Just for giggles …

A recent MMG paper on Ted Bundy intimated that Ted was still alive somewhere, and further, that they had stumbled on a photo of the guy. Here are the two photos used, the one on the left known to be the real Ted Bundy. They do not speak with certainty. I can, however.


Says MMG, “…doesn’t that picture give you a strange feeling? It does me. Could that be what Ted looks like now? I see a match on the eyes and nose. The eyes look blue. He is about the right age (72). For the rest it is hard to tell.”

Hard to tell indeed. Comparisons like this are fraught with difficulty. In the past, I gotten around those difficulties by a technique known as “face chopping.” The principle is simple and well-understood: After our skull it fully formed around age 20, our eye sockets are set in stone, so to speak. The distance between our pupils stays constant until we die.*

Knowing that, if we compare two photographs and have other reasons to suspect that two people either are or are not the same person, face chopping is a useful tool. There are difficulties, of course, such as angular distortion and making too much of fine differences, as I well know. These days I mostly stay away from the procedure unless it offers clear-cut results easily seen by the naked eye.

Since MMG suggests that we ought to be suspicious that the two photos above might be of the same man, I decided to do a face chop to test the theory. Note that with the photo on the left the real Bundy is looking slightly up, while on the right he is looking slightly down. That will cause distortion in comparisons, so bear that in mind.

First, I took the two photos to Photoshop, which offers a tool called Rotate View that allows me to tilt the photos so that the eyes are level. I hold a ruler horizontal on the screen until both pupils are on a flat line. I did this for both photos.

Then I went to Microsoft Paint, which allows me to increase or decrease the size of the photo until I get the eyes for both photos at a common distance. I use one inch. Note that this is a useful procedure if we are dealing with the same man in both photos, as even though the one on the right has aged, the shape of the skull and pupil distance will not have changed over time.

Finally, still using Paint, I copy one half of one of the faces and paste it over the other. I draw one feature from both to alignment to see how the other features are affected. In this case, I used the nose.

Bundy Chop

The result should be obvious to all – these are two different men. The real Bundy on the right has an eye that is too high to be the same as the other man. They are strikingly close otherwise, but note what happens below when I align the eyes (setting them one inch apart):


Bundy Chop 2

Now the nose is out of whack, and far too much so to have been caused by angular distortion.

This method is fraught with difficulty, so much so that I have decided it is more useful in giving evidence of two people not being the same, rather than alike. Those people whom I claim to be versions of the same person, like Janice Joplin/Amy Goodman and Freddy Mercury/Dr. Phil, I stand by even as I know that due to the sheer audacity of people faking their death and reappearing as someone else causes people to instantly discredit the work. I accept that and am satisfied to have the evidence for myself as indicating something real.

I accept the other evidence offered by MMG that the Ted Bundy affair was a psyop, and that no one died. Just the sections on jail escapes ought to make that clear to anyone with half a brain. As I like to say, it is a whackadoodle planet, crazy stuff going on all around. But in this case, the real Ted Bundy, probably still alive (Santa Catarina?), is not represented by the photo on the right at the opening of this piece. These are two different men.

Hawking*I have seen only one disease, ALS, that seemingly alters the shape of the skull, seen to the left here with Stephen Hawking, the real one who probably died in 1985. Such cranial distortion makes it virtually impossible to do comparison work other than by eyeballing both Hawking and his later replacements. Even so, it is easy to see they are different men.

21 thoughts on “Just for giggles …

  1. Nice observations.
    But imagine, if you will;

    It might be possible (though) with some significant plastic surgery to reconstruct/deconstruct a face. – perhaps in the future?


    1. It is certainly possible with photographs, but even at this time I do not think they can alter bone structure, that is, they cannot move a nose to another place on the face. All they can do is take cartilage off or add a stint of some kind to make it appear flatter – this is what I think they did with Bill Hicks.


  2. Ears and noses carry on growing even in old age, some remarkably more so than others, but these are two different men.


  3. Earlobes do grow, noses get longer, wrinkles form, hairlines recede, teeth are rarely reliable*, but the basic facial makeup does not change. The distance between eye sockets and pupils remains constant, the location of facial features does not change. It is not the features so much as their placement relative to one another that makes this kind of work useful, though not always conclusive. The MMG contention, “I am an artist and have superior eyes and can tell faces apart by mere observation” is not reliable. In this case they let their imaginations get the best of them. We agree, two different men who (in my opinion) look as though they could be related.

    *Someone once said that if a bomb were to fall on the building where they host the Academy Awards, dental records would be useless in identifying bodies as no one there has their original teeth. However, we did find here that Alex Jones’ and Bill Hicks’ teeth overlaid perfectly, something that even the MMG observational ‘experts’ apparently are unable to spot.


  4. This replacement theory talk was on my mind when I caught a glimpse of Judge Judy on a new episode of her TV show. With her new face lift and longer hair Judge Judy looked like she could be Ruth Ginsberg’s twin. Before I could say that fact out loud two people in the room said that she looked like the Supreme Court Judge. As one of the highest paid people on TV, it wouldn’t be a shock to me if Judge Judy does a little moonlighting for TPTB. Photo calls, faked paparazzi shots, etc. It sound a little Dallas Goldberg writing this but I was blown away by the new resembles. I don’t think the core audience of the Judge Judy show are the same audience that would be aware that Judy as Ruth is fake. People should have a look for themselves. Maybe I am seeing things that aren’t there. I can’t to be wrong but the new face work and longer hair style seem a little too Ruth and I think something is up.


