Speaking truth to spoiled brats

This video is 12 minutes. I invite anyone interested in seeing overprivileged whelps get a whatfer to view it. In it, Benny Peiser (cv below) is in a debate sponsored by Cambridge, and only his side is presented here. I thought it exceptional because he openly accuses the Cambridge greens of smugness, mentions how they jet about while denying access to fossil fuels to Africans, who desperately want to develop. He blames millions of deaths on green policies.

I cannot help but think that if this were in the U.S. Peiser would be shouted down, subjected to mass walkouts, probably denied a forum at all. In other talks, he describes the decline of the 28 countries in the European Union (soon to be 27 he hopes), and pins the blame squarely on green energy policies. The wealthiest country in the EU, Germany, now has 50 million [see comment below … I misstated his message] people who suffer from energy poverty, so expensive is the electricity from their renewable grid. While that is bad by itself, he also notes that companies that depend on cheap energy are dis-investing, or not investing at all. The result is economic decline.

He also says that no country outside of the EU suffers such stupid leadership as to really follow the green agenda. They pay lip service only. China, the world’s leading economy now, is building a couple of new coal-fired power plants a week. All they need do at this point is modernize, install scrubbers, to eliminate particulate pollution. (CO2 is not a pollutant, nor is water vapor, the two byproducts of clean coal energy production.) They are wealthy enough to do so.

Benny Peiser (born 1957) is a social anthropologist specializing in the environmental and socio-economic impact of physical activity on health. He was a senior lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and is a visiting fellow at the University of Buckingham.

8 thoughts on “Speaking truth to spoiled brats

    1. He does not use the 50 million figure. He does say that half of the population is threatened with a choice between food and power – that would be those making 33,000 Euros or less. Obviously those closer to the top of the median income are far less threatened than those below. So 50% is probably a strong number.

      He said 300,000 Germans had their electricity turned off for failure to pay their bills, and that an additional 6 million are similarly threatened.


  1. How much wealth & prosperity has been siphoned off by the reparations tribe since the turn of the 20th century? And the recent invaders handed food & shelter for free? Are these issues addressed?

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  2. All that appears more and more engineered to me. The youth is just abused, they are good willing, but under 24/7 propaganda. Nobody can finally know about the social and economic issues, so accusing the youth of being uninformed is inappropriate, and in my younger days I didn’t have the big picture too.
    So they are used to bring forward the communist agenda by the climate catastrophe lever, and here in the video, they are accused to deny millions of people a descent life, with is the opposite of leftist ideals. Well done! They are made activists, taught democracy, and will finally experience to be powerless. They are convinced, the end is near, and there is no guarantee for nothing, nod god. Must be the devil’s plot.


    1. I hope you are right, for the sole reason of getting out of the Paris accords. My deep dark suspicion is that Trump is an anti, controlled opposition to the climate change hoax, and that he will take us down to a planned defeat. It is deep and dark, and I hope I am wrong wrong wrong.


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