, so I just asked her to deal with the injustice, as we adults often must do, and she would soon be back in business. I saved her quarantined comments, and will release them now. What harm?

I’ve been banned in better places than this. Relax, everyone. In those places where I have been banned, I am most likely still banned. I can get on people’s nerves, and certain types, you know, authoritarian assholes, do not sit well with me.

It is a new year, a jubilee! All debts are forgiven, all sins washed, all human frailties and weaknesses purged. We are off again on the adventure. I have a new post I will release in the morning. I have worked very hard on it. I fear it is very bad. So what else is new? This blog still breathes.

19 thoughts on “2019 begins!

  1. in regards to 2019 begins. it takes a good man on Mark’s part to move on and forgive..But to say you have been banned in better places…Better places, just what does that mean….Better places ?


  2. I’m glad you’ve come out fighting Mark. I don’t comment often but trust me, I do read and ponder the contents of your site. I sensed thee was a feeling of, ‘ Why am I bothering?’ with you towards the end of last year and am really happy that hopefully that’s all behind you. Keep up the good work! There’s room for all.


  3. Does this mean we can have an honest discussion about the shape of the earth and let the chips fall where they may??


    1. What’s interesting is that if you all spent a little time logically refuting the FE claim, we could all move on. What are you all afraid of anyway? I had initially thought that you all were open to ideas that didn’t necessarily jibe with what we’ve been fed. Frankly, some of your investigations border on the ridiculous and even if true, who really cares. The revelation that we have been trained to believe we live on a spinning ball isn’t true would be earth shattering! Pun intended. So, what are you really afraid of?


      1. So you came here to discuss FE even as you know it is a forbidden topic. The reason it is forbidden is that it is a project. I just saw it put in use the other day when someone grouped those of us who know the moon landings were fake with flat earthers. See how it works? We are tarnished by mere association.

        So Phil, you’re welcome here of course, but that topic is not. Drop it.


  4. Phil or ‘Philistine’, the only official depiction of a FE is the UN flag. That should be a ‘red flag’ but wait there is more. 1946 was the date for that flag & the CIA born to rule. Born to rule I say? Check out the spook list born that year as well.


  5. And to think after taking time away from his busy big boy schedule armless chair Trigger Man once chaffed like a little boy having the smallest balloon in Disneyland over my ability to extend sincere gratitude in all the proper and well-deserved directions which coincidently didn’t include either yawn him. Only to have his stand up to sit alone in corner comment removed welcoming the New Year.


    1. You just don’t know when to give up and let it go, Do you Rico ? I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt as a Man to prove yourself, without looking at that foolish facebook. But, You just had to slip onto another page to get a few more “licks in”, didn’t you ? Because, that’s just the kind of guy you are. After you get your ass kicked, you have to look over your shoulder from a “Quarter-block away ..And run your mouth just one more time. You asked for a friend request. I declined it, Not because I don’t like you, But, Because I took you at your word. Do you know what a friend is, Have you ever had one, Rico ? I guess not ! Maybe you just like little chaffed Boy’s like me from Boston who like to pop big balloons on little chumps like you from California, after we’ve grown tired of stomping a “Mud-Hole” into your Asshole ! Would you like to continue ?


      1. Everyone can see what’s going on here. I tried to end it. You know it too,Mark. So if I get barred from this site, and Rico gets to stay…For a 30-day period. We all know where this stands.


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