What I have learned thus far

There is no “Covid-19” virus. If there were, given all the resources available for testing and stimulus, funds would have been made available for some nerdy researcher to isolate and purify It. That has not been done. There cannot possibly be valid antibody tests, as there is, again, no virus.

The RT-PCR test, most widely used to identify people who have the virus, does no such thing, as there is no virus. It does, however, light up an RNA sequence, one that exists in many if not all of us. Because the machine is so inaccurate, its results are mostly false positives. There are no “false negatives,” as there is no “Covid-19. There is an exact correlation between positive test results and number of tests done. This only tells us that tests are being done, but nothing about disease.

Because the RT-PCR test is unreliable, because there is no proof that COVID-19 even exists, because supposed COVID-19 manifests no symptoms distinguishable from flu, and because CDC has told doctors to label anyone with flu-like symptoms as having COVID-19 (with financial incentives), all incidences of COVID-19 can safely be labeled false. All of them.

There is no “pandemic,” at least in the US. Take a look at this web page from CDC, and see on the exhibit that “Deaths from All Sources” from February through now are 99% [at 100% when I last checked] of the average of the last three years. (You must read footnote #2 to grasp this.) During disease outbreaks, they count “excess” deaths over normal. There are none. We are experiencing normal cold and flu season, an annual purge/detoxification/culling not well understood by anyone, least of all doctors.

Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR machine, most likely under duress, faked his death last August. He was a vocal opponent of use of his invention to identify carriers of HIV. Prior to this long-planned pandemic, it was understood he had to leave the scene by one means or another. They tell us he died of pneumonia, a sick joke.

Viruses do not cause disease. We are still in the medical Dark Ages. No one has ever explained how “HIV” causes AIDS, because they can’t. It doesn’t. The black and gloomy propaganda around disease is merely a ticket for the vast medical cartel around us to pick our pockets, keep us in fear, and kill us with their potions. People suffer from what I call “presentism,” the idea that we live in enlightened times. Nothing could be further from truth. Doctors can treat wounds and broken limbs. They know nothing about disease. Avoid them.

Face masks and social distancing are mass-persuasion marketing tools used to convince people that there really is a virus. The degree of success is alarming, telling us how suggestible most people are. Schooling, no matter the level, never taught them to think properly, to be skeptical, to distrust “experts” and authority figures. They are their own enemies, afraid and useless. I sometimes hold them in contempt, except my immediate family, of course, but then remember that having been raised Catholic, that “authority” figures owned my mind until age 38. I broke free, by an accident both tragic and fortunate.

Governments are eunuchs. The Wisconsin Supreme Court decision is the first act of any officials I have seen to overrule the medical cartel that has destroyed our lives and freedoms. It will be short lived, I fear.  I suspect, because that is where WHO is centered, that the cabal that is running this charade is centered in Geneva, Switzerland. When our Colorado governor, who appears to be an actor and a man of low character and intelligence, Jared Polis, “orders” us to stay home, he has been ordered by other forces to do so, probably from a desk in Geneva with a sign on it that says “Western US.” He has neither the intelligence nor authority to issue such commands. But police will carry out his orders because people are afraid, disorganized, and unable to resist.

We are a disgrace. My wife and I are going hiking today, and will violate every order, ignore every edict while out and about. If challenged, I will demand that before any penalty is handed down, that I be shown proof of the existence of the virus. Because I know they cannot do that, it is only the utter corruption of our system of government that will make it stick. I am Diogenes. I want to meet an honest man. Has humanity always been so corrupt? Well, look at the time that he lived, and judge.

We have devolved into a gooey mess of liars, charlatans, and blind followers. It is a whackadoo planet. I cannot wait, sometimes, to move on.

Enjoy your day. Resist, disobey, never wear a mask. Be alive.

47 thoughts on “What I have learned thus far

  1. Mark, My boyfriend recently underwent cancer treatment. He was disoriented and got into an accident. He was in the hospital for 14 days. Now, he’s home and his daughter is in charge of his health. She makes me wear a mask when I see him. I also had to wash my hands twice. I cannot combat that level of paranoia.


