ID 2020 is coming.

What will you do?

There’s been quite a bit of discussion about 5G and its possible connection to the medical lock-down, and what happens next. The “real ID” pressure here in Montana has been steady and growing more intense as we approach an apparent end to the flu season. I want to suggest that 5G is connected to the ID2020 agenda, which is hungry for biometric data from everyone.

“The program to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity was unveiled by ID2020 in partnership with the Bangladesh Government’s Access to Information (a2i) Program, the Directorate General of Health Services, and Gavi, according to the announcement.”

As you can see from the link above, it is already happening in the poorest countries, and among the poor in developed, industrial nations.

I don’t know anything for sure, but the increased frequency of swabbing and drawing blood for the alleged virus offers no guarantees to donors that biometric markers will not be used for other purposes later by biometric ID producers.

Whether you accept a tattoo or vaccine, or a chip, we are being led to the question nobody is thinking of right now: Will you consent? My answer will be no. Each will be asked to decide. Choose wisely.

17 thoughts on “ID 2020 is coming.

    1. We talk about people trying to break out of FEMA camps, that’s not going to be the problem for the government it’s the people trying to break into the FEMA camps.


      1. Plenty of people in your local area that need three hots and a cot, some places include a free library and gym, daily newspaper and television. Misdemeanors and Class 4 felonies are the only tickets to get in.


  1. I don’t think it will be much of a choice since certain services will be limited for those that don’t get one of these ID’s if it is implemented. Places of employment, schools, banking, air travel, etc. Now that the panic mode of this event is winding down…or “flattening” those that are awake can see the possible “solutions” being put in place before it happens.


  2. Hell No!!!

    Society is unique, since the beginning of time a few has ruled over several hundreds/thousandths its size. The herd has been subjected to uncountable, unimaginable horrors yet the overwhelming in number herd never fights back just anticipates death.


  3. I’ve been on the fence about whether the virus is real. At first, not at all, then I would read things and wonder and doubt. The propaganda was working. My sister’s friend’s son was diagnosed recently with it. He had very mild symptoms, basically like a cold, which the common cold as I understand is one of many coronaviruses. Now the interesting thing about this situation is that the mother was diagnosed with the flu at the same time. She lives in the same house, interacts with her son every day, all day long, yet she doesn’t get it? This is a huge red flag for me. The biggest red flag of all? President Trump. In his 70s, supposedly at the highest risk to die and he refuses to wear a facemask. I’m 99.9% convinced it isn’t real. ID2020? There’s no way.


    1. So I’m in Target/Walmart getting bread & eggs, and I am not allowed to pick up shampoo and a toy for my kid?!
      Plus, closing off the home/garden store area makes it difficult to buy vegetable plants for backyard gardening. I read somewhere govt wants to discourage individual food cultivation because it isn’t regulated and might yield “contaminated” produce.

      This is a nightmare.


      1. Every base is covered. I wanted my daughter’s braces off but her orthodontist told me that the CDC won’t allow it. They don’t have the equipment that would prevent the possible spread of coronavirus. Every. Base. Covered. Or at least trying to do that.


        1. Leslie M,

          My dentist glued my broken tooth back in last week. She agreed it was essential, “emergency” being the key phrase. I’d shop around too. Maybe there are “black market” dentists emerging under the radar out there, pissed that some idiot Governor (military title) has crushed years of work nurturing a small business that supports a family. After the tooth repair, we hugged. No fear in this dentist’s office or heart.


          1. Thanks, Steve. I might do some more calling. I did try with another dentist and they ultimately backed down. They said they had the equipment and could do it but never got back to me and here in Texas, many dentists have completely closed their doors. But there still might be somebody around with some sense! Thanks again!


  4. Because of my Luddite leanings I am unable to add a video to my comment. However, Gary Null’s 2017 film “Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines” is well worth the time spent viewing it.


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