Miles to empty: Another psyop – surely Anthony Fauci behind it

My wife and I drive a 2018 Toyota Tacoma, our Taco. Yesterday we drove down to Lakewood to a park called Bear Creek, which has nice flat trails so I can practice this skill I have lost called “walking” On return, I noticed that the Taco registered that I had 17 miles left on my tank of gas.

I decided to go to the gas station near our home, where we get a discount based on grocery purchases. As I drove the miles kept going down, and I confess I was a bit nervous even as I knew there was reserve behind the indicator. As I pulled into the station I had “1” mile left to empty.

I filled it up, and it took 19.01 gallons, and I thought this to be the perfect opportunity to get a read on how much fuel is in reserve when the indicator says empty. I looked up the specs on the truck, and it said that it has a 21.1 gallon fuel tank. In other words, when it said empty, we had 2.1 gallons left, or maybe 50 miles in reserve.

Maybe this is useful information to you. Maybe not. Maybe you knew that already.

Or maybe they do not allow fuel tanks to be filled, wanting some air pressure in them rather than to be completely full. Maybe I had only 15-20 miles left after empty registered. Wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode where Kramer and a car salesman decided to take a car to the limit, Thelma and Louise style?

7 thoughts on “Miles to empty: Another psyop – surely Anthony Fauci behind it

  1. Decades ago, the ADAClub wrote this is done by manufacturers, so people do not need road assistance, spoiling reliability statistics. Like the ‘rona, it’s all about statistics. PS – I expected an MM article.


  2. happenstances…

    I Can See for Miles

    On our summer trip,
    fighting the traffic in Yellowstone
    naturally knocked out our mpg,
    as we watched floating butterflies,
    bees, and colorful gaseous clay…

    watch for it @ Frame 0:30


  3. A good idea as a vehicle ages is to keep the tank filled above or near the bottom1/4 on the guage as setiment settles in the tank.


  4. Hey, did anyone catch the Dave Chappelle SNL opening monologue? I thought it was a pretty interesting bit of narrative management in the wake of the Kanye escapades.

    He seemed to kind of jokingly confirm all Kanye’s accusations, while also informing the audience it wasn’t allowed to be discussed – even as he just did so on a huge public venue. According to Overdue Revolution’s blog (an MM reader), that same message went out to the select audience of one of the podcasts Kanye appeared on – a technocrat forum with a scientist/ technologist audience – ie “you may wonder about this topic, but you’re risking your career to talk about it.”

    I’m not extremely familiar with Chapelle. He did seem masterful from that monologue. Weird world where a comedian probably knows much much more than his audience, but plays to their level of understanding to craft jokes they’ll appreciate. And the jokes are still funny even when you know they’re premised on bs, strangely enough..


    1. It has always been Chappelle’s role to play “the guy who tells it like it is and won’t ever sell out”. In my opinion, he reads his script just like everyone else.

      His story is he fled to africa instead of doing what “they” told him to do for his 3rd season of “Chappelle’s Show” on Comedy Central. That show was all about enforcing racial stereotypes.

      Eventually he came back to the great old USA and has done 8 netflix specials since 2017 (5 years) so that should tell you all you need to know. If you are telling truth, you won’t be on netflix doing anything except watching.


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