    1. It is difficult within families, as others, the low-information members we all are related to, are allowed to speak freely. Those of us who are awake and inquisitive and skeptical must walk on eggshells around them. One of the aspects of brainwashing (I learned this long, long ago), is that anyone brainwashed (and it can be any of us, as lack of self-awareness is key) reacts with defensiveness and anger when cherished beliefs are challenged. It is all emotion, no cerebral cortex, no reasoning or listening involved. We cannot win those kind of battles, as all those so indoctrinated reinforce one another. If you are lucky to live in a well-mannered family, you get condescending looks and background gossip, but no direct confrontation. If there is direct confrontation, it is in the form of ridicule, the lowest form of argumentation.


      1. Do you mean the movie “Plandemic” with Dr Judy Mikovitz? It is a powerful indictment against the Luciferians and Satanists like Bill “Eugenecist” Gates and Anthony “Mengele” Fauci and i have no idea what you are talking about. In fact, i think you’re talking nonsense.


          1. She claims to have isolated HIV, which is a demonstrable lie. These folks are all on the same team, don’t be deceived by them. There’s a reason this silly propaganda film went viral to hundreds of millions of people in 48 hours. That doesn’t happen organically.


  2. Currently in my Stae and City, if it’s a store’s policy, then customers will have to wear a face covering if they want to purchase items from that store. They will be asked to leave if they don’t wear a face covering and can be arrested for trespassing or disorderly conduct if they refuse to leave or create a scene. The County sheriff has made a statement he won’t arrest people for this, haven’t heard any reports of arrests but people are being told to leave store property. For me it would be a hassle to not wear a mask, not get the items I need, and then in 30 days have to goto the court house to try to get out of a misdemeanor, even though the judge may dismiss the case. In the near term I won’t eat out or attend concerts if I have to wear a face covering.
    I will put up a fight if I have to get a vaccine or show proof of it , if required in the future.

    The Governor releases daily updates and has stated we are at the highest death rate this week, yet on May 31 when the stay at home order ends everything should be fine and can continue with the phased re opening plan.

    His statement is odd, he said just 16 more days and everything will magically be okay. Seems like he’s going off script.


  3. This is a military/medical psyop. The enemy will keep advancing until met with stiff resistance. The idea we are alone in this battle is part of the psyop. Jails are already full. Local law enforcement does not want this “dead skunk” on their doorstep.


  4. @mark. I intended to make this comment when kary mullis and spiders came up in a previous story. You asked for his experience to be explained by someone in the “no germ” camp. Since he has been brought up again here, and the statement made that “viruses do not cause disease”, I will make my comment, while adding that viruses simply do not exist. Consequently, they certainly don’t cause disease, and I will also add that bacteria do not cause disease either.

    Kary was bitten by loxosceles reclusae (brown recluse). His story as told raises questions, but since they cannot be answered, we’ll take his story at face value. The spider bit him, and injected venom. The toxin caused breakdown of tissue. Liquefaction. Sounds pretty painful. At some point (we have no frame of reference for time in this story), those ubiquitous friends always present within him (bacteria) started doing their job of cleaning up the dead and dying tissue, since there was no spider present to enjoy the same. The bacteria proliferated up to a peak moment in this injury, and added to the insult by producing quantities of their own toxic waste. I t all continues to sound painful and messy. I’ll stress that germs (bacteria) were not eating his live flesh.

    Mullis says he tried several other therapies. Were they helpful? Were they harmful, exacerbating his condition? Did they cause more tissue damage, leading to a more painful experience, and also providing more food for the bacteria? Without the details, we can’t know.

    Ultimately, mullis says that antibiotics ended his saga. I would instead suggest that he was ready to heal, and that’s what happened. One mainstream site I checked had this to say regarding recluse bites, “Most patients recover without medical care and do not even seek it”. The antibiotic would not have had any effect on the spider’s chemical toxin. It could have, however, coincided with his readiness to heal, and killed off any remaining bacteria still present in the wounds, offering some small relief in the end.

