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From RIA Novosti:

On Friday, a source from one of the Ukrainian defense departments told RIA Novosti that a system mix up during a Ukrainian air defense units’ rocket launch exercise could be the cause of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash.

This brief news piece produced an “Aha!” moment for me. But for most folks it’s just part of a mosaic and has no significance. It leads into a world that we have been taught does not exist, the one in which psychopathic forces embedded within governments arrange false flag attacks on innocent civilians to advance their own agendas. Perhaps the affair with an airliner shot down in a foreign country is a good time to review how it is done. After all, as we all know, it can’t happen here.

It takes a lot of people to organize the events that result in a civilian airliner being shot down, if indeed that is what happened in Ukraine. (Remember, we only know what we see and hear via news sources, so that I have to take it on faith that an airliner was shot down and 298 people were killed.) That takes a lot of people. They all have to be evil. They don’t exist in sufficient numbers here in our country of course, but probably do in Russia (…cue evildoer music …)
Vladimir Putin
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Is this an ivory tower?


The phenomenon we are seeing here is not new. The degree of self-delusion (if that is what it is) is impressive, saying “sometimes a year has passed without a single comment.” It’s deliberate isolation, the result of polarization. It’s also arrogance, but I’ve learned in my years of treading this planet that arrogance is a product of insecurity.

I have never wanted to hang out with people who only “discuss” things with people who agree with them. I have always wanted to take the fight to the enemy. In so doing, I’ve learned a lot, and have had changes of heart and mind on many topics:

  • I used to believe in a thing called “peak oil,” and was wrong. I read scholarly books on the subject too, reaffirming my rightness on the topic before learning how wrong it is.
  • I once bought into the notion that the Mob, acting alone, killed JFK. I was wrong. The books I read on that subject, attempting to make that case, combined were over 1200 pages. All they did was assemble selected evidence, ignoring inconvenient stuff.
  • I used to think that the underclass is a victim of the upper classes. Yeah, that’s wrong too. Victimhood is overrated, and should not be enabled. (There are victims on this planet who need our help. Instead, we are bombing them, as we speak!)
  • I used to have a whole lot more respect for feminists than I do now. Speaking of professional victims.
  • I am looking cross-eyed at Chomsky these days, thinking perhaps I’ve stumbled on a fatal flaw. Long story, I’ll have to face that one of these mornings and write a long dreary essay on it. But my view of him is evolving.
  • I find myself wondering if global warming, climate change and all of that is just another hoax. That’s why I never write about it. One, the science is beyond me, and two, it could be mere power of suggestion. I am susceptible to that, just like everyone.

These kind of attitudinal changes can only come about when people who disagree with each other stand toe-to-toe and have it out. We are all equipped with an automatic avoidance mechanism (seen above). We instead need to bore into those topics about which we have firm beliefs and not enough evidence to support them. Often enough the people with whom I disagree are right, and I am wrong.

But so what?!! Who among us gets to go through life being right all the time?

Oh yeah – Rob Natelson. He was always right, every word he wrote, and then he went into hiding. Big Swede – when the going gets tough, when you attempt to press him on a topic, Swede gets going. Out the door. And James Conner. He’s hiding. He’s afraid. He’s wrong about stuff. A lot of stuff. Like all of us. And he cannot face it. That is sad.
PS: I do not know what kind of comments Conner has been getting that so upset him, but for the record, none have been from me. I have made no attempts to penetrate his fortress.

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Where they stand …


Seems like they are mopping up at this time, Palestinians in walled cantons, land and livelihood stolen. Ain’t apartheid great! (What did Palestinians ever do to Jews to deserve this? Why aren’t they living in Bavaria, stealing land from Germans?)

h/t: Kalki

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Suspicious minds …

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was a Boeing 777.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was a Boeing 777.

Both aircraft have the Fly-By-Wire, a Raytheon anti-hijacking system. If hijacked, the craft lands itself. Both airliners have sophisticated communication systems with 16 constant data feeds, five satellite feeds.

Both airliners are gone, one shot down and one simply disappearing. No way did tracking systems not know exactly where 370 was when it went out of communication. No way do they not know what happened to it.

It all smells.

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Saturday musings, and some interesting comments

I am fully aware that I was harsh in tone with James Conner yesterday, as if the man cannot be hurt by rude remarks. However, take note of the tone of his remarks towards the writers at 4&20, wherein he said he could not “in good conscience” allow them to be even linked on his blog. What is up with that? He’s wielding punishment in the only way he knows how, and since he has little leverage or power over them, takes the one thing he has at his disposal, and strikes.

