Thanksgiving postcard from the edge

In my younger years I did not understand why people believe lies, and thought that mere presentation of the truthful alternative would be enough to open eyes. There was so much ground to cover, so much to learn, and so little reward ahead for me that given the opportunity again, I might simply slip into slumber with the rest of the American public. It is so much easier.

I’ve spent decades now trying to gain a better understanding of the world, and to what end? Only to be laughed at and ridiculed by people who have not read beyond Glenn Beck or Ayn Rand? It has to be a reward unto itself, or there is no point to it.

Anyway, today we celebrate wondrous leader bringing Iran to the table, forcing that rogue nation to abandon its nuclear program and allowing us to give thanks for a safer world. Good for him! I celebrate along side all of you with the following caveats:

  • He’s not even in charge, nothing more than a ribbon cutter. The US has not had a real president since around this time of year in 1963.
  • Iran had no nuclear program. They gave up the idea in 1988.

So I raise my glass with the rest of us in honor of a nobody doing nothing. That’s how we roll. Happy Thanksgiving!
PS: Lizard 19, about all those writers that went before you over there, we must be polite, I realize. But you’re waaaaaay better then them. Without you it was just another Democratic blog, kind of trivial and boring and predictable. You’ve become perhaps the best writer on the Montana blog scene. You’d share that space with Budge had he not given it up.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving postcard from the edge

  1. very kind words, Mark, thank you.

    I really do miss reading posts from some of our past contributors, though; that’s not just me being polite. I was giddy when I was asked to start posting at 4&20, because it wasn’t just another Democratic blog, IMHO. it was less ideology and more practical policy, and that had a lot to do with jhwygirl’s presence. I hope she gets back to a place where she can contribute more.

    I think my perspective, which has a lot of overlap with your perspective, benefits from being balanced with other perspectives that challenge our assumptions and biases. I want people to “wake up” as badly as you do, but our approach is different, and that may have more to do with our relative positions on the mortality timeline than anything.

    where I think you tend to be more cynical and dismissive, I’m trying to stay open to the fact I may be as full of shit and deluded as those I criticize, like the Democrat party faithful, for example. that’s partly because in the last few years I’ve met some really amazing people who come from very different perspectives, and that gives me hope, because I’ve discovered there is more common ground than you might expect when you can get beyond the limitations of political affiliation.

    anyway, if you’re ever coming through Missoula, it would be fun to actually meet IRL (like the kids say).


  2. Perhaps if you were a better consumer, or showed a modicum of irrational fear of terrorists, or communists, critics might see
    a familiar box to put you in. Boxes are calming. With no box you’ll get no trust from the depressed masses. Craves external validation? Nope. Addicted to
    alcohol, drugs, fast food, money, sex, football or any other Great American Passtime? Not so much. Heavily dependent upon an employer, a commune, a club,
    a church, local, state, federal government, or multi-national corporations? None of the above. In the inimitable words of “W”, “they hate you
    for your freedom.” What’s on the outside — status, approval, more, etc. — doesn’t count for all that much anyway. Happy Thanksgiving.


    1. We’re in a motel in Billings – what with funerals and all of that the place has always had a cloud over it for me, but this time I don’t feel any of that. It’s got lots of good stuff about it. Happy thanksgiving to you and C. Catch you next trip when we venture further west.


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