    Bacterial overgrowth can be a problem when someone is experiencing significant internal disease, usually as a result of some sort of toxicity. The overgrowth, as the bacteria clean up the mess, can sometimes call for judicious use of antibiotics to bring down their numbers, as long as the cause of the disease has been discerned and eliminated. In our story above, this would correlate with the finite nature of the spider’s toxin, meaning that it had run it’s course.


    1. I second that. Great post. I agree with you. I feel one must be all or nothing on this one. No viruses and bacteria doesn’t cause disease.
      People get sick, it gets a little worse, they go to doctor, get antibiotics, start feeling better. The same as the spider bite. Same as would happen if no antibiotics except symptoms may go away quicker.


    2. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with antibiotics. On the pro side, I had shingles some years back (despite being “too young” for shingles at the time) and after about a week sought medical treatment. The doc gave me a prescription and the symptoms rapidly cleared. Would you say, according to your model, that something similar happened to what you describe above– where the antibiotics clear up the bacteria that was already dealing with the shingles?


    3. I can give you my own experience with antibiotics.
      I’m allergic to most of them and can only take one or two types, but I haven’t in years.

      Three years ago I had an infected root canal, was having dental treatment for a new crown (talking about Corona). My dentist immediately prescribed an antibiotics treatment for 5 days, next appointment after a week. Back home, I only took a coupla pills then stopped. My gum was swollen and it was bloody sore, but I decided to rub some tea tree essential oil on the gum three times a day. I also prepared a mouthwash with water and oxygen peroxide. For a second I thought I was acting crazy, but I’m not new to these “experiments” on myself so I continued. After a week the infection was gone, I never told my dentist the truth, obviously.

      So yes, I think that our body is perfectly able to heal itself if given the right time and most importantly the necessary peace and calm to do that. A positive mental attitude is the key in these cases.


      1. Your oxygen peroxide and tea tree essential oil ARE well known antibiotics, but they are cheap. So, doctors take the Hippocratic oath not to use them in this country.
        The medical establishment make doctors of this country obey the patent laws. And the patent laws prohibit to use any stuff that had existed in the nature. They allow only the the chemicals that had been invented in the US to treat patients (only to the date when the copy-right expired).


        1. Hi Margarita,

          In Italy many people use homeopathic remedies- which are sold in pharmacies- and they are very enthusiastic, I have to say I never really gave it a chance as I prefer to rely on herbs mostly, with a few exceptions such as oxygen peroxide. So far so good, so I’ll stick to them as long as I can.
          There’s been a war for a couple of years though between some scientists (the same who currently work for our criminal government terrifying the Italian people with their catastrophic predictions about a new spike of Covid very soon and millions of dead) and doctors who prescribe homeopathic remedies.
          For now, homeopathic remedies have won the battle and are still on pharmacies shelves, dunno how long it’s gonna last though, given that our lovely government wants to vaccine and chip us all.


  5. Both sides are served! In Germany a scandal is boiling, in Bavaria. The state government should have known better, by a paper produced in their own house. This whole thing is designed to blow. It seams too cheap to me. Maybe one goal is to dismantle science. The climate campaign last year served that purpose too. The real NWO will not be secular, this has to be prepared.


    1. That’s good analysis, unfortunately it starts off in a way that would be off-putting to those it most needs to reach. The greatest challenge is to go beyond the choir and speak to those who need to “have their bubble burst.”

      And is it even desirable? If you were to succeed, genuinely succeed… you would leave many of them in a traumatized state, having had their psyche shattered and lacking the personal resources to stand alone without that prop.

      On a related note, many of the people I talk to, while more or less “true believers” and unable to really question official narratives, will “confess” to me that they do have occasional doubts. They are not really all in, 100%. Sometimes they even want to hear my dissenting views, or get my read on things. There’s a part of them that holds back from full-bore cultish idolatry of the State. Part of it is just that it’s usually easiest to tip in that direction, the safety of the herd and so on. Plus the psychological security of belief as she says. Some are very fragile, yes; but there’s a large number who are just sort of along for the ride. They DO actually see through the veil at times, somewhat, but have no reason usually to deeply question. It’s most disappointing that even in strange times like these, those people who have some draw to the borderlands, are still unable to break their conditioning.

