Not even light escapes …

I spend a lot of time up to my knees in the backwaters – its part of staying informed. I do my best, but can never say I understand events well enough to be ‘on top’ of anything. The only things certain are uncertainty and the knowledge that liars lie. Time and distance usually fill in much of the missing information. But with the exception of E. Howard Hunt, we are never given benefit of confessions by guilty parties. In the United States, the guilty either walk free or themselves die ugly deaths.

Here’s something funny, however: James Fetzer is perhaps one of the most annoying characters we will ever encounter, a run-on talker, prolific author, expert on just about everything. He was not too long ago on a radio broadcast in which he claimed to have received death threats for his work. They apparently arrived via email.

This is funny because it does not work that way. There are among us serial killers who carry out the professional assassinations that we see masquerading as accidents and suicides. These would be people like David Kelly, Bruce Ivins, Gary Webb, Paul Wellstone, Michael Hastings … unfortunately, the list does go on. Generally speaking, these victims were not overtly threatened. They are assessed, and when it is certain they are troublemakers and beyond reform, are murdered. They do not get the benefit of emails telling them what is about to happen (though they may be quietly advised, via channels or friends, to shut up). They are just killed.

James Fetzer
James Fetzer
Fetzer would not have been threatened. If he was indeed causing serious trouble for anyone, he’d just die somehow, and the means by which our professional murderers can do this are amazingly varied. He might have a small plane accident, a car crash, galloping cancer, a heart attack, or as Dr. Judy Wood puts it, might be “suicided.”

Fetzer is a government disinformation specialist, a gatekeeper. He was probably dispatched to sow discord and to mislead and confuse us. I can see from his activities (I’ve been paying attention to him for a couple of years now), his roles are to pit people against one another; to lead people away from Dr. Judy Wood and her work on directed energy weaponry possibly used on 9/11; and to pin the JFK assassination on Lyndon Johnson.

Steven Jones
Steven Jones
As Dr. Wood has said one occasion, the people who were smart enough to plan and carry out 9/11 were also smart enough to plan and carry out a cover-up. For the vast majority of the population, only passively tuned into what passes for news, it’s an easy matter. Any discussion of 9/11 on TV or radio and in movies that questions official truth is strictly verboten. Anyone who breaches the subject is quickly punished – follow the career of Charlie Sheen* for a good example. So the vast majority of Americans simply don’t know that there are so many problems with the official story. How could they know unless they were themselves incredulous, curious and wanting to see actual evidence?

John Lear
John Lear
It took me a long time to understand this, but it is key to understanding thought control in our culture: There is a percentage of the population that is too wary and smart to be fooled by the usual lies and disinformation. For this group, perhaps 5% of us, special tools of disinformation are needed. In the case of 9/11, the cover-up included the formation of the “9/11 Truth Movement.” There are three groups I am aware of – Architects and Engineers, led by Richard Gage and Dr. Steven Jones; Scholars for 9/11 Truth, founded by Fetzer himself; and Pilots for 9/11 Truth, with John Lear (A CIA guy who once ran drugs out of the Golden Triangle and who openly admits that he is authorized by his superiors to speak in public).

These groups, known as the “9/11 Truth movement,” are part of the ongoing cover-up of 9/11. The object is to keep us in a state of perpetual confusion with blind alleys and false leads. This will go on for decades, just as with the assassinations of the 1960’s. Eventually official lies settle in like soft snowfall, covering all the evidence and becoming our official truth. The history books of the 22nd century will talk about John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald and Osama bin Laden.

What about 9/11? What’s to be done? Where do you turn, concerned citizen? Every outlet is covered, every talking head either cowered or too stupid to see. Nothing escapes that vacuum. Not even light escapes a black hole. The best thing to do is just to lay low and try to stay positive. As one of my favorite writers said,

In social affairs, I’m an optimist. I really do believe that our military-industrial civilization will collapse.

Those are the words of Edward Abbey. I second the notion. It appears that we are in the wake of deep corruption, so that collapse will be the best tonic to rid the world of the disease called the United States of America.

