One last parting shot

Before moving forward here, as will be seen in the post that will come right after this, I wanted to stop and take a look at one of the most maligned characters in the history of terrorism, Mohamed Atta.

I was going to do Osama bin Laden, as many photos of body doubles have been used over the years, especially during the time of the Bush presidency when the agitprop was in high gear. Having body doubles is an indication that the real Osama was an Intelligence agent. He most likely shaved off his beard and put on western apparel and lived peacefully after 9/11, his work done. Perhaps he did a photo-op or two, as CIA and company always knew his exact whereabouts. He was an employee, after all.

Osama 1But photos of Osama have been cleaned up, so that most of them left are of the original spook, the 9/11 guy to the left here. He looks normal there, and this is, as far as I know, the original guy, son of a wealthy Saudi family recruited by Intelligence during the original Afghanistan war in the 1980s to drive the Russians out of that country.

So Osama is gone now. Long live Osama bin Laden! Job well done. He may have died in 2001, but that was most likely misdirection. He may have had bad kidneys too, but in retrospect, that too sounds like misdirection. They needed to him alive in our minds until they were done scaring us with his image ten years later in 2011 with his fake killing.

Atta 1Atta is another story. His face was shown all over the country, on TV news and in newspapers, in all the schools, used to frighten everyone. It is to the right here.

The photo has been heavily doctored, and professionally, a top-notch job! It was meant to enter our subconscious while we were in a traumatized state immediately after 9/11.  It was used to ‘sell’ 9/11 by inserting an evil Krueger-like archetype into our dreams, creating nightmares. (I cannot guarantee I have proportions right in comparisons below, as those evil eyes have probably been monkeyed with, made darker all around to make him that much more sinister.)

atta 2Atta too is Intelligence, so I don’t want to make him out to be a victim. He is still around, most likely. There is no need for witness protection for him, as no one is going to confuse him with the guy on the left here, who is the same man. The original photo from which this is cropped has another man with his around him in warm embrace, all in a good mood as if at a party. The red-eye indicates a casual photo. But notice how the eyes, non-threatening in this photo, are turned to something so sinister in the one above! They are the same eyes. The photo above was made, in part, from this one. However, notice how they shortened and widened the face, so that the ears on the one above almost look like they could be on his cheeks. I have never known anyone with ears that low. It is circus freak stuff!

Atta AttaAnyway, I could not resist putting the two together, even as I don’t know what it means. I guess it only tells me that the photo above, the sinister one, has been seriously monkeyed with, so that the two side by side expose all the distortions that were done to create one of the great fake boogeymen of all time.

Looking back now, knowing everything I did not know on 9/11/2001, but having pushed and pushed forward, it is easy to see how all of the characters of that event were inventions, and how the whole thing was a TV show. Street interviews were filmed in advance, the TV networks all given the same feed, and footage we have of the buildings collapsing probably dummied up. They went down, for sure, but we don’t know how. There were no planes, no hijackers, and researchers are busy now trying to prove up how many of the supposed victims were even real.

All too little too late. The psy-op, one of the biggest of all time, worked.

4 thoughts on “One last parting shot

  1. Back when I started investigating all of this years ago, it was said that Osama was an intelligence asset named Tim Ossman.


  2. There’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Atta was a digital creation, created by the same psyops lab that created the 2972 vicsims of 9/11. Osama was played by many live actors, none of which need be actual offspring of the Bin Laden family. Confusion is more useful than convincing in psyOps.

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