      Also on a side note.. She talks about belief in the president, in government. Interestingly it’s slightly more complex, of course. Our system does rely on faith in the overall priesthood of officials and experts, yes– but it also allows this “questioning” or hated of the other team. So people can feel I guess that they are very “critical minded,” that they question authorities… As long as it’s limited to questioning the blue team or the red team. They still don’t even see through all that, despite that even a lot of fairly mainstream sources, books, memes, videos, and controlled opposition have long been demolishing that construct. They think the “cult” would be fine, as long as THEIR guys are in charge.

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      1. It’s hard to rehabilitate one’s soul if the pineal gland is damaged (calcified). Excess flouride intake can accelerate the damage. Most cities drink flourinated water. Without your “bullshit detector” cult life seems more attractive, government more benevolent, and going along to get along seems like the way to go. Loss of soul is our collective problem/challenge. Every government and advertiser knows our weakest links.


  6. What do you make of Table 2 from the CDC page, where New York City is listed as being at 234% of deaths from all causes?


    1. There are no reliable statistics on the virus. I have decided that deaths from all sources may be accurate, somewhat, but that this too is hard to fathom, as it usually takes them ten months or more to assemble the data. I have seawrched CDC for 2019 deaths form all sources, and found nothing.


  7. I’ve been trying to understand the psychology of total trust in mainstream authorities, partly prompted by the female doctor in the video roundtable discussion from several posts back. Here’s one little attempt at a capsule summary:

    For most of the public, it’s more of a psychological issue than a matter of reason or logic.

    They have made a “deal” with the government and other expert classes like media and academia.

    Not a conscious deal, but implicitly, they have decided to remain in an infantilized, childlike state, and outsource their safety and security to these authorities. Thus, they live in the perpetual bliss of childhood, feeling that these “adults in the room”, these experts, are watching over them, keeping them safe and secure.

    All they have to do, is whatever Mommy or Daddy government tells them to. Just obey. Follow orders. Don’t be a Bad Girl or Boy, who talks back to Mommy/ Daddy.

    Turn your brain off. Parrot the experts. Condemn the questioners. It works very well, in terms of the psychological satisfaction they derive. For some of them there may be no line the government could cross, that would be worse than shattering that illusion.

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    1. Thanks Stephers. Yes, I noticed that too– this lady and the doctor from that roundtable are very much on the same page.


  8. So, with respect to the CDC table of deaths, these “numbers” contributed to a heated discussion with my husband. While I pointed out the overall expected deaths in the US (which is currently at 100 percent) as indication of no pandemic, he was quick to point out the outliers, like Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York – and of course, New York City! He used that as ammunition to say there IS in fact a pandemic in those areas. (Yeah, he listened to Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity for the first month of this charade – it’s taken months to de-program from that, and he’s not there yet!) You see, this is where we seem to get into trouble every time – when we debate utilizing the system’s own numbers. Like Mark, I searched the CDC site for the percentage of expected deaths in previous years, with no luck. I wanted to see if there were ever spikes like these in the past – regardless of any “pandemic”. Isn’t it curious that NYC is the only CITY listed on a chart representing states? Remember another time (say, 19 years ago?) when NYC lied about numbers of deaths – thousands of deaths? I see a pattern here. We can not trust ANY of these numbers. It’s too easy to fake, and to easy to inflate. They always lie with their statistics – especially in NYC.

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    1. Nursing homes have been key to inflating the numbers in this event. Recall that one nursing home in particular was used to initiate the entry into the u.s. (in people’s minds, anyway) of this virus, in kirkland wa., outside of seattle. In hindsight, the plan and pattern was demonstrated at that point, and that has not changed. See this article from the venerable nyt, for example. They do the work for us here, making it obvious how these number spikes occur in the states your husband referred to. Check the map in the paper. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/05/09/us/coronavirus-cases-nursing-homes-us.html isn’t it helpful of them to show us this dispersion of all the elder-care facilities in the country?

