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imageI am going to catch hell for using Conner’s banner here and will have to take it down, so enjoy it while it is there. He’ll get all puffy and accuse me of stealing it and write about my conscience should be like his, you know, never steal anything from others. Is what I done here – is that like … plagiarism? Just asking.

Chet Blaylock ran against Marc Racicot for governor of Montana in 1996. He died of a heart attack during the campaign. He was a nice man, and was the reason that I decided to run for legislature that same year. He came to my office one day and asked me to throw my hat in. He did so because I had written a op-ed piece in the Billings Gazette highly critical of Max Baucus. I wrote it as a Democrat, calling Baucus a faux bonhomme, or false friend to progressives. Chet thought that the party needed new voices and that progressives should have a place at the table. Those were different times.

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A brief glimpse at comments, Part One

This year will marks year eight of blogging for me, and I am coming up on 2,600 posts. I am still having fun, but like Wendy’s chili, it does tend to repeat. Just for diversion, I am going to try something different for a while. There are lots of good writers out there, but the most fun I ever have is in the comments. I love to wrestle it out and mess it up with people. I like what Lizard said to one of his commenters the other day, that if you are thin-skinned, you really ought not to engage in blog commenting. It is a contact sport.
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Rule by edict

imageOur current system of governance is extremely corrupt, and the people who thrive in such a system are third and fourth-rate humans. We devote our national treasure to making weapons and attacking other places to steal resources. That is our primary function. The president and the congress are sold on this enterprise and lead the charge.

Bribery is at the center of our politics. I have seen people write with some pride that those who are getting the most bribes ought to be held up for praise. I am not kidding.
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The end of the news cycle

Every critical student of American news media knows that there is only a brief window in which news reporting has value, and that is within a few hours after events. Thereafter, agencies weigh in, executive orders come down, spooks and moles start messing around, and everything is corrupted.

With an event like the downing of NH17 in Ukraine, where there was obviously foreknowledge, the chances of getting clean reporting are even more remote.

At this point, the US and Russia have agreed that Russia will not be blamed. It is a given that, guilty or not, the US will be neither investigated or blamed.

imageWhat can we conclude? It was either a US spook covert operation that did not go down as planned, or a true accident.

My guess … As a long time student of the US and the psychopaths and lying liars who run this asylum? Need you ask?

The conclusion of most Americans, tied as they are to American news and entertainment (but I repeat myself): It was the Soviets. I mean Russians. I mean Putin.

Thanks to Swede for link to Newsweek as seen here.

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(I see this mentioned here and there, but wonder if it has gained any currency in mainstream US media. Cuba and Russia have agreed to reopen a sensitive electronic eavesdropping base on the island, a response to the US poking its nose into every telephone conversation on earth. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.)

The TV series Mad Men is such a beautiful metaphor for American life. On the surface it is about advertising, the seediest of professions, the one where people try to mislead us with emotional symbols into making poor decisions. Second, it is about Don Draper, and I cannot imagine this is not intentional: He is running from himself. He grew up in a whore house.

There comes a time in our growing up process where we confront reality, if we grow up at all. I think Don Draper is going to do that in the final half-season, and hope that he becomes a complete human, full of faults and favors, but more aware of himself and his surroundings.
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Strategy of Tension

video-operation-gladio-bbcThe shooting down of a Malaysian Flight NH17 over Eastern Ukraine is a random act of terrorism. This much is apparent as the agents of the West appear so anxious, without investigation, to lay it at the feet of the anti-Kiev uprising. It fits within a long history of Western-sponsored terrorism in Europe. Sometime read about Operation Gladio. It is official.

In the aftermath of World War II, western leaders, including James Angleton and Allen Dulles from the US (this was prior to formation of CIA, in which they held prominence) and among others from France, Belgium and Italy, conceived “Operation Gladio,” a stay-behind force that was to kick into action should there be a Russian invasion of Europe.

There was never a chance that Russia was going to invade Europe, but they did want a perimeter, a buffer zone, to protect themselves from invasions from the West, the far more common historical occurrence. For that reasons, with boots on the ground in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, they did install puppet governments in some countries.
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Adventures with National Pentagon Radio

See Footnotes
To: NPR Ombudsman
From: Mark Tokarski
Regarding: Weekend Edition, Sunday, July 20, 2014

On your Weekend Edition this morning … the host was interviewing someone at the crash site of the airliner in Eastern Ukraine, and made two inferences: 1) Rebels are stealing bodies, and 2) (and this was so clever), he repeated an accusation by Kiev that rebels were altering the crash site. The on-site person said yes, indeed, people had said that wreckage seen the day before was not present the following day.

Got that? Here’s what we know: A reporter gave second-hand knowledge of missing debris. The host allowed the Kiev accusation through without a rebel response to the accusation. The inference of the news report: Rebels have altered the crash site.

What do we know for certain? Nothing. Agents of CIA, MI6, or Kiev could have as easily removed debris, stolen bodies, altered the crash sites. But NPR only infers rebel activity in the matter.

