The Mathew Shepard killing looks like another hoax

ShepardThis photo appeared on Facebook recently, someone commemorating the 19th year of Matt Shepard’s passing. Since his death was inspiration for major legislation regarding “hate crimes,” I reluctantly thought I should take a look at it.

“Please be real! Please be real!” I thought. I don’t want another project.

It is fishy. Very fishy. Just eighteen months after the Shepard event we would be asked to believe that two psychopathic murderers just happened to be classmates at Columbine. Here are we asked to believe that two kids in Laramie, Wyoming also just happened to be natural-born killers. Such people are rare. That they would hook up in a small town like Laramie, Wyoming … is there something in the water? Continue reading “The Mathew Shepard killing looks like another hoax”