      Another question: do nursing homes have/use ventilators? I didn’t know, so searched the words together. The first links popping up were like this one: https://khn.org/news/nursing-homes-have-thousands-of-ventilators-that-hospitals-desperately-need/. So, yes, they have plenty of ventilators, and we can safely guess that they’re getting plenty of use these days.

      Unfortunately, the elderly have become the star players in this murderous event. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

      Andrew kaufman has done a few really good reports on all of this. His last one was his best, in my opinion. It touches all the usual points, including the nursing home connection, and he makes some very good basic points re the science of the test and the “virus”. This one appeared first on youtube, deleted, now on bitchute. https://www.bitchute.com/video/r9MG7YY5CrpL/


      1. This comment went to Spam, OM, because it had three links. WordPress only allows two. Other times, comments are put in moderation for no apparent reason. When that happens, be patient. The comment will appear.


        1. thanks, mark, didn’t know about the link limit.

          “that deaths are merely re-categorized as Covid-19”?

          I’d say there is no doubt about that. There they have a huge supply of older, sicker people. In their diseased state, these folks would have an inordinate amount of free-floating genetic particles due to cell breakdown and recycling, not to mention the increased amount of debris due to heightened microbial/bacterial activity as the microbes attempt to clean up the messes. How could a test that finds a pawpaw positive not find one of these people positive? And if the test, in its wisdom, does find one of them negative, just administer the test again. Now it will be positive. David Crowe pointed out that the test can go from pos to neg and back again, seemingly ad finitum. This is a test guaranteed to give them numbers wherever they choose to look….and as kaufman pointed out, this is “a genius plot, a sinister genius plot”. They didn’t try to actually create a new disease, they just piggybacked on the annual flu season (the flu being already their creation) in order to create the desired narrative, using a fraudulent test. A test that has no meaning beyond the carte blanche it gives them to say someone is “infected”.


      2. Yes indeed, so are they lying with their total death numbers in places like NYC, Belgium, London? I suspect so, producing all those scary graphs and bar charts. How do we debunk those then?


  9. Yes they are blanketing anyone ill w/a Con-Job 19 label to keep the fear levels high. And to ride the lie into Fall when they will then AMP da fook itta them numbers to shit it all down for winter. Imagine the pain & suffering they will be inflecting then. And for sure, you shall call them evil instead of bad or malcontents. HR-6666? 6 FEET social distancing? They really love their ‘6’ aka 6 pointed Seal of Solomon.


  10. What I have learned thus far: Worldwide governments (men), media (men), and corporations (men)— among others? (men)— are, and have been, in cahoots to do things I don’t even want to know about.

    Whatever shall I do? Collect guns? Protest? Don’t make me laugh.


      1. I mean, honestly, womens’ vote is just a joke, right? Everyone’s vote is just a joke. By mail, or otherwise. It’s gone folks. Get a grip. What to do, what to do…

        I have no gun, nor do I want one. Guns, and the horse they rode in on, can go fuck themselves. All military can go fuck themselves. Humans have it all backwards, of course.

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  11. P.S. You can’t have the Son without the Father. You can’t have the New Testament without the Old Testament. You may not like it and you may try to destroy it. I don’t much care.


    1. “There is no God when there is nothing but God.”
      –Lao Tzu, or Laozi (“Old Master”), a legendary figure (and thus an honorary title), said to be the founder of philosophical Taoism “Strawman,” p. 81, Clint Richardson


      1. The next time Lao Tzu lives, suffers, and dies for me and my sin and yours, let me know. Taoism may as well be Scientology.


        1. TSISAGEYA 1,
          The statement is all I intended to promote, not the author, not Taoism, or any other “religion.”

          So, what do you think of the message? Shooting the messenger (convention/institution) is like shooting fish in a barrel. Blast away. I thought it a pretty good statement.

          BTW, “Christianity” may as well be Scientology.


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