But it’s alright, it’s alright
For we lived so well so long
Still, when I think of the
Road we’re traveling on
I wonder what’s gone wrong
I can’t help it, I wonder what has gone wrong

We had a good run. It’s over now, that’s all. But if you are insistent on knowing what is (or might be) true, Dr. Judy Wood is an optimist too. Her work on directed energy is important, as she views the phenomenon we witnessed on 9/11/2001 as the dawn of a new era of cheap and abundant energy. She’s worth a look.
*Sheen’s escapade in the fall of 2010 with a prostitute in the Plaza Hotel in New York had all the elements of a shakedown. Was he threatened with death that night? I doubt he just happened to go there that night to consort with prostitutes and snort cocaine – most likely he awoke wondering how the hell he got there. My first thought was that he was supposed to have been murdered, but it could just have been a warning to him to STFU. His was a lucky turn, as was Ted Kennedy’s at Chappaquiddick, merely character assassination instead of the real thing. (And yes, I realize I am talking about Charlie Sheen, an actor, and not an important person, but his high-profile and appearance on Alex Jones** was big news, so he had to be dealt with.)
**Don’t get me going on Alex Jones, himself a gatekeeper.

8 thoughts on “Not even light escapes …

  1. I haven’t had a chance to respond to the two emails you sent me about religion and conspiracy theories, but I appreciated them.

    I was only 22 on 9/11/2001, and I credit Robert Anton Wilson’s concept of chapel perilous for pulling me out of the rabbit hole. I have been giving these issues a lot of lately, but I’m still processing.

    what I will say at this point is whether we believe in the presence of an evil that exists beyond the inherent capacity of man, and the occult ways in which some think it can be summoned, I’m afraid “they” believe it, and that’s enough for us to take it seriously.

    and honestly, right now, it feels like we’re seeing a significant escalation of domestic shootings and foreign wars and just general insanity (fucking slender man).

    I’m glad you continue to think and write about this stuff, Mark. thank you.


    1. I don’t think about occult things, though I know people get weird. The thing that keeps us (and me) going is the fact that 95% of us behave ourselves and are good people. We don’t have to and we could get away with a lot of really bad stuff if we wanted to, but something stops us, our essential goodness.

      We don’t want power. That to me is the key. Power cedes to those who want it, and that is that 5% who have learned that they can be shitty people and get away with it. They tend to be the ones in power. They are hidden in plain sight, but most people assume that they must be like us. They are not. They mimic us. They have no consciences, have cornered power, and mostly leave us alone, but make life miserable for millions of people, most recently Ukraine and Venezuela.

      We need to ID these people when they are young, and while we cannot reform them, We might quarantine them, give them their own island, a copy of Atlas Shrugged, and let them fuck each other over and leave the rest of us alone. I think that is within our theoretical power now – we can ID them very young.


          1. I was just wondering how the shitty 5%ers make Venezuelans miserable?

            I want to learn and become more flexible in my opinions, like you.


          2. I’ll explain it to you Swede, but you do not have the depth and breadth of understanding of how our country works to comprehend it. I’ll give you a bare-bones outline:

            The 10% of so of Venezuelans who are compromised by American power have control over most of the concessions in that country, and so control the flow of food, oil, and other goods to households. I don’t recall, but I think that utilities like water and electricity are still under state control, so they cannot be used against them. But they can create shortages at will. This was done in Chile in 1973 prior to that coup so that, as Kissinger said to Nixon, we could “make them scream.”

            The CIA, NED, and Alliance for Democracy, the latter two CIA fronts, have been pumping millions (Ukraine: billions) of dollars into the country to fund civil unrest. This includes inflammatory press, agents provocateur, and organized violence. If Venezuela 2002 and Ukraine 2014 are a guide, they will soon send in agents provocateur to start shooting at protestors, and then blame the government. That will trigger the final stages of the coup. These people you admire so much, you should know, are bloody murderers.

            In the meantime, there is a military buildup in Colombia, a US client state, so that the Venezuelan government too has to be worried about attacks on its eastern front.

            The experiment in democracy there is almost over. Chavez kept it going prior to his probable murder. The fascist elements are powerful, well-financed, and run by the US.

            Thus endeth the lesson. And don’t forget, you asked.


          3. Oh, you know, Swede reflects the general American ease of access to information that is favorable to American points of view. I think his outlook is the default outlook among Americans, that is, it is what results without conscious effort to overcome it. It is like snow falling, covering the ground, hiding unpleasant truth, no effort required.

            Finding truth is hard, as you and I know, SW. And we never know what we have or what we do not know.


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