NPR is subtly inferring the the rebels shot down the airliner.

(This is not part of the message to the ombudsman): It was apparent, reading between the lines, that the crash site is not secure, so that the investigation is already compromised. Further, NPR reported that official investigative work has not yet started, that the investigators are in Kiev. I think it safe to say that the anti-Kiev rebels are going to get the Lockerbie treatment.

Score one for the rebels: They have control of the black boxes.

“Aircraft parts looking like black boxes were found at the site of the plane crash. They are currently in Donetsk, in the People’s Republic’s (DPR) government headquarters, under my personal control,” Aleksandr Boroday, the republic’s prime minister, told reporters.

The self-defense forces are ready to hand the data recorders over to international monitors “in case they arrive,” he said.

JC has some links in the comments below that are quite informative, one of a video put out by the Ukrainian government that asserts evidence that the rebel forces shot down the airliner. The problem with it is that it was, ahem, made before the plane crashed – it is time-stamped, and has been pulled down, but just like Dr. Laura’s nude pictures, gentlemen, once they go out, you cannot get them back.

The other is some mathematical/calculus analysis of the crash, which is above my pay grade.

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Putin is evil

(Note to subscribers: This post in its early stages accidentally went out under the title “K.” My finger hit the wrong button.)

imageAs a long-time student of the lies and the lying liars who tell them, I find the the most interesting aspect of our propaganda system to be the seed bed in which lies are planted, grow and thrive.

JC started a post yesterday with a quote from Obama about how we don’t have time for propaganda, and that there would likely be misinformation. The translation from the lying liar Obama to English is, of course, that “we are going to start hitting you with lies, and will continue to do so until we are satisfied that the lies have worked.”

But for the lies to work, ground must be prepared. Seeds that fall on untended ground do not grow. The tending has been going on for decades, but in recent months a subtle seeding has been going on, setting the stage for a play. There is no longer a “Russia” or a Russian Federation. There is only a “Putin.”
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Hillary’s got a war boner

Replace this ...

Replace this …

I write here quite a bit about false-flag attacks. The gas attack in Syria was one. 9/11 was one, Tonkin, Maine, Reichstag, most likely Israel is hammering itself with harmless rockets right now. Poking sticks at unchained monsters is stupid, which is why the people who want the wars have to make the events to start the wars. Read history for, like, all of recorded time if you’ve a chance.

...with this

…with this

MH17 is looking like a false flag event, and guess who is reading from the script? It is difficult to understand, and I am aghast that the US wants an open confrontation with Russia, but in Ukraine they have been begging for it. In case you don’t follow non-American news, Kiev has been beating the crap out of its own citizens, 400,000 13,500* have fled to Russia. A bomb was launched on a Russian city. The US is begging for war, it appears.

Generally, throughout my life anyway, American wars have been against harmless victims, countries that cannot fight back. This is something new.

Here’s some outside input. And here. And here. Get away from American news if you want a balanced view.
PS: I just ran across a term that describes the two psychopaths pictured above. If only there were just these two. These are public faces, but the whole of our empire from top to bottom, our political, corporate and military leaders, are of this type. They are “deranged predators.”
*My mistake, as 400,000 is the number of refugees out of Syria fleeing the western back terrorists attacking that country. I do not know the current number of Ukrainian refugees, as 13,500 was a month ago and the Kiev attack as intensified since then.

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The sigh of the oppressed creature

Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. (JFK, Yale graduation, 1962)

If newscaster ‘facts’ land in your lap and you uncritically accept them as true; if you find yourself siding with one or another pundit in a televised debate; if you repeat talking points; if you’ve never looked at the hard evidence of the major events of our times, accepting official explanations as true; if you have ever ridiculed someone who does not accept official truth….

You’re an American. A thought-controlled, behavior controlled, no-threat-to-anyone-in-power American.

American public opinion is under complete control of the state. You, as a Democrat, might vociferously disagree with Republicans. That’s allowed, even encouraged, and the state will even furnish the issues you are allowed to vociferously disagree about. (Abortion, gun control, etc.) Once elected, they are the same people. But if you stray beyond the bounds of party politics, you’ll be ostracized, marginalized.

Think of what they do now at political conventions: They erect fenced areas, force demonstrators inside them, and then ignore them. They are called “free speech zones.” I am not kidding about that. This is what they are called.

That’s a nice metaphor for party politics. But there are real jails too. Eugene Debs campaigned from a prison cell in 1920, and Ralph Nader was arrested when he appeared at the two-party “debate” in 2000. We are only allowed freedom within the fences. Stray outside, the gloves come off.

Once every two or four years you get to throw the bums out. It does not change anything, but validates you. That is why we have elections. Otherwise, we might have real change, real progress, which is not allowed.

If the man or woman you support enjoys wide media coverage and is welcomed at newspapers editorial board meetings for serious scrutiny by serious journalists, and gets to ride on floats and is touted as a “front-runner” … move on. You’re supporting an apparatchik. Your candidate has already been vetted and found acceptable to insiders.

American party politics is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

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