The demonic horse of Denver


Another blogger is intrigued by the occult, and this is what greets people going to and from Denver International Airport. At one time the Denver Broncos thought their mascot would be on display, but this disturbing blue horse with flaming red eyes turned up instead.

Part of the sculpture fell on and killed artist Luis Jimenez in his studio. Weird!

I have heard rumors of DIA having a Satanic theme to it, and honestly, the murals inside are disturbing. But that is nothing compared to that godawful pony that greets all visitors. What were they thinking?


Incidentally, this is what greets train travelers at Denver’s Union Station, the hub for the local rail system. Is it not amazing what an artist can do with a couple of bottle openers?

I don’t know what is up with Denver’s public art, but I have to guess that rather than Satanic overtones, we are simply a repository for overpriced bad art.