    1. I gotta say, I did not take this seriously but took a look. It is all I am going to do, but it is interesting, to say the least, especially the ears and that widow’s peak. Creepy.

      Judy Ruth


    1. Oh hell, there is always the unknown factor that sneaks up behind you. Maybe this is a psychological ploy where Judy is deliberately made up to look like Ruth, maybe some unknown thing that will dawn on me at 3 AM as I am having a senior moment. (Are you familiar with that phenomenon?) Maybe they are related, maybe Brats … worth some effort. Thanks for bringing it here. (No one get either on TV or on the Supreme Court by accident.)


    2. Rumorville say’s she expired late 2018-ish. They had a ‘concert’ where her gavel was placed up on top of a box that was perched on a chair for all to see. But there was not one pix of her present,though the press said was indeed there and looked radiant. Lord of the Ring’s comes to mind in the above pic.


      1. I read about that concert and her non appearance but appearance at the concert. Then there was the old footage that they tried to make look current that was on TMZ and online. In trying to figure out why they won’t announce her death to the public, I have been doing a lot of deep digging. I have been rereading the Dr Peter Beder news inforation newsletters about the faked deaths and replacements of the 70s. If you want to read about the events of the 70s thru a connected politically and seen as opposition, the Dr Peter Beder newsletters are full of info and disinfo. The coming ice age, no gold in Fort Knox, Cold War power structures, theory behind Legionere Disease, and the back stories to a number of big issues are all given plenty of type. Many of the things he said have been proven to be true. Quite a few theories and stories have judt enough backing evidence that I am not sure what to believe. The replacement stories he tells give a lot of support to the Brat theory we have here at POM. I feel like there is one crucial element that is staring us in the face and no one is putting the pieces all together. Something tells me we have to start in the mid 80s when most folks in the on screen entertainment fields started to look above average in looks and funky quirky looks slowly started to fade a way. If George Clooney is the oldest in that morphing gif. We should look at five to ten years before his birthday year and figure out what was going on in Science Biology and how it could relate to this phenomenon. It’s late and I am rambling….

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  5. I think MMG was/is trying to discredit themselves on purpose with that Bundy pic/piece. Purposefully place doubt in peoples minds about their mountain of papers on TPTB that make so much sense it’s as if TPTB are telling on themselves under guise of and actually running MMG. Remember your brief on the need to confess just for the sake of gloating. And now MMG goes total doofus with Bundy pic feigning fake fallibility therefore unreliability therefore putting all MMG works into question in some sense by virtue of that sophomoric Bundy pic. Things haven’t been right in MMG’s camp since POM bitch slapped MM silly not too long ago shortly after annointing him an… Iconoclast.


  6. Maybe the intelligence services have got smart and baited a trap and MM fell for it hook, line and sinker. Hoisted by his own petard.
    The oldie looks a wee bit like Kiefer Sutherland or even his dad, the eyes have it.


    1. I would agree with this comment if I also believed that one single lonely cat lover who lives in Taos and who drives a parking enforcement buggy to and from the grocery store is also a world-class artist, cosmologist and physicist who at the same time unravels the world’s hoaxes. You could do with a dose if healthy skepticism.

      I also stay arms-length with instant facial analysis based on observation without rigor. Just this week I was presented with three Paul McCartney’s and four Ringo’s by a guy who spends a lot of time doing what you just did. They indeed looked different, but using pupil distance I was able to inform him that the photos were of one Paul (Mike) and one Ringo, one of the Paul’s being a very hungover young man. Mere observation without rigor is misleading.


  7. The oldie simply looks like someone’s unimaginative imagination of capturing a ghost on camera. When his project began Ted Bundy as a person clearly believes himself to be too handsome to ever make himself appear ugly especially when disshelved like that teleported ghost looking Bundy. Seriously. The real Bundy at some point probably petitioned someone high up deep within for permission to marry his mirror. Only problem is royal heinous Bundy can’t hide that he truly does appear in photos and on camera to have a screw loose. It’s in his eyes. As an actor he can’t ever act his way around that. I believe we’ve seen the best MMG has to offer. I really enjoyed his recent paper on his muse. I hope not but maybe his shooting star ends there. POM knocked out MM’S two front teeth sending him back to his corner as MMG and looking like Leon Spinks. MM used to strike without warning like a rabid animal. Now there’s clouds of Bundy in his coffee. So yes perhaps MM finally got vaccinated.


    1. That’s a little flattening and over-dramatic. Ease up a bit. As Kevin Starr said when he left here, MMG may be a limited hangout, but they are still the best one going. I liked the Bundy paper and merely scoffed a little bit when he proclaimed (as he has often done) that he can distinguish among faces and decide who is who and who is not who based on pure observation alone, as he is an artist and his observation powers are amazing. Yucky.

      I was recently given photos of Ringo Starr by a guy doing research (without much rigor) claiming he had discovered four of them. Here they are:
      Four Ringos

      This same guy also gave me three Paul McC’s, as follows:
      Paul 1

      I have told this man repeatedly that he cannot just look at photos with different ages, expressions and angles and draw any conclusions. I actually worked on these, I am embarrassed to say, for over an hour. The three Ringo’s to the right are of the same man, while the one on the left with dark glasses probably is too, but nothing can be said to be certain due to the glasses. The three Paul’s are probably the one we call “Mike,” our current day “Macca,” all the same guy. In the middle photo he is sporting what appears to be a terrible hangover.


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