He’s riding herd, or better said, gatekeeping. This is a function of the Democrat Party, to keep the rank and file in line. In truth, 4&20 has wandered afield, and does not do what Democrat blogs are supposed to do, which is talk about political races and candidates and keep it shallow. When that happens, there’s some “Crimestop” involved, wherein people automatically detach because exposure to the blog will yield bad thoughts. But when dealing with the Democrat Party, it’s just a tad more manipulative, more sinister. Rather than merely acting on one’s own volition to avoid Crimestop exposures, the party leaders will go to great lengths to punish the criminals and prevent exposure of the sheep to the bad-thinking miscreants. So they attempt to poison the well.

Whether Conner himself is consciously carrying out party hit jobs or is merely responding to his own Crimestop function – immaterial. The fact is that he struck, and struck as hard as he could, at what he regarded as deviants from proscribed thought and behavior. I urge you to go read his piece, 4and20blackbirds evicted from Flathead Memo’s blogroll,, to see if it creeps you out as it did me. The man has his reasons, they are not honestly stated and can only be guessed at by intuition. But it is all nasty Democrat business as usual. This is how that party rolls.
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♪♪ I get a peaceful, sleazy feeling ♪♪

imageI am going to catch hell for using Conner’s banner here and will have to take it down, so enjoy it while it is there. He’ll get all puffy and accuse me of stealing it and write about my conscience should be like his, you know, never steal anything from others. Is what I done here – is that like … plagiarism? Just asking.

Chet Blaylock ran against Marc Racicot for governor of Montana in 1996. He died of a heart attack during the campaign. He was a nice man, and was the reason that I decided to run for legislature that same year. He came to my office one day and asked me to throw my hat in. He did so because I had written a op-ed piece in the Billings Gazette highly critical of Max Baucus. I wrote it as a Democrat, calling Baucus a faux bonhomme, or false friend to progressives. Chet thought that the party needed new voices and that progressives should have a place at the table. Those were different times.

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A brief glimpse at comments, Part One

This year will marks year eight of blogging for me, and I am coming up on 2,600 posts. I am still having fun, but like Wendy’s chili, it does tend to repeat. Just for diversion, I am going to try something different for a while. There are lots of good writers out there, but the most fun I ever have is in the comments. I love to wrestle it out and mess it up with people. I like what Lizard said to one of his commenters the other day, that if you are thin-skinned, you really ought not to engage in blog commenting. It is a contact sport.
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Rule by edict

imageOur current system of governance is extremely corrupt, and the people who thrive in such a system are third and fourth-rate humans. We devote our national treasure to making weapons and attacking other places to steal resources. That is our primary function. The president and the congress are sold on this enterprise and lead the charge.

Bribery is at the center of our politics. I have seen people write with some pride that those who are getting the most bribes ought to be held up for praise. I am not kidding.
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The end of the news cycle

Every critical student of American news media knows that there is only a brief window in which news reporting has value, and that is within a few hours after events. Thereafter, agencies weigh in, executive orders come down, spooks and moles start messing around, and everything is corrupted.

With an event like the downing of NH17 in Ukraine, where there was obviously foreknowledge, the chances of getting clean reporting are even more remote.

At this point, the US and Russia have agreed that Russia will not be blamed. It is a given that, guilty or not, the US will be neither investigated or blamed.

imageWhat can we conclude? It was either a US spook covert operation that did not go down as planned, or a true accident.

My guess … As a long time student of the US and the psychopaths and lying liars who run this asylum? Need you ask?

The conclusion of most Americans, tied as they are to American news and entertainment (but I repeat myself): It was the Soviets. I mean Russians. I mean Putin.

Thanks to Swede for link to Newsweek as seen here.

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(I see this mentioned here and there, but wonder if it has gained any currency in mainstream US media. Cuba and Russia have agreed to reopen a sensitive electronic eavesdropping base on the island, a response to the US poking its nose into every telephone conversation on earth. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.)

The TV series Mad Men is such a beautiful metaphor for American life. On the surface it is about advertising, the seediest of professions, the one where people try to mislead us with emotional symbols into making poor decisions. Second, it is about Don Draper, and I cannot imagine this is not intentional: He is running from himself. He grew up in a whore house.

There comes a time in our growing up process where we confront reality, if we grow up at all. I think Don Draper is going to do that in the final half-season, and hope that he becomes a complete human, full of faults and favors, but more aware of himself and his surroundings.
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