Polar Heatwave Scare Debunked


By Paul Homewood


This past week two left-leaning media outlets, MSN (via The Washington Post aka WaPo), and the always alarmed UK based The Guardian ran stories saying the Arctic and Antarctic, had experienced “unprecedented” high temperatures. These claims can’t be verified since they were the results from a set of weather model simulations, indicating variations of above normal temperatures for the regions, not actual surface temperatures measured by ground-based weather stations.

The Guardian headline was full of worry courtesy of author Fiona Harvey:

Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists

Antarctic areas reach 40C above normal at same time as north pole regions hit 30C above usual levels

She writes:

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3 thoughts on “Polar Heatwave Scare Debunked

  1. Feeling lazy today, and anyway, all I can do with this post is to echo Paul Homewood (listed in the blogroll as Not A Lot of People Know That) and Anthony Watts (Watts Up With That). The temperature scare reminds me of the Mark Twain quote, “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”


  2. we had temperatures around 0°C here since the end of October. On sunny days the sun warms it a little bit. The winds are always cold, which means they come from the north exclusively. And we had so called Sahara dust here recently. Cars and roofs were covered with a yellow layer of dust. I didn’t want to believe it at fist, but all this is not unusual. It just happens very seldom. The Swiss have some weather reports online from the 70-s and write about the Sahara dust too. It’s not magnetic, I tried that myself. It’s just dust. Last night we still had -2°C (28F). Plants don’t want to get green yet.
    OT: there are lots of videos from the Ukrainian front on odysee , this for instance:
    But there are lot’s of empty Russian barracks which they use as setups now.
    There is a lot of talk from civilians that the Russians helps them and Ukroops shot at their own people and don’t let people leave the cities like Mariupol to keep the human shield. I tend to think the Russians are really cleansing the Ukraine from the Nazis.


    1. I also had this thought that the elites are very happy that Putin gets rid of the Nazis for them. And they still can make him look bad. That’s why they don’t really help the Ukrainians yet.


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